I thoroughly enjoy having sex clubs: the bringing together of adults with similar sexual fetishes and fantasies and experiences.  Mine seem to be proliferating - which is a wonderful thing.  I have my sex community of some 650 (450 men, 200 women) individuals where the commonality is discreet sexual freedom.  The porn performers that I have recreational sex with are a kind of a club because we share the experience of performing before cameras and live audiences.  My closest female lovers (Michelle, Maria, Lacy, Dana, Gina, Mandy, etc.) and I form a club where the common theme is using my body.  I have a small club with guys who are perfectly happy to only have sex with my tits.  Another one with guys who love anal sex.  One of my more formal clubs is one I’ve mentioned a few times on here: a group of some 20 young and very flat-chested ladies who treat me and my curves as though I was a goddess.  I could go on with some lesser organized “sex clubs,” but there is one I want to talk about that is associated with this picture…

    I have written here many times about the joy I get from taking a man’s virginity - of being THE FIRST.  What I’ve done is brought the guys together with whom I am not only THE FIRST but am also THE ONLY - meaning they have only ever had sex with me.  What an honor for me!  They are so, so eager to please me and I am so, so eager to give them the complete sexual experience, to fulfill their fantasies, to send them out to the world as sexual experts.  These guys may have only experienced one woman, but they have experienced things with her many guys with multiple partners never will.  I want these guys to find what truly turns them on more than anything.  I want them to know what great sex is and to never settle for less when they find their woman.

    Of course, I’m not doing this to be 100% altruistic; there is definitely something in it for me: their exuberance; their desire to return every pleasure; their compliments; the look in their eyes.  Many of them are also dedicated to bringing me what I desire most from a man - their cum.  They wank daily (or several times a day) to the pictures and videos they make when we’re together, shoot their loads in a jar, and store it in a fridge until I’m with them again.  That way I can taste their passion for me.

    The picture above was taken when 6 guys of this special club just entered my bedroom.  We went from 8 in the morning until 10 o’clock that night.  When their cocks were spent, they pleasure my tits and pussy until they were hard again.  And I got to swallow their cum either straight from their cocks, or licked off my tits when they sprayed them, or sipped from the presents they brought me.

    Come on, hurry up and spurt. You know and I know that unless we drain you every day, you’ll just go back to watching that filthy porn, and that’s just not something I can accept. I don’t really care about whether you enjoy it or not: from now on, we’re going to make sure you stay empty so I don’t ever have to find you watching disgusting nonsense with that thing of yours in your hand. Now go on, spurt another load for me.