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2023-03-25 19:02:01

    Don’t just accept the new Terms of Service

    Tumblr’s at it again, thanks to the new European Privacy Laws. There’s probably nobody who will read this, but it pissed me off so much that I decided to make a post about it. (Ignore the weird language mish-mash, depending on your country the language might differ.)

    OK, so many of us get this screen when we try to access our dash:

    Realise how the ‘OK’ button is a nice, attention-grabbing blue? If you’re like me, you’re not exactly into reading a 100 pages document and tend to just click it.

    My tip? DONT. Instead click on ‘Manage Options’ right next to it:

    Now you’ll see this page:

    Still pretty harmless, right? That ‘Accept’ button is looking really attractive right now. Instead, click on Verwalten (Probably something like ‘Manage Options’ or something in english) and you’ll get to this page:

    Now that’s not too bad, right? I just switched all the buttons to ‘off’, because I’m jealously guarding my personal information and don’t want Tumblr to go off and do who knows what with it. Looks like we’re done! But wait: There’s a SHOW option.

    When we click on that one, what we will get is this:

    A HUGE list with OVER 300 ENTRIES of companies that can use your data by default if you’d just clicked ‘OK’ on that very first page. Coincidence that this list is hidden that much? Me thinks not. They’re all switched on by default, but I am still a petty bitch that doesn’t want to give out her data, so I switched them all off. All 300+ of them. There is no option to switch them all off at once, and even if you disable all the options above, the companies are still switched on.

    (If you wonder how i got that number, I copied the list into excel and looked at the cell number. No way am I actually counting all those entries)


    I too, am a petty bitch who unticked every single one.


    You’ll also want to check your settings after, as the first time I unchecked it didn’t save


    Here’s how to find these settings if you clicked OK’:

    On a desktop, go tohttps://www.tumblr.com/settings/privacy. If you are accessing Tumblr from a European IP address, you will see the following:


    Note that the ‘Cookie Consent’ toggle will only appear if you are on a European IP address. I had to switch off my VPN to make it appear.

    Un-checking the Cookie Consent toggle will take you back to the pop-up described in this post. Un-check all the toggles**, click ‘Done’, but DO NOT CLICK ‘OK’ AFTERWARDS.


    Clicking OK will RESET ALL THE TOGGLES YOU JUST UNCHECKED. Instead go back to ‘Manage options’ again:


    …where you can confirm that everything is still unchecked. From the ‘Manage options’ page, click ‘Accept’ to accept the new agreement with your preferences (hopefully???) saved.

    ** A handy tip from @saurosuchus-ostraviensii: “If you’re going to uncheck all the 322 companies, you can just click on the first toggle and then go tab, tab, spacebar a lot of times if you don’t want to click your hand into oblivion.”