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    [F/D] [non-con] I couldn’t wait any longer…my daughter is ready

    You come home from cheerleader practice still in your hot little skirt and half top. I smile, greeting my eighteen-year old daughter warmly, holding you close. Your firm young breasts pressed against my chest as I inhale the smell of your soft silken hair. “Hey honey, how was practice?”

    You smile up at me, returning my embrace. “It was good, daddy. How was work?”

    “Boring as usual, but I’m better now that you’re home.” Chuckling as I slap your hot little ass playfully. “Let’s get you something to drink sweetie.” I watch my daughter’s tight little behind as we head into the kitchen.

    You yelp as I slap your ass, hurrying forward into the kitchen. Opening the fridge, you stick your head in, rummaging through it. “What do you want, daddy?”

    Watching as you bend over into the fridge, my crotch stirs as I stare at your cute little ass shaking in front of me. “Fetch me a beer in the back,” I reply, leaning over you, pressing up against your hot little bottom. “I’ll get some glasses.” You can’t find my beer as I continue to press against your young teen body.

    You continue to look, not realizing what is happening behind you. “I don’t see any beer, dad.”

    My crotch swells, bulging as I grind against you, my hand resting against your waist as I pretend to keep you from falling over. “Ohhh…” I moan slightly, feeling your tight little ass against me.

    “Daddy? Let me up,” you ask, trying to move out from the fridge.

    I step back, looking down at you as you turn towards me, your nipples poking through your top from the cold. I move closer again, pressing you back against the counter.

    “Daddy? What are you doing?”

    I reach up, my hand running through your soft smooth hair, suddenly leaning down as my lips meet yours, kissing you deep. My other hand moves up, cupping your young breasts, squeezing them through your top.

    “Dad!” you exclaim, pushing my hand away. “Stop it.”

    My hands are at your side, trapping you between me and the counter. “What? You know you liked it. Why else would you dress like that for me, honey?”

    “It’s my uniform!”

    Smiling as I move up along the sides of your waist, sliding my hands under your top. “Mmm… yes it is…” My hands cup your breasts through your bra, squeezing them gently.

    “Daddy! Stop!” you squirm, trying to get away from me.

    Pressing you against the counter as one hand continues to massage your breast, the other moving down along your leg, sliding under your cheerleading skirt, moving over hot little ass.

    “Oh god, stop…” you start panicking. “Daddy, please don’t! I’m your daughter!”

    Lifting your leg around mine, I kiss you again, hard and deep. I raise your top higher, pushing your bra up over your breasts to expose your firm young tits. “Mmmm… very nice Laura.”

    Tears start welling in your eyes. “Daddy! Stop it… you’re supposed to love me and take care of me.”

    “Mmm… I do love you baby, very very much… that’s why I need to do this, why I have to have you.” I flip you around, bending your young body over the counter. You see your mother out the window in the gardens, blissfully unaware as I grope your hot little ass.

    “MOM!!” you scream, trying to attract her attention. “Dad, you can’t do this!”

    I lean over you, whispering into your ear. “Why not?” I ask, my breath hot and moist against your neck. My hands move over the hot flesh of your tight little ass as I pull your little panties to the side. I press against you again. You feel something hard and hot against your skin as it slides over your ass, moving lower, rubbing the lips of your sweet pussy.

    “No, no, no… daddy, please. Oh god, MOM!!” you scream for her again, but she can’t hear you and doesn’t look up to notice us.

    Smiling as I kiss your neck, feeling your hot young body. “You’re mine baby…” Without warning, I thrust my cock forward, burying it hard into your tight virgin pussy. “OHHHHHH YESSSS!!!!”

    “NOOOO!!!” you scream in pain as my cock enters you, bursting through your hymen.

    Gripping your tight little ass, your panties pulled to the side as my cock buries itself deep into you. “Ohhhh god yesss baby…” I press your body against the kitchen counter as I lean over you.

    “Daddy… no…” you plead, tears streaming down your face.

    I hold my cock deep inside you, allowing the pain to pass, your skirt bunched up at your waist as I press against you. I reach around, gripping your pert young breasts, squeezing them, pulling them back to me as I press my body against yours.

    After a moment, you stop whimpering. I slide out of your tight little pussy slowly before plunging back into you deep. “Ohhhh yesss…”

    You grunt as I enter you completely, feeling my cock fill you once again. The process continues as I slide out once more, only to thrust back up into you. Moving steady now, I start to fuck my little girl faster. You body responds on its own, your pussy grows wet, lubing my cock as I enter you again and again.

    “Ohhh god baby… that’s it, you little slut…” I moan in pleasure as I cram my cock up inside your tight cunt, feeling it suck me in as it clenches my rod. I grope your tits in my hands, pulling on them as I continue to rape my daughter.

    With each powerful thrust, you feel my hard thick cock filling your young pussy. You close your eyes, allowing a soft moan to escape your mouth as I plunge deep into you once more.

    I smile as I see your reaction. “Yea, that’s it, you little whore… you like that baby? Daddy’s cock deep inside you… pounding you again and again as I fuck you hard… Ohhh yesss baby… take it deep…”

    “Ohhhh….” You moan louder now, pressing back to meet my thrusts. “Ohhh… d-daddy…”

    Gripping your ass, I slap it as I plunge my dick up inside your tight little pussy, stretching it open as I enter you. “Ohhh yesss baby… feels sooo good… fucking my hot little girl…”

    “Yesss… more…” you moan, moving back against my cock. “Ohhh god daddy…mmmm…”

    I continue violating you, raping you, fucking my young daughter as she loves every second of it. Feeling your pussy clamp around my cock, I start fucking you faster…. over and over, driving it inside you.

    “Ohhh Daddy, more… more… I feel it… ohhh god… f-fuck me!!!” you scream as I slam fully into your tight little cunt.

    “Ohhhh yesss baby… cum for Daddy… feel it… yesss…” I encourage you, thrusting deep into your pussy. “Ohhh yesss… I’m gonna cum too… cum deep inside my little slut… You want that, baby?” “Ohh yessss daddy… anything… don’t stop..” you plead, driving yourself back onto my rod.

    “Beg for it Laura… beg for my cock… beg like the little slut I know you are, whore…”

    “Ohhh daddy… yess… fuck me…” you exclaim, begging for my cock, not caring that I am raping you. “Fuck your little slut… I’m your whore daddy… cum inside me!!”

    I plunge my cock forward hard and deep as it explodes, shooting up inside you, unleashing my load. “AHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS!!!!”

    “Ohhh god DADDY!!” you scream as your body convulses, spasming as you orgasm, your tight little pussy clamping down on my cock even more as I shoot up inside your cunt.

    I continue pumping your tight little pussy, filling my daughter’s fertile womb with her father’s hot sperm… cumming hard as I flood up into you. “OHHH YESSSS YOU LITTLE SLUT!!! TAKE IT ALL YOU WHORE!!!! AHHHHHHHHH GOD… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…”

    “Ohhhhhhh yesssss… daddy… more…” you pant as I shoot my load into you again and again. Looking up, you see your mother start heading for the door as I continue to flood my sperm into your tight teen pussy. You start to push me away, struggling. “Daddy… m-mom’s coming…”

    “Ohhhh yesss baby…cumming too…” I moan, not hearing you, gripping your ass as my cock continues to spew up inside my little girl. “So hot, soo tight, sooo good, you little slut…”

    You start jerking and struggling to break free, only to feel my cock pulse and shoot up inside you more. Your mother is almost at the door, I still don’t see her as my cock lies buried inside you. “Daddy.. mom!”

