Make your Sissy a beg you to Orgasm! But never give her a complete Orgasm! Make her desperate to have one, Sissy should never have a complete Orgasm! This will forever keep you in her mind as her Master, and the controller of her sexual needs. She will except her place as your sexual Sissy puppet.

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    Hardmasterfist is not a slave! Hardmasterfist does not need or want a mistress. Hardmasterfist trains Beta boys to embrace theirs true Sissy Selfs. Helping them to release their inhibitions and become the perfect Sissy. Please read my Bio. before contacting me.

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    Yes ... Please!


    If a sissy is ever allowed to cum it should only be after lots of humiliating begging and even then I the most degrading way possible

    fake submissive sissy tell an Alpha what she wants… she says things to an Alpha like “i want you to fuck me” and “i love to be dominated” and “i need to be used”
    think being a sissy is only about sex, being fucked, sucking, being used

    true submissive sissy ask the Alpha what the Alpha wants… they say “Sir, this sissy is here for whatever you want…”… she knows that it isn’t about what she wants but rather only what the Alpha wants
    know that being a sissy slave is a way of life, 24/7, all day, every day, and she finds every way to serve Men, not only sexually but in every possible way