Most beautiful vid ive ever seen !!! We all should see that and learn obedience !!! The rule of men.. This is every mans right to have couple of young slaves for anusment.. shame that not everyone have..


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    Holy shit. That is, without a doubt, the hottest and most intimate “piss whore” video I’ve ever seen. Feels real too, as opposed to 666 videos. Very nice! -em


    This is how you should like everytime. This is the only way to get in your head how stupid. Worthless. And disgusting you are.

    Now finish cleaning up. Then go home. I will call you the next time I have a party.


    Being the bathroom attendant was harder than she thought

    Ist diese fette Fick- und Folter-Fotze nicht ein witziger Anblick?

    Ihre schlaffer Bauch mit seinen tiefen Dehnungsrissen hängt als Fettschürze fast bis zum Fotzeneingang, die Wabbel-Euter sind mühsam mit Stricken etwas in Form gebracht; die flachen Nippel und die wulstigen Fotzenlippen werden durch Wäscheklammern aufgewertet. Aber insgesamt stellt sie einen wertlosen Fleischhaufen dar, der ihrem Besitzer und seinen Freunden allenfalls noch als Beistelltisch oder Maulfotze dienen kann.


    My husband loves to humiliate me. He brought me at a party with his friend, with a ridiculous swimsuit, this awful makeup and this weird haircut.

    He told his friend that after dinner each of them will have the right to beat me for 10 minutes.

    🐷 Piggy Wood’s Messy All Fours Cake Stuffing 🐷🍫

    Wood wants to prove to you, her feeder, just much of a greedy piggy you’ve trained her to be. She shows off the super indulgent, three-tiered chocolate cake covered in icing and chocolate chips. Just the sight of the huge, rich cake is enough to turn her on and put her in full pig mode. She shows off what her empty belly looks like, then gets on all fours like the greedy hog she is and goes to town on the cake, head and snout first. She buries her face in the cake, moaning and not caring how messy or gluttonous she looks. She talks about how much she loves to be your fat pig, and eventually changes positions to just laying on her belly with her butt in your face, remarking how hard it is to hold herself up at this weight. She goes at it for a while, then sits up and takes the cake in her hands and continues to eat it face first. Even though her nose gets the brunt of the cake, she remarks how she loves that her snout is basically like a cake shovel, grabbing handfuls of the cake around her snout and stuffing her face with it. Don’t you love to watch your piggy lose all control? A super messy and greedy cake stuffing with pig ears, a nose, and tail. Contains tons of feedist dirty talk, belly play, booty shaking, and tons of different angles of face-first cake stuffing! Perfect for slob lovers, messy lovers, and feeders who want to see a BBW go all out! 

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