Final Descent

This is a quickie set in Sebtomato’s Parkdale Universe. 

 The cabin was dark, most of the passengers trying to get some sleep.  The bluish glow of the seat-back screens of those who couldn’t sleep provided an eerie light.  They were somewhere over the Indian Ocean now, six hours into a marathon seventeen and half hour flight from Dubai to Auckland.  At least the A380 is a spacious plane, cutting down on the claustrophobia at least a little bit. Being in Premium Economy helped even more.  At least Parkdale hadn’t skimped on the expense.  

Neither Mark nor Shaun were sleeping though.  Despite the comfortable seats which reclined much further than normal economy ones, they were both wide awake.  The man to their Mark’s left was finally asleep though.  It was about time. It finally gave them a moment to breathe.  The tall, blonde man was the reason they were here.  He needed to be escorted, handed off to the partners Downunder.  Parkdale had done the deed, but his new home was to be in a different small town, one in New Zealand.  Ngatea.  

Just the whisper of that place could strike fear into any Parkdale agent.  They all knew the rumours, that there was a town like Parkdale but twisted, wrong.  A place where they stuck the mistakes, the broken ones, the incorrigible and rebellious.  If you ended up there, well there was no coming back.  

Mark couldn’t help but wonder what the man beside them, Aaron, had done to deserve a one-way ticket to Parkdale’s evil twin.  He wasn’t an agent, wasn’t anyone Mark recognised from around the town.  And there was no point asking Aaron who he really was, what he’d done to piss off the powers that be.  He was still six foot-two, still appeared to be in his late twenties.  But from the moment he’d met the man back in Parkdale, it had been instantly obvious Aaron had the mind of a small child.  

And it wasn’t just that. Aaron’s mind had been crippled. There would be no learning, no recovery from this. Mark’s superiors had made that clear. His IQ had been obliterated.  Aaron would be a special boy for the rest of his life.  And that was why he needed to go to Ngatea, where he could be properly cared for.  

“You should try to get some sleep, while you can,” Mark whispered to Shaun.  

Shaun looked tired, but he also looked stressed. Taking care of a twenty-something with the mind of a three year old could do that to you of course.  But Mark knew that probably wasn’t the main reason Shaun looked so stressed.  

“I can’t,” he whispered back.  “Aren’t you nervous?” he asked.  

Shaun had been asking Mark that since they got this assignment.  As far as he could tell there was no reason to be sending two agents.  It was very suspicious, he thought.  It was common for agents to be paranoid like that. Parkdale did that to you.  How many times could you watch unsuspecting, innocent people have their lives stolen from them and not be a little paranoid yourself?  

“He’s a big guy, they need two of us to keep him under control. That’s why they chose us and not one of the girls. In case he has a temper tantrum,” Mark had assured him.  

It was true that it would probably have taken the both of them to restrain Aaron.  He and Shaun both appeared to be about eighteen years old. Skinny English boys off for a working holiday in New Zealand after finishing college.  But of course that wasn’t true.  Shaun was only a few years older than he appeared.  Mark wondered if his appearance was due to Parkdale or if he was just a young looking twenty-two year old.  But Mark himself was nearly double the age he appeared.  He’d been with Parkdale for nearly a decade, and spent most of it as a teen agent.  

There were advantages to being a teen of course. Lots of energy, no need to worry about your diet, amazing sex drive of course.  But a decade of being sixteen to eighteen really wore on you.  Mark just reminded himself it could be worse. He could be a cub agent of course. The idea of that, stuck as a primary school kid for decades, made him shiver.  

Shaun looked up to Mark, given his age and experience.  So he had kept his nerves in check, trusted that all was well and this would be a nice little adventure to the other side of the world.  But clearly now they were on the last leg of their flights, Shaun was getting more anxious.  

“You need to take a breath mate. You’re going to have a panic attack, start hyperventilating,” Mark told him. 

“Hey, you’re the one who told me about that agent you knew, the one who disappeared down to this place, never came back,” Shaun argued.  

“Damien? I told you that to scare you a bit mate. You were thinking of complaining to head office and that never ends well.  But I have no idea what happened to Damien. He might have just left Parkdale, found a new job,” Mark suggested. 

“No one leaves Parkdale,” Shaun stated seriously. “Everyone says it.”  

Mark shrugged. “Believe what you want.  I’ve got a job to do.  You have the instructions? We should run through them one more time before we get there anyway.” 

