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    Sisters first creampie

    One Christmas we showed up to our grandparents with our mom and dad early. while the adults talk me and my sister said we was going to the basement to play pool. In the basement my sister took my cock out and started to suck on it. After a few min she pulled her panties down and set on the pool table i told her i didn’t have a condom she said she didnt care. As we was fucking i adked if i could cum in her for my Christmas she wanted me to. We fucked awhile until we heard the rest of the family show up so i came in her pussy and we both went back upstairs. First time I came in my sister


    Naughty siblings! 👄

    Despues de quedarme sin trabajo tuve que tomar decisiones dificiles, así que empece a vender mi cuerpo para ganarme la vida día a día… Cuando mi padre descubrio lo que estaba haciendo, se convirtio en mi mejor cliente y ahora me ha propuesto ser mi proxeneta y meter a mis hermanas al negocio

    Amor las niñas y yo estamos muy contentas de podamos vivir en un lugar tan seguro que podemos practicar nudismo sin que nadie nos vea y asi podemos estar todas disponibles para ti, nuestro macho. Apesar de que cada una tiene una personalidad diferente cada una de nuestras hijas ha decidio someterse a su padre.

    Raven nuestra hija mayor (extrema derecha) es buena obediente e inteligente. Rikki nuestra hija menor (extrema izquierda) siempre se preocupa por todos. Christy nuestra hija de en medio (centro derecha) mas rebelde e independiente. Aunque todas son diferentes cada una ha decidido ser tu sumisa y servirte como debe hacerlo una esclava.

    Yo (centro izquierda) estoy muy contenta de que haber procreado una familia incestuosa y sumisa con el hombre que más amo en el mundo, mi dueño mi señor, mi amo y mi propio hermano.

    ¿¿Les gustaría saber las historias de las situaciones de como mis hermana, mi madre, mi tía y mis primas gemelas y yo quedamos preñadas por mi hermano??

    Si este post llega a las 250 notas (Likes, Reblogs y Comentarios) les hare relatos largos y detallados de como fue que cada una de nostras llevamos a los bebés de mi hermano en  nuestros vientres…

    Y porque lo apodamos “Nuestro Pequeño Gran Semental”…


    Yes I post Incest😀😀😀😀😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Incest Confession: My sister caught me masturbating to Elsa porn on the internet. You know, the blonde Disney princess? Even worse was when she started singing ‘Let it go’ just as I was cumming. I thought she was going to run straight to mom and dad and tell them what I had been doing, because she loves getting me in trouble. But no. She asked me a question that I will never, ever forget. “Do you want to fuck a real Elsa, little bro’?” I remember not even being able to get words out. I nodded, and she walked out of my room, only to sneak back in about twenty minutes later. She was completely naked, and with her long blonde hair in a french braid. She was in charge from the very first moment, and ordered me to kneel down on my bed and not to move under any circumstances. I’d never really looked at my big sister’s skin before, but I noticed how soft it looked and I wanted to touch it so badly, but that was against the rules. 

    By the time I was on my knees, my cock was as hard as it had ever been before. She easily backed up to me, teasing me with a perfect view of her peachy rear and gorgeous pussy lips. Then, without even needing to use a hand she guided my hard cock straight into her soaked pussy. It took such restraint not to pin her in place and pound her, as she pushed back and forth on my cock. All I was allowed to do was kneel there, watching my length disappearing into the hottest, wettest, most velvety cunt I have ever had around my cock. At no point did I even feel bad that this was my sister. I just groaned. She had an even bigger surprise for me, though, as I told her I was about to cum, she made no effort to pull away. She just kept on going. Kept milking me. Took every shot of my cum deep into her pussy. Watching it all leak out of my very own Elsa’s pussy was the most erotic thing i’d ever seen.

    Now whenever she ties her hair into that braid, I know she wants to have sex with me. And if you were wondering, it’s at least four times a week.

    Was planning a nice 4th of July get together with the wife and daughters, have a barbeque, watch the fireworks, just some nice family bonding.  After we arrived, found a table to set up, had a bite, we weren’t finished when my oldest told me she was going to hang out with some friends.  I watched her run over and start mixing with some black kids I wasn’t familiar with.  My youngest said it was OK because she knew them, they lived a couple of blocks away from us.

    I didn’t think much more about it, enjoying the time and the fireworks with the youngest and drinking some wine with the wife.  After I heard the music start up, I discovered that the fireworks in the air wasn’t the only fireworks going on from the way I noticed Janice dancing with several black kids.  I couldn’t help but get aroused as I watched the way she danced and they way they responded to her.

    As the festivities started coming to an end about the same time my wife had finished the wine, I was packing up when Janice and her newfound friend came over and told me that she was going to catch a ride home with them.  I didn’t have a problem, so I said OK.

