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    19f I walked in on my sister (13f) humping her pillow and she just watched me while she orgasmed. Is it bad I want to grab her and take her into my room and make her grind on my pillow until she squirts and then scissor her?

    Thank you for sharing !I don’t think it’s bad… It’s somehow a very natural feeling… You can’t choose your thoughts, but you are in charge of your actions !

    Would just love to give a big shout out to my younger sister Kendra for having her first bbc train ran on all of her holes! She got gang fucked by 5 black guys from our school and one of them was my ex boyfriend. I love you sis keep it up! Slut. 😏🙏🏼☺️

    My older sister came to see me a few days ago and after our usual coffee and chit chat she said she had a massive favour to ask of me. Deanna was 5 years older than me and had been married for 8 years to Jon who I had always thought was a pretty nice guy.

    “This is kind of a huge favour to ask Jess, but you’re the only other woman who I trust enough to even consider asking,” Deanna said as she sat across from me.

    “Hmmm… now I’m really curious. What is it?”

    “Well Jess, I’ve gone and promised Jon something.”

    “Oh my god, just ask me already.”

    “Ok. Will you let Jon have sex with you? I’ll be there too, but just watching it happen.”

    “Uh, say what?” I said as I just stared at my sister wondering if she was fucking with me.

    “One night we decided to play some strip poker but once we were both naked we just kept on raising the stakes until the winner would get to fuck another person in front of the loser. Then I lost,” she said as she looked at me completely seriously.

    “Oh my god! That’s insane Deanna. But why me?”

    “Because you’re the one woman I trust to not fuck him again behind my back afterwards,” she said as she reached across the table and took my hands in hers. “Please Jess. He has got quite the cock. I’m sure you will enjoy him.” I just stared at her still not quite believing what she was really asking me.

    “Family dinners would be kind of awkward afterwards don’t you think. After your husband has fucked his sister in law,” I said as she held my hands.

    “Oh but that’s the thing. He will never know it was you he fucked.”

    “You’re gonna put a paper bag over my head while he fucks me?”

    “Always the smartass. No, I make him wear a blindfold. It’s the only way I let him fuck another woman while I watch. I tell him it’s a friend of mine he hasn’t met before,” she says as she smiles. “Come on Jess, it’ll be fun. Some good old sisterly bonding.”

    “Bonded by your husband’s cock you mean. So what happens when he’s gonna cum? Does he use a condom?”

    “Uh, no he hates condoms, but I’ll tell him he’s not allowed to cum in his mystery pussy and that he has to pull out and I’ll swallow it,” she said. My sister certainly had this all figured out. I stayed quiet for a couple minutes letting her sweat it out a little even though I had already decided I was gonna do it. What Deanna didn’t know is that ever since she had started dating Jon I’d had a itty bitty crush on him. So the idea of getting fucked by him with my sisters permission was almost too perfect to be true.

    “Ok fine, I’ll fuck him,” I said.

    “You will?”

    “Yeah I’ll fuck him.”

    “You’re sure right? 100%?”

    “100%” I said and smiled.

    “Aaah sis I love ya!” Deanna squealed then hugged me.

    A few days passed before Deanna messaged me to tell me to come over on Friday night. I was definitely a little apprehensive even though I really did want to be fucked by Jon, but when Friday night came around I showed up at my sisters place. She let me in and told me that Jon was upstairs in the bedroom with the blindfold on. She took my hand and we walked upstairs together to their bedroom.

    “Ok Jon she’s here so don’t you dare take off that blindfold as if you do this doesn’t happen,” said my sister. Jon was standing beside the bed with his cock in his hand. Deanna was right, he definitely had a nice looking cock. I knew I was gonna cum.

    “Ok no peeking,” Jon said. I crawled up on the bed next to my sister and got down on all fours. Deanna took Jon’s hands and guided them to my ass. I was wearing jeans and Jon felt my ass through them.

    “I think we need to get these off ladies,” he said before spanking my ass hard making me squeal in surprise. I got up onto my knees and Jon slid his hands around my waist to undo my jeans, before he pulled them down to my knees. He slid his hands over my hips and my ass cheeks before sliding them around between my legs. I looked down between my legs as I watched my brother in law slide his fingers along my pussy lips. I let out a little moan which made Deanna put her finger to her lips reminding me not to speak.

    “Mmmmm no panties huh? I like it. Must be a naughty girl you’ve got here for me baby,” he said as I felt him slip his fingers inside me. I felt his fingers slip inside my pussy and I bit my bottom lip trying not to moan out loud. My sister was holding my hand as she whispered into my ear.

    “Ready?” she said quietly and I nodded a yes. I went back down onto all fours as Jon slowly fingered me. I couldn’t help myself from moaning softly as my pussy was getting very wet on Jon’s fingers.

    “Oh damn I want this pussy. Let me fuck her baby,” he said as he pulled his fingers from my pussy and I heard him taste me as he licked his fingers. He took his cock in his hand and pushed the head against my pussy lips. I took a deep breath as I readied myself for his cock. Then as Deanna leant over me to watch her husband’s cock he slowly slid inside me. Oh god he felt amazing. He pushed slow and steady until he sank completely inside me, filling me and stretching me.

    “How does she feel?” my sister said as he started a slow steady fucking rhythm.

    “Fucking incredible!” he gasped as he started to fuck me. I had one hand covering my mouth trying to stop myself from crying out but it was to no avail because as soon as he sped up and fucked me harder I just moaned as loud as I could.

    “Oh fuck yeah. You like my cock don’t you girl? Your pussy feels fucking amazing,” he moaned as he pumped his cock into me. I wanted to cry out ‘Yessssss oh god yesssss’ but I just moaned as he took me. I could feel my sisters hands on my ass as she watched her hubby sliding his cock deep inside me.

    “Fuck her Jon, fuck her!” she said and I could tell it was seriously turning her on. I was gasping harder and I knew he was gonna make me cum real fucking hard. He was slamming his cock harder into my soaking pussy and I couldn’t hold back. I screamed as my pussy clenched around Jon’s hard cock, my body trembling as I came so hard. As soon as I started cumming Jon almost lost control as he grabbed my hips and started banging me as hard as I’d ever been fucked before.

    And then it happened……

    Jon lost control and ripped off his blindfold, suddenly seeing me squealing and cumming on his cock.

    “JESSICA? HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” he yelled out as Deanna realized he had taken his blindfold off. My sister let out a scream and I suddenly looked back and saw Jon looking directly into my eyes. Jon didn’t stop when he realized he was fucking his wife’s younger sister. In fact he just fucked me harder. The combination of his cock slamming into me even harder and staring into Jon’s eyes made me cum again screaming. My sister didn’t know what to do and just seemed to freeze as she watched her hubby fucking her sister. My pussy was spasming around his cock as he suddenly cried out and shot his cum load deep into my dripping pussy. His hands on my hips as he pumped jet after jet of sticky cum inside me.

    “Oh god Jon!” Deanna squealed as she realized he was cumming directly inside me, but it was too late. He had flooded my pussy with his cum. Jon was holding his cock as deep as he could inside me as he made sure every last drop of cum was left inside me. Then he slowly pulled out and collapsed back into a chair beside the bed. I collapsed onto the bed, my legs weak from cumming so damn hard.

    “Ummmm well I guess family dinners may be a little awkward after all,” gasped my sister as she fell back against the bed with her hands on her head 💋

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