Girl Achievements!

    Girls can achieve so many great things. Look how she catches the treat. This is not easy, it takes time and dedication to always catch your treats. If ýou really apply yourself, you can achieve so much. Your Owners imagination is the only limit!

    So don’t believe people who say girls are useless or can’t do anything. We might not be able to do Men-stuff, but we ROCK at doing girly stuff. Just don’t catch too many treats or you will get fat :(


    I just love the way he is treating her, and yet she still looks up while crawling for his approval.

    Her training isn’t done, hence the rope around her waist and thighs limiting her strides to improve her crawling skills. He will keep his walking pace up, and she must obediently follow wiggling her ass the entire time.

    Only constant training, and consistently treating her like an owned pet, will improve her skills.

    Pony training has yet to come.

    My friends told me not to take in another stray. Yet another unwanted, unloved bitch who wouldn’t have lasted another night on the streets or ended up in the pound if I hadn’t decided to take it in out of the goodness of my heart.  A stupid mongrel who would just do as it pleases, wreck my furniture, and ruin my floors by marking her territory. They all said that you would be feral, untrainable, and bite the hands that feeds, but I said no. I told them that there was no such thing as a bad dog and that all you needed way to be shown some warmth and kindness. That is why it really pains me to say this, maybe they were right about you.

    I’ve been nothing but kind, patient, and understanding during your transition. However, that’s rapidly coming to an end. If you made any progress, any progress at all, that would be one thing, but you haven’t. Despite my best efforts you still act as wild as the day I found you. You still bark your ass off, bite me, piss everywhere, and can’t seem to master even basic commands. 

    Where is that legendary love, loyalty, and obedience that dogs are so renown for? Man’s best friend? My ass. You make me almost wish I was a cat person. In spite of everything I am not willing to give up just yet. Maybe I an as big an idiot as my friends say. Honestly, I don’t know, but I still have hope that somewhere deep down there is a good dog in there just waiting to come out. I suppose we will just have to wait and see.