    Getting into the car, my wife said she was sleepy and said she was going to take a nap in the back as I noticed the car Janice was getting into.  Leaving the park, it took a few minutes to get to the highway, up ahead, I saw the car that Janice was in, but could only see one head in the backseat.  Curious, I slowly closed the distance and came up beside it.  FUCK! I thought, hoping that Karen wasn’t looking.  Unable to stop myself, I stayed beside the car watching my little Janice giving one of the kids a blowjob.

    “That’s pretty hot isn’t it Dad.”

    “Huh?“  Looking over, Karen had a huge grin on her face.

    “Huh hell, I can tell you like it."  Then suddenly I felt her hands undoing my zipper. "I can tell you really do like it.” As I felt her release my aching cock and begin stroking it.

    “Yea, Janice told me they were going to have a party at Jeromes house and she intended on finding out what was so hot about fucking blacks.”

    As I began to lose it, I couldn’t help but wonder what my wife would think about me watching one daughter sucking a black cock and my other daughter giving me a hand job like that.       

    “You look just like mummy” I say with a huge smile

    Tonight was a special night. My teenage daughter was on an anniversary date with her uncle. It has been a year since he first played with her and she wanted to look special for him.

    My brother adored my wife and the lingerie collection I always insisted she wore when ever I had guests over. So he was going to be very well pleased when my daughter answers the door upon his arrival.

    Tonight it was my little whore who will be wearing her mother’s finest lingerie. As she leaned against the wall in the lingerie and her mother’s heels my mind was racing with thoughts about how my daughter was to devoured in a few minutes times 

    The lingerie did not stay on long after my brother arrived. He took a few pictures for himself and then proceeded to undress my little girl. After a few minutes of suckling on her bald little cunny my brother sat on the chair and motioned for my daughter to straddle him. This was not only my brothers favourite position to penetrate my daughter but it was also mine. I loved it because I could sit opposite and masterbate while watching my brothers shaft disappear deep inside my teenage daughters cunt

    My sister’s plaything(submitted by a follower)

    When I was a little boy my older sister would dress me up in her clothes and put makeup on me. As I got older i guess it stopped being fun for her so she didn’t do it anymore. But I kept doing it when no one was home. One day she and her boyfriend caught me wearing some of her clothes and jerking off with a pair of her panties on. I was petrified thinking I was in serious trouble. I begged her not to tell our parents. She promised to tell if I did whatever she told me to do. When I agreed to do whatever she wanted I thought I would be doing her chores or something. Instead she made me dress up for her boyfriend and he would fuck me while she watched. Her boyfriend loved fucking my tight asshole, and cumming on my back and sometimes in my mouth. When she would have sleepovers her friends would dress me up and let me model clothes for them. I became her little plaything and loved doing whatever she told me to do. She never told my parents and to this day I still love wearing girls clothes and getting fucked by older men.

    Anon: My 11 year old niece - such a naughty girl.

    Anon pls … Well, I was asked if I could babysit again for like a half hour. Well, that turned into about 1.5 hours. Before her dad even left, she had a blanket over her and my hand in her crotch. Outside her pants. Her dad left like 5 minutes later. His car wasn’t even out of the driveway (because I was looking) and my hand was already being eased into her underwear. Her mom should have been home about a half hour later, but the weather, traffic, and a side errand delayed her coming home. I was rubbing her clit from 5:45 to about 7:10. Yes, you read that correctly. After her mom came home on the phone and in the kitchen talking on the phone, my niece left my hand down there. I removed my hand as her mom hung up phone. She then sat and buried her head in her phone again. My niece moved my hand to her nipples. After about 5 minutes, her mom went into bathroom. My hand was guided back to clit. Over the course of the night, I counted 4 orgasms. This kid! I tell you! She is so naughty and so ballsy.

    I watched my daughters hips grind against my own as the room filled with the gentle sound of our fucking once again. “Dad I need the car tomorrow night” she said, gently rocking back and forth, enjoying her fathers cock. “What for sweetheart?” “Janie’s mom said her car needs a service, I was hoping you would let us use yours to go to the concert?” She said. She cupped her breasts in her hands, as her finger tips ran over her nipples. “Sure sweetie, just no drinking” I said. “Thanks Daddy” she smiled. “And no boys” I said. She giggled.

    Lisa wasn’t usually overly sexual. She wanted to please her boyfriend, but could never quite reach his levels of arousal or maintain his interest in sex. But because she wanted to please her boyfriend, she was willing to try different techniques. One day, her boyfriend got an idea that he just knew would be a winner. It started with a blindfold…

    Normally Lisa was quite shy when naked, but having a blindfold on made her more eager than she could ever remember. What was her boyfriend going to do? Why did she feel such an intense, sexual presence in the room? Something so powerful and hungry like she’d never felt before. So when a pair of big, rough hands spread her legs, she moaned in new, eager anticipation.


