He came home early from work and found his wife getting fucked by the neighbor. His anger subsided as his cock grew hard in his pants. His wife made eye contact with him, biting her lip as she moaned. She looked away, seemingly indifferent to his presence. He stripped down and approached her, stroking his cock as he watched her fuck. He watched as his neighbor filled his wife with his cum, then followed with his own cumshot all over her back shortly after.

    Warm summer night with our mom

    As we said before our mom was a single mom we all lived in a small 2 bedroom apartment. Very open home and loving. It was a super warm night and mom's room was the only room with an ac unit in the window. While watching TV mom says if you both are to warm in your room come stay with me in the air conditionering tonight. Mom went to bed and we both came in not long after. Mom was in the middle of the bed under a thin sheet in just panties. She motioned for me on one side of her and my brother on the other. I took off my tee and climbed in wearing just my panties and my brother did the same just wearing his briefs. The air was cool and the sheets were too making my teen nipples hard against them. I know everything that happened that night because me and my brother talked about it the next day. After we all chatted a bit we finally settled in....mom rolled away spooning my brother a bit. We all drifted to sleep....well mom didn't. I let my brother tell his part. I could feel moms tits against my back...she had gorgeous C cups that we saw alot since we all walked around openly half naked. I felt moms hand on my hip slip down near my cock. It woke me and I could feel my cock growing through the opening in my briefs. Moms fingers were right there....i felt her fingertips softly running along my shaft up to the head and back. I pretended i was asleep as my mother softly ran her fingers along my throbbing cock. I think she wanted to make sure i was asleep before she wrapped her hand and me and softly began stroking me. I felt her hand slide along my back into her own panties and rub her self....i could hear her breathing getting deeper as she shroked me and rubbed her pussy. I could feel precum dripping from the head of my cock which her finger found and rubbed circles in. At this point I began slowly pumping her hand and I think she was worried she'd wake me so she rolled away now spooning my sister. My cock was raging and I continued to pump my own hand feeling moms back against mine. Ill let my sister tell her part. I felt moms nipples against my back as she rolled into position now facing me...her arm reached over me giving me a squeeze hug. Her hand on my chest felt damp....i didn't realize it was just in her panties a min ago. Softly she touched my nipples making them hard. She'd stop and move her hand lower making sure i was asleep but I wasn't. Her hand rested on my hip and I could feel my pussy getting wet. I turned a little toward her making it easier for her to slide into my panties if she wanted. I was so turned on. We knew mom was peeking in our room as my brother and I fucked but we never openly talked about it. I wanted my mother to touch me so bad I opened my legs a little wanting to feel her under my panties. I felt her hand slide under her panties and felt her sliding her fingers into her pussy....her warm breathing on my neck. I felt her fingers slide under the side of my panties moving towards my little slit where my clit was wet and already swollen through my pussy lips. Her fingers found my little button and she softly rubbed my clit. I wanted to grab her hand and shove her fingers in side me deep and say see how wet you have your little girl mommy but I kept still just enjoying mom rub me ....it felt amazing and I kept thinking...fuck my mom is playing with her pussy as she plays with mine. I remember giving out a little squeal and I squeezed my legs together and it made her pull away and lay on her back still. My fingers replaced hers and I quietly finished what she started as I felt moms legs spread and knew she was fingering herself and squeezing her tits right in the middle of her son and daughter......my brother and I fucked so hard in moms bed that next morning after mom left for work. We were both shocked she played with each one of us...we had no idea at the time.....

    We hope you all enjoyed our 3rd story. Its 100% true....please share yours with us and pictures too....loves....xo