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    I can’t deny it because I can’t stop thinking about it. I want to bang my own sister. Look at her ass, it’s impossible not to think about. I wanna bend that fat ass over our stair banister, pull her hair and treat her like the slut she is. I wanna feel those round cheeks slap against me, and I want to feel her quiver as I push my hard cock inside her. If my sister knew what I wanted to do, and how bad I wanted to do to her, she might disown me. But part of me thinks, she might just want as bad as me.

    It’s as if her hips whisper to me when she’s walking down the halls, fuck me brother, I am begging you.

    I told my sister i wanted to have anal sex, and she said it was ok, but first she needed to get some necesary things.

    I tought she was talking about lubricant, and i was right, but she also bought a strappon.

    She told me that if i wanted to fuck her ass, she should do it to me first.

    I reluctantly accepted, but it was worth it.