    As I hear the doorknob turning, my eyes go wide. I pull out quickly, still shooting my cum onto your pussy and across your ass as I quickly zip up my pants. I push your skirt back down over your ass just as your mother walks in. Grabbing a beer, I kiss your mother’s cheek gently and head down the hall into the living room. Panting, you push yourself away from the counter, cum dripping down your leg as you smile at your mom and hurry upstairs to your room. You can’t wait until tomorrow’s practice…

    Despues de quedarme sin trabajo tuve que tomar decisiones dificiles, así que empece a vender mi cuerpo para ganarme la vida día a día… Cuando mi padre descubrio lo que estaba haciendo, se convirtio en mi mejor cliente y ahora me ha propuesto ser mi proxeneta y meter a mis hermanas al negocio


    With concent 😍💦💦💦💦


    Message me if you do real incest x


    I agree!

    Incest Confession: My wife has no idea where me and our  eighteen-year-old daughter go every weekend. I find making something up is pretty easy though, and I know for a fact that while I am away having sex with our daughter, she’s letting our son fuck her. Fair is fair, right? I can’t help myself. She looks so much like my wife twenty years ago, but is even sexier than that. Her pussy is tighter. Her skin is softer. I desire her so much. I think she’s my one weakness in this world. It’s like I am addicted to my daughter’s body. Fucking her prone is the best though, because she arches her back and peers back at me, and I get myself some steamy tongue kisses as I pump in and out of her soaked tunnel. 

    Incest Confession: My sister caught me masturbating to Elsa porn on the internet. You know, the blonde Disney princess? Even worse was when she started singing ‘Let it go’ just as I was cumming. I thought she was going to run straight to mom and dad and tell them what I had been doing, because she loves getting me in trouble. But no. She asked me a question that I will never, ever forget. “Do you want to fuck a real Elsa, little bro’?” I remember not even being able to get words out. I nodded, and she walked out of my room, only to sneak back in about twenty minutes later. She was completely naked, and with her long blonde hair in a french braid. She was in charge from the very first moment, and ordered me to kneel down on my bed and not to move under any circumstances. I’d never really looked at my big sister’s skin before, but I noticed how soft it looked and I wanted to touch it so badly, but that was against the rules. 

    By the time I was on my knees, my cock was as hard as it had ever been before. She easily backed up to me, teasing me with a perfect view of her peachy rear and gorgeous pussy lips. Then, without even needing to use a hand she guided my hard cock straight into her soaked pussy. It took such restraint not to pin her in place and pound her, as she pushed back and forth on my cock. All I was allowed to do was kneel there, watching my length disappearing into the hottest, wettest, most velvety cunt I have ever had around my cock. At no point did I even feel bad that this was my sister. I just groaned. She had an even bigger surprise for me, though, as I told her I was about to cum, she made no effort to pull away. She just kept on going. Kept milking me. Took every shot of my cum deep into her pussy. Watching it all leak out of my very own Elsa’s pussy was the most erotic thing i’d ever seen.

    Now whenever she ties her hair into that braid, I know she wants to have sex with me. And if you were wondering, it’s at least four times a week.

    Was planning a nice 4th of July get together with the wife and daughters, have a barbeque, watch the fireworks, just some nice family bonding.  After we arrived, found a table to set up, had a bite, we weren’t finished when my oldest told me she was going to hang out with some friends.  I watched her run over and start mixing with some black kids I wasn’t familiar with.  My youngest said it was OK because she knew them, they lived a couple of blocks away from us.

    I didn’t think much more about it, enjoying the time and the fireworks with the youngest and drinking some wine with the wife.  After I heard the music start up, I discovered that the fireworks in the air wasn’t the only fireworks going on from the way I noticed Janice dancing with several black kids.  I couldn’t help but get aroused as I watched the way she danced and they way they responded to her.

    As the festivities started coming to an end about the same time my wife had finished the wine, I was packing up when Janice and her newfound friend came over and told me that she was going to catch a ride home with them.  I didn’t have a problem, so I said OK.

    Getting into the car, my wife said she was sleepy and said she was going to take a nap in the back as I noticed the car Janice was getting into.  Leaving the park, it took a few minutes to get to the highway, up ahead, I saw the car that Janice was in, but could only see one head in the backseat.  Curious, I slowly closed the distance and came up beside it.  FUCK! I thought, hoping that Karen wasn’t looking.  Unable to stop myself, I stayed beside the car watching my little Janice giving one of the kids a blowjob.

    “That’s pretty hot isn’t it Dad.”

    “Huh?“  Looking over, Karen had a huge grin on her face.

    “Huh hell, I can tell you like it."  Then suddenly I felt her hands undoing my zipper. "I can tell you really do like it.” As I felt her release my aching cock and begin stroking it.

    “Yea, Janice told me they were going to have a party at Jeromes house and she intended on finding out what was so hot about fucking blacks.”

    As I began to lose it, I couldn’t help but wonder what my wife would think about me watching one daughter sucking a black cock and my other daughter giving me a hand job like that.       


    Fantasy story about my niece

    I walk past her room as she is changing.  She is standing there in just her bra and panties. I walked in, she was not alarmed or ashamed so she doesnt cover up her body.

    I look at her and tell her how beautiful she looks, her large tits filling her bra, straining against the cages that contain them. I walk up behind her, giving her a hug and kiss, her wet har still smelling like her shampoo. I can’t help myself and I kiss her right behind her ear ,smelling her sweet skin as I kiss her neck.

    My hands moves to the sides over her body, feeling her soft warm flesh. I continue kissing her neck as my left hand moves to her breast, and my right hand caresses her tummy. She feels so soft and smooth, her tit filling my hand as I massage it through her bra, her tummy swelling as she takes a deep breath. She moan a little, reaching up and wrapping her arms around my head and she tell me that feels nice. I pull her back against me with my left hand on her hip and her ass brushes against my hardening cock. She slowly rubs her ass against it as my right hand travels to the waist of her panties. Teasingly, I just place the tips on my fingers underneath, she pull my head more in to her neck and moan a little louder my hand travels a little further. She whisper don’t stop. Please don’t stop. My hand moves further into her panties feeling the silky smoothness of her pussy. Already she is getting wet with desire down there and she start grinding harder against my cock. As she are moaning, I slid one finger between her slippery wet pussy lips, feeling her wetness this makes her body tingle and she jump, she lets out a moan to finger her.  I find her hardening clit and I begin to massage it, making tiny soft circles on it, her body shudders and she feel your first orgasm from me flowing through her body……

    “You look just like mummy” I say with a huge smile

    Tonight was a special night. My teenage daughter was on an anniversary date with her uncle. It has been a year since he first played with her and she wanted to look special for him.

    My brother adored my wife and the lingerie collection I always insisted she wore when ever I had guests over. So he was going to be very well pleased when my daughter answers the door upon his arrival.

