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    Your wife asked you to accompany your daughter to her doctors appointment.

    As you and your daughter stepped into the consultation room, you were greeted by an attractive young female doctor.


    "Please, take a seat... ....So Emma, you've been experiencing some pain after intercourse?" The doctor enquired.

    "Why don't you jump up on the bed behind the curtain, and let's take a look..."

    You listened as the doctor asked her "Is your boyfriend quite.. large? As I can see quite a lot of stretching here... Why don't you use your hands to indicate approximately how big he is.... ........ .....Oh wow! ...He certainly has been blessed!"

    "Yeah Treyvon is black... ...and captain of the football team... He's like twice as long and thick as the white guys I've been with." Your daughter replied.

    "I'm betting he also has a lot more stamina than the white gentlemen you've slept with?" The doctor questioned.

    Your daughter giggled nervously, as she replied "He's incredible.. my.. my.. previous boyfriends used to cum within a few minutes... but Treyvon can go as deep and fast as he wants, for an hour or more... And he's so thick that it feels as though he's constantly rubbing my g-spot!

    "Well it sounds like you're a very lucky girl! ...I know a lot of women who would love to swap places with you!

    Why don't you pop your things back on and let's have a chat with your dad." The doctor instructed.


    As your daughter plonked herself back into the seat next to you, the doctor began to give her diagnosis.

    "Now... I've seen this situation before with young interracial relationships like the one your daughter is in. Black men can place much greater demands on a woman's body, both due to their larger penis size, and their superior athleticism and control during intercourse....

    It seems as though Emma's body just needs time to adapt, and the symptoms will improve... But what I'd also suggest, is that you stop by the Adult shop on High Street... on your way home, and let Emma pick out a nice big dildo, similar in size to her lover... preferably a black one so that her body subconsciously makes the connection.

    Then I want her to use it for at least 30 mins every night, stroking nice and deep whilst perhaps watching interracial pornography to achieve a high state of arousal."


    It was at this point both your daughter and the doctor noticed your flushed red face, and the tent in your trousers.

    Your daughter responded by placing her hand on your thigh, and squeezing. "Awww poor Daddy..." she let out, in a sweet but patronising tone, before the doctor interjected with a smirk "Well at least we can see you're supportive..." *giggle*

    "Actually, What you're experiencing is quite a common reaction for white men when confronted with this topic... The excitement you're experiencing, along with the urge to masturbate, may be a modern human evolutionary concept allowing the stronger black males to more easily breed with white women.

    How about you come back another time when your daughter isn't here, and we can discuss it? perhaps you could bring along Emma's mother. I have a some amazing books and websites I'd love to show her, and if she's anything like her daughter, then you could be in for some exciting lifestyle changes!"

    "Oh dad, you should totally do that! I can't wait to tell Mom about it when we get home!" Proclaimed Emma excitedly.

    - waveriderer

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    Re-blog to raise awareness of the snowbunny lifestyle ❄️🐇


    Are you craving hardcore interracial cuckold content? Upgrade to Succubus Premium for the hottest BNWO blog on the internet

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    9. You’ll never stop being treated like an absolute queen 👸

    10. He’ll be devoted to you alone while you’ll get to have your cake and eat it too 🍰

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