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    Reblog if you’re STD FREE

    This is actually more important than all of the freak, nasty, and sex filled porn post on here. Hopefully this gets a lot of Reblogs. Know your status


    Yeah they’re called standards……

    the winner will suck your dick for a hit or will go home with you from the bar just having met you at night while she’s drunk you might want to get checked…..

    I am far more confidentof good dirty horney kinky hot gorgeous sweet little sluts on Tumblr than I am the one that I will pick up in my local bar, are you being there apparently sweet normal pretty little college girl working behind the counter at Burger King……

    If you won’t be safe for your self, at least don’t harm anyone else in the process


    Want a video in your inbox?! ;)

    If you’d like a short video of me doing what I do best in your inbox reblog this. Since tumblr won’t let me post videos I’ll do individual videos. (: Makes for some happy followers!


    Go for it


    Damn it girl mmm


    i dooo!!!!!!!!


    I want some pictures