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    Learn to articulate how you're feeling without accusing anyone of having bad intentions. You can say "I'm afraid of being alone" without saying "you're just going to leave me like everyone else." You can say "I need some reassurance" without saying "you probably don't love me anymore." You can say "I'm afraid I've hurt your feelings and I'd like to talk it through" without saying "you don't even like me anymore." You can say "I want to spend more time with you" without saying "you've gotten tired of me." You can say "I feel misunderstood" without saying "you always judge me." Try not to let your emotions get the best of you. Have a conversation focused on finding solutions instead of escalating the conflict.


    Three reasons you fuck older men

    - You fuck older men because they will force you to do disgusting things

    - You fuck older men because they will fuck up your mind

    - You fuck older men because you know they will treat you like a cumslut and a whore and you will love every minute of it


    You are disgusted yet turned on as they finger you and put objects into your pussy and ass. You just hold your legs, as you were told while he abused your holes and finally gets out his long veiny dick and sticks it in your asshole. He took a viagra so you will be there so long, it will hurt when you finally get to close your legs. He promises to take you to the club to introduce you to his friends


    Omfg yes. I want older men!! Force me to do disgusting things to myself!!!


    A sub sitting between their dom's legs while they watch TV. The sub gets uninterested in the movie and slowly puts the dom's hand between their legs. The dom smirks and starts fingering the sub. The sub moans and drools, "fuck yes faster, I'm so close." The dom bites their ear, slows the fingering down and whispers, "no no no, baby. You're not allowed to finish till the movie does. That's what a desperate slut gets."


    Omfg🥵 this


    Ask me to solve math problems while you fuck me. Every time I get a problem wrong, stop and slap me. Watch as I get dumber and dumber and my bruises get darker and darker 🖤


    No. Every time you get one right, you get slapped and told you’re wrong.


    Now that’s the kind of gaslighting that sounds fun


    Every time you’re wrong, you get praised and your clit rubbed.


    Gaslighting and behavioural conditioning? Yes please!


    Just trying to do do my part to help you girls be better.

    I’m very much into fantasies where the poor sub is all tied up with a vibe against them and/or a fucking machine(or two/three) thrusting into them and they’re just left there, while the dom goes about their business, coming back hours later to find the sub completely broken, unable to form thoughts or move on their own, eyes long since rolled back into their head, just limp and totally spent