Master of Desires

(possession,mind control,shapeshift/transformation,and body swap)

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    The Chemical

    Hey there, my name is Sam and I'm going to tell you about the best thing that's happened to me. What you need to know is that my uncle owned a chemical plant but what people didn't know was that he had a secret lab underneath it. That lab is the reason why my life would be forever changed. This is how it all started. One day I came to the chemical plant to pick some things up for me to take to my school tomorrow. You see my chem teacher wanted us to do this small group project and test out what we have been learning in class. It was cool until my teacher gave me my crush and once old friend Tanner Smith as my lab partner for the project. At one point in time we used to be really close and did everything together but once he got on the soccer and football team in 10 grade he changed. He stopped hanging out with me and soon he just stopped talking to me all together. I really didn't want to do all the work for this project, but I knew I was going to since  my uncle would be able to help us but really just me by letting us(me) use a space in his chemical plant and the fact that me and tanner have done nothing together since he decided that being popular was more important than me his best friend. Tanner walked over to me and said “so are we doing this or can we just get your uncle to do it for us. I really need a good grade for this project so we should probably just let him do it and plus with me going to the gym and football practice and fucking my girlfriend I don't have enough time to help”. “Really dude I said, look you can't expect me to just use my uncle to do our work for us and you do nothing” ( i mean he's not wrong i get him to do almost all the work for my chemistry class all the time but that's not the point).”look Sam we both know you were going to do that anyways but look when he's done just pick it up and bring it to my house before school that way you can go over everything with me ok sounds good”. “Ugg yeah sounds good” but I mean what was I supposed to say? I can't make him do anything. I never could; he always did everything he wanted anyways with or without me. A few days later and now we get to the day the project was due, I walked up to the chemical plant doors and used my keycard (yes I have a key card my uncle trusts me with anything) once I was inside I walked over to the area that had my lab project. But there was a problem. There were a lot of other test tubes near the side and I didn't know if they should be there or not(yeah ik what you're thinking what did you expect to happen when you do a school project in a chemical plant but you know what no one asked you). (as might have guessed) These other test tubes came from the underground lab where they had a new chemical that my uncle was working on for the U.S government. You see he had a contract with them to help C.I.A spies go deeper undercover and not be found out that they were American spies. After looking around I found a note from my uncle “Hey kiddo you left these out last night but I know that you had to get home a little early but you need to make sure everything is up before you go so I went ahead and took care of it but if you were working here I would have to fire you now don't make me fire my own nephew anyways ‘don't spill these on your clothes ok’ be safe and love you.” -Uncle Kevin. I smiled and packed everything up. The only thing that bothered me now was why did my uncle have ‘don't spill these on your clothes’ written so weird eh I'm sure he was just trying to mess with me or something for not putting everything up last night. I looked at the time and it was 7:30, good I still have time to get to tanners. Once I got to tanners I brought everything inside and waited for him to come down I Looked at my phone and saw that he sent me something “Hey I'm almost back at the house from my run but you can go ahead and get you something to eat if you haven't already done so I have to take a shower once I'm back and after that we can do the project.” of course he was still out running and here I thought he was just up stairs jacking off instead of helping me. I texted back “ok thanks for letting me know” and a couple seconds tanner comes running in “wow that's a lot of stuff hope you didn't have a problem bring it inside but hey I'm going to take a shower so feel free to do whatever” and at that he left for his room. Now being the perv I am, I wanted to see if I could see him naked so I walked down to his room and saw that he had left everything open. I peeked inside and saw him take off his tank top and feel his sweaty abs and take his running shorts off. “Fuck” I said he so hot and damn that is a massive bulge. He then took out his phone and took a pic of himself

    He then took off his underwear and his massive cock sprang free. He gave it a couple strokes and did some hot possess in the mirror and then went into his bathroom and turned on the shower. I took this opportunity to go in and smell his underwear. I went inside and picked them up and they were soaked from his morning run. I put them up to my nose and breathed in his musk and at this point my cock was so hard that I had to take it out. Once my cock was out I started to stroke my cock to what I saw just a couple seconds ago. It didn't take me long to cum but I knew that I would have never have this opportunity again so I went back to the living room and put his underwear under some pillows on the couch. After a while he came out and we got everything ready. While we were doing so tanner asked what the 2 new test tubes were and I told him that they must have been the control test tubes that I used. Tanner opened the lid and poured too much and ended up spilling some of the chemical over himself and getting some on me. I told tanner that he needs to be more careful and that he was lucky that it was the control group or we could have been in some trouble he said “yeah yeah sorry, fuck this was a good shirt it better not be ruined” and left to go put a clean shirt on. Not knowing that I had some of the chemical on me I rushed and put his underwear in my backpack. Once we got everything cleaned up we left for school. But on my way to school my body felt so hot even when I turned my AC to the max I was still sweating and hot, and at some points I thought I saw my skin move! But once I was at school I went to the chem lab and set everything up before I felt too sick and had to go to the lab bathroom. I walked in here and was so thankful that the lab bathroom was smaller than the others and that no people were in this part of the building yet. I went to the nearest toilet thinking I was going to throw up but the feeling left as fast as it came. After some time I took out tanner’s underwear and smelled them again. They were still wet so I decided that I wanted to wear them and took my clothes off(I mean I might as well right, oh come on tell me you wouldn't do the same) and put them on. Tanners sweat soaked underwear stuck to my cock and balls and it felt so nice but then that burning feeling came back and that when I noticed that my body was changing! “WHAT THE FUCK” I said as I watched as my back and legs started to grow and I began growing taller. I felt my decent 5 and half inch cock grow and stretch to at least 9 and half maybe more and how my balls grew to the size of two grapefruits. Oh God and feeling how and seeing it stretch the orange underwear out to compensate for my new size was just amazing. I then saw how my stomach became more defined as I started to get abs I've never had from years of going to the gym and hard core training. My arms then grew to match the new bulk of my body and I saw my face change and then it hit me. I was looking more and more like tanner! Once it was all done I looked at the full reflection of tanner and I took out my phone and took a pic of my new body

