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    5. YOU define your sex life ♠️

    6. They’ll encourage you to spoil your body more so it’ll be appreciated by other men 💅🏻

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    Oh Hell Yeah 🙊 hehe


    very true . you see the panties first lol

    My favorite thing about being a bottom only trap sissy slut is how excited I get to have my butthole used like a pussy. My poor little body has been feminized and used like a slut for so long now that when I get penetrated my clit gets hard hands free. I’ve gone over the brink. My body is so confused and girly that it accepts getting anally plowed as it’s only sexual release to the extent that I can’t hide my arousal when I am penetrated.

    It’s so embarrassing and shameful that my clit lights up with excitement when a cock goes inside me and starts thrusting - but theres nothing I can do to stop it. I let myself be turned into a girl and this is what that means. It means dressing up nice and pretty for all the boys, and sliding a big hard dildo in and out of my pussy so they know how fertile and ready I am to accept their cocks and cum.

    And theres no way for me to deny how much I love it. My clit stiffens up hands free just so every boy thinking about breeding me knows how shamefully excited I am to ride his hard dick like the girly slut I am.

    This is a thing that’s started happening in all my videos now. My clitty gets stiff hands free from being fucked because I’m a good little girl who is learning her place in life as a plaything for men

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