Chapter 1

“So you’re really gonna do it?” I asked Liam as we stood in the living room of our flat, waiting to be told when we could come back to the kitchen.  

Liam shrugged.  “If I was actually worried about it working, I wouldn’t be doing it.  You know how these kinds of experiments go, 90% of the time they fail.”  

“So why volunteer at all?” 

“Ken needs to finish the experiment.  It doesn’t really matter whether he proves his hypothesis or not, only that he tests it.”  

I was impressed that Liam was so willing to take such a big risk for our flatmate.  Well, Ken was more than just a flatmate now.  We hung out pretty regularly too.  We were all studying at the same uni. Liam and I were both doing doctorates in chemistry, Ken was doing a Master’s in psychology and Ben was the baby of the flat, still an undergrad doing an Arts degree.  He got a lot of shit for being an Arts student and for being only twenty years old.  But he took it well.  

“Well you’re braver than me,” I told him.  There’s no way I would have volunteered to let Ken mess with my brain.  I mean, intelligence is basically my most important asset.  

Liam didn’t seem concerned, but I really wasn’t sure how he had that kind of confidence. He was probably the smartest guy in the flat.  He had a lot to lose if this went wrong.  Ben had volunteered too, but that was less shocking since he was still young and easy to peer pressure into shit like this. 

Ken’s experiment was to test two different kinds of hypnotic programming.  To test those systems he was going to try to alter both Ben and Liam’s behaviours, their mental abilities, their personalities to the same end goal, but using two different methods.  The goal was to have them thinking and behaving like two wild, rambunctious toddler boys with the intellectual abilities of a three year old.  

Before the experiment they had each finished a questionnaire about their current habits as well as their actual childhood behaviour. Were they wild little kids or well behaved?  Were they precocious or late bloomers?  

Of course Liam had been a well-behaved and gifted child.  

There had also been personality tests and IQ tests to establish their baseline.  It seemed that Ben and Liam were both introverts, though they were mostly open to new experiences and emotionally stable.  It was no surprise that Liam had the higher IQ at 142, while Ben was a 120, still very smart, but not genius.  

With the tests done Ken had started the experiment by choosing Ben for method number one, a rapid hypnotic induction and intense session of programming designed to completely transform him just hours.  Liam on the other hand would get subliminal messaging combined with a low dose of a medication designed to make him more receptive to suggestions each night as he slept.  The programme called for his transformation to take five days to be as complete as Ben’s.  

It had been over an hour since Ben and Ken had gone into Ken’s room and I was wondering how it was going.  How was Liam so calm about this, I just kept thinking.  

The wait ended as Ken finally reappeared in the living room, a clear smile on his face. 

“It’s all done guys.  C’mon into the kitchen to meet Benny,” he announced.  

For the first time I saw a flash of surprise and concern on Liam’s face.  Could it really have worked?  I felt my own heart do a little flutter.  

We followed Ken back to the kitchen and I literally gasped when I saw Benny.  

Our flatmate was sitting on the floor of the kitchen with his legs splayed wide apart.  There was an upside down pot on the floor between his legs and he was using it as a drum, smacking it with his open palms.  He had a bright red mixing bowl on his head, like some sort of hat.  But that was his only item of clothing. Benny was completely nude.  

Sure, we lived together, but that didn’t mean we went around the flat naked.  I’d never seen Ben in less than a pair of shorts.  And now, there he was in all his glory.  And what’s more, his penis was standing straight up, just as hard and erect as it could be.  

Benny gaped up at us, pausing his drumming, his bare toes wiggling back and forth as he took in the new arrivals.  His face just looked so slack. His eyes were wide and empty.  He honestly looked retarded, like an actually severely intellectually impaired man. Why was he so aroused right now? What had prompted that pulsing erection?  

“What you doing there Benny?” Ken asked him brightly, using the tone adults spoke to small children in.  

It should have been deeply condescending.  But Benny grinned and yelled, “Benny dwum!” 

“Oh my!” Ken replied.  “Are you a musician?”  

Benny nodded eagerly, so energetically the mixing bowl spilled off his head and clattered loudly across the floor.  

“Oopthie!” Benny chirped, drumming his heels on the floor and grinning all the more at the sounds he’d made.   

It was obvious that he was enjoying this. The stiffy was no coincidence.  That gaping grin said it all. Having his intelligence, his maturity and vocabulary stripped away was intensely pleasurable.  Either he had no idea what he’d lost, or he simply couldn’t comprehend that loss anymore.  Whichever it was, he clearly didn’t miss being a smart uni student.  He looked like the very happiest toddler.  

“Go on then Benny, show us how you can drum,” Ken urged him.  

“Makin’ moothic!” Benny agreed, smacking wildly at the pot to create a cacophony of sound.  