    Holy fuck am hot. I just couldn't help but to take more pics of me showing off I just couldn't I mean how could I?

     I mean just look at me.  With every new pose and every new pic I took I felt my cock grow even harder and hader and I felt more like him in some way. I decided that one more pic was good and I'd leave to figure out what was going on. I went into my contacts and found my boyfriend’s name and sent him a pic of me flexing and a text

     ”Hey babe tonight is going to be an amazing night, meet me in the parking lot in 5min”. And then I put my shirt on and left the chem lab. I waited by my car with my phone to pass the time, and then saw my boyfriend walking over “Hey!... Tanner dude why the fuck do you have my boyfriends phone.” “Oh dude, chill, it's me, it's Sam” I said to him “ah ah very funny now yet again why do you have his phone”. “ look don't believe me here i'll prove it in 10th grade after i got cut from the soccer team you came up to me and said that i was better than every single one of them and that i was by far the cutest one out there.” “dude no way how the fuck do you look like tanner”. “I don't know but I think I have a clue. You see my uncle must have given me the wrong test tubes because oh wait that's why he had the words the way they were he was telling me what to do.” Uh? My boyfriend said look. After we read the note we realized that there might be a secret code my boyfriend took out his light and put it under the paper and when he did words started to appear “ My dear nephew I know that life is hard for you and if you're reading this it means that you have transformed into someone my guess is that you've turned into tanner but look Sam the chemicals that I gave you allow you to change into anyone as long as you have something of theirs or have made contact with their skin with the chemical on you. With this being said you can be anyone and do anything that person can do so Sam go out and have fun with your boyfriend or hell get with tanner or even ruin his life i don't care all I want is for you to enjoy life and not be down in the dumps like you've been for weeks with love -Uncle Kevin. ”dude that awesome you have the best uncle ever.” so about tonight why don't we make that right now I said to my boyfriend as I started to kiss him. We got in the car and drove back to my house and once we got inside my room, I shoved my boyfriend Jason against the door roughly from the inside, while I'm at his front, pushing my lips against his. "Oh Sam...mmmm...that..." Jason said under the kiss, but I made him shut up with letting my hand glide down Jason's front towards his pants. Jason moaned when I began to open his pants and my hand slid inside. "Two can play that game..." He murmured and let go of my arm while I still held him against the door, instead letting his hands travel down to my pants and opening them, letting his hands go inside while his tongue started a wild tongue play, determined to find out who was stronger, better, and more dominant. Sadly, we seemed to be pretty well matched, for neither of us would back down, even when we both closed our hands around each other's dicks and started pumping. Then he tore himself free of my one arm that was holding him and he pushed me against the wall next to the door, pulling his shirt up and his pants down. I had a new body so I would not allow him to win so easily anymore so I fought against him again but Jason's grip on me was tight and his hand on my dick was merciless. "You...will not...make me..."I said through clenched teeth and sweat ran down my forehead as I still tried to tear myself off the wall. Jason chuckled and began to lick and suck down my neck, biting down at a spot between the neck and shoulder. I couldn't suppress a little gasp as the sensation was so good. Then his grip on my erection hardened and he pressed down hard on the tip, making me shiver with pleasure. The two of us looked into each other's eyes, determined to not give in to the other one. But I would win so I used my new body's strength and pushed him up against the wall with one arm across his chest, using my whole weight against him, while his other hand was still in my pants, jerking me off and trying different movements to get a submissive moan out of me. He stood his ground, even though he couldn't get away from the wall and he had my dick still in a firm grasp, concentrating on the tip of it, which felt annoyingly good in this new body. He pushed our bodies harder together, so we could feel each other's hot skin pressing against one another. Then Jason let go of me and ripped his orange t-shirt off his body and attacked me with full force. I couldn't even look around fast enough, then I was back against the wall again, both hands suddenly above my head, Jason's mouth on mine and one of his annoyingly good feeling hands moved over my naked upper body. As he neared my nipples, I started to moan thrust into his touch as His fingers started pinching and playing with my nipples. I then had to show him that with this new body came a new top so I managed to rip himself free and tackled