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    Potty Training

    Based on a story idea by Justbabyme.

    Matt shifted uncomfortably in his seat.  It was such an awkward topic for him to discuss, but it was the whole reason he was in Dr Jansen’s office, so there was no avoiding it.  

    “Have you always had these feelings about using the toilet?” the therapist asked.  

    Matt didn’t make eye-contact with her.  He couldn’t bring himself to face her as he answered such embarrassing questions.  

    “I guess so.  I mean, I wasn’t always quite this shy.  But I couldn’t… use a urinal, even when I was a kid.  I got stage fright, y’know?” 

    The therapist nodded kindly, taking down more notes. He hated when she wrote notes that he couldn’t see.  

    “You couldn’t pee in front of others,” she said, watching for his reaction.  

    Matt frowned at the word ‘pee’ just as she had expected.  

    “No, I never could,” he confirmed.  

    “But now it’s worse,” she went on. 

    “Yeah, well I have flatmates now and I… I can’t even… use the toilet, when they’re home and awake.  I have to wait until they’re out, or asleep.  If they hear me using it… I… I just can’t have that.”  

    “And in public?”  

    Matt quickly shook his head.  “I have to go home to… do number two.  I can do the other thing in a public restroom.  But, it’s not easy.  There can’t be anyone in the touching stalls.  Sometimes I can’t go unless the whole toilet is empty.  My bladder just won’t let go, no matter how hard I try.”  

    The therapist gave that unreadable neutral smile once again, jotting more notes.  

    “Don’t you find that outfit a bit hot in this weather?” she suddenly asked. 

    Matt was confused. Why the change of topic? He wasn’t here for fashion advice.  

    “It’s fine,” he said with a shrug. 

    But she didn’t take the hint to move back to the topic at hand.  

    “Long sleeves, jeans, surely you get hot and sweaty in this mid-summer weather?” she asked. 

    “People wear suits in the middle of summer, why should I be hot in this?” he retorted.  

    “True. Do you wear shorts and t-shirts sometimes then. At the beach at least?”  

    Matt saw where she was going with this now.  

    “No, I don’t like the beach.  And I don’t like shorts either.”  

    “You like being covered up.  You don’t like to be exposed in any way, do you Matt?” she posited. 

    He could only nod.  It was true.  

    “You’re a very closed in person in general Matt. You’re closed off from relationships, from developing new friendships.  And I think all these behaviours, especially your difficulty with the toilet points to a traumatic potty training experience.” 

    Matt rolled his eyes.  He didn’t need any of this freudian crap. He came to a therapist, not a psychoanalyst for just that reason.  

    “I can see you’re sceptical.”  

    “You could say that.”  

    “Tell me that I’m wrong then.  I know you likely don’t actually recall your own potty training, but you know your parents.  Would they have been kind, patient, supportive?”  

    Matt hesitated.  Of course he wanted to prove her wrong, but his parents were cold, demanding, very strict.  His mum in particular had been a neat freak.  No, she would not have been forgiving about the messes a potty training boy would likely make.  

    After a long moment of silence the therapist simply nodded knowingly.  

    “So what do we do about it then?” Matt asked.  

    “Well, I do actually have a therapy that is extremely effective for potty training issues. It’s a radical one though, and I know it may not appeal to you.  So first I want you to think about why you came to me, think about how these troubles are impacting your life right now,” she directed. 

    Matt thought about it and knew she was right. His current situation couldn’t continue.  It was impacting every part of his life on a daily basis.  

    “Okay, what’s the therapy? How radical is it?” he asked. 

    “I want to re-do your potty training,” she answered.  

    Matt snorted.  She had to be joking.  Except she looked dead serious.  

    “I don’t think that’s possible,” he told her.  

    “I assure you it is.  I’ve used this therapy successfully in the past for a few patients.  All were perfectly happy at the end of the treatment, no complaints at all.”  

    “I know how to use a toilet though.”  

    “You clearly don’t know the right way to use one.  We need to retrain your body and mind. And to do that, we have to start from scratch.”  

    “From scratch?”  

    “You know I’m a licenced hypnotist.  I can give you a session to take away your current toilet training.  Then we potty train you again, the right way.”  

    “So you’d have me wearing diapers?!”  

    “Pull-ups really.  The idea is you quickly learn to use the toilet the right way.”  

    “I’m not letting my flatmates see me walking around in fucking diapers, or pull-ups, or whatever you want to call them!” Matt snapped, getting frustrated now.  

    “No, no, of course not,” she assured him.  “You would spend the therapy session with two of my colleagues.  They’d be your surrogate parents, giving you the kind of loving, patient, kind potty training you should have had the first time, helping you lose all these phobias and hang-ups.”  

    Matt calmed down a little bit.  But he still had a lot of uncertainty.  

    “How long are we talking?”  

    “Well there isn’t a set timetable for potty training, but probably a week or two.  You’ve told me you’re on summer holiday anyway, so this would be a great time to get it done.”  

    Weeks of potty training, like a little toddler.  It sounded awful, but the alternative seemed equally terrible.  The chance to be normal, forever, was alluring as well.  

    “Who are these colleagues of yours?” 

    Dr Jansen smiled.  “They specialise in therapies of this kind.  They’re a couple and you would basically go and live with them while you have the therapy.  They have a lot of experience and I have complete faith in them.”  

    “How much does this all cost though?”  

    “It’s all covered by public funding.  They have a special fund for alternative therapies now,” she explained.  

    Damn, that really didn’t leave him with any practical reasons to refuse the therapy.  It was only his own disgust at the very idea of it.  Letting her take away his toilet training was terrifying. What if he couldn’t be re-taught?  What if he was stuck in diapers?  And then there was the idea of being so vulnerable like that in front of these strangers. It all freaked him out.  But he’d waited 3 months for this appointment, and if he refused her therapy, he’d be waiting even longer for another doctor to treat him.  Shit, he had to do it.  


    “Push those hands together, nice and tight.  Push them tighter and tighter.  Feel them sticking together like super-glue, so tight you couldn’t possibly pull them apart.”  

    Matt listened as the therapist guided him into trance.  He wasn’t really certain he even believed that hypnosis was real.  But he was willing to try his best.  If he committed to something, he gave it his all.  So he imagined his hands becoming stuck together, pushed them so hard it almost hurt.  

    “Go ahead now, try to pull them apart. But the harder you try, the more stuck together they’re going to become,” she told him. 

    To his utter amazement, when he tried to pull them apart, his hands actually stayed stuck together. He pulled harder, but felt the stickiness only grow.  He focused all his effort on those hands. How could they really be stuck? He felt helpless, trapped.  

    Dr Jansen’s hand appeared out of nowhere, pressing his forehead.  “Deep sleep,” she ordered firmly.  

    There was a second of surprise and confusion. And then the world simply faded away, his muscles relaxing, his hands finally releasing.  Only the doctor’s soft hand on his forehead kept his head from flopping forward.  

    “That’s it, good job.  Deeper and deeper and deeper,” he heard her voice echoing through the blackness as consciousness ebbed away to nothing.  


    Matt didn’t like the wet, clammy feeling around his loins when he woke up.  He quickly felt around his bed, seeing if any of it had leaked.  Thankfully the bed seemed dry, the sheets not ruined by his soaked diaper.  

    Damn that was embarrassing, needing to go to bed in a diaper.  Dr Jansen had supplied him with a whole pack because she’d totally removed his toilet training the day before.  Apparently he was an excellent hypnotic subject and went very deep into trance for her.  It was a good thing he’d woken up in soaking wet jeans she had assured him.  That meant the therapy could proceed quickly.  He wasn’t sure he agreed at all.  

    At least it would be short-lived, this embarrassment.  Jansen’s colleagues had been notified and they would be ready for his arrival this morning.  Of course he first had to change out of the wet diaper, put on a new one and get dressed.  

    He snuck quietly to the bathroom, on edge as ever.  What if they heard the crinkle? He’d surely die of the shame.  

    After using the wipes provided he sat down on the floor and haphazardly taped himself into a fresh diaper.  It was no easy feat.  He had it backwards at first, then couldn’t work out the tapes.  He felt like an idiot. And then he had to wear his baggiest pants to fit over the diaper, to conceal it completely.  


