Women at home. Cooking, cleaning, objects and entertainment.


    When I see or hear anybody call women useless or worthless. I wonder what kind of “women” they’ve been around.

    On Duty.

    In ihrem Vertrag steht, dass sie für das Aufräumen nach einer Session verantwortlich ist. Ebenso für die anschließende Reinigung. Aber sie hätte auch das Kleingedruckte über das „wie“ lesen sollen :-)


    Of course Papa haz a tray like this! Teehee. Tho Bunniz not shur y we like hazzint taken pikkiz w it yet. @sotightandshiny


    I have so many toys I often forget what I have. Add it to the to-do list!


    #1 wishlist item 😍


    Happy Lucia, Master


    This cumdumpster has a the right kind of guidance in her life, a man. You should be thanking your master that you’re not some lost piece of shit not knowing what the fuck to do with your life. He gives you fucking purpose. All you have to do is obey shit doesn’t get any easier than that in life.


    Everyday, the poor slave girl was busy for many hours with cleaning the floors at her owner’s house.  The hours of monotone work gave her many time to digest what was happening to her every time, when she was ordered to follow her owner to the basement.

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    You might think there are only so many times a naked slave girl can possibly polish the same tiny segment of hard floor to perfection. You would be wrong.