Jason, pulling his shirt up and kicking his own pants down completely, as we both fell onto my bed, Jason beneath me, staring up at my new face. I pushed Jason's t-shirt up so Jason couldn't see for a moment, then pulled his pants down to expose his dick completely. For a moment, he stayed like that, just staring. "Damn babe! We are even the same size!" I said and Jason, finally managing to get his t-shirt off his face and his hands free again, and look down at our erections as well. Then we were all over each other again, I on top but unable to do much with that, other than rub our dicks together, as well as the rest of their bodies and kissing and gnawing at each other. Then I felt Jason's hand on my backside and growled, his eyes narrowed to mere slits. "No. You. Won't I said." Jason then grinned up at me maliciously and said "But you'd already be used to it, wouldn't you even in your new body?" I hissed and tried to get the upper hand again – which I did, surprising my boyfriend, as I suddenly held Jason's arms over his head and had his other hand travel down his well-trained body. "I'm going to make you scream my name, Jason." I said and pushed My finger into Jason, who flinched and moaned. Finally Jason had submitted to my new body's strength. So instead of throwing me off him or stopping me in any way, Jason's hands travelled all over my body and while one of his hands began to pump my hot, pulsating dick again, the other one stayed with my nipples and I let a loud moan escape. I then added a second finger to the one already penetrating Jason's butt. I started fingering him until I knew I had found what I was looking for when Jason suddenly groaned through clenched teeth, his eyes tightly shut. I practically gloated and continued hitting the same spot over and over again as I added another finger. Jason's hand that had been on my nipples wandered down to my balls, where it began to massage them while his other hand concentrated solely on the tip of my cock now. Now it was my turn to  hisse as pre-cum trickled out of my cock. I knew what I needed to do for the first time I was going to be the top and fuck my boyfriend so Instead, I pulled my dick out of Jason's grip and positioned myself between Jason's legs and pulling out my fingers, and replacing them with my cock. As I pushed into Jason for the first time, I could only see stars. Damn babe you're so goddamn tight and good around this dick I moaned! As I started to get a better feel and potion I started to push myself deeper and deeper into my boyfriend, letting the tightness around my dick take my breath away. I then grabbed Jason's dick and tried to time my thrusts with the movements of my hand, intently watching Jason's face for a sign that the pain was at least subsiding. "So you ARE enjoying it?" I said as I grinned and leaned back to change the angle of penetration, aiming for the spot I had hit with my fingers earlier. Jason kept moaning with each trust and crying out my name. It was the best feeling I have ever had. At this point we both could feel how close we were to orgasm. The way Tanner's body handled his dick was simply too good. So, desperate to at least not be the one to cum first, Jason grabbed my nipple with one hand and started rolling it between his fingertips, squeezing it. He had me gasp for breath and then curse “OH FUCCK”. "Not...fair..."I hissed and Jason could feel how close my body was when it began to tremble. A grin formed on his lips, though it was hard to really control his face muscles that well right now. Jason wanted to moan out loud and just let his orgasm take him, but he was so not going to let this end just yet. He closed his eyes and let his head fall back. Just letting the feeling of my dick in him take him. He then opened his eyes again and met my gaze, His face was a mixture of pain, pleasure and the urge to cum. The seagreen eyes bore into my own and for just a moment, Jason was distracted – and his orgasm took him by force. Jason ended up moaning out loud like a girl, and  he still couldn't keep his body under check to not move so much. But right when he thought he had really lost, he could hear me cursing and groaning out. And for some reason, hearing tanners low, husky voice intensified Jason's orgasm even more. While I groaned and cursed as I stared down at my annoyingly good-looking boyfriend beneath me, a writhing moaning wreck – which was exactly what made me cum so hard in the first place. After it was over I started pushing into Jason, filling him with my new sperm as wave after wave of pleasure and ecstasy hit me and made me see stars. Then my new arms gave way and I dropped onto Jason, vaguely feeling how something wet smeared along my chest as I tried to slide off Jason. Lying next to him more or less, as we still painted and tried to catch our breath. Then my phone buzzed and it was a text from my boyfriend looked at the person next to me and back at my phone and opened it

    Damn I'm sorry I just saw your text. I hope it wasn't important but yeah I can’t wait babe but why is tanner sending me shirtless pics with your phone? everything ok?

