Commissions still availble!(2021 update)



-Fan art



-Complicated backgrounds




-I don’t do other artist’s Oc’s without their permission (is negotiable if it’s a gift for the owner)

What I need for the commission

-I need references as much as you can send me.

-Please be specific of what you want, what is the character doing, clothes, etc. 

Commission / Payment Rules

-Payment is via Paypal Invoice or Ko-fi if you want a $3 sketch

- I will start the commission once you give half of the payment and show you the finished piece once you give full payment. (I’ll provide wips before cleaning the sketch/start coloring)

-Please tell me if the commission is urgent!

-Have in mind I take my time with commissions and I’m charging per piece not time spent on it.

-Tell me if you want the commission posted on Tumblr/Twitter (if not it’s okay!)

·-I’ll sign every piece but if you want a version without it it’s okay too :)

·-Do not sell the commission or try to earn money with it.

Contact info:




You can also contact me via Tumblr/Twitter first for more information!

I also have a discord if you feel more comfortable there :).


Small update on Commission info ^^/

Added the Ko-fi sketch thing since I see is more popular :)