    Tonight it was my little whore who will be wearing her mother’s finest lingerie. As she leaned against the wall in the lingerie and her mother’s heels my mind was racing with thoughts about how my daughter was to devoured in a few minutes times 

    The lingerie did not stay on long after my brother arrived. He took a few pictures for himself and then proceeded to undress my little girl. After a few minutes of suckling on her bald little cunny my brother sat on the chair and motioned for my daughter to straddle him. This was not only my brothers favourite position to penetrate my daughter but it was also mine. I loved it because I could sit opposite and masterbate while watching my brothers shaft disappear deep inside my teenage daughters cunt

    My sister’s plaything(submitted by a follower)

    When I was a little boy my older sister would dress me up in her clothes and put makeup on me. As I got older i guess it stopped being fun for her so she didn’t do it anymore. But I kept doing it when no one was home. One day she and her boyfriend caught me wearing some of her clothes and jerking off with a pair of her panties on. I was petrified thinking I was in serious trouble. I begged her not to tell our parents. She promised to tell if I did whatever she told me to do. When I agreed to do whatever she wanted I thought I would be doing her chores or something. Instead she made me dress up for her boyfriend and he would fuck me while she watched. Her boyfriend loved fucking my tight asshole, and cumming on my back and sometimes in my mouth. When she would have sleepovers her friends would dress me up and let me model clothes for them. I became her little plaything and loved doing whatever she told me to do. She never told my parents and to this day I still love wearing girls clothes and getting fucked by older men.

    Anon: My 11 year old niece - such a naughty girl.

    Anon pls … Well, I was asked if I could babysit again for like a half hour. Well, that turned into about 1.5 hours. Before her dad even left, she had a blanket over her and my hand in her crotch. Outside her pants. Her dad left like 5 minutes later. His car wasn’t even out of the driveway (because I was looking) and my hand was already being eased into her underwear. Her mom should have been home about a half hour later, but the weather, traffic, and a side errand delayed her coming home. I was rubbing her clit from 5:45 to about 7:10. Yes, you read that correctly. After her mom came home on the phone and in the kitchen talking on the phone, my niece left my hand down there. I removed my hand as her mom hung up phone. She then sat and buried her head in her phone again. My niece moved my hand to her nipples. After about 5 minutes, her mom went into bathroom. My hand was guided back to clit. Over the course of the night, I counted 4 orgasms. This kid! I tell you! She is so naughty and so ballsy.


    Will you tell us about your first time? (With family) please

    Here you go.  Dont mind any grammatical or spelling errors, I wrote it on my phone:

    We may have been in middle school, but my brother and I both had walked in on each other when we were masturbating.  It was at least once a week when we would walk in on the other watching porn and getting off, so often we had started to see what the other was watching before going back to our room and getting off to what the other had been watching.  Sex was not ever hidden in our house, and talk about it was encouraged.  Mom and dad told us to never hide who we were, and it was not uncommon to see them with other people, kissing and hugging before going into another room to fuck.  Mom had so many friends stop by, that she was usually in just a t-shirt, no panties or bra.  Sometimes less.  While it was a turn on to see moms pussy, tits and bare ass, it also showed me that we shouldn’t be stuck with just one person for sex.  It also showed that no sex was bad sex if everyone was enjoying it.   That being said, my attraction to my brother began very early.  I loved his cock, and thought about him fucking me like the people on the screen when I watched porn.  I found out, he felt the same about me.

    One day after school, there was a knock at my door.  it was just my brother and I and my younger siblings in the house.  I was in a tank top and shorts and laying in bed doing homework.  I knew it was my brother, and told him to come in.  I was slightly surprised when he came in completely naked, cock hard as a rock and with a fistful of dvds.  He asked if I wanted to see something hot, and of course I said yes.  He put one of the movies into the player and hit the play button and came over to sit in bed with me.  On the screen, I saw my mom kissing one of dads friends , naked in a hotel room.  The camera panned out and I saw a dozen more men, some were neighbors, some were our parents friends and others were complete strangers to us.  Mom was the only woman in the room, every guy was naked and stroking their cock.  “isn’t it hot?”, my brother asked.  I wasn’t sure what was going to happen yes, but I nodded and felt my pussy get wet.  

    Mom laid back on the bed and spread her legs to let one man enter her, the rest forming a line.  My brother had started to stroke his cock, watching mom get fucked hard and deep.  He suggested that I join him, and it sounded like the bed idea ever.  I slipped out of my shorts and pushed my white thong to the side.  I played with my clit of a moment before reaching into my nightstand for my vibrator.  My brother kissed me on the cheek and helped me get my panties off.  he went back to stroking his cock when I started to use the vibe on my clit and edging it into my pussy.  I knew he had one eye on me, and the other on the TV.  We both got off a few times, the last time my bro came on my thigh, before he took the movies and went back to his room.

    The next day, he came back and we watched another movies of hers, then the next day, and so on.  After a week of us watching some of moms movies, he didn’t bother to knock, and I was already naked and waiting.  I found out that he had found thousands of her movies, and watching mom fuck was a huge turn on for both of us.  But honestly, we mostly liked get off together.  There was a huge attraction between us, and we both knew what we wanted.  He put in the movie and started it.  It was mom taking a few black guys.  he turned around while I was reaching for my vibe and said “Can I do it this time?”  I was a little surprised, but had been hoping he would ask.  I smiled and nodded.  “Can I do you?” I asked.  He smiled and nodded back.  I laid on my side, he leaned over and kissed me on the lips, then he laid down facing me on his side.  His face was down by my pussy, his cock was by my face.  I felt his fingers touch me, and it sent a jolt up my spine.  I had been with a couple of girl friends , but no other guy had ever touched me before.  He listed to me while I told him how to play with my clit and how to finger fuck my pussy.  In turn, he told me how to play with his cock and balls.  We both came, I got him hard again and then we got off again.  This time I leaned down when he was cumming and let him coat my face and my open mouth for my first taste of cum.

    This went on for a few days before I asked him if he would eat my pussy.  He got a huge smile on his face and greedily accepted.  I him lay down and i got on top in a 69.  I slowly worked his cock into my mouth while he licked and tongue fucked my cunt.  I pulled his cock from my mouth and stroked it while I licked his balls and asshole.  within minutes he came, but I made sure I had my mouth on his cock to catch all of his cum.  I sucked him hard again, and went to work on him again.  Wave after wave of orgasm washed over me while he ate my pussy and ass.  When we were done, I got off him and kissed him.  He pushed and I relented and opened my mouth to accept his tongue.  He tongue tasted like my pussy, and the mix of that along with his cum in my mouth was intoxicating

    The next day at school I walked up to him in the hallways by his locker and asked him to meet me between periods by the locker rooms.  He nodded.  When the time came, I met him in the hallway.  He asked what I needed.  I pulled him close, grabbed his cock through his jeans.  I took his other hand and pulled it over to me and under my very short skirt to feel my bare pussy.  “feel how wet it is?  Thats because I have been thinking about your cock all day” I whispered in his ear.  I handed him the thong that I had been wearing all day.  it was soaked from my wet pussy.  He put them in his pocket and I walked away.