    I looked at my text in shock and looked at who I thought was my boyfriend “Damn jiggs up isn't it ”he said. “who the fuck are you I screamed at him”. “Oh you know who”. “Wait tanner”? “Yep right on the money big boy.” but how and why i said. Well you didn't know that I came in and I saw you go into the lab bathroom. I wanted to make sure you were ok because you didn't look good and I wasn't going to do that presentation shit by myself. But  then I saw you transform into me. I then put 2 and 2 together and went up to your boyfriend with the chemical and a few seconds later I became him and walked outside that's when i saw you. “ wait then why didn't you confront me or more importantly why did you change into my boyfriend.” “because I wanted to know what it would be like to fuck myself but no in all honesty I want to see what it would be like to be with you i made a horrible mistake letting you go.” “But wait what about your girlfriend”? Oh her well yeah she's bi too so we just cover for each other.” What then if you liked me then why were you being such a dick to me. I don't know man I'm sorry but hey I let you see me naked and take my underwear yeah I knew that you were watching me I did it on purpose I know that your only with Jason because you couldn't be with me tell me I'm wrong and we can just go back to how things were tell me that you don't want me or don't want me to be Jason because I know I'm right and so do you. I...I... see you cant even say anything so how about you just say yes ok. Do you want me because I want you. Yes oh God yes.

    And from that day on I've been with tanner or should I say Jason ever since. 

    The Gift Of The Jock


    Now ever since you moved to your New home you loved everything about the place. The weather was great the people were nice and friendly but you hated school. Because there you had to interact with the king football star Michael Westwood. He was the hottest jock in the school. Now you didn't have any problems with him too much other than you had the biggest crush on him the instant you saw him. Now you got really close to his best friend Jessie and with that came all the perks of seeing Michael. School is about to start again soon but before school starts for the spring jessie had invited you to come with him and Michael to the beach along with the group. Of course you said yes because not only do you get to go to the beach you get to see your crush shirtless. The first night you got there was very chill and layed back on the second night yall went out to take pictures Michel had you take pics of him showing off his hot body.


    You enjoyed taking those pictures of him but you soon became hard and tried to hide it from him, but you ended up tripping on a stick and falling down the sea dune. At this point it was just you and Michael so you knew your only hope was him. You landed in a green slime puddle you felt how sticky and slimy it felt, but it went into your body so fast and you were getting really scared, because you didn't know what was going on you cried out for Michael to help. He came and helped you up safely until you had to jump to him when you jumped you landed right on Michael. But when you got up and off the sand you had a major headache and you realized Michael wasn't under you. You called his name out and realized that your voice didn't sound like yours you looked down and saw Michael's shirtless body. You started to feel your abs and and smell your hairy armpits. You then felt your crotch stir you pull the waistband of your brown khaki shorts up to get a better view and damn were you happy at what you saw people were right Michael really did have everything going for him the looks the abs the popularity the 8.9 inch cock. You reached your hand down in your pants to feel it but as soon as you did the others came running hey Michael is everything ok we heard screening um yeah everything's good Ryan just went back to the house. Once everyone got back to the house and they didn't see you there you convinced everyone to go looking while you stayed at the house this time you want be interrupted. You took off your parents and went to the closest full body mirror you could find you started to do some possess and flexing your new muscles. You lifted up your armpits and smelled it and if you weren't hard already your musk alone could make you hard. You took off your underwear and you finally got to look at the monster that had filled your wet dreams. You wrapped your hand around your throbbing cock and began to stroke yourself looking at your expression in the mirror. You used your free hand to feel up and down your body and twisting your nipples. After awhile you came and you put on a pair of blue underwear and saw that you were still hard so you decided to take a few pictures


    Even after you put on your shirt and shorts your dick was still hard and very much viable throw your shorts witch didn't help your problem but you decided to go with it. You decided that you were going to lay down after awhile you found yourself out of Michel's body back to being yourself. You sent a text with Michael's phone telling them that you were back at the house safe and once the guys got back to the house you had to explain why you just up and disappeared and didn't answer your phone or tell anyone were you were going and you couldn't just say I some how possessed Michael. So you told them a story about hearing some bad news about your family and that you might be moving again and you went on a run to think and calm down. They bought your story and were understanding. Now ever since Michele woke up he didn't really remember doing anything all you knew is that you wanted back in him. So every night you would sneak into his room and try to posses him the last to night's failed but you weren't going to give up not yet at least you have 2 more days left before going back home. You decided to be bold tonight and you took off his cover and saw that he was hard you grabbed and squeezed his dick no response from him you slid your hand into his underwear and started jacking him off after a few moans you took off his underwear and started to suck him off you felt something was off about him because this time you felt a pull you felt something calling you while you sucked on his dick. Everything about it felt familiar to you that's when he woke up but he didn't say anything all he did was get up and stand there you didn't understand what was going on until you saw his eyes they were a bright green that's how you knew you could take him over again you went up to him and pressed your hand on his chest and to your amazement it went right through him for the rest of the night you practice possessing him and de-possessing him. You found out that you can control the slime that was left in him to make him immobile because you now know that you can possess him through his back or through his front/chest. You decided to take a picture for your reward because you worked hard for his


    On the last day you were going to be riding back with your friend Jessie until you decided to test something out while Michael was packing you jumped into him from behind and walked up to Jessie and told him that you wanted to take you home he agreed and you left Michael's body. Once you got home you asked if you could stay with Michael for awhile your parents said yes and you went straight to his house. Michael told you that both of his parents were out of town due to business so y'all would have free rein of the house as soon as Michael opened the door you possessed him and went straight upstairs. You looked through his clothes and found some of his football gear you went outside to try it on you took off your clothes and put on the pads you couldn't help but get hard so you started to jack off

