Women at home. Cooking, cleaning, objects and entertainment.


    When I see or hear anybody call women useless or worthless. I wonder what kind of “women” they’ve been around.

    On Duty.

    In ihrem Vertrag steht, dass sie für das Aufräumen nach einer Session verantwortlich ist. Ebenso für die anschließende Reinigung. Aber sie hätte auch das Kleingedruckte über das „wie“ lesen sollen :-)


    My husband loves to say to his friends that I have a fat ass. This makes me feel guilty, especially when I have to bend over in front of them and they comment on my ass.


    Wie soll man den Hintern dieser fetten Sau denn sonst titulieren?


    Of course Papa haz a tray like this! Teehee. Tho Bunniz not shur y we like hazzint taken pikkiz w it yet. @sotightandshiny


    I have so many toys I often forget what I have. Add it to the to-do list!


    #1 wishlist item 😍


    “When your wife said her friend was going to stay over for a little while, you had no idea it meant it was going to be days of being stroked randomly in the next room, within feet of being caught. Semen being milked from you basically against your will, but you couldn’t find the means to stop it from happening. You were desperate to give your seed to another female, it had been so long.”