    Every day for a week I would tease him.  Flash him.  Let him touch me.  Kiss me.  Then I would suck his cock that night.  But after a week, I got into thigh highs, a g string and a sheer camisole and was waiting to meet him when he got home from football practice.  We had the house to ourselves because mom was at our sister volleyball game and dad was at our little brothers football meeting.  We had several hours of alone time to get done what needed to happen.

    He walked in and dropped his bag when he saw me.  I kissed him and let his hands wander before he took my hand and took me to his room.  He sat me on the bed facing him.  I started to take his pants off while he struggled with his shirt.  His hard cock popped out and I immediately took it into my mouth.  he reached around and pulled my camisole over my head.  he pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed me back onto his bed.  He pulled my panties off.  he went to his dresser and brought back a few condoms that he had managed to get from his friends.  I told him no condoms.  He smiled.  “I want to feel you in me.  Not a rubber coated cock/“ I said.  He approached the bed and i opened my legs for him, exposing my virgin cunt for him.  He saw how wet I was, so only went in for a taste before getting on top of me.  He kissed me and gave me a look making sure it was alright.  i gave him a quick nod and he put the head at the edge of my pussy.  I reached around and grabbed his ass while he slowly worked his big cock into my tight cunt.  Slowly he got inch after inch in me.  After 6, i pulled his ass to bring the rest in me.  The pain was exquisite, but intense.  A tear ran down my face, and he paused.  I encouraged him to keep going.  He built up a rhythm and his strokes got stronger and stronger.  He couldn’t go more than 3 minutes before moaning that he was going to cum.  “I want to feel you shoot your load in me, bro.  Don’t you dare pull out” I yelled.  dHe cried out and his cock went into spasms as he shot his load inside me.   We kissed our a few moments, then he pulled out his cock and got up and asked me to suck it.  

    I worked his cock in my mouth, getting him hard again.  When he was hard, he bent me over and got behind me.  This time it was easier for him to get his big cock in me.  This time he fucked me harder.  The pain was still there, but it was overshadowed by the intense ecstasy.  His balls slapping my clit while he fucked me, it didn’t take long before it was my turn to cum.  My cunt clamped down on his cock and the floodgates let loose.  My constricting pussy was too much for him and again he erupted inside me.  We laid and watched a couple movies while I played with him, then mounted him for one last fuck before our parents got home.  That was only the start of a 14 year relationship.

    Our Incest Love Story

    It all started when I came home to visit my family. It’s just me my mom and my little brother and sister Jason & Daylin. That night it was senior night at my old school. My Brother was the starting QB he’s been that since he was a freshman and I just got back into college. Watching the game with Dallen and my mom. He’s amazing by half time he had 435 Passing yards, 4 passing TDs, Rushing 180yds, 2 Rushing TDs. It was such a hype game. At half time we joined Jason on the field. We locked arms and walked to the middle of the field. The crowd went wild the announcer said Jason’s name they even said his stats. You could even here girls yell'ing “Fuck me Jason,” I crave that hard cock. *flashes tits* my sister face got so red. He stepped forward and waved to his school, he hugged each of us and accidentally kissed me on the lips when he was running off to the locker room they were soft his lips I mean. Anyway after the game ended I went home. Later Jason came and I was surprised I thought he would be at a party or something.

    Jason: Hey Big Sis. Hell of game right?

    Cathy: Hey what the hell are you doing here. Shouldn’t you be at a party getting laid. By all the girls that want to show you their tits. Maybe that girl friend of yours

    He blushed. He so cute I thought.

    Jason: Haha well I’m more worried about playoffs in the next two weeks

    Cathy: Nope!

    Jason: What

    Cathy: Go shower and get ready we are going to a party tonight. And I know what’s going through your head you don’t want

    Jason: Well it’s valid I just don’t want to have a chance of getting in trouble this close to the end of the season and college ch I cut him off

    Cathy: Shut up I’ll keep you out of trouble go get ready and trust your big sister. I’m going to look for a party

    Jason: your 24 why are you going to a highs school party?

    Cathy: Cause games like this bring young alumni of our dear school like my self itching to celebrate with our legacies. Jess has been texting the party is live. And Dallen is there too

    Jason: Fine you win give me 20 minutes.

    Cathy: Alright superstar

    We went to the party and drank and danced a ton. My brother on the other hand only drank some talked to his friends then the bitch of a girl friend. He was talking to my friend Jess and that bitch walked in and started yelling at him everyone heard her he was so embarrassed. But it was more like she was embarrassing her self. At the end of her little drunken rant she yelled so loudly

    Bitch gf: Just because your the star QB and have a huge pornstar cock doesn’t mean you can cheat on with this tramp Jason: Abi that’s my Big sisters best friend… she was just saying hi

    Bitch gf: …Oh I’m sorry

    He told her that he couldn’t keep up with her jealousy. He walked towards the door I ran after him.

    Cathy: Bro… Jason stop

    Jason: I’m just going to go home Cath. I’m fine don’t worry

    Cathy: No come on I want to spend time with you. Come one at least spend an hour here with me and your friends. You deserve this don’t let that bitch steal your joy. You were so happy when you came home. You beat a team that was making our school look like shit. Please everyone in this house want you there.

    He looked at me for a minute

    Jason: Fine you have me for an hour and a half

    Cathy: Good now come dance with me and take some shots

    We partied hard for an hour and a half together I got 7 shots to in him. Jason can take liquor like a champ. I danced with him grinding on him like I was trying to tell him I wanted him, every time I pushed up against he pushed up on him. He was enjoying it. And so was I. He left early like he said he would I was going to go with him but he said I should come home with Dallen. My sister was introducing me to some of her friends one of them was a cheerleader named Katie. Me, my sister, my best friend Jess, and Katie were drinking and talking at a table.

    Dallen: Sis you know Katie hooked up with our dear brother

    Katie: Yeah his cock is huge so fucking thick. He’s like a freaking superhero

    Cathy: Dang it’s really that big huh

    Jess: How big if you had to guess?

    Cathy: Why do you wanna know Jess he’s practically your brother

    Jess: But he isn’t and I’m drunk this are the conversations we’re supposed to be having

    Cathy: True. Go ahead and answer

    Katie: if I had to guess I say about 10 to 11 inches really thick with a nice little curve that hit my g spot perfectly

    Dallen: Wow such fine details on my big brothers dick… I need another drink.

    Katie: Haha sorry he was just the best I ever had. It’s weird I thought when he said we should stop hooking we weren’t going to be friends but we’re literally the same as before

    Cathy: What did you expect I raised him

    Dallen: Girls! I brought shots!!!

    Jess: No no no I’m done for tonight

    Cathy: Oh thank you. Im going get waisted tonight good thing I got my bestie to watch me and my little sister back tonight.

