The only way I fuck my wife’s loose pussy


    Do you like your new and improved cunt queanie? This is the only way your hubby is allowed to fuck you and honestly the only way he would want to! god how could you even consider yourself a women. Your cunt is loose and disgusting. We’ll eventually get one for your asshole too bitch


    Accept it and move on, cunts.  Your role in life is draining our ball sacks.  From day 1 you never stood a chance at being anything but this.  


    I couldn’t agree more.


    Another original.  Keep the education for girls sluts and women cunts pushing forward, men.  These mindless creatures need as much as we can give. 

    Part of your training

    You are given an weekly quota if you don’t reach it you will be punished. At least 5 blowjobs a week. You already did 4 and It’s the last day of the week, I’m not forcing you. So to meet your weekly quota you will have to seduce me.

    Oh hey babe what’s up? Aww you are such a good girl you didn’t forget.

    Yes now is a good time, go ahead I want to relax this time it only counts if you make me cum

    That’s it keep going, kiss the tip, lick it ect

    Feel how it grows in your hand

    Hurry up babe my game will start in 5 mins. Go deeper and faster.

    That’s a good girl now swallow and say thank you.

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