    The house looked normal enough.  It didn’t appear like any medical facility.  There was no sign announcing this was a home office, a therapy centre.  Matt hoped he had the right place.  Thankfully the man who answered the door didn’t seem surprised to see him.  

    “Hello there, you must be Matty,” the man greeted him brightly.  

    “Um, yeah. It’s just Matt though,” he corrected.  

    “Come right in,” the man directed, failing to apologise.  

    Matt entered the house, feeling even more nervous about what he was getting into.  The man who answered the door looked to be in his thirties, solidly built with thinning brown hair.  He quickly placed his hand firmly on Matt’s shoulder, guiding him in.  Matt bristled.  He didn’t really like being touched.  But his host didn’t seem to notice, keeping his hand firmly on the shoulder.  

    “Is he here?” a new voice called out.  

    “Yep!” his host answered.  

    A second man appeared a moment later, also smiling, looking very pleased to see him.  This fellow was taller, probably a bit over six foot, with short blonde hair and green eyes.  He looked a bit younger than the first man, maybe thirty years old.  

    “Hi there, I’m Matt,” he quickly greeted the new man, extending a hand.  

    Both of his hosts just shared a laugh and his hand-shake offer was left unaccepted.  

    “Oh Matty, there’s no need for hand-shakes.  In this house we do hugs,” he was informed.  

    “Oh… um…” he stammered.  But before he could refuse he found himself enveloped in a tight hug from the blonde man.  He cringed, not returning the gesture, going stiff as a board instead.  

    “My goodness, he is tightly wound,” the first man commented.  

    “He really needs our help,” the hugger agreed.  

    “Well, let’s give him the grand tour,” his partner suggested as Matt was finally released from the hug.  

    “Okay Matty, first of all you can call me Daddy Greg,” the tall blonde man informed him.  “And this is Daddy Jim,” he added, gesturing to the dark-haired fellow.  

    Matt cringed, both at the continued use of the diminutive form of his name and at their insistence he call them ‘Daddy.’ 

    “Is that really necessary?” he asked.  

    Both daddies quickly nodded.  

    Jim placed his hand on Matt’s shoulder.  “You’re going to be our little boy now.  We know you had a tough time with potty training the first time. We’re not here to just teach you how to use the big boy toilet. We’re here to make it a fun, loving experience.”

    “While you're here, we’re going to be completely in charge,” Greg added.  “You don’t need to worry about anything more than playing, having fun, and using the potty when you’re ready.”  

    Playing? Matt was confused until the daddies led him into the lounge and he saw the toys all over the carpeted floor.  There was a Play Doh set, thick Duplo Blocks, Tonka trucks, all sorts of things to entertain a toddler.  

    “You can’t expect me to play with those,” he complained.  

    “I think you’ll find them a lot more fun than you expect.  But the most important thing in this room isn’t the toys, it’s right over there,” Greg explained, gesturing to a small red potty seat.  

    Matt frowned even more deeply. They couldn’t expect him to use an actual potty seat could they?  Jesus, it looked like they were dead serious.  

    “I can’t use that!” he exclaimed.  

    Jim’s hand was on his back, patting it gently, like that would keep him calm.  “Of course you can sweetie. You’re going to use it just like a big boy.”  

    Matt cringed.  “You know that isn’t what I meant!  I can use a normal toilet.”  

    “You’ve already proved that you can’t honey.  You aren’t ready for it.  So you need to start with the potty.  We’ll have it with us wherever you are, so you can pop onto it right away, as soon as an urge strikes you” Jim went on.  

    “But… there’s no privacy,” Matt whispered, almost shivering with shame now.  

    “No, there isn’t,” Greg agreed.  “Toddlers don’t have privacy.”  

    “And speaking of that, we need to get you out of those big boy clothes,” Jim told him. 

    Matt’s eyes went wide.  “What?!”  

    “Honey it will take you much too long to get out of those pants when the need to make tinkles or poopies hits you.  That’s why we have the potty so close to where you’ll be playing.  So let’s get you down to your pull ups, so that’s all you need to take off to do your business.”  

    Matt stepped back, shaking his head.  “You… you want me to be wearing nothing but my pull-ups?”  

    Both daddied nodded.  

    “You’ll be much more comfy anyway,” Greg assured him.  

    “Frankly it makes me a bit jealous,” claimed Jim.  

    But Matt wasn’t convinced at all.  “I’m sorry… I just… I can’t. I’m not ready for that.”  

    “We know it’s hard for you honey. That’s exactly why you’re here.  You have all these hang-ups and we’re going to help you let go of them.  And to do that, we need to slow down that busy little brain of yours.  We need to empty out those icky big boy worries,” Greg explained, taking Matt’s hands into his own.  

    “What do you mean?” Matt asked.  

    “Dr Jansen helped you the other day, she gave you some lovely suggestions to make this all go smoothly for you.”  

    “She took away my toilet training,” Matt agreed, blushing again.  

    “Yes, and she buried a few more very special, very important suggestions in your head,” Greg went on.  Seeing the look of horror on Matt’s face he quickly went on.  “But there’s nothing to fear.  It’s going to feel just lovely.  It’s going to be the most wonderful relief for you.”  

    Matt thought about yanking his hands away right now, running out the door and speeding away in his car.  But he hesitated.  His toilet training was already gone, he was in pull-ups already.  How could he explain that to anyone?  

    “Matty,” Greg prompted him, making him look back up at the man holding his hands.  “It’s time to get fuzzy for me.”  

    Matt felt it instantly, a strange fuzzy feeling inside his own head.  He felt light-headed, felt oddly disconnected.  

    “What? What’s going on?” he managed to ask.  

    Greg gently bounced his hands, smiling at him.  Jim was at his side, a hand on his shoulder.  He leaned closer, whispering in Matt’s ear.  

    “You’re getting fuzzy for us now.  You can’t help it.  You can’t stop it.  You’re just getting all fuzzy.”  

    The feelings grew more intense.  Matt felt instantly foggy and confused.  He couldn’t hold onto his train of thought, couldn’t understand what was happening.  The harder he tried to focus, the less he was able to.  

    Greg bounced his hands again, grabbing back his attention.  

    “Matty’s all fuzzy in his head.  A fuzzy silly little toddler for his daddies,” he cooed.  

    Matty felt the smile tugging his lips upwards.  He felt all bubbly and happy.  What a delightful, silly feeling to have.  

    But most of all, he felt little.  Daddy Greg and Daddy Jim hadn’t grown any bigger, but if felt like they were huge, like they were absolute giants.  

    Daddy Greg opened his arms wide, inviting Matty into another embrace.  And now it felt so natural to lean forward into daddy’s arms.  When those arms closed around him, held him tight, it didn’t feel awkward at all.  It felt so warm, so soft and more than anything else, safe.  He felt like nothing could ever hurt him now. He was safe in daddy’s arms.  Daddy would take care of everything. He could trust his daddies completely.  

    Matty let out an audible sigh of relief, squeezing his own arms tight around Daddy Greg, nestling his cheek against the older man’s shoulder.  It was so perfect, and then it got better. Daddy Greg planted a gentle kiss on his cheek.  

    “That’s daddy’s good little boy,” he cooed, before giving him another kiss.  

    Then new arms closed around Matty from behind him, as Daddy Jim joined the embrace, planting a little kiss of his own on the back of Matty’s neck.  “Yes, that’s so much better,” he whispered to him.  

    Matty was held in a loving sandwich between the two daddies.  He couldn’t recall ever feeling so loved and secure.  

    “Okay honey, I think you’re ready to get out of those big boy clothes now,” Daddy Greg declared as they finally ended the shared cuddle.  

    Matty remembered not wanting his clothes off before.  But he just felt so small and his head was all fuzzy now.  Why hadn’t he wanted them off?  He was sure there was a reason, but try as he might, he couldn’t come up with anything.  

    Daddy Greg was so smart, so big and caring.  He must know best.  Matty decided he should do what he was told.  

    “Okay Daddy Gweg,” he agreed.  

    Gweg? That wasn’t the right way to say it.  

    “Daddy Gweg, me… Matty sound funny,” he complained, feeling confused as his tongue didn’t work right and he found it so tricky to even get his words together. 

    “You sound perfectly adorable to me Matty,” Daddy Greg told him while lifting his arms up and slipping his shirt up and over his head.  