Shaun nodded, looking happy for a distraction.  He fished out his phone and unlocked it.  “Right, so we meet Anne in the Arrivals hall at the airport. She’ll be wearing a yellow jumper.”  

“That it?” 

“I guess so.  Oh… it says to take off Aaron’s socks and shoes and leave them on the plane.”  

Mark looked confused. “Why would we do that?” 

“Not sure. But I think we should follow all the instructions,” Shaun urged.  

“Whatever. I don’t think he’ll be complaining anyway.”  

Shaun frowned.  “How many more hours we have?”  

“Best not to think about that,” Mark told him.  “Just watch a movie... or five.” 

Shaun nodded, putting on his noise cancelling earphones and selecting the new Johnny English movie.  

Mark didn’t put any film on though. He just sat back and closed his eyes, letting the minutes tick by.  

An hour later Mark was awakened by his phone buzzing in his pocket. It was the silent alarm he set when Shaun began his film.  He was worried he might drift off, given how tired he was. And he had been right.  

Blinking the sleep away Mark checked to see Aaron was still snoozing himself. Yep, out like a light, thumb pumping in his mouth, soft teddy bear snuggled against the side of his face.  Then he turned to his right, to Shaun.  His cohort was looking at the screen, his face slack and expressionless.  A very quick glance showed that it wasn’t Johnny English playing anymore. No the screen was a swirl of colourful lights.  And Shaun just kept on staring into it.  

Mark frowned, looking at his dazed coworker, knowing he was fully under Parkdale’s spell now, even here, even thousands of miles away.  Secretly Mark had had feelings for Shaun for a couple years now.  They’d worked together a couple dozen times and they’d grown close. But relationships between agents were a big, huge no-no, and Mark knew better than to mess with that. The consequences would have been severe. Most likely a demotion to cub agent, when there wouldn’t be the risk of sexual attraction anymore.  

Seeing Shaun like this, in such an open, vulnerable state, was actually exciting on one level.   And what’s more, while Shaun’s face was slack and his shoulders were slumped, not all of his body was so relaxed.  His erection was obvious, tenting his athletic shorts.  Shaun was enjoying this at least, so there was that small mercy.  But Mark still felt awful about what he needed to do next. It was always strangers before now. Doing this to his friend, to a man he actually really desired, was not what he wanted. But there really was no choice, and if it had to happen, Shaun at least deserved to enjoy it.  Mark would make it as comfortable a transition as he could, and he was pretty good at that.  

Carefully he picked up the blanket from the floor, ripping open the plastic bag it was inside.  Though it appeared to be a normal airplane blanket, the feeling of it, the incredible softness, assured Mark it was anything but ordinary.  Of course the nice texture did nothing to him. He was immune.  It would have been a major problem if he wasn’t. 

“Hey buddy, you look chilly. Let’s get you more comfy,” Mark whispered to Shaun, offering the blanket.  

The teen agent finally moved his eyes away from the screen, looking to Mark.  Those eyes were totally glazed over though.  He could see the distant, uncomprehending look in them. Wow, it must be quite a show.  

“You need a blanket, don’t you?” Mark prompted him again. 

A bit more awareness returned to Shaun’s face.  He looked down at the blanket and bit of panic crept into his expression. “No blanket,” he muttered.  


He shook his head now, blinking and getting back a bit more focus.  “Blanket’s from Parkdale. Mark, something’s wrong!”  

“Don’t be silly Shaun. Look, I’m holding it right now and I feel perfectly fine.” 

Shaun didn’t look fully convinced. He pointed at his screen.  “The movie, it… it…” he trailed off.  The swirl of colours was gone. It was just the credits of Johnny English. 

“What? You didn’t like the movie?” Mark asked.  

“I… I dunno…” Shaun stammered.  

“Look buddy, I just thought you needed some privacy, okay?” Mark explained, nodding down at Shaun’s tented crotch.  

He followed Mark’s gaze and then gasped.  

“So, can I?” Mark asked, gesturing with the blanket.  

Shaun nodded now. “Okay.”  

Mark settled the fluffy blanket over Shaun’s body.  

“Thanks, I… um…” Shaun stammered, his eyes going glassy once again.  He’d barely touched the blanket when it began.  After a second he patted it with his open palms, then pulled it up and rubbed the material against his cheek.  “Ohhhh,” he moaned, eyes rolling back. 

