A beautiful and elegantly (un)dressed target.


    Perfectly presented for the initial warm-up. Legs will need to be spread, however, and the knees bent, to open herself up for the next part of her treatment.


    In the New Society, women are required to present themselves for daily reminders.

    Why isn`t this a thing? It does not have to be overly harsh or too often, but regular maintenance is very important. You do bring your car in for checks even though there is nothing wrong with it. You do go to the dentist even if your teeth don`t hurt. It is just a precaution to prevent any troubles that might occur. Why don`t Sirs do that with their girls?

    I can promise you, after a pussy spanking no girl feels up to some mischief, no girl will think about being stuck up or feeling to dignified to follow a certain order. I am not sure if this would cure all problems, but I do think certain maintenance measures would really help prevent accidents and other girl troubles.