“Where are his clothes?” Liam asked, not sounding so calm or dismissive anymore. 

“He wanted them all off, pretty much as soon as we were done.  It’s part of the programming, stripping away every last vestige of modesty, of bodily awareness. It’s no surprise the result is Benny’s a little nudist now.  Lots of toddlers are like that,” Ken explained.  

“How come he’s… um, y’know… hard?” I asked, feeling so ashamed to even ask it.  

“All his inhibitions are gone.  It’s got to feel amazing, to be so freed from constraints. He got aroused pretty much as soon as I took away his smarts.  I suggested to him that it would feel euphoric, losing all his big boy smarts, and sure enough he got bigger and bigger down there as I counted them away.”  

I kept expecting that at any moment Ben would snap out of it. It really kept me on edge because I kept thinking how horrified he’d be when he realised how he’d been behaving and how he was still all naked in front of us.  

But Benny wasn’t snapping out of it, not at all.  After finishing his drum solo, he let Ken feed him dinner, cutting up his food into small bits and eating with his fingers.  He made an utter mess of his face and didn’t complain at all when Ken cleaned that with a washcloth.  

After he was fed he was happy to go to the living room and play on the floor at our feet while we watched TV.  I mean it was Brooklyn-99, one of his favourite shows and he didn’t even glance at the TV.  He was just absorbed, playing with these simple toy cars Ken had left on the floor. He just rolled around on the carpet, lying on his back with his stiff penis standing straight up in front of us all.    

After watching him play for a bit, Ken got down on the floor next to him, putting his hand on Benny’s back and asking, “What you playing with there buddy?”  

Benny held up the toy race car.  “Caw,” he said.  

“That’s right.  And what colour is that car?” Ken followed up.  

Benny looked more closely at the obviously neon green toy.  I could see that he was really trying to remember the name of the colour. It wasn’t instant for him, he had to really think about it.  But after a moment he still hadn’t given an answer. Instead he looked back at Ken, with slack incomprehension on his face.  

“Is it red?” Ken now asked him.  

Benny smiled and nodded right away. “Wed!” he agreed.  

Ken couldn’t help but laugh at how simple Benny had become, how easy he was to fool now.  

“No, that’s not red, silly boy!” he corrected.  

Benny pouted and looked back at his toy.  “No wed,” he repeated.  

“Nope. But maybe it’s blue?” 

Benny should have suspected a trick. But he instantly accepted whatever the smart grown-up said now. So he quickly nodded and declared, “Boo!” 

Ken chuckled and rubbed Benny’s hair, mussing it all up even more.  He knew Benny wouldn’t mind. All the careful styling, all the gel he usually used in it, was absent now.  

“Sorry Benny, but that’s green.  The car is green, okay?”  

“Geen,” Benny agreed once again.  

“That’s right buddy!  C’mere, give us a cuddle,” Ken praised him, opening his arms.  

Smiling once again, oblivious to how dumb he looked, to how Ken had been mocking him all this time, Benny instantly accepted the offer of a cuddle.  He threw his arms around Ken and snuggled in tight.  Then turned his head and, totally unprompted, delivered a couple big wet smooches to Ken’s cheek.  

“Aww, you are such a good cuddler,” Ken proclaimed.  “Why don’t you go give Liam and Eric cuddles too.  Can you do that for me?”  

Benny nodded against Ken’s shoulder, then pulled back and began to crawl right over to Liam.  Poor Liam didn’t look pleased about this at all, but he didn’t pull away or anything. He didn’t want to hurt Benny’s feelings after all. It wasn’t his fault he’d been rendered so simple and innocent he didn’t understand how uncomfortable a naked cuddle would make Liam.  

Benny climbed right up into Liam’s lap, sitting with his bare bottom on it, his feet brushing against my leg. He wrapped his arms around Liam and pulled right in tight.  I watched as Liam awkwardly let his arms fall across Benny’s bare back, patting it lightly.  

When Benny’s face turned to Liam he pulled back a bit, but Benny was oblivious to his reluctance. He leaned forward and pecked his kisses on Liam’s cheek as well.  Two big, wet smooches.  

“Aww, what a sweet little boy you are Benny,” Ken declared, smiling at Liam’s awkwardness and his disgusted expression.  

“Gib Wiam kiffes,” Benny announced brightly, still snuggling with his flatmate.  

“Yeah, um… thanks buddy,” Liam managed to say, though he very clearly didn’t mean it.  

But then Benny sat up and turned to me.  Shit, it was my turn.  And Ken was just eating this all up, standing there with a huge grin on his face.  I wanted to tell him to cut this out, but I didn’t want to hurt Benny’s feelings either. He was so clearly a little kid right now. He was a toddler in a big body.  So I just braced myself for the humiliation.  

