A helpful guide to understanding your kink! (Made for primarily Age Players and ABDLs.)

🌟BDSM is “power play”. Meaning, at some point, one person has more control. Another, gives up control. Lightly, or heavily. But power play none the same. The creed of all BDSM roleplayers is safe, sane, and consenual. BDSM is an acronym that stands for three different concepts all in one:

🌟BD (bondage and discipline) 🌟DS (dominance and submission) 🌟SM (sadism and masochism)

🌟Many kinksters take enjoyment from each area, a mixing of kinks, but they don’t have to. The kinks stand alone as well.

🌟Cgl or (DDlg, DDlb, MDlg, MDlb) is a type of dominance and submission. It can also incorporate elements from the other parts of BDSM.

🎀 Age play is a kink that exists on its own. It has nothing to do with BDSM. Age play is about expressing an age different to your actual age. Older or younger.

🎀 ABDL is 2 kinks in one. Adult Baby and Diaper Lover. This kink is also not inherently BDSM.

Other kinks NOT inherently a part of Cgl or ABDL or BDSM: ☁ Incestuous play ☁ Potty play (💩 or💦) ☁ Reluctance play

[Trigger Warning] Crimes that have nothing to do with ANY kink: 🚫Rape/assualt/harassment 🚫Emotional/physical/mental Abuse 🚫Pedophilia/Nepiophilia/Hebephilia