    He sounded adorable.  What did that mean?  It was a very big word.  Should he know big words like that?  No, he was little now.  His daddies and the nice doctor lady had made him all little, to help him, to fix his boo-boos.  Little boys didn’t know lots of things.  But that was okay, because he had his daddies here and they knew all the big stuff.  That’s why they were in charge.

    Matty stepped up high out of his pants as Daddy Greg directed them off his feet.  Then he sat down on the floor, sat on his bum like a good boy so his socks could be taken off too.  

    “There we go, isn’t that much more comfy?” Daddy Greg asked brightly, grabbing all his old clothes up in a pile.  

    Matty looked down at his pull-ups, the only thing he still wore.  It was nice and warm in the house and the carpet was soft against his skin.  Yes, it did feel nice being free of all those clothes.  He tried to recall why he hadn’t wanted this.  But again, drew a blank.  

    “Uh-huh. Dis comfy,” he agreed, nodding.  

    Daddy Greg chuckled and left with his clothes.  Daddy Jim knelt down next to him, putting a hand on the middle of his bare back.  Oh, it felt nicer to have skin on skin contact.  

    “Now Matty, as soon as you feel the urge to make a pee-pee, or do a poopy, you need to use the potty, okay?  Do you know how to do that?” he asked.  

    Matty frowned. He wasn’t a dumb baby.  He knew how a potty worked!  

    “I sit on it, ‘nd do piddles or poopies,” he announced.  

    Daddy Jim nodded proudly.  “That’s right Matty, you’re going to be so good at using the potty, I can tell!”  

    So much support, such clear love, it made Matty feel wonderful.  

    Then it was play time.  Matty got to explore all the cool toys his new daddies had for him.  They just did their chores, did boring big person work.  Matty played with his blocks, drove his Tonka trucks around the soft carpet.  It was so relaxing, so much fun.  He became utterly engrossed in his imagination as he played.  

    Until he felt the pressure below his tummy.  Uh-oh!  He needed to tinkle.  Matty felt so proud for knowing that.  He felt so smart.  His daddies weren’t there, but he couldn’t wait.  The urge was so sudden, so strong. He couldn’t hold it in long.  But luckily the potty was right there.  Yes, that’s where little boys did tinkles.  

    Matty squatted down on the small plastic potty seat, knees bent sharply.  But he wanted the daddies to see!  They needed to know how good he was at using the potty. He wasn’t a dumb baby.  

    “Daddy Gweg! Daddy Jim!” he called out. “Matty goin’ potty!”  

    And he felt the warmth already. Ah, it was such a relief, getting all that pee-pee out.  It had been impossible to hold back any longer, to wait for the daddies. But that’s okay, he was on the potty seat already.  He’d done good.  

    Greg and Jim arrived to see the twenty-something man squatting there on the little potty seat, a proud grin on his face as the two older men watched him tinkle.  

    “Oh honey,” Jim sighed, shaking his head.  

    Matty was confused.  They didn’t look as happy as he expected.  They shared a look, then Daddy Greg knelt down next to him and said, “You almost did it right Matty.”  

    Now Matty frowned deeply.  What had he done wrong?  He sat on the potty, he called for the grown-ups. 

    “Done my tinkles in da potty,” he insisted.  

    “Matty, you need to take your pull-ups off before you sit down on the potty.  All your tinkles went in the pull-ups sweetie,” Daddy Greg explained.  

    Matty shook his head, but he felt the warmth of his pee all around his crotch.  Yes, it was in the pull-up.  He stood up, looking in the potty.  It was dry.  

    “Bu… bu… Matty know how da potty work!” he insisted, blubbering now.  

    Daddy Greg pulled him swiftly into a cuddle.  It was more soothing now he was mostly undressed, all that skin to skin contact.  

    “It’s okay Matty, it’s perfectly okay.  It’s not your fault.  We took away your big boy smarts.  You’re all simple and sweet for us now.  So it’s perfectly fine to make a few silly mistakes. We expect it.  No one is upset with you,” Daddy Greg comforted him.  

    He was all simple now.  Matty knew he’d been big and smart before.  And now he didn’t even know how to potty.  It was humiliating.  Except Daddy Greg was being so comforting.  It was okay, it wasn’t his fault. They took the smarts away, it was all on them, not Matty.  

    Daddy Jim joined them on the floor.  “I think we should make it a bit easier on him, go right to nakey potty training,” he suggested.  

    Daddy Greg nodded, still patting the young man’s bare back.  “I agree, that will help a lot.”  

    Nakey potty training.  Matty was confused again.  There were just so many things he didn’t know, things he should have understood, but now his fuzzy head just went even blanker when he tried to think, tried to remember stuff.  

    “Was nakey potty twaining?” he asked.  

    Daddy Jim explained, “It just means we take these well pull-ups off and you just spend all your time nakey bummed.  That way when you need to go, there’s nothing else to remember. You just go straight to the potty.”  

    Matty shook his head. He couldn’t be all naked!  That was for dumb babies.  If he was naked everyone would see his wee-wee.  That would be so embarrassing.  

    “It’s okay Matty,” Daddy Jim insisted.  “If you have an accident you’ll just tinkle on the carpet a bit.  And that’s okay, it’s happened many times before. And when you feel your wees rolling down your legs or dribbling on your tootsies, it will remind you to get to the potty. Daddy Greg and I will clean up any messes.”  

    Daddy didn’t understand.  Matty wasn’t worried about the messes.  He just didn’t want to be walking around all naked in front of them.  

    “No Daddy.  Dun wanna hab my wee-wee showin’,” he explained.  

    The daddies shared a look which Matty couldn’t begin to understand.  

    “His shame is buried so deeply,” Daddy Greg remarked.  

    “It clearly goes all the way back to his toddler years,” Daddy Jim assessed.  “We need to take care of that too.”  

    With a nod, Daddy Greg looked back at the frightened young man seated before him.  “Matty, there’s no reason for you to be hiding your wee-wee.  You’re just a little tot, you only have a doodle and you should be comfortable with your body.  So we’re going to help you honey, we’re going to help you be comfy in your own skin.”  

    Matty wished he could understand what daddy meant, but it was so hard to follow his words now, to put them together in his head.  

    Daddy Jim put his hand on Matty’s shoulder.  “Matty it’s time to be our jaybird boy,” he told him.  

    Matty felt funny again, felt all fuzzy and light-headed. 

    “Wha?” he slurred.  

    Daddy Greg nodded in encouragement.  “That’s right Matty. Be our little jaybird now.  Time to be the neighbourhood’s cutest little jaybird.”  

    The warm pull-up felt so tight, so scratchy against his skin.  Matty wanted it off.  Suddenly he wanted his doodle out.  The urge, the need for it to be bouncing free just overwhelmed him.  

    “Wan’ my puw-ups off Daddy!” Matty pleaded.  

    The daddies chuckled.  “Of course honey, it’s all wet and icky now.  Let’s get that dirty old pull-up off you.”  

    Matty dutifully stood up, waiting to be helped, because daddies were in charge of pull-ups, not him, not the silly toddler.  

    Daddy Greg slipped the pull-ups down to his ankles, waited as he stepped out of them.  His wee-wee hung there, free now, soft and dangling between his legs.  Matty couldn’t believe how good it felt, the air on his doodle, the knowledge that his daddies both saw it.  It felt so good to be nude.  

    “Matty all nakey Daddy!” he announced, hopping lightly on his feet, even more delighted when that caused his wee-wee to jiggle and bounce as well.  

    “You sure are Matty, and you’ll be staying nakey until you're done with potty training, okay?” 

    Matty nodded instantly. “Uh-huh. Gonna stay nakey!”  

    Both daddies were smiling, so he knew this was a good thing.  He drew all his cues from them, from his protectors’ expressions, their emotions.  So Matty was soon back on the floor, playing with his toys, but now with his doodle swinging free.  

    A couple hours later Matty felt a new sensation in his tummy.  He was confused by it for a moment, upset at it interrupting his game of matching the animal noise to the right animal.  It took all his concentration for the tricky game.  But now he had this funny feeling.  

    “You okay Matty?” Daddy Jim asked, looking down at him from the couch.  