    A little in your jerk off session you catch Jessie in the corner of your eye. But instead of stopping you kept going and to your surprise Jessie stopped walking towards you and watched rubbing his crotch. You waited to see if he would pull his dick out and he did as we watched you beat your dick. you wanted to test something out so you called out to him hey jessie why are you standing so far away when you can be up close and personal with the real thing.” He then walked out of were he was hiding with his dick flopping around as he walked to you. so “jessie you like what you see” He then reached out his right hand and grabbed your hard dick gently and started to stroke like he would do to himself. He started slowly to get a good rhythm. You looked down at Jessie's dick and he was easily 7 ½ inches and was about as thick as a tube of toothpaste. All Jessie could do was stare back at your 8.9 monster before the realization set in of what he had to do next. He opened his mouth and pulled his tongue back as far as he could. He moved his head forward until his lips made contact with the soft pink helmet head of your dick. The idea of what he was about to go through with made him pause for a second before moving his head forward again. Jessie was able to take in five inches before moving back again. "Remember you've got to breathe through your nose.", you said coaching Jessie Jessie took a little but he finally got used to the foreign object probing his mouth. He was able to take more and more in until he got to about 7 inches. "That's it just keep going you'll get there.", you said with encouragement. It took Jessie around five minutes in total but he was finally able to loosen his throat and work with his tongue to take all of your cock in his mouth. His nose now nestled in your short pubes every time he went down on his dick. your cock curved slightly upward and the head grazed the roof of Jessie's mouth before continuing down his throat. "Ohhh fuck! You're a goddamn natural! I'm so glad you came by." You began leaking pre-cum like a hose with a tear in it. Every drop of it dropped into Jessie's mouth and mixed with his spit. Jessie had never tried cum before and with this watered-down version of it he wasn't sure what to make of it. You didn't want this to be the end of his and your fun tonight because you knew that he and you couldn't last too much longer under the circumstances. Even though you loved watching the boy work your cock you had had to move on. You grabbed Jessie's hair and pulled him off your cock. Both of you are breathing heavily, each for different reasons. Jessie fell to the floor and could only look up at you and your glistening dick, dripping with the mix of his spit and the pre-cum. Jessie could see every pulse in your dick, it was hypnotizing to him. "Get up.", You again commanded. Jessie did as he was told and stood up, you reached out your hands and unbuttoned the skinny jeans that Jessie was wearing and pulled down the zipper. You yanked the pants down and Jessie stepped out of the pants. He was now left in just his pair of black Supreme boxer briefs, his erection clearly defined with a small spot of pre-cum wetting the area where his cock head is. You started to finger the waistband of Jessie's underwear and teasingly pulled them down. First, revealing the dirty blonde trimmed pubes, then you released Jessie's cock, cut, 7 ½ inches, pink head, next you revealed his balls tight in a hairy sack, they looked to be a little bigger than yours but not by much. You then let the underwear drop to the floor. You leaned in and kissed him Jessie immediately reciprocated and kissed you back. The two of you locked your naked bodies together and kissed each other. your hand moved from Jessie's back down to his ass cheek and squeezed. You stopped kissing him and reached  for Jessie by his hand and started leading him to the bed where you pushed Jessie down on his back. Jessie moved up on the bed knowing full well what was about to happen. you walked over to your night stand, opened the drawer, and pulled out a small bottle of lube. you popped the cap and poured a small amount on your index and middle finger. You walked over and got onto the bed "Spread and lift your legs in the air.", you ordered. Jessie did as he was told and spread his legs wide, you reached down and lifted his legs in the air putting his tight virgin asshole on display. "Sorry but, this is going to be cold.", you said warning before putting your two lubed fingers on his asshole. "Ohhhh.Fuck.", Jessie responded to the new feeling. you circled your finger making Jessie shudder for a few seconds before putting pressure on the tight ring of muscles. You pushed your index finger in all the way to the knuckle and started to go in and out. "Aghhhh. FUCCCK", Jessie moaned out. It wasn't long before you put your middle finger up, followed by your ring finger. You stretched out the hole getting it ready for your big fat cock. Jessie couldn't stop moaning, the new sensation was strange to him but felt so right. He couldn't believe how good he felt to have something up his ass. You decided that he was ready and you pulled your fingers out. You placed your dick right on Jessie's heated ass and you pushed your head in and began to slowly fuck Jessie."Oh my god!", Jessie let out experiencing his first dick, "I fucking love this body.", you said as you went deeper and deeper into your new best friend. With one major thrust you pushed all 8.9 inches of your cock into your first friend. "Ohhhhhhhh! Fuck!", Jessie yelled as he felt like he just got split in two. You couldn't help but have the biggest smile on your face as the tight ass kept hugging your huge cock. After the pain passed Jessie was able to feel the stunning ecstasy of having your cock rub up against his prostate. you could see the pleasure start to appear on Jesse's face. Jessie grabbed his rock hard dick and began jerking off. "Faster.", Jessie said through his moans, "What was that?", you asked while keeping the same pace. "Faster, please.", Jessie said again. "You got it.", You said now fucking as fast as Michael’s body could. Both of you  moaning at the top of your lungs in a race to see who would finish first. You knew you couldn't keep up any longer and with one last thrust you came into Jessie's ass. Five shots of cum buried deep in his ass. A few more thrusts brought your orgasm to completion. As you were finishing Jessie came all over himself the river of pre cum turned into 8 blasts of cum onto his chest and abs. You pulled out and let Jessie's legs fall to the bed. Both of you sweaty and panting heavily. You crawled over to Jessie's face and put your flaccid cock right up to his lips. Jessie didn't need the command, he opened his mouth and cleaned the cock that was just in his ass. You reached down and scooped up a pile of Jessie's cum. You put it in Your mouth and licked your finger clean. You then reached down for one more scoop but this time you put it up to Jessie's mouth. Jessie tasted his own cum for the first time and he loved it, licking your finger clean. But of course Jessie couldn't leave it alone and he asked why and what it mean when you said you loved this body. You then told him the truth and what happened at the beach. “ wow damn that pretty awesome bro” he then said “you know You weren't the only one with a crush on him” you responded with “oh after what we just did I know, want to go out” you said smiling. “Dude yes like hell yes”.