    She didn’t even know if it was her boyfriend anymore, and as she felt a cock get into place, she suddenly realized she didn’t care if it was… In fact, she hoped somehow that it wasn’t. That she was getting turned on and showing her suddenly wet little pussy to some other man…

    Another pair of hands touched her and she felt her pussy spasm in intense arousal. There were two men in the room!


    As one began to suck on her clit and lick her pussy, the other stroked her hair loving, kissed her mouth and whispered filthy, loving things in a too-familiar voice in her ear before sucking her hard nipples and then moving lower.


    She sucked their cocks hard with eager interest, slowly understanding what was happening. Neither of the men were her boyfriend, but she knew he was there, too. She could hear his breathing as he watched her bring each man to orgasm with just her mouth. By the time they had both come, her pussy was throbbing, soaking wet and aching. And the night was only just beginning.


    Unable to help himself, one man began to fuck her while she finished sucking the other off, getting his cock extra wet because she knew what was coming next… what she wanted to happen next… where that delicious wet cock was going to end up…


    Before long, the shy girl who rarely wanted sex was moaning through her sixteenth orgasm as the two men took turns thrusting in and out of her tight, hungry holes. One thrust into her pussy when the other pulled out of her ass, before switching places as the man on top thrust into her asshole as the man on the bottom pulled out of her pussy. She orgasmed almost non-stop as she rode them, moaning lavishly, begging them to finally come inside her orifices, to fill her with their potent baby cream, as her boyfriend watched.


    She loved every moment of it, feeling so full and so used and loved. They took turns fucking her like that, abusing her rarely used holes while her boyfriend watched, breathing hard.

    And when, at last, Lisa felt their cocks stiffening up, their balls churning with potent seed, she thrust back onto their hard, firm shafts to make sure they wouldn’t pull out, and as they came inside her young fertile body, she threw the mask off and came again herself, harder than ever before, staring up into the eyes of her own brothers as they euphorically emptied their balls inside their little sister’s young eager body.

    Pearl heard some noises from her sister’s room, she thought she may just have one of her lovers at home that day. And she was going to her out, her daughter was in the house and she didn’t want her sweet innocent daughter tainted by her sister’s promiscuity.

    However pearl was shocked when she found found out her sister’s lover for the day was her own daughter.


    After my mother had passed, my father and I grew apart. We hardly even spoke but still lived together. School let out early one day and father didn't know, I came home and to my surprise he was jerking off in the living room to a porn disk. I was very shocked I couldn't move, he saw me and tried to cover up but I stopped him and dropped to my knees in front of him and gave him a nice long blowjob and after he came in my mouth we fucked for what seemed like three hours. We fuck ever chance we get

    Sorry but my blog is focused on sibling and cousin incest not father daughter

    ~~~~~~~~~~~Fucking Tara:Stoned~~~~~~~~~~ ⚠️ Warning, this story contains incest between a mother and her teenage daughter.

    My mom and dad separated a few months ago. It wasn’t long before my mom started to date this black guy whom she at the gym. His name was Maurice and he was a medical marijuana grower. He was also quite large and muscular. He would often stay over the weekends. I knew he was fucking my mother because I could hear them. I was actually turned off by it because that’s where my daddy had made love to my mother when we were a family.

    I heard my mother moaning the other night. I got out of bed and tipped toed down the hall towards my mother’s bedroom. The door was halfway open and I could see in the dresser mirror that my mom was on all fours. Maurice was behind her, holding onto her waist and pounding her pussy with his big black cock. I was mesmerized just watching it. I put a hand down my pj’s and started playing with my pussy. I was getting so wet.

    Maurice pulled out of my mother. I could see his cock was wet with her juices. My mom bent down ever further. She reached behind her and spread open her cheeks. “Fuck me up my ass,” she said. Maurice positioned his cock at my mom’s asshole and pushed his penis up her ass. I gasped out loud and put my hand over my mouth. I swore my mom looked up in the mirror. I ran back to my room and took my hairbrush from my dresser. I pulled off my pj’s and panties and masturbated with the brush handle.

    On Saturday night, after dinner, We were in the family room watching a comedy on Netflix. Maurice pulls out a bong and loads it with some THC. He lights it and passes it to my mom. She takes a long hit off it and passes it to me.

    “It’s okay, Tara. I’d rather have you do this with us than with people who my take advantage of you,” said my mom.

    Mom hands me the bong and I take a hit. I start to cough and gag. My mom tells me to try again and to hold it in my lungs as long as I can. We keep passing the bong back and forth. I didn’t know it at the time that they were making me take twice as many hits as they did. I was starting to feel high. Twenty minutes later, I was like super stoned. I was giggling and laughing at nothing. My head was spinning, but I kept smoking.

