I want this picture of you.

    I like the pig snout mask we have now, but this full mask would dehumanize you even more - making it even easier to treat you like the nasty fuckpig you are.


    If you’re happy and you know it show your cunt!


    Yes…a live reenactment if My favorite Dr. Seuss book…a cat in the hat…thing one and thing two…




    Now you two causes enoug problems…sit there and rub yourselves until I can find your box… @his-brown-putita @daddys-lil-livie

    All girls love sucking cock on their own terms.  As a hobby, or a diversion or a reward.  But this is something different.  

    She is sucking by her owner’s command.  It starts and stops when he says. 

    She will suck until all her technique is spent, and her jaw is exhausted. She will continue sucking after the taste of cock repulses her, and continue after that.  

    This is her purpose now.  She loves it, she hates it.  There is no other purpose.  She cries herself to sleep, and wakes up only to suck again.  

    Sucking cock is her only way out.  And she earns it.  There is no choice.  She gets out, for a brief time – an hour or a day – but only to go back in later.  

    This life is everything she wanted.  She has become his slave and his pet.  


    “What happened to the sofa?”

    “I replaced it with this. This is much better for me. A nice big space for me to sit and the extra if I wish to lay out.”

    “But there’s only room for one person”

    “Oh yes that’s because you’re going to lay at my feet on your leash from now on.”

    “What every day? I thought that was just for Sundays!”

    “Yes I enjoy it so much. It’s now a rule. No furniture for you baby. Ok?”

    “Yes ok. If that’s really what you want. Won’t you miss cuddling up together?”

    “You can cuddle up to my legs or my feet. That will be nice”

    “What about talking? Won’t you miss chatting on the sofa?”

    “I feel you talk a little too much if I’m honest. Silent submissive Sunday’s are so lovely. I want it every day”

    “I have to be silent?”

    “As silent as possible I’d say. Not completely. Just quiet. Limited talk. Agree?”

    “Yes Sir. I agree to stay at your feet as quietly as I can”

    “Lovely. Let’s get you naked and leashed up”

    “Yes Sir”

    “There we go. I’ll read a bit now”

    “It’s cold Sir.”

    “Shhhhh you’ll acclimatise”

    “The leash is too tight”

    “Shhh it’s fine”

    “The carpet is itchy”

    “Settle down now girl. No more complaining. Or I’ll revoke your speech”

    “Yes Sir. Sorry.”

    *lays down and tries to get comfy*

    “That’s better. This is how it should be.”

    *takes a deep breath and relaxes into his chair. Looks down and pulls the leash just a little shorter watching her struggle to get comfy in silence*

    “I love you you know.”

    *she smiles*

    “You’re my good girl”