The worst part of it was I actually liked Benny. Getting a naked cuddle from him could have been awesome in a different context.  But having it happen like this, with the other two watching, was so awkward.  

Benny climbed onto my lap, his legs astride mine. I felt his full weight settle on my legs and it wasn’t as uncomfortable as I had feared.  Thank goodness he was skinny.  His penis was so close now, so red and engorged and pointing right up at me.  So weird to see it like that.  

As he opened his arms wide I looked right into his eyes. They were utterly innocent, you could just see the lack of awareness in them.  He wasn’t acting, he was a simple little boy who truly wanted to give his buddies cuddles to make them feel nice.  And I wanted him to feel nice too.  He deserved more than a halting, awkward hug like he got from Liam.  

I opened my arms and pulled him in, snuggling him close. Feeling his warm bare skin was so strange, but also nice.  I ran my hands across his back, soothing him.  I felt his head move, felt his wet lips against my cheek as he delivered a kiss, and then another.  

But I didn’t pull away. Instead I cooed to him, “You’re such a good boy Benny. Thank you so much for the cuddles.”  

And then I delivered two kisses of my own to his cheek.  

Benny cooed pleasantly and squirmed a bit.  

“That’s right, you’re my best little buddy,” I told him.  

Benny mewled and squirmed more.  And then his squirming became something else. He was humping, pushing that stiff penis up and down against my stomach.  

“Awll tingwy,” he announced.  

“Oh my God,” Liam muttered, eyes wide with shock and horror at what Benny was doing.  

Ken looked delighted by it.  He knelt next to us, putting his hand on Benny’s shoulder and asking, “Are you making your pee-pee feel all tingly and good?”  

“Uh-huh. Pee-pee happy,” Benny answered.  

His face was just inches from mine now, his eyes wide, mouth agape, a line of drool working its way down his chin as he gripped my shoulders and humped faster against me.  I looked down, watching the just visible head of his penis punching up and down against the fabric of my shirt.  Should I stop this? If I did, would it hurt Benny’s feelings? And did I want to stop it?  

Ken didn’t seem to want to intervene.  

“It was inevitable it would happen eventually,” he told Liam, seeming to ignore me.  “He’s got a toddler’s mind and lack of inhibitions and a grown-up sex drive.  I just thought he’d probably jack off in front of us. I didn’t know this would happen. I think he’s probably had a crush on Eric for a while now. And now he’s free to act on it.”  

He had a crush on me? Was that really possible? Wow, thinking back there were signs there.  And now he was getting to fulfil his fantasy of being with me, no hesitations, no concern that others were watching. In some ways that kind of freedom was enviable.  

I reached downward, letting my hand drift to his bare bottom, cupping it, rubbing, encouraging him.  “That’s right Benny, make your pee-pee feel good sweetie,” I whispered to him.  

He rubbed harder now, and faster. I felt his breath against my face, so warm, so close.  I leant forward, pecked another kiss on his cheek.  He grunted, a line of drool hanging from his chin, connecting to my chest.  

Moments later he grunted more loudly, his eyes rolled back and his body jerked and spasmed.  A jet of white gooey cum was launched across my chest, mingling with the spittle already staining my shirt.  More followed as he let out squirt after squirt of cum, moaning with release.  

Liam looked away, Ken was watching it with glee.  I kept rubbing his back, urging him on, urging him to enjoy it.  He’d given up his mind, been reduced to being our silly little plaything, he at least deserved some pleasure in exchange.  

“That’s it Benny, get it all out. Good boy, such a good boy,” I cooed to him.  

When it was over and the last goo was drooling down his softening shaft, Benny looked down at the mess he had made all over my shirt.  He gaped at it, clearly uncomprehending of what had just happened.  

“Uh-oh!” he finally declared. “Made a meth.”  

“That’s okay buddy, I can clean it up,” I assured him.  

But Benny wanted to help, he wanted to clean the mess he had made. He patted his palms against my chest, smearing his release around, making it even worse as he tried to help.  

“No, no Benny, that’s okay, I can do it,” I told him.  

“Oopthie,” Benny said, taking his hands back, looking at the goo now coating them.  Then he slipped two fingers into his mouth, tasted his own release.  

“Ugh!” Liam spat, looking away again.  

“Is it yummy?” Ken asked him brightly.  

Benny’s fingers left his mouth with a pop.  

“Icky,” he pronounced, shaking his head.  

Ken laughed and then said, “Okay let’s clean those icky fingers then.”  

With a nod, Benny climbed back off my lap, letting Ken take him to the kitchen to wash his hands and presumably also his very sticky bare tummy.  I went to change shirts as well and to have a little alone time to process what just happened.

To be continued...