Girl Achievements!

    Girls can achieve so many great things. Look how she catches the treat. This is not easy, it takes time and dedication to always catch your treats. If ýou really apply yourself, you can achieve so much. Your Owners imagination is the only limit!

    So don’t believe people who say girls are useless or can’t do anything. We might not be able to do Men-stuff, but we ROCK at doing girly stuff. Just don’t catch too many treats or you will get fat :(


    Mein Meister möchte es so


    Alternde Stute


    Und der Meister hat Recht………


    Attendrissante …


    Elle a du en parcourir des kilomètres dans cette tenue!


    Der Meister hat recht, aber Stege müssen jetzt in die Nippel kommen…..

    @thirstypisswhore tried to make itself prettier by writing on itself and binding it’s udders. It wants to have it’s already fat belly filled with piss to make it even bigger