    Matty scrunched up his face, trying to figure out what the feeling was.  And then it hit him, making his eyes go wide.  

    “Poopy!” Matty announced.  

    “You need to make a poo-poo?” Daddy Jim asked.  

    Matty nodded right away. The feeling was getting stronger, very quickly.  

    “Okay then, what do you need to do?” Daddy Jim prompted.  

    “Potty!” Matty answered.  He felt so smart, knowing where his poopies went.  

    “Good job!” Daddy Jim praised him. “Okay, go sit on your potty then.”  

    Matty felt so confident, so big.  He was going to do it right this time. No icky pull-ups to get in the way since he was all nakey.  Yes, it was so much easier to potty when you’re already a nakey boy.  

    Daddy Greg came into the room just as he sat on the potty.  Matty was glad, he wanted both daddies to see him being such a big boy.  

    “Oh my, is Matty making a poopy on the potty like a big boy?” Daddy Greg asked.  

    “Uh-huh! Imma big boy!” Matty announced, almost hopping on the potty seat.  

    “Good boy! But keep your bum-bum on the seat honey,” Daddy Greg reminded him.  

    Matty nodded. Yes, he was a good boy.  That felt so, so good to hear from his daddies.  

    The urge got so strong, and he pushed in response.  

    Plop.  Plop.  Plop.  

    Matty felt a wonderful sensation of release as he made his poos into the little plastic seat.  Both his daddies were so smiley, so pleased with him.  And when he was all done he got to stand up and look at the mess he’d left there.  

    “Poos in da potty!” he pointed out gleefully, feeling so successful, so big.  

    “What a good job you did!” Daddy Jim praised. 

    “Let’s get your bum-bum clean before you sit anywhere,” Daddy Greg reminded him, pointing to the wall.  

    That’s right, bums needed cleaning after poopies.  Matty hurried to the wall, leaned against it, spread his legs wide apart. It all felt so natural, so instinctual.  And then he felt Daddy Greg running the wet wipes through his butt crack, cleaning it.  He giggled because it tickled.  There was absolutely no sense of shame at letting Daddy clean him though, at doing a naked poo in the potty in front of these two men and then presenting his dirty bottom to them for cleaning.  No, that was their job, that was what daddies did for their little boy.  

    “All clean!” Daddy Greg pronounced. “Now would you like a sticker for your potty chart?”  

    Matty couldn’t have been any more excited.  Stickers were great!  

    “I do it!” he insisted though. 

    “Well of course. You made the poopy in the potty after all,” Daddy Greg agreed, getting the sticker book, letting Matty choose the right one, a basketball, and then helping him to place it on the potty chart on the wall of the playroom.  

    Both daddies gave Matty big cuddles after he finished placing his sticker.  He had no memory of ever feeling so safe, loved and fulfilled all at once.  


    Matty was getting very good at using the potty.  He only had a single accident where he made a puddle on the kitchen floor because he was too excited about having an ice block to notice the urge.  But Daddy Jim had been very understanding because Matty was still learning and accidents happened to all little boys.  

    Things were going so well his daddies announced they were going to the beach and there would be another family there with a boy only a little older than him.  The daddies assured him it would be lots of fun.  

    Matty vaguely recalled not liking the beach, but the memories of why were simply missing, inaccessible in his head. And the feelings were so fuzzy, so distant, that he wasn’t sure if that was even real or something he’d imagined.  He did have such a good imagination.  His daddies told him all the time what a good imaginer he was.  

    When they went to get in the car Matty noticed that his daddies were wearing special t-shirts and shorts for the beach.  But they didn’t put any special shorts on Matty. He was sitting bare bottomed in the backseat as Daddy Jim put his seat belt on him.  

    “I don’t got beach sorts,” Matty pointed out.  He wasn’t upset, just curious.  

    “No sweetie, we’re going to a beach where it’s okay not to have beach shorts.  It’s called a nudist beach.”  

    “Nuditht beach?”  

    “A beach where it’s okay to be nakey.”  

    Matty liked that kind of beach.  But he was still confused.

    “Why you got sorts?” he asked.  

    Daddy Jim chuckled. “You don’t have to be nakey at this beach Matty, it’s just allowed.  Daddy Greg and I feel more comfortable in shorts.  Did you want shorts too?” he asked.  

    Matty didn’t even have to think about it. He instantly shook his head. He didn’t want to wear any clothes if he didn’t have to.  Nakey felt so, so good.  

    “No, I didn’t think so,” Daddy Jim agreed. 


    It was a nudist beach, but most of the people Matty saw when they arrived were wearing some clothes.  A couple old men and a lady were lying in the sand, sunning themselves all nakey, but that was it, except for him.  People looked up as the daddies led him into the sand, leading him by the hand.  For a second that made Matty feel icky, feel all funny, these strangers seeing him nakey, seeing his wee-wee bouncing around as they walked over the beach.  

    But the funny feeling faded away just as quickly as it came on.  He was a jaybird, of course people would see his wee-wee.  It was okay, the daddies were happy with him being nakey like this, so it had to be okay.  And it was so comfy.  

    They headed down the beach, heading straight towards a group of three men sitting on a towel near the water’s edge.  

    “Well hello there!” one of the men called out to them.  

    “This is a nice beach,” Daddy Jim called back.  

    “Told you it was perfect,” the man replied.  

    “Matty, this is Uncle Dan.  And that’s Uncle Pete,” Daddy Jim told Matty, introducing him to the two men.  

    Matty was quiet, he felt so shy with strangers.  Dan and Pete seemed nice though. They were smiling, they looked like daddies.  They both wore beach shorts, same as his daddies, though they didn’t have t-shirts on. Pete had a singlet, Dan was shirtless.  

    “Hi there Matty, welcome to our favourite beach,” Uncle Dan greeted him.  

    “Can you say hi Matty?” Daddy Greg prompted him.  

    Matty shook his head and pulled himself close to Daddy Greg, trying to half hide behind the man. 

    “Matty, it’s okay, they don’t bite.  C’mon honey, be a good boy and say hello.”  

    Matty stepped out and nibbled on his fingers nervously.  

    “Hewwo,” he said. 

    “Well hello to you too.  I see you’re looking very comfy,” Uncle Dan replied.  

    Matty liked the playful tone of his voice.  And he was comfy.  So he nodded, letting himself begin to smile.  

    “Told you a nudist beach would be perfect for him,” Uncle Dan told the daddies.  

    “He certainly seems comfortable with it,” Daddy Jim agreed.  

    “Matty, why don’t you play with Billy here. I’m sure you two will have lots of fun,” Uncle Dan suggested.  

    Matty looked over at the other man.  He wasn’t sitting on the towel with the two uncles.  He was on his hands and knees in the sand in front of them, pushing a plastic toy truck around.  He was the same size as the uncles, but he wasn’t wearing beach shorts like them.  He was naked, like Matty.  

    And Matty understood now, nakey meant little.  This wasn’t a third man, this was a little boy, playing with his toys while his daddies watched.  

    “Billy, why don’t you take Matty to splash in the water for a bit.  But he’s littler than you, so I want you to be in charge and keep an eye on him okay?” Uncle Pete directed the naked man with the toy car.  

    Billy nodded seriously, getting up and walking over the Matty, then reaching out to take his hand.  

    “We’re gonna pway in the water, okay?  C’mon it’s fun!” he urged, pulling Matty’s hand insistently.  

    “Go on Matty, have fun with your new playmate,” Daddy Jim also urged him.  

    So he let Billy lead him away, towards the water.  

    “Look, you gotta jump the waves, like this!” Billy directed, showing him how to sort of hop whenever a little wave was coming.  It made his doodle flop up and down, smacking his tummy.  It was silly and that made Matty smile and giggle as he joined in, trying to copy the other naked man.  

    “Yeah like that!” Billy praised as Matty hopped over a wave.  

    “I jumped it!” Matty announced.  

    Billy giggled.  “Your doodle’s all floppy when you jump.  You a nudist too?”  

    There was that word again.  “Imma jaybiwd,” Matty told the boy.  “Cuz I got all widdle.”  

    Billy nodded. “Uh-huh. Daddy says I’m a little nudist now.  But he said you’re even littler than me.  Do you go to school?”  

    Matty shook his head.  

