Why isn`t this a thing? It does not have to be overly harsh or too often, but regular maintenance is very important. You do bring your car in for checks even though there is nothing wrong with it. You do go to the dentist even if your teeth don`t hurt. It is just a precaution to prevent any troubles that might occur. Why don`t Sirs do that with their girls?

    I can promise you, after a pussy spanking no girl feels up to some mischief, no girl will think about being stuck up or feeling to dignified to follow a certain order. I am not sure if this would cure all problems, but I do think certain maintenance measures would really help prevent accidents and other girl troubles.


    Good morning fellow kinksters! Happy friday! Master and his filthy pet pig want you to know, we see you, your comments, reblogs and likes. We see and appreciate them all. With that being said when pig got home last night it applied some of those comments and displayed some self masochistic behaviors by using sandpaper and tacs.. It has been sometime since pig sanded its nipples and pig thinks it may have gotten a little aggressive with the left nipple as it drew blood. This is of no Matter to Master as he has decided to follow up today again with our readers thoughts. Pig will be wearing the sandpaper in its bra today and the tac pad on its slimy cunt lips to work. Pig is a little concerned as all this torment will surely make its girly bits extra sensitive going in to the weekend and Master is threatening pig with a significant “good time”.


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    How to keep a dominant man

    Your job as a dominant’s woman is a little like that of the first mate of a ship. He decides the course, and you handle the little things that get in his way or affect his morale. Your job is to keep him happy and sane.

    Here are a few tips:

    Make sure his dinner is healthy, tasty, and ready on time.


    Keep his house clean.


    And I mean REALLY clean!


    Seriously, get into all those nooks and crannies.


    Stay on top of the laundry.


    Don’t let the dishes pile up.


    Never let him go thirsty.


    Be respectful to his friends.


    Always look pretty for him.


    A man has needs. Learn diligently how to service them.


    Make sure he’s not lacking entertainment.


    Be ready for service, anywhere, anytime.


    Know when to be quiet.


    Know your place.


    Be supportive.


    Remember who’s in charge.


    Don’t whine.


    A smile goes a long way.


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    Así debe una esclava servir a su amo. So must a slave woman serve her master


    Looks like some good lessons there.


    If we don’t do this then we don’t deserve him.


    Doing brutal things to beautiful things.

    TheSubWhisperer ⛓📿


    I like how it is a part of the table positioned for oral service with its hands bound out of the way and its clit suctioned hard enough to make it really suffer intensely.



    WARNING - TURN YOUR SOUND DOWN IF YOU HAVE NEIGHBOURS! (Or they may wonder what you are doing!)

    BDSM pussy torture, clit torture.

    An earlier poster kickhercunt explains what is happening here:

    “This is Feng You Jing, a Chinese cold remedy that clears the sinuses. It’s powerful and effective… But don’t touch your eyes after using it, it will burn like a ghost-pepper.

    Get used to the agony engulfing your pussy… Because it’s not going away any time soon.”

    Some watching this may wonder who gets a kick out of this. The man putting the substance on the girl’s clit? Quite possibly. The girl whose clit is being tortured? Much less likely, though surprisingly not impossible in the right circumstances. People watching this video? Highly likely! Not all of course, but quite a good number!

    Feng You Jing can be obtained HERE among other places. Whilst looking on kickhercunt’s blog I noticed mention of another ‘hot’ substance: Sriracha. This appears to have the advantage of being widely available, in supermarkets.

    Anyone tempted to experiment with anything like this, including perhaps on themselves*, would be well advised to try a very tiny amount initially, also keep it well away from your eyes, and children. (* There are girls who like to experiment with torturing their own clits, including at least one on Tumblr.)

    What has this to do with pussy mods? I often include BDSM activities involving the pussy because temporary mods such as swelling can occur.

    Remember that anything you do as a result of seeing it on one of my blogs, you do entirely at your own risk. Always do good research and get professional advice.

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