    “It’s so hot in here ” my mom said as she pulled her tee shirt off. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her breast hung beautifully off her chest. Her nipples were erect. She pulled me over and slipped off my tank top. My small firm breast exposed to Maurice. My mom leaned in and started kissing me. She stuck her tongue in my mouth. I could feel her hand on my breast caressing me.

    I feel myself getting pulled down on the sofa. I also felt a tugging at my shorts. Maurice was pulling them off along with my panties. I was so high that all my inhibitions were gone. I giggled as he tried to pull them off. I ended up raising my hips up to make it easier for him.

    I was totally naked. So was Maurice and my mother. Maurice spread my legs open and started to eat me out. My mom straddled my face and began grinding her pussy over my mouth. I was super horny from smoking the weed and just began eating my mother out.

    Maurice’s tongue worked its way over my young pussy. He really knew how to eat me out. I was getting so wet as his tongue flicked around my clit. Maurice inserted hi middle finger in my pussy and was tickling my g-spot gland. I was withering all over the sofa ready to explode.

    “Fuck, I’m cuming,” I moaned before having a mind blowing orgasm.

    Maurice sat on the sofa. My and I knelt between his legs and took turns sucking on his BBC. He must have been a foot long. I started laughing really hard because the only thing I could think of was the Subway $5 foot long jingle.

    “She is so wasted,” my mom said.

    We both sucked Maurice’s cock. I tried so hard to take him all the way down my throat. His cock was dripping with my saliva. My mom was pushing my head down on him. I felt like a dirty whore, but I was enjoying every second of it.

    “Maurice, do you want to fuck Tara?”

    “Shannon, you know I want to fuck your little snowflake daughter. She needs a big nigga cock in her tiny tight pussy,” replied Maurice.

    “I want you to fuck her, Baby! I want you to fuck my Tara. Fuck her good. Fuck her hard, Baby!”

    With my mother’s permission, Maurice plunged his BBC deep inside my teen twat. I moaned out loud at the swift deep plunge. I could feel him in my throat. I swear I could. He started pumping in and out of me. His cock was so big that he could only get and two thirds of it up my pussy. You could see my pelvis bulge as he slid his cock in and out of me.

    “Mmmmm Tara, you look so pretty getting fucked by Maurice. Is this how you thought it would feel like when you watched us fuck the other night. You’re such a bad girl,” my momther said.

    “Shannon, I think Tara likes having my meat pole in her cunt. She’s so tight, the snowflake,” Maurice said.

    “She’s such a dirty teen slut. Mmmm Baby, fuck me too as you fuck my Daughter!”

    Mom and I got in doggy position side by side. Maurice took turns fucking us. Mom and I kissed each other as Maurice slammed in and out of us. I had on hand on my clit rubbing it. The sensations of me playing with myself along with Maurice’s BBC and ball sack slapping my ass started to bring on my second orgasm.

    “Ooohhh,..haaa, haaaa, omg…..fuccckkkk,” I yelled as I came.

    Maurice wasn’t finished. He kept fucking me and my mother. My mom was the next to orgasm all over Maurice’s BBC.

    “I’m going to cum, Shannon,” Maurice announced.

    “Baby, cum inside Tara! Fuck a baby into her. Fill her with your sperm. Make her a BBC Slut! Tell him, Tara! Tell him to cum inside you,” ordered my mother.

    “Cum inside me, Maurice. Please, please cum inside me. I want your sperm in me,” I said.

    “Ooohhhhh,” I yelled as Maurice penetrated me in my still sensitive pussy. I felt his BBC bump up against my cervix. I could feel him ejaculating inside me. I felt that sudden warm pulsatile jet of semen filling me up like I did when my Daddy first fucked me.

    “Tara, you’re such a good girl for mommy. Maybe, we got you pregnant tonight. You want to be Maurice’s baby mamma,” said my mother.

    The next morning, we all wake up naked on the floor of the family room. My head is spinning and I still feel a little high. I remember what happened and mom saying she hoped that Maurice got me pregnant. It was my fertile time of the month. I was so worried because I hadn’t started birth control yet and I didn’t want a baby at 14.

    The next few weeks were nerve wracking. When my period was late, I used my allowance money to buy an at home pregnancy test. I peed on the stick and waited for the results. The results were indeterminate. Thank god, the next day my period began. I don’t think I was every so excited to have it. I went to Planned Parenthood and got the Pill from them. At least, I’m covered now because I never know who or when I’ll be fucking my dad or my mom’s boyfriend. The door was opened and I walked through it. There’s no turning back for me now. Besides, I like being Daddy’s Slut and my Mommy’s Whore.