    You soon found out that nothing was better than being your crush but for me nothing is better than our friendship even as Jessie.


    The Gift Of Possession

    By Masterofdesire

    For @thepossessor

    "This is my longest one yet I hope you and everyone who reads this enjoys. I took alot of inspiration from people who can actually write good sex acts so I hope I did a good job and I do apologize for any bad grammar or mistakes or inconsistencies".

    Now what do for you? You have such a collection of people you become and have I sometimes fear the person I have chosen will not be enough, but the Teacher or Master should always get the best and I intend to give the best. Now don't worry about our different views on who is hot and who is not because the person you'll have is someone we came to agree on so we already know he's hot. But my job is made hard for now I have to think of what way will I give him to you do I let you possess him, do I let you transform into him or transform him, or would you rather swap bodies with him? For as I have said it's hard to pick which one to do since you like them all but I believe I have to go with possession it is in your name after all. Now by now your probly like well I've read this far and I still don't know who it is well your new host is no other than Diego tinoco

    I know I've out done myself on this one, this hot hunk is my gift to you because if I don't give him to you I'm going to take him for myself. You found yourself relaxing at home after a long days work but your looking forward for tomorrow because its the first day off and weekend off you've had in awhile. I waited for you to fall asleep and once you did I flung your spirit into his body is was hot seeing his body try and fight back but alas he failed. It was everything watching you wake up the shock on your face or his face was priceless. You looked all over the room not recognizing anything you looked down and saw that you didn't even recognize your own body at this point you had to find out what in the hell was going on were you dreaming or was this a real thing. You get out of bed and jump to the floor feeling the strength and fitness of the body you grabbed the phone on the nightstand and went into the open door you saw hoping it was the bathroom. Well it was and when you looked in the mirror you were amazed that your reflection wasn't your own but diego tinoco's you started to feel your face and then you moved to your abs feeling how real everything felt. Now this is when I came in

    Hey there hearing this scread you out of your exploitation and made you jump and drop your phone. You turn around and see it's me hhow are you here what is going on man is this a wired ass dream nope not a dream dude this is reall your really in the body of diego your welcome you looked between the mirror and me and smiled really yep you picked up your phone and easily unlocked it you then went to camera and took a couple pictures

    You then realized that you weren't done exploring so you pulled down his black Calvin Klein underwear to see your new 9 inch monster of a cock you grabbed it so fast and started to stroke it you were amazed at how sensitive it felt. You had one hand feeling your new muscles while you pouned your cock with the other. You filled the bathroom with loud moans of pleasure you then came all over your new bathroom and after you were done you put on a shirt and left your phone then made a noise of a text coming in you looked at it and smiled

    Because you finally get to test out your new sex drive. You and your friend ended up going to the beach and you knew that I and many others were watching you so you did what you do best.

    You took off your shirt and flexed for everyone to see it was quite the show but we all know diego probably wouldn't have done that but that's what made it better because you gave everyone what they wanted. After the fun at the beach you and your friend went to the gym you loved how easy everything was to you and because everything was so easy to you now you went all out even tho it wasn't benefiting you personally you still felt proud of all that you did you went into the bathroom to post some gym pic.

