Does it hurt? I made sure the bristles were extra tough before I bought it. I imagine their poking your sensitive clit and pussy lips pretty painfully. You’re going to be begging for it soon enough though since its going to be the only thing that gives your clit any stimulation for the next few months. When you’re tied up for the rest of the day I’ll make sure to give you a mirror between your legs so you can see your deprived tight fuckhole and feel that urge.

    We’ll count down the days together till you start begging for me to let you cum after just a couple of strokes across your cunt.


    When a cunt is allowed to speak, it is of critical importance that she speak in the manner most pleasing to the Man above her. Or, if she is not owned, she must speak in a manner that is pleasing to the Men who might hear her. Until she learns that her voice is not her own, it is best to keep strict watch over when and how a bitch gives voice to the ditzy thoughts inside her head. And, of course, to ensure that she knows exactly what will happen if she says anything out of turn or otherwise untoward.


    That’s interesting, I never thought of soap. I usually just get spanked if I’m ever disrespectful. 


    A girl shouldn’t be allowed to use any foul language. When she does, she should receive a good mouthsoaping, preceded by a severe spanking and followed by a long cornertime.


    Oh wow would I be in trouble. I curse like a sailor, but my husband doesn’t care.