The Twink Exposure Manifesto

1) Once a boy’s pics are uploaded to the Internet, there is no going back. The internet is FOREVER. They will quickly be downloaded by hundreds, if not thousands of viewers. Those viewers will naturally share them, post them elsewhere, and masturbate to them over and over again.

2) Exposure cannot be undone. Any boy who wants his photos removed should read #1 again. There is no way to truly recover what has been shared with thousands of others. It is best for them to accept and embrace their exposure.

3) All cute, skinny, small-endowed boys, and twinks should be exposed and shared. If a boy is attractive, he should accept his role as a sexual object for everyone to use as they see fit.

4) Expose early and often. Preferably as soon as the boy turns 18. This will allow his exposure to last through his entire adult life and enable everyone to share and enjoy him.

5) No part of the body is private; Expose the cock, ass, and especially the face to ensure recognition. All private experiences of pleasure and exploration are to be shared publicly.

6) Intensify the exposure: full name, address, phone number, social media accounts, family members, friends, neighbors, school, job, and all other personal details should be posted to enhance the exposure. Nothing is private.

Continue the cycle. It is your job to download, re-post, share, and (of course) jack off to the photos that are posted. Their exposure has already begun. It’s up to you to make it better, more intense, more pervasive, and more complete.

Download. Re-post. Enjoy. Repeat