    Now after the gym was what you've been waiting for once you got back to your home you and your friend started to make out soft at first it was almost loving but all that changed as you tried to insert your dominance at this point pices of clothes were everywhere, now that yall finally made it to the bedroom he hurriedly pulled off the black briefs from this morning, straight down to your feet. Your 9 inch cock stood proudly in the air just waiting to be touched. Your friend stopped and stared at your massive cock even though this wasn't his first time doing this Stop staring and get busy you said smirking. You growled as he blew on your tip, before gripping his hair and pulling his head down to your cock. He opened his mouth and swallowed the entire length in one go. Your hands would occasionally force his head down, taking as much into his mouth as possible. Whilst deep-throating you, he began taking off his underwear, in a dire need to release his aching cock. As he sucked on your cock, he reached up and groped your chest, feeling you up with one hand, whilst the other stroked his cock. FUCK! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Mmmm that's so good you said. After a awhile your friend decided to take a break from your cock and then Suddenly, you forcefully pulled his legs so his ass was closer to the edge of the bed, then pushed them upwards, so his hole was completely exposed to you. Oh, yeah, fuck me Diego C'mon, do it. My ass is all yours. Your friend pleaded, spreading his asscheeks apart to expose his hole even more. You then began to press your cock at the entrance of his hole. Now fuck me like I'm your bitch! He demanded. A shiver went down your spine at those words. You began pushing your cock into his asshole, making his face scrunch up a bit. You kept going and going until finally, every inch was inside. Ohhh fuck Diego your friend grunted. You're so fucking tight, you said as you breathed, enjoying the warmth around your shaft. Oh God... Fuck me, Diego Give it to me! He hissed, as his knuckles were going white as they gripped the beds edge. Yeah? You want it, baby? You whispered, before pulling your hips back, leaving him almost empty. Yes, Diego! Fuck me! He demanded. Then, without hesitation, you slammed your cock back inside him, making him arch his back and cry out. Awh, SHIT! Don't stop! He pleaded. But you didn't need to be told, because soon you began thrusting your hips back and forth, going faster and faster. His eyes stared at your body as it moved with each thrust, the muscles flexing and tightening as you gripped his thighs. You were gonna cum and he was also gonna cum, soon. With you jacking him off, super fast and the incredible pleasure he was giving you by fucking his ass, it was no surprise. You could barely string together words to create a sentence.De-Diego! I'm gonna- Me too, baby! C'mon, let's-Argh! Lets cum together he said as you grunted, looking very sweaty. Yeah! Fuck, yeah! He moaned, reaching up and pinching both of your nipples. Oh God, I'm cumming, baby! You moaned. Do it, Diego Cum inside me! He moaned back, knowing he was about to as well. Argh, FUCK! Oh fuck yes, baby! You suddenly grunted, plunging your cock deep inside him, still stroking him until he, too, finally shot his load. Shit! Ohhh, shit yes, Diego! Ohhh fuck! he cried as he unloaded all over your body. When you had completely filled his ass up, you let your cock slip out of him, which made his back arch and shudder. Holy shit Diego. He panted as he finally went over the bed frame to lay on the beds soft fabric. I was not expecting that... you muttered before leaning back against the bed as well, beside him enjoying your new body to the fullest.

    The Gift Of Man


    You have given me the finest of men now I will give you 3 men to do with as you please 

    Your first pick was Jackson the top star in his high school football team. Always showing off his guns and body weather he was at school, at a friend's house or on the beach.

    Then your second slave to choose from was Alex. Now Alex was the top of the baseball team always showing people why he was the best on the field or off the field.

    The last option I gave you was Bryson

    Now I was not not surprises that you choose this hot hunk to be your personal sex toy. Bryson here is the best at everything sex, sucking cock and the hot body to match and it also doesn't hurt that he has a 9 inch cock. The second you walked in the room Bryson started to flex and show off his body, you walked up to him and felt his abs and muscles you grow hard from feelong them and seeing and knowing that this once straight hunk is yours to control and do with as you please. Once Bryson sees that you are hard he automatically gets on his knees and pulls your cock out and starts to deep throt you. You love the feeling of him deep throting you so much that you start to face fuck him. Bryson gets so turned on from you using him like that he grows hard and starts to jack his hard cock. Once you finally see his monster all you wanted was for it to be in you. You pull your cock out of his mouth and without saying a word he all ready knew what you wanted he walked around and took your pants off and got his cock ready to fuck your sweet ass. Once he was ready he shoved all 9 inches in you and kept going he starts to go harder and faster and Bryson has reduced you to a moaning mess. He then reached down and started to jack you perfectly in time with his thrusts. And in no time he has you cumming like never before and it didn't take him long to feel your ass with cum too.

    Now just remember he's yours for the weekend i do want him back.

    (Anyways hope you enjoy and like sorry for any grammar mistakes or anything. just one of many appreciation post more to come)

    Since today is Thanksgiving I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Jw1213, cinaedefuri, thepossessor and finally samsm2matories for dealing with my bullshit and for always making my day so much better I'm glad im able to say that I've made some pretty awesome friends. Not only have y'all inspired me to write stories myself but y'all have always giving great feedback and I'm super thankful to all of y'all i hope all of you awesome guys have a great weekend.

