“I have to peeeee” - “Well, just pee. I will not watch!” “Haha, in my suit?” - “Why not it’s rubber and airtight. It will be also waterproof.” “Please open the zip.” -“I’m not done with you. No chance I let you out of this rubberprison!” “My crotch zipper!” -“If I open this, I will fill your holes with inflatable dildos!” “You can fill it when you let me pee!” -“You are not in the position to allow or disallow anything.” “My holes!” -“Right, then open your crotch zipper yourself or go on the street asking for help, haha!”


    Omg this is so hot. This whore is completely fucking dead inside.


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    Be quiet. Be still. Be convenient.

    This is all you should ever want to be.

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    Doing brutal things to beautiful things.

    TheSubWhisperer ⛓📿


    I like how it is a part of the table positioned for oral service with its hands bound out of the way and its clit suctioned hard enough to make it really suffer intensely.