Bimbo Role Model #1: Victoria Wild

    When you look at the first picture and you look at the last, iff is clear that this woman has focused her entire life on becoming the most plastic, plumped up, sexualised object imaginable. 

    She should be your inspiration and your end goal.

    Read more about her transformation here:

    Pin her arms behind her back. Shove her against the wall. Get just enough of that unnecessary fabric out of the fucking way. And then growl this into her ear:

    “I”m gonna fuck you through the fucking wall tonight, bitch.”  Then? Show her you aren’t fucking around and beat yourself deep and rough into her body, fucking her into a fucking mess. 


    Look at the admiration and pride that Georgina Clarke (mother on left) has for her daughter Kayla Morris (on right), who dropped out of college aged 17 to become a stripper and fund their cosmetic surgery dreams. 

    “Plastic surgery is a way of bonding for us as mum and daughter. We want to have bigger boobs, bigger bums and look even more like Barbies.” -Kayla Morris. 

    A mother and daughter that become bimbos together, stay together. So hot. 




    employee of the month


    The employee of the month portraits were a wonderful motivator for everyone. The criteria wasn’t exactly merit-based, but then again, neither were the girls’ employment either.


    this is Amazing SUCH A HUGE IMPLANT can’t wait to see a girl with tits this FUCKING BIG!!


    This is the clinic we will take you to. You’ll tell them you want those in you and to put you on a schedule to get you that big. It might take 10+ boob jobs but you won’t complain once. Just imagine those things juggling like that inside you when we walk down the street.


    Finally a decent sized implant 👌