    We drank and drank and drank. Jess got me and Dallen home she put Dallen in her room and I got a snack from the fridge. Jess came down and we talked for a bit and got ourselves some wine. She left, I tried to make my way to my room but instead of going up the stairs to my room I headed down stairs to the basement my brothers man cave/ room. It used to me my room, but as a gift to him I let him have it. It’ was dark and I was really drunk I was planing on going to my room and sleeping with a vibrator in me hehe. I stripped all my clothes off. My bags were still in the living room I ran back upstairs well more like hobbled. I went in my back and grabbed my small vibrator. And again going downstairs inside of up stairs again. I turned my vibrator egg and put it inside me. When I’m drunk I have really lucid dreams especially when I’m horny like this. I started to dose off thinking about what my sister’s friend katie said about my brother’s cock. Even his bitch girlfriend talking about his big cock came to my mind. I tried to think of some other guy that was rocking my world, my brother kept coming up instead. I opened my eyes and finally noticed someone else was in bed with me. I turned around and noticed it was Jason. I thought it was still my dream. I kissed him and his lips kissed back. One kiss became two it quickly became a make out and I rolled on top of him and felt his hard member under my wet pussy. I started grinding on it, making out with him at the same time. My hands down went down to his waist and I started to take off his pants he helped me get them off fully. I reached down for his cock I stroked it slowly feeling his size of his king of a cock. I flipped over putting my pussy in his face, without missing a beat Jason started to eat me out rubbing my clit. My egg vibrator was still inside me, he started to move it around and Tag teaming me with his mouth. As I was sucking and stroking his cock. Then he found it my G spot I moaned incredibly loud. He pushed the egg on that spot it didn’t take long for me to cum. He had skills that were out of this world, I never never been with a Man like him. Just based off the moment we were having at the time, he was rough but gentle. I thought to myself, “Best Dream Ever”. I flipped back around and kissed him his soft lips had me in a trance. My pussy was rubbing against his cock as we kissed. I stopped kissing him and quietly “whispered who are you”.A few seconds later he moaned and open his eyes. He was still kissing me back but at the same time he moved to turn on his lamp. I started to realize that it wasn’t a dream, I was grinding on my brothers cock. His dick got harder under me. I didn’t stop grinding him till for a couple of seconds.

    Cathy: Oh my gosh I thought I was fucking dreaming

    Jason: Dreaming that you were about to fuck your brother

    Cathy: No No ummm… ammmm

    His cock twitched under me. I unwillingly moaned and licked my lips

    I got off him and ran upstairs to my room so freaking embarrassed. I couldn’t stop thinking about how big he felt how softly his lips felt on mine, and how his tongue entered my mouth when we were kissing how he made me cum over and over. I started touching myself. Our kiss felt like fireworks. That night I fucked myself for hours till it was sunrise. I heard Jason walking downstairs, he leaves early every morning for a work out with his friends. I got up and put on a sweatshirt and headed downstairs.

    Cathy: Morning

    Jason: Morning. Why you up so early?

    Cathy: Couldn’t sleep. Can we talk about what happened last night.

    Jason: Yeah. But can we talk about later, I can’t be late for this workout

    Cathy: Okay. This stays between us right…

    Jason: Of course

    He came up to me a kissed my forehead. And gave me a lingering hug. He smelt so good. I just wanted to touch his cock again.

    Jason: Go back to sleep you probably have a hangover

    Cathy: I will. Love you

    Jason: Love you too

    After I stood there kinda frozen thinking about last night and why I was feeling like I wanted more. My mom came downstairs, I was so lost in thought I didn’t notice her at all. She finally got my attention.

    Mom: Cathy sweetie are you okay?

    Cathy: Yeah just tired

    Mom: Everything okay with you and Jason, he just left right?

    Cathy: Yeah were good, im just tired

    I went upstairs to my room and closed my room behind me. I decided that I was just going to go to sleep and not think about it till I talk to Jason. Sleeping didn’t really help not thinking about it, I had a dream about Jason and me. I woke up to an orgasm. I checked the time and it was 3:00. I showered and everything I started watching Netflix and writing a paper. I heard a knock on the door it was Jason.

    Jason: Wanna go and get something to eat?

    Cathy: Depends where

    Jason: That dive burger place in the city we went to where they thought we were dating

    Cathy: Just us?

    Jason: Yeah

    Cathy: Okay let me get ready

    I threw on a sweatshirt I stole from his closet. I got in his car, he started driving. It was awkward at first. I decided to break the silence.

    Cathy: I’m so sorry Jason, I was drunk and thought I was in a dream I only remember the be beginning of the party and you’re ex flipping shit on you. And us dancing. I’m so sorry.

    Jason: Cath it’s okay. It’s not all your fault… I can’t even lie to you I enjoyed it. Maybe that’s wrong and taboo of me to say but it better then the best sex of my life.

    Cathy: Jason… I… I don’t know what to say

    Jason: Ik it’s wrong and you probably think I’m sick for saying that but with what happened why fucking lie. That’s why I took you to this Chima instead of Olive Garden around the corner from the house.

    He went on saying that we can’t go that far again cause if we do we’ll end up having sex… but that’s what I wanted. He also said if this was another world he wouldn’t care and just take me like he really wanted to. I paused for a second looking into his eyes he was telling the truth.

    Cathy: Little brother follow me.

    I got up and he followed behind me. I walked towards the bathroom. A janitor walked out of the girls bathroom and said I was lucky cause it was spotless. I ignored him I reached back and grabbed my brothers had and held on tight. We walked into the woman’s bathroom and locked the door.

    Jason: Cathy what’s going on?

    I didn’t respond I started taking off my cloths.

    Jason: Cath what’s up stop stripping.

    Cathy: Little brother take off your clothes right now or our relationship will never be the same. Your the most important person in my life and I can’t loose you just because we can’t fuck. So take you cloths off and get that titan dick in my mouth right now

    Jason: Cathy. This is wrong… I don’t know about this…

    My back was to him. I started to cry a little and I turned to him I grabbed his hands and held them tight.

    Cathy: Please Jason, we can’t come back from when where we’ve been. I know it’s wrong but I want this and I can tell you do too. What do you think it’s going to be like if we don’t. There’s no going back… might as well keep going.

    Jason walked up to me and kissed me

    Jason: Okay we’ll do it not here though. If we’re going to do this it has to be romantic

    Cathy: okay what do you have in mind

    Jason: Don’t worry about it. If this is what you truly want then we’ll do it. Mom and sis went on mom’s business trip to the key west. If you want we could watch a movie when we get home.

    Cathy: Could we make out? When we get home… and a little bit right now.

    Jason: Sure big sis. Whatever you want

    Cathy: Okay just remember I’m still your big sister and I’m still gonna be in charge

    Jason: Of course.

    I stepped up to him again looking into his eyes. I wanted to get him excited about tomorrow so I grabbed his hand and on my pussy pushing 3 of his fingers inside me. I moaned and Kissed me and kept fingering me.

    Cathy: Please make me cum. Just real quick please Jason. I’m so wet

    Jason: Cathy

    Cathy: Listen to your big sister

    Jason: Okay but in the car

    Cathy: Good boy.

    We made out for 20min his hard cock poking my stomach his hands were all over my body I was so wet in the light you could see it was starting to seep through my jeans. I started to cum my body vibrated and I moaned into his mouth with a big smile on my face

    Cathy: Okay okay little brother let’s get home

    Jason: I thought you wanted me to make you come when we get to the car

    Cathy: Hahaha I just did.

    Jason: I know

    Cathy: I’m going to cum more at home aren’t I

    Jason: Okay lets go.

    We went home to my room and watched a random movie. I kept pushing him further and further. We had the whole house to ourselves. I ripped his pants off a started kissing his cock I got so into it I kissed his pubic hair. I was having the time of my life. I could tell he was too.

