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    My kind of bull!


    Pretty much all true




    What an asshole...☺️

    ...and he‘s 15 years older than her...


    “Tasmanian mother Jane was forced to have that discussion with her children earlier than she had expected after she discovered her seven- and nine-year-old sons had accessed pornography online.“

    Seven and nine!

    Is there any doubt that society has its head in the sand on the question of access to pornography? Not only is it being accessed at a younger and younger age, what is being accessed is increasingly hardcore, and the effects on boys are increasingly those of addiction.

    The mother in the story spoke to her boys, because she wanted them “to know why I was not comfortable with it and about issues of respect, particularly respect for women”. She is certainly right to be concerned as to whether porn addiction leads to a distorted view of women, but her concerns should not only be with their attitude to women, but with the physiological effects on the boys themselves.

    As the story goes on to say, “It’s also affecting young people biologically, where there are reports coming out about erectile dysfunction being an issue for young men for the first time in human history.”

    For the first time in human history!

    How can mothers and parents not be concerned about the effects of porn on their children and especially their boys? How can we even conceive of ways of regaining control over the sexual “education” of boys, and encourage them in good directions rather than bad? Unless these questions are actually confronted, there seems little hope of doing so