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    Reblog or like if incest, especially dad/daughter relationship, turns you on and it makes you touch yourself.


    Not that secret! 👄

    Amor las niñas y yo estamos muy contentas de podamos vivir en un lugar tan seguro que podemos practicar nudismo sin que nadie nos vea y asi podemos estar todas disponibles para ti, nuestro macho. Apesar de que cada una tiene una personalidad diferente cada una de nuestras hijas ha decidio someterse a su padre.

    Raven nuestra hija mayor (extrema derecha) es buena obediente e inteligente. Rikki nuestra hija menor (extrema izquierda) siempre se preocupa por todos. Christy nuestra hija de en medio (centro derecha) mas rebelde e independiente. Aunque todas son diferentes cada una ha decidido ser tu sumisa y servirte como debe hacerlo una esclava.

    Yo (centro izquierda) estoy muy contenta de que haber procreado una familia incestuosa y sumisa con el hombre que más amo en el mundo, mi dueño mi señor, mi amo y mi propio hermano.


    With concent 😍💦💦💦💦


    Message me if you do real incest x


    I agree!


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    19f I walked in on my sister (13f) humping her pillow and she just watched me while she orgasmed. Is it bad I want to grab her and take her into my room and make her grind on my pillow until she squirts and then scissor her?

    Thank you for sharing !I don’t think it’s bad… It’s somehow a very natural feeling… You can’t choose your thoughts, but you are in charge of your actions !


    Let me first start off by saying, i love this blog. Secondly, I'm not a lesbian, I'm actually male, with a wife of 11 years. With that said, we live with my niece who has is healthy slightly thick girl Now ill admit I've fantasized about her, but the other day i noticed my wife watch her ass as she bent over where really tight short shorts, which showed her ass as she bent over, my wife disappeared for an hour after that. I think i know what to get her as a gift for today. Should i though?

    If she doesn’t want that gift, I’ll take it 

    Incest Confession: When I found out that my daughter and husband were fucking behind my back, I pretended to be devastated. I kicked my husband out onto the streets, and then dished out an appropriate punishment for the little slut that I gave birth to all those years ago. I’m too modest to call myself a genius, but I had been waiting to get rid of my husband for years, just so I could have our daughter all to myself. I ordered her to take off her clothes and get on her hands and knees. At first she was majorly confused, but I knew how nervous she got when she was flustered. She did what I told her to, and then I told her to stay just like that. I made her wait an hour, before I finally returned to the living room wearing my favourite strap on. You should have seen how much she was dripping. There was practically a puddle on the carpet. 

    I spent the next three hours fucking her so very slowly. Telling her how i’d been fucking her father’s sister for the past decade. How i’d even had her grandmother in my younger days. I lost count of how many slow-release orgasms she went through before I finally stopped, but I think the fact that she could barely hold herself up was telling enough. She was mine from that moment. Mommy gave her so much more pleasure than Daddy ever could. Every day since I have found her waiting in that exact spot for me when I get home from work. What an obedient, slutty daughter I have.