    Jason: I want…

    Cathy: What is it?

    Jason: I want… big sister I want to be inside you

    Cathy: Really?!

    Jason: but first I want you to wait here okay?

    Cathy: Okay I’ll get dolled up for you

    Jason: Wear that sexy red dress

    Cathy: Okay

    He got up and moved toward the door

    Cathy: Tonight little brother, my love.. will you cum inside of me. Ik it’s really taboo

    Jason: Okay.

    Cathy: Really?!

    Jason: Yes whatever you want?

    Cathy: You really love me

    Jason: Of course I do

    Cathy: Okay go get started with whatever your doing

    Jason: Okay don’t come down till I call you.

    Jason went downstairs and started cooking. Thirty minutes later he came to my room in jeans and a nice polo.

    Jason: Cathy you ready

    I walked towards him I kissed him grabbing his hand he set out a candle lit dinner. And he put on the fire place and put out pillows and a blanket. It lovely I wasn’t wearing any panties I started getting wet and excited my lovely was going to cum in my drenched pussy it the most horny I’ve been in my life.

    We sat down at the table and ate a great meal. After we finished eating I got up and started ru take off my clothes. He started to but I stopped him

    Cathy: No I want to rip off your clothes. Lay down little brother

    Jason: I like it when you call me that

    Cathy: I like when you call me Big Sister do that a lot tonight

    I sarted with his shirt and shoes. He stood up and kissed me and I helped him take off his pants. I started sucking kid cock and I couldn’t wait till I got it in me. Neither could he he lifted me up in his strong arms and pinned me to the wall kissing me. He slowly lowered me onto his cock he was so big it felt like he barely fit.

    Cathy: Oh god

    I started moaning as he started to fuck my little pussy.

    Jason: Your so tight. This is the best pussy I’ve had so far

    Cathy: Like we were made for each other.

    Jason: Maybe we were.

    He started going faster and faster it felt like pure bliss. I buried my head in his neck and kissed it endlessly. He laid me down on the floor without coming out of me. He fucked me slow at first picking up pace as he went along. He was so big getting in him all the way was hard but I loved it. I couldn’t tear myself away I stared in his eyes and kept going. A few minutes later and 3 orgasm i got on top.

    Cath: Oh fuck me little brother…. fuck me, fuck me OH GOSH IM CUMMING.

    Jason kissed me deeply as I came. His stamina was amazing. He never slowed down when he speeded up. About an hour later he was close I came 9 times so far it wouldn’t be my last that night.

    Jason: I’m getting close

    Cath: Don’t pull out

    Jason: What!

    Cath: Don’t worry okay please little erupt inside me.

    Jason: I love you

    Cath: I love you too… now fuck me hard

    After that we made love more then fucked it was amazing and we really grew closer. We decided to keep our relationship going when he came to move in with me saying it would be safer the having one night stands. We truly love each other and our relationship won’t change till someone ask us to marry them. So that’s our story.

    I watched my daughters hips grind against my own as the room filled with the gentle sound of our fucking once again. “Dad I need the car tomorrow night” she said, gently rocking back and forth, enjoying her fathers cock. “What for sweetheart?” “Janie’s mom said her car needs a service, I was hoping you would let us use yours to go to the concert?” She said. She cupped her breasts in her hands, as her finger tips ran over her nipples. “Sure sweetie, just no drinking” I said. “Thanks Daddy” she smiled. “And no boys” I said. She giggled.

    My older sister came to see me a few days ago and after our usual coffee and chit chat she said she had a massive favour to ask of me. Deanna was 5 years older than me and had been married for 8 years to Jon who I had always thought was a pretty nice guy.

    “This is kind of a huge favour to ask Jess, but you’re the only other woman who I trust enough to even consider asking,” Deanna said as she sat across from me.

    “Hmmm… now I’m really curious. What is it?”

    “Well Jess, I’ve gone and promised Jon something.”

    “Oh my god, just ask me already.”

    “Ok. Will you let Jon have sex with you? I’ll be there too, but just watching it happen.”

    “Uh, say what?” I said as I just stared at my sister wondering if she was fucking with me.

    “One night we decided to play some strip poker but once we were both naked we just kept on raising the stakes until the winner would get to fuck another person in front of the loser. Then I lost,” she said as she looked at me completely seriously.

    “Oh my god! That’s insane Deanna. But why me?”

    “Because you’re the one woman I trust to not fuck him again behind my back afterwards,” she said as she reached across the table and took my hands in hers. “Please Jess. He has got quite the cock. I’m sure you will enjoy him.” I just stared at her still not quite believing what she was really asking me.

    “Family dinners would be kind of awkward afterwards don’t you think. After your husband has fucked his sister in law,” I said as she held my hands.

    “Oh but that’s the thing. He will never know it was you he fucked.”

    “You’re gonna put a paper bag over my head while he fucks me?”

    “Always the smartass. No, I make him wear a blindfold. It’s the only way I let him fuck another woman while I watch. I tell him it’s a friend of mine he hasn’t met before,” she says as she smiles. “Come on Jess, it’ll be fun. Some good old sisterly bonding.”

    “Bonded by your husband’s cock you mean. So what happens when he’s gonna cum? Does he use a condom?”

    “Uh, no he hates condoms, but I’ll tell him he’s not allowed to cum in his mystery pussy and that he has to pull out and I’ll swallow it,” she said. My sister certainly had this all figured out. I stayed quiet for a couple minutes letting her sweat it out a little even though I had already decided I was gonna do it. What Deanna didn’t know is that ever since she had started dating Jon I’d had a itty bitty crush on him. So the idea of getting fucked by him with my sisters permission was almost too perfect to be true.

    “Ok fine, I’ll fuck him,” I said.

    “You will?”

    “Yeah I’ll fuck him.”

    “You’re sure right? 100%?”

    “100%” I said and smiled.

    “Aaah sis I love ya!” Deanna squealed then hugged me.

    A few days passed before Deanna messaged me to tell me to come over on Friday night. I was definitely a little apprehensive even though I really did want to be fucked by Jon, but when Friday night came around I showed up at my sisters place. She let me in and told me that Jon was upstairs in the bedroom with the blindfold on. She took my hand and we walked upstairs together to their bedroom.

    “Ok Jon she’s here so don’t you dare take off that blindfold as if you do this doesn’t happen,” said my sister. Jon was standing beside the bed with his cock in his hand. Deanna was right, he definitely had a nice looking cock. I knew I was gonna cum.

    “Ok no peeking,” Jon said. I crawled up on the bed next to my sister and got down on all fours. Deanna took Jon’s hands and guided them to my ass. I was wearing jeans and Jon felt my ass through them.

    “I think we need to get these off ladies,” he said before spanking my ass hard making me squeal in surprise. I got up onto my knees and Jon slid his hands around my waist to undo my jeans, before he pulled them down to my knees. He slid his hands over my hips and my ass cheeks before sliding them around between my legs. I looked down between my legs as I watched my brother in law slide his fingers along my pussy lips. I let out a little moan which made Deanna put her finger to her lips reminding me not to speak.

