Firm latex clad hands squeeze your puffy pussy lips closed, panic grips your heart as you struggle to get free but they did a good job strapping you down, this is happening.

    Your tear filled eyes look to your husband hoping in vain he’ll save you but that woman is on his arm, that woman who stole him that woman who is insisting he do this to you, at woman who is ruining your life and now your body.

    Pain rips your eyes back to the man in between your legs, the first needle just pierced your sensitive lips.

    You scream but its cut off as that horrible home wrecker stuffs your panties into your mouth.

    “Sushh” she coos close to your ear, “it will all be over soon, the piercings will be in place and your sex life will be over, we’ll close those locks and never have to worry about that nasty thing between your legs again.”

    Another piercing and more pain.

    Her hand run along your cheek as she gets close to whisper “you know he wanted to fuck you one last time before I sealed this away” her finger runs along your clit. “Lucky I convinced him not too, instead I told him he’d get to watch me ruin that ass with a massive strap-on”

    The latex hands slid another piercing in as your writhe in pain.

    “It’s a massive toy, I doubt you’ll ever get your gaping ass to close after”

    Another shock wave of piercing pain causes you to almost pass out.

    “I’m going to enjoy ruining you” she whispers “this is just the beginning.”

    More pain.

    “I’m going to make you a slave, a broken little thing all the while you’ll have to watch me enjoy the life and man you should have, that you did have.”

    Another piece of metal rips through you, mercifuly the man rases up “we’re done” he says.

    “Not yet” the woman replys pulling away from you “we may want one more, a nice clit shield to keep her from playing” she says with a devious grin “that is unless you can be good for your Mistress” he eyes lock on your read tear filled ones.

    She pulls the panties from your mouth “the Mistress you’ll be good”.

    Day 5. Big presentation at the office today. Business attire now involves a metal belt, I guess. I’m still horny as all hell. 

    BF checked in with me today and asked me how the belt was going. When I told him I was still belted, he replied with, ‘Good girl’. :3 Seriously - being told I’m a good girl makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I like knowing that my guy is happy with me. Makes the struggle all the more worth it.