The Gift Of Possession

By Masterofdesire

For @thepossessor

"This is my longest one yet I hope you and everyone who reads this enjoys. I took alot of inspiration from people who can actually write good sex acts so I hope I did a good job and I do apologize for any bad grammar or mistakes or inconsistencies".

Now what do for you? You have such a collection of people you become and have I sometimes fear the person I have chosen will not be enough, but the Teacher or Master should always get the best and I intend to give the best. Now don't worry about our different views on who is hot and who is not because the person you'll have is someone we came to agree on so we already know he's hot. But my job is made hard for now I have to think of what way will I give him to you do I let you possess him, do I let you transform into him or transform him, or would you rather swap bodies with him? For as I have said it's hard to pick which one to do since you like them all but I believe I have to go with possession it is in your name after all. Now by now your probly like well I've read this far and I still don't know who it is well your new host is no other than Diego tinoco

I know I've out done myself on this one, this hot hunk is my gift to you because if I don't give him to you I'm going to take him for myself. You found yourself relaxing at home after a long days work but your looking forward for tomorrow because its the first day off and weekend off you've had in awhile. I waited for you to fall asleep and once you did I flung your spirit into his body is was hot seeing his body try and fight back but alas he failed. It was everything watching you wake up the shock on your face or his face was priceless. You looked all over the room not recognizing anything you looked down and saw that you didn't even recognize your own body at this point you had to find out what in the hell was going on were you dreaming or was this a real thing. You get out of bed and jump to the floor feeling the strength and fitness of the body you grabbed the phone on the nightstand and went into the open door you saw hoping it was the bathroom. Well it was and when you looked in the mirror you were amazed that your reflection wasn't your own but diego tinoco's you started to feel your face and then you moved to your abs feeling how real everything felt. Now this is when I came in

Hey there hearing this scread you out of your exploitation and made you jump and drop your phone. You turn around and see it's me hhow are you here what is going on man is this a wired ass dream nope not a dream dude this is reall your really in the body of diego your welcome you looked between the mirror and me and smiled really yep you picked up your phone and easily unlocked it you then went to camera and took a couple pictures

You then realized that you weren't done exploring so you pulled down his black Calvin Klein underwear to see your new 9 inch monster of a cock you grabbed it so fast and started to stroke it you were amazed at how sensitive it felt. You had one hand feeling your new muscles while you pouned your cock with the other. You filled the bathroom with loud moans of pleasure you then came all over your new bathroom and after you were done you put on a shirt and left your phone then made a noise of a text coming in you looked at it and smiled

Because you finally get to test out your new sex drive. You and your friend ended up going to the beach and you knew that I and many others were watching you so you did what you do best.

You took off your shirt and flexed for everyone to see it was quite the show but we all know diego probably wouldn't have done that but that's what made it better because you gave everyone what they wanted. After the fun at the beach you and your friend went to the gym you loved how easy everything was to you and because everything was so easy to you now you went all out even tho it wasn't benefiting you personally you still felt proud of all that you did you went into the bathroom to post some gym pic.

Now after the gym was what you've been waiting for once you got back to your home you and your friend started to make out soft at first it was almost loving but all that changed as you tried to insert your dominance at this point pices of clothes were everywhere, now that yall finally made it to the bedroom he hurriedly pulled off the black briefs from this morning, straight down to your feet. Your 9 inch cock stood proudly in the air just waiting to be touched. Your friend stopped and stared at your massive cock even though this wasn't his first time doing this Stop staring and get busy you said smirking. You growled as he blew on your tip, before gripping his hair and pulling his head down to your cock. He opened his mouth and swallowed the entire length in one go. Your hands would occasionally force his head down, taking as much into his mouth as possible. Whilst deep-throating you, he began taking off his underwear, in a dire need to release his aching cock. As he sucked on your cock, he reached up and groped your chest, feeling you up with one hand, whilst the other stroked his cock. FUCK! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Mmmm that's so good you said. After a awhile your friend decided to take a break from your cock and then Suddenly, you forcefully pulled his legs so his ass was closer to the edge of the bed, then pushed them upwards, so his hole was completely exposed to you. Oh, yeah, fuck me Diego C'mon, do it. My ass is all yours. Your friend pleaded, spreading his asscheeks apart to expose his hole even more. You then began to press your cock at the entrance of his hole. Now fuck me like I'm your bitch! He demanded. A shiver went down your spine at those words. You began pushing your cock into his asshole, making his face scrunch up a bit. You kept going and going until finally, every inch was inside. Ohhh fuck Diego your friend grunted. You're so fucking tight, you said as you breathed, enjoying the warmth around your shaft. Oh God... Fuck me, Diego Give it to me! He hissed, as his knuckles were going white as they gripped the beds edge. Yeah? You want it, baby? You whispered, before pulling your hips back, leaving him almost empty. Yes, Diego! Fuck me! He demanded. Then, without hesitation, you slammed your cock back inside him, making him arch his back and cry out. Awh, SHIT! Don't stop! He pleaded. But you didn't need to be told, because soon you began thrusting your hips back and forth, going faster and faster. His eyes stared at your body as it moved with each thrust, the muscles flexing and tightening as you gripped his thighs. You were gonna cum and he was also gonna cum, soon. With you jacking him off, super fast and the incredible pleasure he was giving you by fucking his ass, it was no surprise. You could barely string together words to create a sentence.De-Diego! I'm gonna- Me too, baby! C'mon, let's-Argh! Lets cum together he said as you grunted, looking very sweaty. Yeah! Fuck, yeah! He moaned, reaching up and pinching both of your nipples. Oh God, I'm cumming, baby! You moaned. Do it, Diego Cum inside me! He moaned back, knowing he was about to as well. Argh, FUCK! Oh fuck yes, baby! You suddenly grunted, plunging your cock deep inside him, still stroking him until he, too, finally shot his load. Shit! Ohhh, shit yes, Diego! Ohhh fuck! he cried as he unloaded all over your body. When you had completely filled his ass up, you let your cock slip out of him, which made his back arch and shudder. Holy shit Diego. He panted as he finally went over the bed frame to lay on the beds soft fabric. I was not expecting that... you muttered before leaning back against the bed as well, beside him enjoying your new body to the fullest.