    Happy Thanksgiving


    I have always been surrounded by hot guys and I have been lucky enough to have some be my friends. Now I have always felt out of place with them because they have all the good looks, the Hight, and everything else I’ve always lacked and wanted. I just wished I had something that they did not. So anyways, me and my friends went to the mall and in one of the shops an old man came up to me and asked me What would you like if you could have anything? I said “umm what” I asked if You could have anything what would it be and I thought for a second and said “I’d love to be able to tell people what to do and they have no choice but to obey me unless I say otherwise”. But I said it in a joking way, but he then gave me a cool but old looking necklace and said Here maybe this will help your wish come true use it well unlike I did. I uh wait what I am not buying anything I had told the old man but when I looked back up, he was gone. “what the fuck just happened” I said to myself, but I went back to my friends and we went back home.

    ……. Back at the house

    I was talking to one of my friends and I couldn’t help eyeing him in his tank top, I then remembered that I had the necklace and put it on. I looked to my friend and said here goes nothing “hey Caden” yeah “this May sound weird but umm flex for me”

    And to my amazement his eyes turned a rainbow spiral color and he flexed. I could not believe what I was seeing I went up to him and said “Caden can you hear me” he responded in a monotone voice yes master “oh my God” I said this cannot be real to further see if it was I commanded “Caden, “take your tank top off ” he then took off his tank top and my cock became so hard Seeing my once very straight friend follow every command. “Caden from now on you are mine and will serve me and my every desire do you understand” yes master. Now I walked up to him feeling his hot body. I rubbed his hairy abs up and down then when I got down to the him of his pants I grabbed his crotch and rubbed it and I was greeted with my friend moaning and bucking into my touch.” Caden do you like this” yes it feels good I am so horny master Caden had said in a very needy tone. I then felt how hard my friend had become and thought well let’s not waste this. Caden take the rest of your clothes off and get on your knees and Within seconds he was naked and, on his knees, I reached in my shorts and took out my throbbing cock and said “suck” and he took my cock all the way to the base. I couldn’t believe the sight of my friend deep throating me when just a Couple minutes ago he would never have done so. After a Couple of minutes of my friend sucking my cock I came in his mouth “ohhhh fuuuuck”.

    “Now Caden be a good boy and fuck me with your 8 and half inch cock”. Yes, master and he got me ready to take his monster in and with one push he had his length in me. After I was able to adjust to the massive thick cock I began to moan and yell his name as he pounded my ass. It did not take long for him to cum in me being already worked up so after I had the best sex ever I said to him “Caden from now on when I say the words obey you will get back into this trance state do you understand yes master you are also my boyfriend from here on out do you understand yes you will always have a strong urge to obey me and pleasure me and you will always do what you are told do you understand yes. And with that his eyes returned to normal. Oh hey babe I’m going to go head and clean up you want to come and join me “of course babe” I said looking down at my neckless I can’t wait to use this on the rest of them…. TO Be continued?

    Thanks to @cinaedefuri for the edited picture

    Also inspire by the obey story by thepossessor

    The Destined Jock

    This is a collaboration with hornyalex55. This is one of his first story so be sure to check out his blog.

    My life has always been a struggle, my mom and dad separated early on and my dad couldn't raise me or be there for me. So i tried every day to get bigger and stronger to take care of myself but i never could do it because i was so week. All the strong hot jocks at my school teased me for it and reminded me every day that i was nothing but one day i found a pair of red shorts in my gym looker room and i just couldn't resist taking them home with me. Once i got home i decided to try them on but they just slid right off so I was about to take off the shorts after seeing how ridiculous they looked on me but then a strong pungent scent invaded my nose and i instantly became extremely hard and horny from the smell i then grabbed my 4 and a half inch cock and i started to stroke it slowly at first but then i started to feel a tingle travel up my body that made me go faster. I then realized that i started to fit the shorts a bit better and my dick started to grow longer and longer and to my disbelief i now had a 9 inch dick and my balls grew to the size of baseball but i then noticed my chest started to get toned and hard and i could feel how my body was changing. I then took off the red shorts and started to go faster and faster while i felt up and down my ever changing body. I couldn't believe that I saw and felt abs. “Oh God this is amazing. Wait a minute thats not my voice its way deeper than I remembered but I didn't care I had to come “oh fuck yeah this dick feels amazing I then came everywhere with a loud fuuuuuuccccck

    I then went to the bathroom to clean up but then I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror. wait what the fuck i looked in the mirror and saw Bryson bolten's reflection which made me look down and i saw my new toned body i couldn't believe that i acutely have abs now and i looked and i indeed now have a massive 9inch dick i just couldn't believe that everything that i just felt and saw was actually real i thought i was just seeing what i wanted to see but i went back out of my bathroom and found the red pair of shorts covered with cum on the inside i put them back on and went to the bathroom fuck yeah im Bryson the hottest richest guy in school God i love this new hot voice i then found that not only did my body change but my phone had too because i even had his iPhone instead of my crappy cheap one but some how i knew how to unlock it and i went straight to my snap and posted the first shirtless pic of my life. Fuck this is going to be fun