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    Back inside your mother

    “Inside your mother’s vagina, is where you were conceived. From the day it gave you life, with it you were intrigued. You wonder what it’d be like to go back into the womb that carried you for months like a mummy in a tomb. Your naked bodies together, is the thought you think is best. Stomach to stomach, pelvis to pelvis. You and your mom, committing incest. You wonder if your mom thinks of you the same way you think of her. If an incestuous relationship with you is something she would endure. But you’re afraid to even ask her though, afraid of a rejection. Afraid she doesn’t have for you a feeling of sexual connection. You’re afraid she’ll think you’re sick. You’re afraid she’ll think you’re weird. You’re afraid if she finds out about these feelings you have your relationship will be speared. But one day something happens, an opportunity has arrived, to find out if she wants you as a lover, or if you’ll get denied. The day just started out like any other day of the year. But something about this day was different. Something filled you with fear. You start to talk to each other. The feeling lears and lingers. Every ounce of you is scared. From your core down to your fingers. You continue to talk to each other and you find out your moms like you. She never told your her feelings about incest because incest is taboo. You’re shocked when you find out that your mom wants to be with you and an incestuous relationship with you is something you both would like to peruse. You talk to each other some more, and you weigh the pros and cons, of beginning an incestuous relationship together and strengthening family bonds. The conversation ends, and you both decide it’s best, not to deny your feelings any longer and start a relationship of incest. Your mom takes you by the hand, and lead you to her room. You can’t believe you’re actually going to get to go back in your mothers womb You lay your mom on her bed, and as lovers share your first kiss. You gently slide your hand from her head down to her hips. You’re finally getting to do it, after years of it being in your head. You’re doing what every boy dreams of. You’re taking you’re mother to bed. Slowly the clothes come off, you see your mom naked for the first time. You’ve never seen anything so beautiful as your mothers naked body, so luscious and fine. You lay her back down on the bed, gently caressing her titties and thighs. You straddle her, love her, kiss her and finger her, then gently slip your penis inside. She starts to hump you back. Your hips moving with consistency. The sexual satisfaction with your mom is like a surge of electricity. Your bodies tighten up. The time it has now come, to enjoy the greatest feeling, an orgasm between mother and son. Your bodies tighten up, and you both feel an internal boom, as you spray your incestuous seed, inside your mothers fertile womb. The orgasms soon subside, you and your mother kiss a passionate kiss. You wonder if theirs any feeling in the world that could feel as good as this. The two of you look at each other, and you know what you have become. You now are passionate lovers, who are also mother and son.”

    - Gamelover10, Literotica 

    *Moms, message me to roleplay!*