    “Mmmmm no panties huh? I like it. Must be a naughty girl you’ve got here for me baby,” he said as I felt him slip his fingers inside me. I felt his fingers slip inside my pussy and I bit my bottom lip trying not to moan out loud. My sister was holding my hand as she whispered into my ear.

    “Ready?” she said quietly and I nodded a yes. I went back down onto all fours as Jon slowly fingered me. I couldn’t help myself from moaning softly as my pussy was getting very wet on Jon’s fingers.

    “Oh damn I want this pussy. Let me fuck her baby,” he said as he pulled his fingers from my pussy and I heard him taste me as he licked his fingers. He took his cock in his hand and pushed the head against my pussy lips. I took a deep breath as I readied myself for his cock. Then as Deanna leant over me to watch her husband’s cock he slowly slid inside me. Oh god he felt amazing. He pushed slow and steady until he sank completely inside me, filling me and stretching me.

    “How does she feel?” my sister said as he started a slow steady fucking rhythm.

    “Fucking incredible!” he gasped as he started to fuck me. I had one hand covering my mouth trying to stop myself from crying out but it was to no avail because as soon as he sped up and fucked me harder I just moaned as loud as I could.

    “Oh fuck yeah. You like my cock don’t you girl? Your pussy feels fucking amazing,” he moaned as he pumped his cock into me. I wanted to cry out ‘Yessssss oh god yesssss’ but I just moaned as he took me. I could feel my sisters hands on my ass as she watched her hubby sliding his cock deep inside me.

    “Fuck her Jon, fuck her!” she said and I could tell it was seriously turning her on. I was gasping harder and I knew he was gonna make me cum real fucking hard. He was slamming his cock harder into my soaking pussy and I couldn’t hold back. I screamed as my pussy clenched around Jon’s hard cock, my body trembling as I came so hard. As soon as I started cumming Jon almost lost control as he grabbed my hips and started banging me as hard as I’d ever been fucked before.

    And then it happened……

    Jon lost control and ripped off his blindfold, suddenly seeing me squealing and cumming on his cock.

    “JESSICA? HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” he yelled out as Deanna realized he had taken his blindfold off. My sister let out a scream and I suddenly looked back and saw Jon looking directly into my eyes. Jon didn’t stop when he realized he was fucking his wife’s younger sister. In fact he just fucked me harder. The combination of his cock slamming into me even harder and staring into Jon’s eyes made me cum again screaming. My sister didn’t know what to do and just seemed to freeze as she watched her hubby fucking her sister. My pussy was spasming around his cock as he suddenly cried out and shot his cum load deep into my dripping pussy. His hands on my hips as he pumped jet after jet of sticky cum inside me.

    “Oh god Jon!” Deanna squealed as she realized he was cumming directly inside me, but it was too late. He had flooded my pussy with his cum. Jon was holding his cock as deep as he could inside me as he made sure every last drop of cum was left inside me. Then he slowly pulled out and collapsed back into a chair beside the bed. I collapsed onto the bed, my legs weak from cumming so damn hard.

    “Ummmm well I guess family dinners may be a little awkward after all,” gasped my sister as she fell back against the bed with her hands on her head 💋

    Lisa wasn’t usually overly sexual. She wanted to please her boyfriend, but could never quite reach his levels of arousal or maintain his interest in sex. But because she wanted to please her boyfriend, she was willing to try different techniques. One day, her boyfriend got an idea that he just knew would be a winner. It started with a blindfold…

    Normally Lisa was quite shy when naked, but having a blindfold on made her more eager than she could ever remember. What was her boyfriend going to do? Why did she feel such an intense, sexual presence in the room? Something so powerful and hungry like she’d never felt before. So when a pair of big, rough hands spread her legs, she moaned in new, eager anticipation.


    She didn’t even know if it was her boyfriend anymore, and as she felt a cock get into place, she suddenly realized she didn’t care if it was… In fact, she hoped somehow that it wasn’t. That she was getting turned on and showing her suddenly wet little pussy to some other man…

    Another pair of hands touched her and she felt her pussy spasm in intense arousal. There were two men in the room!


    As one began to suck on her clit and lick her pussy, the other stroked her hair loving, kissed her mouth and whispered filthy, loving things in a too-familiar voice in her ear before sucking her hard nipples and then moving lower.


    She sucked their cocks hard with eager interest, slowly understanding what was happening. Neither of the men were her boyfriend, but she knew he was there, too. She could hear his breathing as he watched her bring each man to orgasm with just her mouth. By the time they had both come, her pussy was throbbing, soaking wet and aching. And the night was only just beginning.


    Unable to help himself, one man began to fuck her while she finished sucking the other off, getting his cock extra wet because she knew what was coming next… what she wanted to happen next… where that delicious wet cock was going to end up…


    Before long, the shy girl who rarely wanted sex was moaning through her sixteenth orgasm as the two men took turns thrusting in and out of her tight, hungry holes. One thrust into her pussy when the other pulled out of her ass, before switching places as the man on top thrust into her asshole as the man on the bottom pulled out of her pussy. She orgasmed almost non-stop as she rode them, moaning lavishly, begging them to finally come inside her orifices, to fill her with their potent baby cream, as her boyfriend watched.


    She loved every moment of it, feeling so full and so used and loved. They took turns fucking her like that, abusing her rarely used holes while her boyfriend watched, breathing hard.

    And when, at last, Lisa felt their cocks stiffening up, their balls churning with potent seed, she thrust back onto their hard, firm shafts to make sure they wouldn’t pull out, and as they came inside her young fertile body, she threw the mask off and came again herself, harder than ever before, staring up into the eyes of her own brothers as they euphorically emptied their balls inside their little sister’s young eager body.


    Anon pleaz

    Saturday morning my wife left to go shopping leaving me alone with our daughter 14 we spent most of the morning flirting and teasing around noon she comes over and grabs my cock and strokes it until I was hard then pulled my shorts down and started sucking me damn was she good I start pulling her clothes off and rubbing her pussy slipping a finger in I noticed how tight she was and almost shot in her mouth so we are so into each other that neither of us heard my wife come in I opened my eyes and there she was watching and rubbing her Tits before I know what’s going on she is naked and licking our daughters pussy I almost came again she pulled our daughter on top of her in 69 and grabbed my cock guiding it to my daughters pussy I. Slowly push my way in feeling the tightness around my cock I start pounding her while my wife is licking my balls and her pussy I feel my self ready to cum and pound even harder filling her with my seeds as I’m pulling out I see blood mixed with my cum and realise she was a virgin my wife cleaned us both up and said next time we play to wait for her

    Pearl heard some noises from her sister’s room, she thought she may just have one of her lovers at home that day. And she was going to her out, her daughter was in the house and she didn’t want her sweet innocent daughter tainted by her sister’s promiscuity.

    However pearl was shocked when she found found out her sister’s lover for the day was her own daughter.

    My fiancée and I spent the weekend with her brother and his wife. We hung out and drank all weekend, talking about everything. At some point the conversation ended up on the topic of our favorite kinks, and it turned out that we all have a lot more in common than we thought. The conversation turned flirtatious, and the sexual tension became almost tangible in the atmosphere of the room.

    My fiancée and her brother took a sudden primal interest in each other, and started kissing passionately. My sister-in-law and I watched them, amazed at what we were seeing, and extremely turned on. As their passion escalated, the flirting stopped, and it was replaced by kissing and heavy breaths.