    Billy smiled proudly.  “I go to school now.  It’s a special school, for big little boys.  The teacher, Miss Susan, is real nice and we play lotsa games.  But we can’t be nudie at school, gotta wear my shirt and shorts and big boy undies.”  

    Matty listened to the big boy in awe.  He felt much too little for school now.  The idea of going to a place without his daddies, with lots of other boys and girls seemed scary.  

    “But my daddies let me get nakey soon as I get home again.  I bet you’re always nakey cuz you’re too little for school.”  

    Matty nodded.  “Matty always nakey,” he agreed.  

    “Yeah you’re real little.  Can you use the potty?”  

    Matty nodded much more vigorously this time. “Uh-huh! Imma big boy. Use potty for poopies ‘n piddles.”  

    Billy just giggled.  “You’re silly,” he declared, hopping a bigger wave.  

    “Why you got widdle?” Matty asked him.  

    Billy looked at him with a distant expression for a moment, no longer hopping waves.  “I dunno,” he admitted after a moment.  “My daddies say I was sad when I was big. Some boys ain’t meant to be big.  We’re better off being little.”  

    “You ‘member gettin’ widdle?”  

    Billy nodded now.  “I had a special sleepy time with the nice lady.  I don’t ‘member her name no more.  Then my daddies said special words and I forgot all my big boy things.  It felt really good.”  

    “When you be big ‘gain?” 

    Billy shook his head. “I dunno,” he shrugged.  Then he looked thoughtful and asked, “You wanna have a cuddle.  My daddies say I’m a real good cuddler.”  

    Matty wanted to know why this other boy was little too and when he’d be getting big again.  But Billy didn’t seem to know and a cuddle sounded wonderful.  

    “Okay,” Matty agreed.  

    Billy stepped closer. They were just at the edge of the water now, the warm little waves only just splashing across their feet, sinking them deep into the soft, mucky sand.  Matty let the other boy close his arms around him and he followed suit.  

    Oh, Billy’s daddies were right.  He was a very good cuddler.  Matty had never felt anything like this before.  Daddies cuddled him and it was wonderful too, but Billy was nakey like him. There was so much more skin to skin contact as a result.  He even felt Billy’s pee-pee brushing against his own.  Wow, that felt so nice, made him so tingly down there.  

    “I like cuddlin’ you,” Matty told his new best buddy.  

    Billy gave him a real squeeze and then even planted a kiss on his cheek, which Matty quickly reciprocated, smooching Billy’s cheek as well.  Of course cuddles needed a kiss too.  

    “Oh, your doodle’s all happy,” Billy suddenly declared.  

    Matty looked down, confused.  His pee-pee was sticking straight out, poking Billy’s. He reached down and poked at it. It was big and hard.  That felt familiar, but also confusing.  

    “You gonna give it tickles?” Billy asked.  

    “Huh?” Matty replied, confused.  

    Billy’s hand reached down and his finger very gently stroked Matty’s penis from bottom to top. He shivered with pleasure and the penis jerked sharply upwards, going fully erect.  

    “You gonna tickle your doodle?” Billy asked again.  

    “Was dat?” Matty questioned.  

    Billy looked shocked.  “You don’t know how?”  

    Matty shook his head.  

    “You gotta tickle it until you get the stickies out.  C’mon!”  

    Billy took his hand again, leading him right back to where all the daddies were sitting together, chatting.  

    “Daddy! Daddy!” Billy shouted.  “Matty’s gotta happy doodle but he don’t know how to tickle it.  C’n I hewp him?” he asked.  

    All four of the daddies began to laugh.  

    “Well it certainly seems like they’ve hit it off,” Uncle Pete declared.  

    “I think it was inevitable,” Daddy Jim told him.  

    The two nudist man-boys stood there waiting, both looking confused by the grown-up talk.  

    Finally Daddy Greg got up and went to Matty.  “Honey have you been enjoying playing with Billy?”  

    Matty nodded instantly.  “We hadda big cuddle.”  

    “Aww, that’s so sweet.  Billy’s a very nice boy, isn’t he?”  

    “I wike Biwwy. He’s snuggly,” Matty agreed. “Daddy, he goes nakey wike me.”

    “I know honey, he’s a jaybird too. But now Billy wants to help make your pee-pee feel really good. He wants to tickle it.  Would you like that Matty? It’s up to you if you want Billy to touch your pee-pee or not.”  

    Matty thought about the wave of pleasure when Billy touched him there before. Of course he wanted Billy to do that again!  

    “Yeth Daddy!” Matty chirped.  

    All the daddies laughed together again.  

    “Okay sweetie, you two can play then,” Daddy Greg told him.  

    But Uncle Dan said, “Billy, remember the rule about your doodle.”  

    “No touching in public,” Billy recited.  

    “That’s right, and it’s the same for other boys’ doodles.  And remember, you only touch if they say it’s okay.”    

    Billy nodded again.  

    “Okay, so why don’t you take Matty into the bush walk. It’s private in there.”  

    Billy didn’t need telling twice. He grabbed Matty’s hand again and led him away from the water, back across the beach towards the trees.  They passed by other groups on their beach blankets. People couldn’t help but stare at the two nudist men holding hands, one being led by the other. Or perhaps it was the pulsing erection Matty now sported that drew the looks.  It waggled about like a metronome after all.  But either way Matty was now oblivious.  He was only thinking about the tickles he was about to get from his newest and best buddy.  

    Soon they were off the beach and Matty felt the cool, hard soil, the pebbles and dirt under the soles of his bare feet as they made their way into the bush.  What an amazing combination of sensations.  

    Billy stopped suddenly, looking around.  

    “Okay, we can do it now,” he announced.  

    “Wad we do?” Matty asked.  

    “Give your doodle tickles, so it gets the stickies out!” Billy reminded him.  

    Billy’s fingers were on his pee-pee right away.  Matty grunted involuntarily.  It felt so incredible. Billy knew just how to make him feel good, make him feel blissful.  He breathed faster and faster as Billy’s expert fingers worked his stiffy.  It felt so good to be able to share this pleasure with his friend, to have no concerns at all about who might see them, to worry about being naked on a bush path with another nudist man.  He just thought about how good it all felt, about what was still to come.  

    Matty’s toes curled into the soft dirt, his body leaned closer to Billy’s as his muscles spasmed, his back arched and he moaned out loud.  Cum erupted from his pee-pee, splashing across his skin and Billy’s too.  It was gooey, it was warm, it felt amazing.  

    “There you go, get it all out,” Billy cooed to him, clearly enjoying being the big boy, being the helper for this helpless toddler man.  

    When it was all over, when the ground and Billy’s skin and Matty’s tummy and thighs and toes were all smeared with his release, Billy took his hand once again.  

    “Now we gotta go clean it off, go splash in the water,” he instructed.  

    And so they were soon trooping back across the beach.  There was no missing Matty’s erection now flagging to half-mast, the shining streaks of liquid visible on his body.  Anyone who glanced at them knew what had happened.  But Matty wasn’t paying any attention to the eyes on him.  He just felt sated, felt totally secure with his new friend.  

    They splashed about in the water for ten minutes after that, emerging nice and clean, no more evidence of what happened in the bush.  Matty had a small jiggly pee-pee again and was happy to play in the sand with Billy while the adults watched.  


    One.  Two.  Three.  Wide awake, refreshed and alert.

    Matt could feel his chin resting on his chest as his eyes fluttered open.  He could feel the alertness, the clarity in his head right away.  He was back in Dr Jansen’s office.  She was sitting across from him, smiling pleasantly, but also looking closely at him, watching his reactions.  

    Matt wasn’t alone in her office this time though.  His daddies, the men who had been caring for him, were sat on the couch with him, one on either side.  Matt became aware of the feeling of the couch against his back.  He wasn’t wearing a shirt.  He was sitting there, cross-legged on the couch, wearing these black and grey board shorts, but nothing else.  

    He noticed his bare feet, crossed in front of him.  He could see the grime in his toe-nails.  He turned his right foot up, looking at the sole.  It was so dirty, coated in a layer of brown dust, but deeper black below that.  He poked at his heel, feeling the thick, callused skin.  

    “It’s natural for your feet to get tougher, when you go barefoot all the time,” Greg volunteered.  

