At least this cunt respects herself about as much as I respect her.


    Why does doing this get us cunts so wet?


    Entertain me, cunt.

    Words we don’t use

    Correction is a privilege.

    Be grateful we take an interest in you at all.

    A few words we don’t use here:

  • “Idea.” You don’t have them.
  • “Opinion.” You will be given yours.
  • “Friend.” You don’t have friends. There is only Daddy and he’s the only person that cares about you.
  • “I.” You are not an individual. You will call yourself “the baby” or “your girl” or “this one” or nothing at all.
  • “We.” There is no we. There is Daddy and what he owns.
  • “Woman.” You are a girl.
  • Soon, this will all be second nature.

    You will accept your natural state.


    Women at home. Cooking, cleaning, objects and entertainment.


    When I see or hear anybody call women useless or worthless. I wonder what kind of “women” they’ve been around.


    Things she hates about her body: her hips, her belly, her lopsided tits, her hairy pussy (she’s forbidden to shave), her arms, her face, and her different sized, different direction nipples. She’s 22.


    The bag is the most attractive part of this. Be better


    The last one… how deep his fingers go…


    Help the disgusting whore get pretty. You let yourself get fat. Now let me fix you. Be better.