The Gift Of Man


You have given me the finest of men now I will give you 3 men to do with as you pleaseĀ 

Your first pick was Jackson the top star in his high school football team. Always showing off his guns and body weather he was at school, at a friend's house or on the beach.

Then your second slave to choose from was Alex. Now Alex was the top of the baseball team always showing people why he was the best on the field or off the field.

The last option I gave you was Bryson

Now I was not not surprises that you choose this hot hunk to be your personal sex toy. Bryson here is the best at everything sex, sucking cock and the hot body to match and it also doesn't hurt that he has a 9 inch cock. The second you walked in the room Bryson started to flex and show off his body, you walked up to him and felt his abs and muscles you grow hard from feelong them and seeing and knowing that this once straight hunk is yours to control and do with as you please. Once Bryson sees that you are hard he automatically gets on his knees and pulls your cock out and starts to deep throt you. You love the feeling of him deep throting you so much that you start to face fuck him. Bryson gets so turned on from you using him like that he grows hard and starts to jack his hard cock. Once you finally see his monster all you wanted was for it to be in you. You pull your cock out of his mouth and without saying a word he all ready knew what you wanted he walked around and took your pants off and got his cock ready to fuck your sweet ass. Once he was ready he shoved all 9 inches in you and kept going he starts to go harder and faster and Bryson has reduced you to a moaning mess. He then reached down and started to jack you perfectly in time with his thrusts. And in no time he has you cumming like never before and it didn't take him long to feel your ass with cum too.

Now just remember he's yours for the weekend i do want him back.

(Anyways hope you enjoy and like sorry for any grammar mistakes or anything. just one of many appreciation post more to come)