    Yes, he had been barefoot all the time, for the last two weeks.  The memories were all there, fresh in his mind, and now with new meaning.  He understood so much more of what had happened.  All the times they went to the supermarket, he was dressed in nothing but shorts, just like now.  Sometimes he had run around making a scene, demanding some stupid treat, getting stared at by everyone else in the store.  Other times he had actually sat in the trolley, pressing those filthy bare soles against the wire mesh, letting everyone see what a messy dumbed down little kid he was.  

    But there was so many worse memories than that.  The trip to the nudist beach stood out of course.  But also when Billy had come over for a playdate a week later.  His best buddy had arrived in his birthday suit.  They’d shared a bath together.  They’d played and cuddled and even taken a nap in the same bed, snuggled together, a tangle of bare flesh.  

    Dr Jansen put her hand on his knee.  “Welcome back Matt.  How are you feeling?”  

    He was shivering with shame, feeling more exposed and awkward by the second.  “I feel freaking awful!” he snapped.  “I… I was naked, in front of people, in front of strangers!”  

    “And you were happy,” Jansen pointed out. “It wasn’t the end of the world after all.  You’ve been naked in front of dozens of strangers this past week.  You’ve done all your toilet trips with spectators.  And yet no one got angry at you, no one hurt you.  You have been kept loved and happy.”  

    He saw her point, but that didn’t really matter to him.  He didn’t feel any more comfortable with what had happened now.  He didn’t feel any less ashamed of his body than before.  And now he had all these horrible memories too!  

    Matt’s breathing sped up to the point of hyperventilation.  He was visibly shaking.  

    “It didn’t work at all!” he shouted.  

    “It’s okay buddy,” Greg tried to sooth him, patting his back.  

    “You just need to calm yourself down,” Jim said, stroking his arm.  

    “No!” he snapped, wanting to pull away from them, but also wanting to cover up at the same time.  “You don’t understand how I feel.  This was my last chance and it just made everything worse!”  

    “Matt, you’ve only just woken up, you can’t say it’s a failure that quickly,” Jansen cautioned.  

    “I feel so exposed right now.  Why didn’t you dress me normally before waking me up?!” he demanded.  

    “With past patients I have found they often fully embrace the modesty reduction, they become something of the opposite of how they were.  So even after the therapy they prefer being barefoot and even shirtless in their daily life,” she explained.  

    “Well I sure as hell don’t feel that way!” Matt snapped, feeling even more horrified that that could have happened to him.  

    It was clear Matt was on the verge of a massive panic attack.  He was hugging his legs, curling his body forward, trying to hide his exposed skin.  Jansen shook her head sadly, reaching out to Matt’s shoulder.  He jerked away, but she kept a hold of it.  

    “I’m sorry that the treatment hasn’t been effective for you Matt.  But I can’t let you leave in this state.  So let me help you one more time.  Drop deep for me.  Nice and deep now Matt.”

    It was actually a relief to have all the panic, all the tension and anger and fear just drain so quickly away.  His muscles relaxed, his eyes got so heavy and Matt couldn’t resist the urge to drift off into a deep sleep.  


    Opening your eyes now, alert but calm. Awake but feeling peaceful and clear.

    Matt opened his eyes to find he was still sitting in the office on the couch between his former daddies.  Jansen was still seated before him, looking more serious than before though.  What had changed was that he could feel the couch not just on his back, but under his bottom.  Matt’s shorts and undies were piled by the door.  He was now completely naked.  

    He felt a little flicker of panic, but then remembered he was calm now, he was peaceful.  But still, he didn’t like this, being even more naked than before.  

    “Why am I naked again?” he asked, though not in a panicked gasp as before.  

    “You need to make a choice for us Matt,” the doctor explained.  “Go ahead and look at your penis,” she told him.  

    It stung even to have her mention his private parts.  But he did look down, feeling even more humiliated when he saw the pulsing erection he was sporting.  His rock hard cock was standing straight up, the head all red and engorged.  

    “Why is it like that?” he asked. 

    “I’m offering you the chance for a final treatment.  I’ve only given it to a couple patients before, but I believe it is warranted in your case.”  

    “What treatment?” Matt asked, both curious and nervous.  

    “A final, permanent release from all your worries and hang-ups.  There would be no more modesty issues, no more trouble peeing, I can guarantee it.  But that would happen by cleaning out all your complex thoughts, all the grown-up ideas in your head.  It’s the treatment I gave to Billy.”  

    “Billy’s a little boy in a big body,” Matt noted. 

    “Exactly,” the doctor agreed.  

    “And he’s… he’s a nudist,” Matt whispered. 

    Another nod.  “He is.  As I said, all the modesty would be gone, for good.”  

    “For good?”  

    “You’re very lucky Matt, because your daddies here are happy for me to give you this treatment.  They’d like to take you back home with them, but as their boy, not their guest.  I have an attorney I work with, you would be declared legally incompetent, with your daddies as your new legal guardians.”

    The idea of being utterly dependent on them, of it being forever, it was terrifying.  But he remained calm, he felt peaceful.  

    “But it’s your choice Matt,” she told him.  “You can go get your shorts and undies and walk out the door and never look back.  But that will be the end of your treatment. You’ll just need to accept your life as it is.”  

    As much as Matt wanted to run away, the thought of going back to his old life was just as unpleasant.  The panic attacks, the paranoia, the inability to even pee without a massive struggle was paralysing.  It was a miserable existence.  

    “Or you can use your magic finger, to make all the worries go away.”  

    His magic finger.  Yes, that’s right, he recalled her telling him how his finger was magic, how it could do incredible things simply with a touch.  

    Now she held his hand, palm up, again.  “Just tap your finger to your head and you’ll have the most wonderful, instant, hands-free orgasm.  And all those grown-up thoughts and fears will shoot out of your stiffy and be gone forever.”

    Greg gave his shoulders a squeeze.  “It’s your choice buddy, but Daddy Jim and I would love to bring you back home today.”  

    “I know it’s a tough choice, so take your time.  Once you use your magic finger all your anxiety will be gone, but there will be no taking it back,” Jansen counselled.

    Jim leaned close in, whispering, “We’ll take such good care of you Matty.  Don’t be afraid to let go.”  

    It seemed ridiculous on its face.  How could he ever choose that life.  And yet… going back to his shell of a life seemed just as impossible.  And the daddies were so nice to him.  His memories were embarrassing, but also filled with so much fun and love.  He hadn’t been embarrassed then either, because he was just a dumbed down toddler.  

    Matt shook his head.  “I… I just can’t choose either,” he sulked.  

    Then he felt Jim taking his right hand, folding over his fingers, except for the index finger.  Jim held that one out, began lifting his hand.  

    “What are you doing?” 

    Jim smiled kindly.  “It’s okay Matty, let Daddy help,” he cooed.  

    Matt watched as the man lifted his hand higher, gently guiding it towards his head.  Greg and Dr Jansen simply watched.  Matt leaned his head back until it bumped into Greg’s shoulder.  But he didn’t push back, he couldn’t bring himself to yank his hand away.  

    His finger touched his right temple.  He felt the digit make contact.  Jesus, it had actually happened!  He’d let Jim do it, which was really the same as doing it himself.  

    Matt felt the pleasure jolt through his body from his temple through his skull and down to his penis.  

    “Ohh!” he gasped, shivering with pleasure.  

    Jansen and Greg were nodding now.  

    “That’s it Matt, let that lovely orgasm roll through you now, feel those balls emptying out all the big boy things in your head,” the doctor urged.  

    Matt didn’t feel calm anymore.  It seemed like that command had been turned off at last.  Instead he felt horrified.  He’d just sat there and let them touch his finger to his head.  He should have fought with everything he had.  

    He shook his head, he tried to hold it in, but the orgasm was too strong.  No, he didn’t want them all to see it!  This was the most private act of all!  And Jansen and the daddies were staring right at him!  

    “Ugh!” he grunted as the first big spurt of creamies shot out of his penis and splashed across his chest.  

    “There we go, good boy!” Greg cheered.  

    More spurts followed in quick succession. Matt could feel their eyes on him. It was so shameful, but he couldn’t stop it.  And with each spasm, with each spurt, he felt less and less able to focus his mind.  

