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    <>List of Black Lives Matter and Racial Equality Petitions to sign:

  • Justice for George Floyd
  • Justice for George Floyd 2
  • Justice for George Floyd 3
  • Charge the Officers Responsible for George Floyd’s Murde
  • Charge the Officers Responsible for George Floyd’s Murder 2
  • Justice For Ahmuad Arbery
  • Justice For Ahmuad Arbery 2
  • Justice for Breonna Taylor
  • Stand with Breonna
  • Charge Officers Responsible for Breonna Taylor’s Murder
  • Justice For Tamir Rice
  • Justice For Joāo Pedro
  • Justice for Alejandro Vargas Martinez
  • Justice for Belly Mujinga.
  • Justice for Rashad Cunningham
  • Justice For Tony McDade
  • Justice for Dion Johnson
  • Justice for Jennifer Jeffley
  • Justice for Young Uwa
  • Justice for Elijah Nichols
  • Justice for Tete Gulley
  • Justice for Tazne Van Wyk
  • Justice for Michael Dean
  • Justice For Amari Boone
  • Justice for Darrius Stewart
  • Justice for Shukri Abdi
  • Justice for Ashton Dickson
  • Justice For Darrius Stewart
  • Justice for David McAtee
  • Justice for Cameron Green
  • Justice for Crystal Mason
  • Justice For Zinedine
  • Justice for Regis Korchinski-Paquet
  • Justice for Christopher Josey
  • Justice for Amiya Braxton
  • Justice For Emerald Black
  • Justice for Andile Mchunu
  • Justice for Cameron Green
  • Justice for Tamla Horsford
  • Justice for Collins Khosa
  • Free Siyanda
  • Reopen Sandra Bland’s Cas
  • Free Willie Simmons who has served 38 years for a $9 robbery
  • Get Washington State to Hold Police Officers Accountable for Police Brutality
  • Arrest Officer Jared Campbell for macing a child
  • Demand Jail Time for Dylan Mota and Jacob Robles
  • Demand Jail Time for All Police who Murder Innocent People
  • Fire Racist Criminal Michael J Reynolds from the NYPD
  • Petition for Nationwide Police De-Escalation Training
  • Petition for Nationwide Police Required Racial Bias Test
  • stop immigrants being poisoned by ICEBan the use of inhumane rubber bullets
  • Demand a retrial for Angel Bumpass wrongfully convicted 13 year old with a life sentence
  • End Police Brutality and Violence Against BIPOC in the USA
  • Ban the use of rubber bullets for crowd control
  • Join Campaign Zero
  • Drop All Charges Against Incarcerated Trafficking Survivor Chrystul Kizer!
  • Reopen Kendrick Johnson’s Case
  • Abolish Prison Labour in the USA
  • Require Dash and Body Cameras for the King County Sheriff’s Office
  • <>Donation Links

  • A thread of Youtuve videos you can stream to donate to BLM
  • Official George Floyd Memorial Fund
  • OFFICIAL Gianna Floyd Fund (George Floyd’s child)
  • Black Lives Matter
  • We Cant Breathe
  • 43 Bail Funds to Support
  • Homeless Black Trans women fund
  • Split a donation between 70+ community bail funds, mutual aid funds, and racial justice organizers
  • Minnesota Healing Justice Network
  • Women for Political Change
  • Spiral Collective
  • When We All Vote
  • National List of Bail and Mutual Aid Funds/Organizers/Black Owned Businesses
  • Venmo names of black trans people that need help
  • Latino Community on Lake Street
  • Black Immigrant Collective
  • Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha
  • Atlanta Black Owned Business Relief
  • Al Maa'uun
  • Remembering Shana
  • Fundraising for destroyed black owned businesses
  • Joyce Preschool
  • Black Table Arts
  • Northside business support
  • Du Nord Riot Recovery Fund
  • Unicorn Riot
  • Donate to Destiny Harrison & her daughter Dream’s Legacy
  • Pimento Relief Fund
  • Southside Harm Reduction
  • West Broadway Business and Area Coalition
  • Division of Indian Work
  • TC Care Collective
  • Justice for Breonna Taylor
  • Justice for Jamee
  • Justice for David McAtee
  • If you have no money to offer, at the very least, you can read, understand, and sign all the petitions.


    Alright, I’m just gonna take a minute to be super emo about the parallels of Aang and Zuko having little respites of happiness under false identities after having their childhoods basically ripped from them at ages 12 and 13 respectively. I’m just gonna take a minute to be sad about the fact that the only time in Zuko’s life where he didn’t have to worry about his father’s expectations or his banishment or finding the Avatar or defeating his family was this little moment of his life where he was playing tea shop with his uncle and just when he got to the point where he was accepting that he could live a normal life as Li, it was ripped away from him by Azula. I’m just gonna take a minute to sob about the fact that Aang just wanted to be a normal kid and live a peaceful life as a monk playing with his friends from around the world when his entire world came crashing down upon being told he was the Avatar four years earlier than he was supposed to and then had his whole culture and childhood taken from him by a war he was expected to end and the only time he got to be a normal kid after coming out of the iceberg was the three days he got to be Kuzon. I’m going to take a while to sob about the fact that under all their focus on destiny and saving the world, these two kids just wanted to throw dance parties and go on cute dates and be people instead of saviors. I’m just going to take several minutes to be devastated about the fact that these two boys were forced to grow up and take responsibility for a world falling apart around them and never got a chance to be kids.