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I want to own her... I enjoy women who are submissive and yearn to live their life as a master's slave. I honor such level of self-sacrifice especially if it comes with an acceptance of their place in life as beeing inferior to men. To me there is no greater gift than a woman who unconditionally offers herself, her soul, body and mind to a man. To me, a slave entrusts her life to her master, based entirely on the mere promise of taking care for her. This kind of trust can only be surpassed by celesial love, or the bond between a mother and her child. So if you feel like that kind of woman, feel free to write me. However, be mindful that I already may have a slave and I may turn you down. So please don't be upset if it happends. But I'm sure to have a nice talk with you ( here or on kik Acin75 ) or I can at least give you advise on how to recognise a man worthy of your sacrifice to become your Master. My kinks and passion for female, submissive women who love ballet boots are obvious. Content for Adults! log off if you are a minor. I live in Germany and you can write me in German, English and Polish

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    Slavery is liberating

    That may seem like double talk, but many women will tell you that finally submitting to the right man feels like a weight being lifted off their shoulders.

    They have finally given up control of any part of their life and they can now focus all their attention on pleasing their Master.

    Becoming a bimbo slave is the perfect place for all you over-thinkers, all you high-achievers, all you anxious girls.

    Find a man and give up control as soon as you can and welcome in the freedom.

    La esclavitud es liberadora

    Puede parecer una doble charla, pero muchas mujeres te dirán que finalmente someterse al hombre correcto se siente como si le quitaran un peso de encima.

    Finalmente han renunciado al control de cualquier parte de su vida y ahora pueden concentrar toda su atención en complacer a su Maestro.

    Convertirse en una esclava bimbo es el lugar perfecto para todos los que piensan demasiado, todos los que triunfan, todas las chicas ansiosas.

    Encuentre un hombre y ceda el control lo antes posible y sea bienvenido en la libertad.




    In your place: and feeling your true happines


    you’re welcome…