    I watched as my fiancée climbed on her brother’s lap. My sister-in-law watched as her husband was mounted by his little sister. And we both watched as our sibling significant others made love.


    After my mother had passed, my father and I grew apart. We hardly even spoke but still lived together. School let out early one day and father didn't know, I came home and to my surprise he was jerking off in the living room to a porn disk. I was very shocked I couldn't move, he saw me and tried to cover up but I stopped him and dropped to my knees in front of him and gave him a nice long blowjob and after he came in my mouth we fucked for what seemed like three hours. We fuck ever chance we get

    Sorry but my blog is focused on sibling and cousin incest not father daughter

    ~~~~~~~~~~~Fucking Tara:Stoned~~~~~~~~~~ ⚠️ Warning, this story contains incest between a mother and her teenage daughter.

    My mom and dad separated a few months ago. It wasn’t long before my mom started to date this black guy whom she at the gym. His name was Maurice and he was a medical marijuana grower. He was also quite large and muscular. He would often stay over the weekends. I knew he was fucking my mother because I could hear them. I was actually turned off by it because that’s where my daddy had made love to my mother when we were a family.

    I heard my mother moaning the other night. I got out of bed and tipped toed down the hall towards my mother’s bedroom. The door was halfway open and I could see in the dresser mirror that my mom was on all fours. Maurice was behind her, holding onto her waist and pounding her pussy with his big black cock. I was mesmerized just watching it. I put a hand down my pj’s and started playing with my pussy. I was getting so wet.

    Maurice pulled out of my mother. I could see his cock was wet with her juices. My mom bent down ever further. She reached behind her and spread open her cheeks. “Fuck me up my ass,” she said. Maurice positioned his cock at my mom’s asshole and pushed his penis up her ass. I gasped out loud and put my hand over my mouth. I swore my mom looked up in the mirror. I ran back to my room and took my hairbrush from my dresser. I pulled off my pj’s and panties and masturbated with the brush handle.

    On Saturday night, after dinner, We were in the family room watching a comedy on Netflix. Maurice pulls out a bong and loads it with some THC. He lights it and passes it to my mom. She takes a long hit off it and passes it to me.

    “It’s okay, Tara. I’d rather have you do this with us than with people who my take advantage of you,” said my mom.

    Mom hands me the bong and I take a hit. I start to cough and gag. My mom tells me to try again and to hold it in my lungs as long as I can. We keep passing the bong back and forth. I didn’t know it at the time that they were making me take twice as many hits as they did. I was starting to feel high. Twenty minutes later, I was like super stoned. I was giggling and laughing at nothing. My head was spinning, but I kept smoking.

    “It’s so hot in here ” my mom said as she pulled her tee shirt off. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her breast hung beautifully off her chest. Her nipples were erect. She pulled me over and slipped off my tank top. My small firm breast exposed to Maurice. My mom leaned in and started kissing me. She stuck her tongue in my mouth. I could feel her hand on my breast caressing me.

    I feel myself getting pulled down on the sofa. I also felt a tugging at my shorts. Maurice was pulling them off along with my panties. I was so high that all my inhibitions were gone. I giggled as he tried to pull them off. I ended up raising my hips up to make it easier for him.

    I was totally naked. So was Maurice and my mother. Maurice spread my legs open and started to eat me out. My mom straddled my face and began grinding her pussy over my mouth. I was super horny from smoking the weed and just began eating my mother out.

    Maurice’s tongue worked its way over my young pussy. He really knew how to eat me out. I was getting so wet as his tongue flicked around my clit. Maurice inserted hi middle finger in my pussy and was tickling my g-spot gland. I was withering all over the sofa ready to explode.

    “Fuck, I’m cuming,” I moaned before having a mind blowing orgasm.

    Maurice sat on the sofa. My and I knelt between his legs and took turns sucking on his BBC. He must have been a foot long. I started laughing really hard because the only thing I could think of was the Subway $5 foot long jingle.

    “She is so wasted,” my mom said.

    We both sucked Maurice’s cock. I tried so hard to take him all the way down my throat. His cock was dripping with my saliva. My mom was pushing my head down on him. I felt like a dirty whore, but I was enjoying every second of it.

    “Maurice, do you want to fuck Tara?”

    “Shannon, you know I want to fuck your little snowflake daughter. She needs a big nigga cock in her tiny tight pussy,” replied Maurice.

    “I want you to fuck her, Baby! I want you to fuck my Tara. Fuck her good. Fuck her hard, Baby!”

    With my mother’s permission, Maurice plunged his BBC deep inside my teen twat. I moaned out loud at the swift deep plunge. I could feel him in my throat. I swear I could. He started pumping in and out of me. His cock was so big that he could only get and two thirds of it up my pussy. You could see my pelvis bulge as he slid his cock in and out of me.

    “Mmmmm Tara, you look so pretty getting fucked by Maurice. Is this how you thought it would feel like when you watched us fuck the other night. You’re such a bad girl,” my momther said.

    “Shannon, I think Tara likes having my meat pole in her cunt. She’s so tight, the snowflake,” Maurice said.

    “She’s such a dirty teen slut. Mmmm Baby, fuck me too as you fuck my Daughter!”

    Mom and I got in doggy position side by side. Maurice took turns fucking us. Mom and I kissed each other as Maurice slammed in and out of us. I had on hand on my clit rubbing it. The sensations of me playing with myself along with Maurice’s BBC and ball sack slapping my ass started to bring on my second orgasm.

    “Ooohhh,..haaa, haaaa, omg…..fuccckkkk,” I yelled as I came.

    Maurice wasn’t finished. He kept fucking me and my mother. My mom was the next to orgasm all over Maurice’s BBC.

    “I’m going to cum, Shannon,” Maurice announced.

    “Baby, cum inside Tara! Fuck a baby into her. Fill her with your sperm. Make her a BBC Slut! Tell him, Tara! Tell him to cum inside you,” ordered my mother.

    “Cum inside me, Maurice. Please, please cum inside me. I want your sperm in me,” I said.

    “Ooohhhhh,” I yelled as Maurice penetrated me in my still sensitive pussy. I felt his BBC bump up against my cervix. I could feel him ejaculating inside me. I felt that sudden warm pulsatile jet of semen filling me up like I did when my Daddy first fucked me.

    “Tara, you’re such a good girl for mommy. Maybe, we got you pregnant tonight. You want to be Maurice’s baby mamma,” said my mother.

    The next morning, we all wake up naked on the floor of the family room. My head is spinning and I still feel a little high. I remember what happened and mom saying she hoped that Maurice got me pregnant. It was my fertile time of the month. I was so worried because I hadn’t started birth control yet and I didn’t want a baby at 14.

    The next few weeks were nerve wracking. When my period was late, I used my allowance money to buy an at home pregnancy test. I peed on the stick and waited for the results. The results were indeterminate. Thank god, the next day my period began. I don’t think I was every so excited to have it. I went to Planned Parenthood and got the Pill from them. At least, I’m covered now because I never know who or when I’ll be fucking my dad or my mom’s boyfriend. The door was opened and I walked through it. There’s no turning back for me now. Besides, I like being Daddy’s Slut and my Mommy’s Whore.