    He was just along for the ride, leaning forward on the couch, face contorted with pleasure, eyes half-closed as his stiff penis sent rope after rope of cum onto the floor, onto his knees and feet.  Jim and Greg were both patting his back, urging him on.  

    Finally the squirts slowed down and came to a stop.  Matty sat back on the couch, catching his breath.  He looked down at his softening penis, then up at all the eyes staring so intently at him, at the show he’d just given them.  But there was no feeling of shame, no embarrassment.  It just felt so good, having these eyes on him, being the centre of attention.  They were all so happy with what he’d just done.  That made him feel good too.  

    It was an incredible relief.  All the worries really were gone!  Matty didn’t care that he was still naked on the couch now.  How delightful!  

    He looked down at his feet again. They were dirty, they were icky feet.  He grabbed one and brought the wiggling toes to his mouth, wondering what the black stuff tasted like.  Oh, they were salty.  It felt good nibbling on them.  

    Dr Jansen shared a pleased look with Jim and Greg as they watched Matty recover from his orgasm.  They couldn’t help but smile as the dazed looking man began to examine his toes and then quickly slipped them into his lips, leaning back on the couch and sucking on them, cross-eyed with curiosity.  

    “Sorry, I just wasn’t sure he would be able to make the choice himself,” Greg apologised.  “I hope he’s happy with it.  I just thought it would be for the best.”  

    Jansen waved her hand dismissively. “Oh Greg, his finger wasn’t actually magic of course. Nothing would have happened when you touched it to his temple unless he wanted it to work.  You just helped him give permission to himself to let go.  

    “And it only could have worked as much as he wanted it to.  But look at that boy munching his tootsies. He wanted this so much.  He wanted to be very, very little indeed.”  

    She leaned close to the toe-sucking young man and said in the brightest, most condescending voice, “Did you make creamies for us Matty? Did you do big stickies for your daddies?”  

    Matty let his toes pop clear of his mouth.  

    “Uh-huh. Done cweamies,” he agreed.  

    “And I think you liked doing them for us all to see, didn’t you baby?”  

    Matty considered this and then realised the nice lady was right.  It felt so good showing his daddies what he could do.  He wanted them to see everything he did after all.  

    “Yeth!” he agreed.  

    “I think you’re just like your buddy Billy now.  You’re going to be a nudist, a little show off.”  

    Billy was his friend.  Yes, Matty really liked Billy.  And Billy was bigger than him. He looked up to Billy, so of course he wanted to be just like him.  That made perfect sense in his simplified little head.  

    “Be wike Biwwy,” Matty agreed.  

    Dr Jansen nodded and looked back at the daddies now.  “Well, he’s all yours.  I’ll make arrangements with the lawyer to get things squared away, but take him home for now, help get him settled in.”  

    “Could you put us in touch with that adult daycare centre as well?” Jim asked her. 

    “Of course.”  

    Matty wasn’t listening to the grown-ups anymore.  He’d been one of them until a few moments ago, he still knew that.  But he was equally certain that he was all little now.  He felt tiny, he felt smaller than anyone else here.  His head was a fuzzy mess.  He’d felt all the big boy smarts squirting out of him. It was a real physical sensation, his brain being scrubbed clean.  He was certain what had just happened was physical and real and permanent.  His smarts were all over his tummy now.  He could touch them, could feel them.  But they had gone bye-byes and weren’t coming back.  Thank goodness he had Daddy Jim and Daddy Greg to keep him safe.  


    It had been over two months since Jack and Erica had last seen their flatmate, Matt.  It wasn’t like they saw all that much of him before that either though.  He had kept to himself, stayed in his room most of the time.  He was an odd guy, they understood that.  

    But then he told them he was going to be away on a trip for two weeks, and that had seemed quite unusual.  Matt wasn’t a social guy at all.  What kind of trip would he be taking?  

    So it had been less surprising when Dr Jansen had contacted them, explaining that Matt had actually been at an in-patient treatment centre.  She couldn’t go into what he’d been treated for of course, confidentiality and all that.  But she did explain sadly that Matt had suffered a complete breakdown at the treatment centre and that for the foreseeable future he would be unable to live independently.  The therapist sent over some men to collect Matt’s belongings and they had to advertise for a new flatmate.  And for a few weeks that seemed like it would the last they heard of Matt.  

    Except Dr Jansen contacted them again a couple days ago.  She explained that she wanted to re-introduce Matt to all the important people in his life.  Jack was less than eager to take part, especially after the therapist explained the extent of Matt’s breakdown.  The poor guy had totally lost his intellectual faculties.  He had the behaviour, intelligence and maturity of a toddler and needed round the clock care and supervision.  Jack had no interest in seeing their old flatmate like that.  But Erica had assured the doctor they would love to help out.  

    “Why would you tell her that?!  I don’t want to see Matt toddling around, drooling all over himself, maybe even wearing a fucking diaper,” he had snapped after she got off the phone.  

    “Stop being so selfish,” she had chided him.  “He was our flatmate for over a year. You know I always tried my best to get him out of that shell of his, make him a part of the flat.  I’m not going to turn my back on him now, when he needs support more than ever.”  

    So they found themselves heading to Matt’s new house for a barbeque.  There were a few cars parked on the street out front and a balloon tied to the mailbox announced that the party was here.  The man who answered the door introduced himself as Jim.  

    “So how did you know Matty?” he asked them as they stepped inside.  

    “We were his flatmates,” Erica answered.  Both she and Jack noted the use of the childish form of Matt’s name.  

    “Ah lovely.  Well I’m so glad you could be here to support Matty in this new phase of his life.  We didn’t want to see him cut off from his family and friends, hidden away as some kind of embarrassment,” Jim explained.  

    “No, of course not,” Erica agreed. “Mental illness shouldn’t be a stigma anymore.”  

    “Exactly.  But I do want to prepare you.  I believe Dr Jansen has explained to you that Matty had a mental collapse.”  

    “She didn’t quite put it that way, but yeah, we heard,” Jack answered.  

    “Well Matty essentially rejected everything about his old identity.  His keen intellect, his reserved nature, his extreme modesty, all of that went out the window.  Now Matty’s a wild, messy, playful toddler in a grown-up body.  So you need to be prepared for that, when you see him,” Jim explained.  

    Jack didn’t like the sound of that at all, but Erica squeezed his hand and smiled for both of them.  “We’ll be very kind to him, no matter how he looks.”  

    “Lovely.  Well, let’s head out back then.”  

    They followed Jim through the house.  

    “Erica, look,” Jack whispered to her as they entered the kitchen.  

    All the cabinets had child-proof locks on them.  Indecipherable crayon drawings adorned the fridge.  

    The rest of the guests were in the yard.  A dozen men and women, chatting cheerfully while another one of the hosts stood at the grill, wearing an apron and holding a beer.  

    But Jack and Erica weren’t looking at them.  Their eyes immediately fell on Matty as he rushed across the grassy backyard straight towards them.  He was completely naked, his hairless penis and balls bouncing around in plain view.  

    “Oh my God!” Jack whispered to Erica.  

    Even she was too shocked to speak.  

    Matty went straight up to Jim, grabbing his arm and yanking at it.  

    “Daddy, I wanna swing!” he urged, totally ignoring his old flatmates seeing him like this.  

    “Okay honey, you can swing,” Jim told him kindly.  

    “No! You gotta push daddy! I’m too widdle,” Matty insisted, pouting and yanking at Jim’s arm.  

    His diction was utterly juvenile, but it was still his appearance that most stunned Jack.  Matt had always been so pale and sickly looking. Now, his face was fuller looking, healthier.  The normal tension and worry were totally absent, he appeared utterly relaxed.  His skin wasn’t pale either.  He was tanned now, and it wasn’t a farmer’s tan.  There were no lines.  His feet, his tummy, even his bottom all looked equally tanned.  

    “I’ll give you a push in a second buddy. But first, can you say hello to Erica and Jack?  You remember them, don’t you Matty?”  

    Jack felt even more uncomfortable as Matty looked right at them.  His face was so slack, his features utterly transformed.  But then he did something even stranger.  He smiled.  In a year of living with him, Jack could never recall Matt smiling.  But now he grew this big, innocent grin.  

    “Uh-huh!” he agreed brightly.  “I knowed ‘em when I big!”  

    Jim was encouraging.  “That’s right Matty, they were your flatmates.  That’s what it’s called when grown-ups live together,” he explained.  

