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    Behind the Porn: Alina Li

    Alina Li was born and raised in China. If you know anything about traditional Chinese parents, they don’t want their daughters doing porn, and they definitely don’t want them fucking black guys. But that’s exactly where Alina’s path led.



    Alina Li met Riley Reid in 2012 when Riley was working weekends as an exotic dancer in LA. At that time, Alina, 19, was still learning English, but knew enough to understand Riley’s self-described day job – adult film actress.

    Despite the language barrier, Alina could tell that Riley was the total opposite of her traditional upbringing. Not only was Riley a sex worker, but she was also 2 years older and flaunted her age by purchasing large amounts of alcohol. Alcohol which often found itself shoved down Alina’s underage throat.

    Riley loved the idea that Alina was innocent and could be molded like clay.

    Their increasingly wild friendship continued for several years, as documented by social media posts.


    Riley’s private Snapchat featured several videos of herself kissing Alina, and the subtext heavily implied they were fucking. This was confirmed in one particular snap, where Riley posted a POV angle of herself inserting a mandingo sized strapon into Alina, whose off-camera moans were quickly drowned out by Riley’s maniacal laughter. She had completely succeeded in corrupting a sexy, naive, foreign girl.

    That snap (removed from /r/RileyReid/) was technically Alina’s first adult video, and signaled that her traditional upbringing had been eroded enough to finally say yes – she too would become a pornstar like her American friend.

    After getting some vanilla experience in the industry, Alina shot to fame when she was offered her own featured movie:

    Ultimate Fuck Toy Alina Li by Jules Jordan Video

    At this point in her career Riley had long been a self-proclaimed BBC Queen, so both Riley and Jules convinced Alina that an interracial scene would be the money maker. Jules even agreed that Riley could participate in order to make Alina more comfortable (as noted by the “shows her the ropes” line below)


    Despite all this, Riley was apparently still concerned about Alina backing out, so before shooting she sealed the deal by introducing Alina to something else – marijuana


    In case you can’t decipher it, pineapple = weed, eggplant = BBC

    The Scene

    Riley Reid has done this before. If BBC is a pimp, then Riley Reid is the house madame; the bottom bitch. She lures in new girls for her “daddy”, the BBC, and follows through to the end by serving as a guide and coach.


    And Riley had her work cut out. After just a few pumps, Alina was already trying to reject the painfully big and black cock


    Riley quickly sprung into action and saved the scene by further seducing Alina, allowing the BBC to pump her without resistance


    Soon after, the threshold is reached and pain becomes overwhelming pleasure.

    Alina had left her homeland, become an American pornstar, gotten high, and was now cumming from a black cock. As the BBC plunged deeper into her, you can see a change in her eyes. If only for a few fleeting moments, for the first time in her life, she felt alive.


    The scene continues on and before the end Riley has one last bit of coaching to do. Alina was known to be squeamish about cumshots, so Riley aggressively held her head in place to make it happen


    I love this shot of Riley. Her real life plan of bringing another girl to the dark side had worked perfectly. She just looks so mischievous, and it’s perfectly contrasted against Alina’s expression of pure pleasure.


    The scene concludes with Riley congratulating herself and her long time friend by licking the face clean. Another successful BBC conversion in the books


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