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2020-08-17 04:12:19

    For all the people who have taken time out of their lives to talk shit 💩 to me, said I was “disgusting” or trashy because I smoke meth🌬💨, I just wanted to let you guys know💡 that most of what you believe to be true about illicit substances 💊💉is a big fat lie your government needs you to believe so you don’t realize you’re actually just a slave and you never have the opportunity for spiritual/conscious evolution. 🔮

    Oh and also, I’m a pretty good looking college graduate 👩‍🎓 with degrees in chemistry 🧪 and nursing👩‍⚕️ I have all my beautiful white teeth 🦷 firmly in place and not a single mark on my face. You can use substances without letting them wreck your entire fucking life. 💁🏻‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️🥳😍💯👌🏻💫☸️🖕🏻💋


    Amen to that!


    i made @methaphysicaluniverse snort a line so she made me blow a cloud and basically i suck ballsacks and should not be allowed to exist and we should stick to our preferred ROAs



    i fuckin miss you bitch :(


    haha iceinhalation thats was so funny really great to watch the apprehension on your face and the excitement on @methaphysicaluniverse  face was classic