“Feels really good, huh?” 

Shaun murmured, “Mmmhmm.”  His eyes fluttered and he kept stroking the blanket against his face.  

“You know what’s happening now, don’t you?” Mark asked him. 

Shaun opened his eyes, but they stayed glazed over.  “Bad blanket. Is a trick,” he answered, all the while holding onto the blanket.  

Mark nodded.  He pulled the armrest up, removing the only barrier between them.  Then he snaked his arm around Shaun’s shoulders, pulling his buddy closer.  “That’s right buddy. It’s a special blanket. It’s going to make you all little in your head, just like Aaron. All tiny and simple and so, so happy, forever and ever. No growing back up, no more being an agent.”  

Shaun groaned and struggled, but he didn’t throw the blanket away, he didn’t get up or shove Mark off of him.  

“Shhh, no point thrashing around now. You know it’s already much too late for that.  Just let it do its work, let in make your brain all soft and fuzzy so you can be like Aaron.  Then we’ll leave your shoes and socks here on the plane too, just like the instructions said.  And you can meet Anne in your bare feeties.”  

“Don’t… don’t wanna be dumb.  Please, Mark, help me!” Shaun pleaded. “Take… take it off!”  

It really pained Mark to hear his buddy pleading like that.  Of course he wanted to throw the blanket away, run off with Mark, try to disappear.  But he knew all too well that it was a futile effort.

So Mark didn’t take it off. Instead he wrapped his arms around Shaun, cuddled the blanket even tighter against him.  

“To be honest I feel a little jealous of you right now,” Mark lied to him.  “They say this kind of regression feels the best. The total release from adult thoughts, forever, the simplification of your brain. It’s supposed to be euphoric.”  

Shaun wriggled in Mark’s arms.  “Why?” he whined.  

“Oh Shaun, you know why.  For someone so paranoid you really were bad at covering your tracks.  Parkdale is always watching.  Remember I told you that, all the way back when you started?  I told you about Damien and yes, you’ll be meeting him very soon I think.  I told you not to break the rules.  

“But you did. You’ve been touching boys, touching them in naughty places.”  

Shaun shook his head. “No! Not kids! Only the grown-up ones!” 

“Grown-up bodies but innocent little minds,” Mark corrected. 

“They’re still grown-ups down there. They needed it,” he urged.  “But… but I won’t do it again, I promise!” 

Mark sighed. “Yes, you will. Now you’ll be one of them Shaun, so it will be okay. This way you can play with other boys pee-pees to your heart’s content. You can share stickies with your playmates and no one will mind one bit. And you won’t have to hide it either. You won’t have to sneak around at all.  Seren told me that at the special school, in the little room, lots of the boys run around naked, just completely naked.  Think of that, all those doodles bouncing around, just begging for a tickle, for a little tug.  It’s your dream buddy.  

“Of course you’ll probably be naked too. Maybe one of your new buddies will even return the favour, give your pee-pee a tug.  Wouldn’t that just be the best?”  

Mark slipped his arm under the blanket, snagged the elastic waist of Shaun’s shorts and his undies and yanked them quickly down. He gasped at the sudden movement, but no one else could see a thing under the blanket.  And a second later Shaun’s erection brushed against the blanket, giving it a little bulge.  

“Ugh, ohhhh,” Shaun moaned as the fluffy material caressed his stiffy.

“Yeah, there we go, that’s much better, isn’t it?” Mark whispered in his ear.  

And Shaun nodded. “So tingly,” he sighed.  

“I’m sure it is. Much nicer to have a free doodle. Soon that might be the norm for you,” Mark suggested. 

Shaun seemed to be considering this.  Before he could reject it or thrash some more Mark wrapped his fingers around Shaun’s erection, feeling how warm and hard it was now.  

“Isn’t it nice, being helped yourself?” Mark cooed to him as he began to stroke gently up and down.  

“Ohhh, yes,” Shaun agreed, no longer struggling. 

“This is what you did for all those big little boys. You played with their pee-pees just like this, didn’t you Shaun?”  

“Mmmhmm,” he murmured. 

“And now it’s your turn. You must be so happy, it must be such a lovely release,” Mark suggested, continuing to stroke.   

For the next few moments Shaun did nothing to fight back. Instead he pushed his penis harder into Mark’s grip, urging him on, gripping the blanket tight against his face.  

