I remember when you first saw a slave of mine.

    She was serving drinks and pleasuring anyone who asked. It was a great party.

    I remember what you muttered underneath your breath to your friend. You didn’t know that I heard you call her trashy.

    I heard.

    I always remember.

    Humility is always an attractive quality. Now that you’re the new slave, you’re going to learn it. A few days of open service at the gas station might teach you to never ever call your sisters trashy again.

    (Images sourced from public disgrace. Public BDSM play in reality should always be undertaken with careful safeties and respect for potential vanilla onlookers.)


    Of course Papa haz a tray like this! Teehee. Tho Bunniz not shur y we like hazzint taken pikkiz w it yet. @sotightandshiny


    I have so many toys I often forget what I have. Add it to the to-do list!


    #1 wishlist item 😍

    Furniture fun! Objectification is very important for her. I LOVE when I am made to be just a thing. What better way for her to understand how useful she can be than to make her a piece of furniture. A beautiful foot stool, or display piece, a chair or a coffee table. She can be anything!!! This will come to be very exciting to her. Service in all forms is so important.