Ooh..slut 😍🤢


    “Hey there tubby. Let’s play a guessing game. What do you think your husband likes best about me? This tiny waist? The hour glass shape? These toned, long legs? Or my perfect butt? Come show me the answer using your tongue. Its obvious by the size of that belly of yours that you like to use your mouth a lot”

    I liked every last inch of her.

    Pin her arms behind her back. Shove her against the wall. Get just enough of that unnecessary fabric out of the fucking way. And then growl this into her ear:

    “I”m gonna fuck you through the fucking wall tonight, bitch.”  Then? Show her you aren’t fucking around and beat yourself deep and rough into her body, fucking her into a fucking mess. 


    employee of the month


    The employee of the month portraits were a wonderful motivator for everyone. The criteria wasn’t exactly merit-based, but then again, neither were the girls’ employment either.