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    Reblog or like if incest, especially dad/daughter relationship, turns you on and it makes you touch yourself.


    OKAY so I saw this a few days ago and was like “whatever” but then I smashed my phone in a car door, had to clean up some dead baby bunnies in my yard, and have just generally NOT had a good week. I’m fucking spooked and I’m reblogging this twice to get the universe to stop.


    I ignored this too and then i got kicked out of my house. Also reblogging twice.


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    Amor las niñas y yo estamos muy contentas de podamos vivir en un lugar tan seguro que podemos practicar nudismo sin que nadie nos vea y asi podemos estar todas disponibles para ti, nuestro macho. Apesar de que cada una tiene una personalidad diferente cada una de nuestras hijas ha decidio someterse a su padre.

    Raven nuestra hija mayor (extrema derecha) es buena obediente e inteligente. Rikki nuestra hija menor (extrema izquierda) siempre se preocupa por todos. Christy nuestra hija de en medio (centro derecha) mas rebelde e independiente. Aunque todas son diferentes cada una ha decidido ser tu sumisa y servirte como debe hacerlo una esclava.

    Yo (centro izquierda) estoy muy contenta de que haber procreado una familia incestuosa y sumisa con el hombre que más amo en el mundo, mi dueño mi señor, mi amo y mi propio hermano.

    ¿¿Les gustaría saber las historias de las situaciones de como mis hermana, mi madre, mi tía y mis primas gemelas y yo quedamos preñadas por mi hermano??

    Si este post llega a las 250 notas (Likes, Reblogs y Comentarios) les hare relatos largos y detallados de como fue que cada una de nostras llevamos a los bebés de mi hermano en  nuestros vientres…

    Y porque lo apodamos “Nuestro Pequeño Gran Semental”…

    Anon Confession

    I have sexted with my niece multiple times. I’ve seen her amazing body as she’s watched me cum to it. God I cam so hard.

    Another short but deviantly filthy confession. Feel free to share her pics or screenshots of those sexts….if she’s 18+ of course 😉


    With concent 😍💦💦💦💦


    Message me if you do real incest x


    I agree!

    Incest Confession: My wife has no idea where me and our  eighteen-year-old daughter go every weekend. I find making something up is pretty easy though, and I know for a fact that while I am away having sex with our daughter, she’s letting our son fuck her. Fair is fair, right? I can’t help myself. She looks so much like my wife twenty years ago, but is even sexier than that. Her pussy is tighter. Her skin is softer. I desire her so much. I think she’s my one weakness in this world. It’s like I am addicted to my daughter’s body. Fucking her prone is the best though, because she arches her back and peers back at me, and I get myself some steamy tongue kisses as I pump in and out of her soaked tunnel. 

    Incest Confession: My sister caught me masturbating to Elsa porn on the internet. You know, the blonde Disney princess? Even worse was when she started singing ‘Let it go’ just as I was cumming. I thought she was going to run straight to mom and dad and tell them what I had been doing, because she loves getting me in trouble. But no. She asked me a question that I will never, ever forget. “Do you want to fuck a real Elsa, little bro’?” I remember not even being able to get words out. I nodded, and she walked out of my room, only to sneak back in about twenty minutes later. She was completely naked, and with her long blonde hair in a french braid. She was in charge from the very first moment, and ordered me to kneel down on my bed and not to move under any circumstances. I’d never really looked at my big sister’s skin before, but I noticed how soft it looked and I wanted to touch it so badly, but that was against the rules. 

    By the time I was on my knees, my cock was as hard as it had ever been before. She easily backed up to me, teasing me with a perfect view of her peachy rear and gorgeous pussy lips. Then, without even needing to use a hand she guided my hard cock straight into her soaked pussy. It took such restraint not to pin her in place and pound her, as she pushed back and forth on my cock. All I was allowed to do was kneel there, watching my length disappearing into the hottest, wettest, most velvety cunt I have ever had around my cock. At no point did I even feel bad that this was my sister. I just groaned. She had an even bigger surprise for me, though, as I told her I was about to cum, she made no effort to pull away. She just kept on going. Kept milking me. Took every shot of my cum deep into her pussy. Watching it all leak out of my very own Elsa’s pussy was the most erotic thing i’d ever seen.

    Now whenever she ties her hair into that braid, I know she wants to have sex with me. And if you were wondering, it’s at least four times a week.


    Never blew my load again like I did in my sister’s pussy. Tell me of how you want your cock in your sister’s pussy and I will tell you how I got my cock in mine.

    My sister had an attack of conscience and confessed to her husband that she’d had a few dalliances in the time they’ve been married. She let loose every sordid detail, which I suppose was her way of gaining absolution.

    She told him about the time she sucked a guys cock in a movie theater. She mentioned how, at a carnival, she pulled a guy into a bathroom and let him fuck her cunt raw. She talked about the time at the beach when she let a guy pound her into the surf from behind. She even told her husband about the time she fucked a guy at his birthday party, before the guests had all gone home.

    Understandably he was extremely upset to hear all this, but he agreed to forgive her if she promised never to do anything like that again. Fortunately she neglected to reveal that all of those encounters had been with the same person: me, her brother.

    Of course she told me all this while I was balls deep in her pussy, fucking the living daylights out of her. So I guess that was just a promise she had no intention of keeping.


    19f I walked in on my sister (13f) humping her pillow and she just watched me while she orgasmed. Is it bad I want to grab her and take her into my room and make her grind on my pillow until she squirts and then scissor her?

    Thank you for sharing !I don’t think it’s bad… It’s somehow a very natural feeling… You can’t choose your thoughts, but you are in charge of your actions !

    “You look just like mummy” I say with a huge smile

    Tonight was a special night. My teenage daughter was on an anniversary date with her uncle. It has been a year since he first played with her and she wanted to look special for him.

    My brother adored my wife and the lingerie collection I always insisted she wore when ever I had guests over. So he was going to be very well pleased when my daughter answers the door upon his arrival.

    Tonight it was my little whore who will be wearing her mother’s finest lingerie. As she leaned against the wall in the lingerie and her mother’s heels my mind was racing with thoughts about how my daughter was to devoured in a few minutes times 

    The lingerie did not stay on long after my brother arrived. He took a few pictures for himself and then proceeded to undress my little girl. After a few minutes of suckling on her bald little cunny my brother sat on the chair and motioned for my daughter to straddle him. This was not only my brothers favourite position to penetrate my daughter but it was also mine. I loved it because I could sit opposite and masterbate while watching my brothers shaft disappear deep inside my teenage daughters cunt

    I told my sister i wanted to have anal sex, and she said it was ok, but first she needed to get some necesary things.

    I tought she was talking about lubricant, and i was right, but she also bought a strappon.

    She told me that if i wanted to fuck her ass, she should do it to me first.

    I reluctantly accepted, but it was worth it.