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    यदेवोपनतं दु:खात् सुखं तद्रसवत्तरं।

    निर्वाणाय तरुच्छाया तप्तस्य हि विशेषतः ॥

    The happiness one gets after a period of grief is all the more enjoyable. One who is afflicted by the intense heat of the Sun better enjoys the shade given by a tree than one who is not exposed to the Sun’s rays.


    This image got deleted by Tumblr three seconds after publishing it. This is not sexual content, this is a photo taken in a public place where it is perfectly normal to walk around topless for everyone to see. I don’t understand what the problem is, but the people that have made the decision to boycott lots of the creative people on their own platform should come to the beach with me here in Spain and see it for themselves.

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    Full shoot on thatarnold.com