January: sexuality/preferences

    February: city/state

    March: favourite colour

    April: favourite hair colour & favourite eye colour

    May: favourite manga & favourite anime

    June: favourite book

    July: favourite song/band

    August: crush names

    September: instruments I play/ want to play

    October: favourite game

    November: if I changed my name, what would it be

    December: random fact about me

    : I am a boy who has a crush on you

    : I am a girl who has a crush on you

    : I am a nonbinary person who has a crush on you

    : Just delete your tumblr already

    : You’re awesome

    : I love your blog

    : You’re beautiful

    : You're attractive

    : I hate you

    : You’re ugly

    : I wish we were close

    : I wish we were friends in real life

    : I relate to a lot of the same things you go through

    : You inspire me

    : We should kiss maybe if you wanna that'd be great

    : I would give you the greatest hug

    : I'm scared to talk to you but I think you're great

    : You've changed urls/icons so much that I don't remember who you are

    : I don't remember why I follow you

    : I wish I could help you but I'm not sure how

    : You've taught me things

    ️: I wish you'd take better care of yourself

    ©: You're a bit problematic

    : You're a cinnamon roll

    ️: I cherish you

    : Please post more

    : We don't talk much but I wouldn't mind being your friend

    : You're very talented

    : I don't understand you