Mark listened to Shaun’s breathing getting faster.  It felt so good to finally be able to hold his friend, to actually be touching him down there, giving him pleasure.  Of course he would have greatly preferred it wasn’t in these circumstances.  Shaun had been foolish, yes, but this was a very severe punishment.  But what could he do? If he warned Shaun, if he let him get away, then he would have had to run as well. And he was so close to finishing his contract, so close to leaving Parkdale with a sizeable sum of money and the youth to enjoy it.  

And it was clear what would happen if he got caught. It would be permanent.  There could be no other way. They’d wipe away his IQ, turn his brain to mush and he’d never recover.  He’d be left to play with other simpletons for the rest of his life.  He couldn’t risk that. 

Shaun’s body began to tense, he was ready to shoot his load.  

“No, no, I don’t wanna!” Shaun called out, trying to resist in the last moment, as he realised what was about to happen.  

Mark knew it was too late though, so there was no point stopping.  Instead he gave his friend a couple really strong, really fast strokes, pushing him over the edge even as he tried to pull away.  

He felt Shaun’s body fully tense, his back arching and pushing into Mark.  Then came the warm goo. He could feel it running over his fingers as Shaun sent jet after jet shooting into the blanket.  

“That’s it Shaun, that’s a good boy,” Mark urged him.  “Get it all out for me.”  

Shaun grunted and spasmed for a full thirty seconds.  Then his body relaxed and practically melted into Mark’s arms.  He closed them back around Shaun, over the blanket now.  It was over, and Mark felt awful.  The Shaun he’d known for all these years was gone.  He’d actually felt Shaun expel everything that had made him who he was.  There was no going back now, it was all over. 

Mark pecked a kiss on the back of Shaun’s head, listening to his breathing slowing down.  “I hope that felt really, really good buddy.”  

Shaun lifted up his hand, looking at how his fingers were now covered in cum.  Then he looked over at Mark and said, “All methy.”  

Mark giggled. “Yeah, you made a big mess. You squirted all your big boy thoughts out didn’t you buddy? Okay, better clean you up a bit.”  

He grabbed some wet naps from the bag, then looked back to see Shaun had slipped the gooey, sticky fingers into his mouth.  

“Eww, Shaun, that’s icky!” he declared.  

Shaun blinked his wide, glazed over eyes and just kept suckling on his dirty fingers until Mark pulled them out and began to scrub them clean with the wipes.  As he did so he looked more closely at his friend. Shaun’s face was still slack, but in a different way to when he was watching the programme earlier.  Now he just looked totally empty-headed, like nothing was going on behind those eyes.  

“How you feeling now Shaun?” he asked him.  

Shaun looked at his newly cleaned fingers in wonder.  “Awll cwean,” he announced.  

“That’s right, you’re all cleaned up.  But how do you feel buddy? What’s it feel like in your head now?”  

Shaun gaped back at him, totally uncomprehending.  Then he pointed at Aaron and said, “Him sweepin’.”  

Mark was certain of the programme’s success now. Shaun’s mind was as simple as any two and half year old’s.  He barely had any words left.  So, all that remained was to get him changed into his new outfit.  It was packed carefully in his carry-on, buried to ensure Shaun didn’t see it too early.  

“Okay sweetie, let’s get you changed, then you can have a nice sleep just like Aaron.”  


Just over ten hours later, and after getting some well deserved rest, Mark undid his seat belt and grabbed their bags from the overhead compartment. Aaron and Shaun were both awake now and playing games on their tablets. Simple, colourful games perfect for the simplest of little ones.  

“Hey guys, we need to put those away. It’s time to get up,” Mark told them brightly, undoing their seatbelts for them.  

When they got onto the plane Shaun had helped Aaron into his seat, helped the simple man do up his belt. Now he simply sat there while Mark undid his belt for him, letting his former colleague take his tablet and stow it away.  

Mark guided both young men out into the aisle. He left the special blanket lying on a seat, along with their rubbish. On the floor beneath the seats sat two pairs of sneakers, socks stuffed inside of them.  Mark smiled as he looked down at the floor, at the two pairs of bare feet padding along the aisle ahead of him.  None of the other passengers seemed to mind though. It was obvious these men were special as they say.  Aaron had boarded the plane wearing his yellow t-shirt and blue jean overalls.  But now Shaun was in his own pair of faded blue bib overalls, the ankles cuffed up.  There was no mistaking him for a grown-up anymore.