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    Submitted by a follower(asked to remain anonymous)

    Hey, 30m here with a confession for you. Please share anonymously. About a year ago I moved in with an older woman(48) and her two teenagers, one boy (16) and one girl (17). After a few months of living with my new family I walked by the boy’s room and heard noises coming from it. The door wasn’t shut all the way so I decided to take a peek and saw his sister on top of him riding his cock. I watched briefly before quietly walking away, leaving them alone. I spent the next few days going over what I should do about this. It’s not like I didn’t have my own incestuous thoughts when I was their age. I grew up having a huge crush on my mom and aunt. Sometimes my girlfriend and I roleplay mother son, it’s a huge turn on for me. But I didn’t know if it was my place to say something to them or their mom about what I saw.

    After giving it some thought I decided I should say something. So one night laying in bed with my girlfriend I told her it. I was expecting her to get angry. Instead, she calmly told me she knew about it. She said she didn’t tell me because she wasn’t sure how I would react but knew it would come up eventually though. I asked why she allowed it to happen and how it started. Her thought behind it was at their age they’re going to have sex, why not let them have sex with each other. This way she knew they were being safe. Apparently she had caught them when they were younger and instead of punishing them, she encouraged it. She gave them the sex talk and told them if they practiced safe sex and followed a few rules she sat in place they could have sex together.

    This has been going on for about 5 years now and it seems to be working for them. I’ve yet to talk to either one of them about it though. I just let it happen and fantasize what it must be like for the both of them. I would have killed to be 16yo and have someone in my house I could fuck whenever.