Women at home. Cooking, cleaning, objects and entertainment.


    When I see or hear anybody call women useless or worthless. I wonder what kind of “women” they’ve been around.


    The last one… how deep his fingers go…


    Help the disgusting whore get pretty. You let yourself get fat. Now let me fix you. Be better.

    On Duty.

    In ihrem Vertrag steht, dass sie für das Aufräumen nach einer Session verantwortlich ist. Ebenso für die anschließende Reinigung. Aber sie hätte auch das Kleingedruckte über das „wie“ lesen sollen :-)


    The entire time he’s dated her, he’s told her she isn’t good enough. It started small at first… pointing out other girls, commenting on how nice they look, how much he loves the way they dress. Soon he was making barbed little comments about her - her clothes or her hair or anything, really.

    He knew it was working. He could see her confidence slowly melting away…

    Eventually he had her doing things to make up for it’… First she was dressing sluttier. Then she was licking his ass, letting him tie her up, degrading herself for him…

    Now she spends the day kissing his feet while he waits for his girlfriend to head over. Maybe, if she’s really lucky, she’ll be allowed to watch.

    She doesn’t really want to see it but… after 3 days blindfolded? Seeing anything would feel like a treat.


    Of course Papa haz a tray like this! Teehee. Tho Bunniz not shur y we like hazzint taken pikkiz w it yet. @sotightandshiny


    I have so many toys I often forget what I have. Add it to the to-do list!


    #1 wishlist item 😍