I remember when you first saw a slave of mine.

    She was serving drinks and pleasuring anyone who asked. It was a great party.

    I remember what you muttered underneath your breath to your friend. You didn’t know that I heard you call her trashy.

    I heard.

    I always remember.

    Humility is always an attractive quality. Now that you’re the new slave, you’re going to learn it. A few days of open service at the gas station might teach you to never ever call your sisters trashy again.

    (Images sourced from public disgrace. Public BDSM play in reality should always be undertaken with careful safeties and respect for potential vanilla onlookers.)


    we are more than just rapeholes.


    I’m tired of your ineptitude, slut. Let’s see if a worthless fuck like you can do something useful for me. I’ll go visit a real woman like Connie and when I come back I want to see the apartment shiny. If you do a good job I might let you taste her pussy off my cock.

    You’ll never top my list, slut.


    Got a new vibrator!! (http://www.ohmibod.com)

    This one can be controlled by an app on Sir’s phone from any distance. It fits nicely in the shield and once the belt is locked on tight, there’s nothing I can do to escape the vibrating. :)

    When Sir turns it on, I know that I need to stop what I’m doing and crawl over for some sucking practice. I always start off by begging Sir (between sucks) to please let me cum, and always end by begging even harder for him to stop. The first time we played with it, he made me cum 4 times- which is A LOT for me, so I was pretty sure I was going to die.

    I’ve noticed that as long as I’m sucking the way I was trained, (meaning: I’m not too distracted by my greedy pussy), he rewards me with my particular request… But sometimes he just wants to hear me scream and moan with cock deep in my throat, so he does what he wants no matter how much I beg. After awhile I’m so overstimulated that I’m not sure what I’m begging for anymore. :)

    He also enjoys that most of the time the end result is me wanting to have my ass used- either because I’ve been teased for so long without being allowed to cum that I’m willing to have any hole fucked just to have some relief… or because he made me cum so many times that the pain of an ass fucking would be a welcome distraction to even out the intensity of the vibrator.

    This toy has been very effective at encouraging me to focus on pleasing Sir with  the expected amount of enthusiasm even if my pussy is getting a little attention at the same time. :)