    Matty nodded.  “Notta gwown-up now,” he told them seriously.  “Matty widdle. Dis my daddy.”  

    Erica at least managed to smile back now, nodding.  “Oh… yes, Matty, we’ve met your… um… daddy.  Are you… um… comfy like this?” she asked, looking his body up and down.  

    Matty looked down at his feet, then back up, clearly confused.  

    Jim chuckled.  “Matty, she means are you comfy being all nakey?” he explained to the vacant-eyed man.  

    Matty understood now.  “Yeff! Nakey feews nice,” he assured, grinning again.  

    “Okay, I better take him over for a swing before he makes a scene.  Toddlers aren’t known for their patience.  You go grab a sausage okay,” Jim told them, letting Matty lead him off to the swingset.  

    The former flatmates got their sausages, eating them in shock, still unable to stop glancing at the naked man now sitting on a child’s swing, being pushed by Jim.  He squealed and screeched in glee, showing off that the bare soles of his feet were black with dirt as he swung them out.  

    “Poor Matty,” Erica said.  

    “It’s pretty shocking, but I dunno, maybe he is better off now,” Jack mused.  

    Erica looked horrified and gave his arm a slap.  “How can you say that?”  

    “Sorry, but he’s a lot healthier looking now and I’ve never seen him so relaxed and happy have you?”  

    Erica looked ready to retort, but she couldn’t deny those facts.  So she ate her sausage instead.  

    Matty soon tired of the swings.  Jim re-joined the adults while the sole nudist crept around in the grass on his hands and knees, pushing a bright orange toy dump truck, guiding it between the guests’ feet.  He appeared utterly oblivious as he weaved between his former friends, colleagues and flatmates, showing everyone his big, tanned, bare bottom.  

    The other guests seemed to have similar conflicting feelings.  Jack and Erica heard people commenting on Matty’s happy expression, his seeming release from all his past anxieties.  But also voicing their pity at his reduced mental abilities, their discomfort with his apparent embrace of nudity.  

    Jim had just come back over to them, to check on their drinks when Matty stood up, abandoning his toy and rushing over to them.  

    “Well here comes the guest of honour again.  And what can we get you buddy?” Jim asked.  

    “Gotta do tinkles! Gonna do ‘em in da potty.  Wike Biwwy!”  Matty announced at full volume.  

    “Billy’s a special boy, like Matty, but a bit older, if you understand what I mean.  He follows him around like a lost puppy when he comes to play, wants to be just like his big boy friend,” Jim explained to them.  

    Matty grabbed his penis with his right hand, starting to hop from foot to foot.  “Daddy! Need da potty!” he urged.  

    “Okay honey, let’s go to your potty,” Jim told him, taking his hand.  

    But now Matty held back.  

    “Wan’ Ewica ‘nd Jack to come too Daddy! I wanna show ‘em,” he urged.  

    Jim nodded.  “I’m sorry, but he loves showing grown-ups how he can use the potty, like a big boy.  Would you mind coming with us?” he asked, clearly aware of how awkward it would be for them, but pleading nonetheless.  

    “Um.. yeah, okay,” Erica answered for the both of them.  

    Jack wasn’t happy at all, but felt unable to refuse now.  So they all headed inside.  Matty’s potty seat turned out to be a small blue and yellow plastic potty that was right in the middle of the living room.  

    As Erica and Jack stood there watching, Matty dropping onto the potty, carefully tucking his penis under the plastic rim and waiting, his knees bent sharply upwards, glassy eyes scanning the wall until the sound of liquid splashing against plastic filled the room.  

    Matty smiled and looked right at Jack and Erica.  

    “Doin’ my tinkles,” he announced to them.  

    Erica tried her best to be encouraging.  “You sure are Matty.  What a big boy you are,” she praised.  

    Jack said nothing, just gave the man a jerking nod.  

    When he was done, Matty stood back up, but that was when things got even more embarrassing.  Jack hadn’t thought such a thing even possible, but there it was.  When Matty stood it revealed his penis was growing erect, jerking upward as he stood there, the final drops of urine still dribbling down the shaft as he nibbled on two fingers, waiting for his daddy to clean him up.  

    “Oh… oh my…” Erica muttered.  

    “Jesus,” Jack gasped under his breath.  

    But Matty didn’t make any attempt to hide his newest shame.  Instead he saw his erect penis and reached down for it, taking it in his hand and beginning to pump up and down while looking right at them.  

    “Oh dear!” Erica gasped, covering her mouth as they watch Matty begin to masturbate.  

    “Hold on there Matty,” Jim quickly intervened.  “What’s the rule when we have guests in the house?” he asked.  

    Matty’s hand stopped pumping. 

    “No touchin’ pee-pee,” the grown toddler answered, letting his penis go.  

    “Good boy.  I know it was very exciting, showing your grown-up friends how you can use the potty.  You were very good for them.  Now, let’s go back outside to play, okay?”  

    Matty nodded, toddling back out of the living room, back to his toys outside.  

    Erica and Jack just shared a stunned look with each other, then headed back to join the rest of the guests.  


    Matty’s doodle was still all big and happy as he played with his cars.  He’d made tinkles on the potty while his former flatmates watched.  It felt so good, being able to have that release in front of them.  No need for privacy, not an inkling of shame.  Matty had the fuzziest, vaguest memory of having trouble doing his tinkles when he was big.  Now it was so easy, and it felt so wonderful to have an audience for it.  That’s why his doodle got big afterwards.  

    He wanted to make stickies, but touching his doodle was a no-no when they had guests over.  That was a very important rule.  Daddy Jim and Daddy Greg both said so.  There were a lot of guests today, for a barbeque.  Daddy Jim said that’s when people cook outside and eat sausages and burgers.  It’s a funny word, barbeque.  Matty tries his best, but he can’t say it.  Big words like that are tricky for little boys.  

    Matty knows all the guests.  They were people he knew when he was big, before his special release when he squirted out all his smarts.  They’re all still big though.  Only Matty lost the big boy thoughts.  All the guests are wearing clothes, talking about big grown-up things, stuff Matty can’t understand anymore.  He’s happier playing with his toys. 

    That’s okay, it feels just as good to play with his toys while they watch.  He sees them looking at him while he plays and that makes him happy.  It’s so nice to get grown-ups’ attention.  A lot of them asked him about being nakey too.  They don’t know how good it feels.  Is there anything better than feeling the grass and dirt on his skin when he plays? Or the way his doodle bounces around all free when he walks and runs?  Grown-ups aren’t allowed to be nakey.  They don’t know how much fun it is.  

    “Hey, what you playing with?” asks a familiar voice.  

    Matty grins ear to ear.  It’s Billy!  His best buddy is at the barbeque too.  

    “Got caws.  Wanna pway?” he asks eagerly.  

    “Uh-huh!” Bill answers instantly.  

    Of course he wants to play cars. Billy’s bigger, but he’s still little.  He’s not a grown-up, so he won’t be standing around talking and eating with them.  Billy has a grown-up body, just like Matty.  But everyone knows he’s little, cuz he’s naked too.  

    For a minute they play side by side, making car noises, smashing them together, giggling at their silliness.  Then Billy notices something.  

    “Matty, your doodle’s all big!”  

    He nods.  “I did tinkles in da potty ‘nd the grown-ups watched.”  

    Billy giggles.  “Aren’t you gonna make stickies then?”  

    Matty shakes his head. “No touchin’ my pee-pee. Got guests.”  

    “Oh,” Billy says with a frown.  “Well, can I touch it?” he asked.

    Matty didn’t understand the rule his daddies gave him.  He couldn’t begin to comprehend the logic behind it.  He followed the rule because he was a good boy and did what his daddies said.  But they never said Billy couldn’t touch his pee-pee.  So that had to be okay.  

    “Uh-huh,” Matty agreed.  

    Billy reached right over and his fingers felt delightful on Matty’s stiff penis.  Billy was so big and smart.  He was an expert on this.  He knew just how to make Matty feel perfect, feel utter bliss.  And Matty was already so excited, seeing all his old friends, showing them how he pottied.  It didn’t take much to get him right to the edge.  

    But then the funny thing happened.  It happened every time he was on the edge of an orgasm.  His grown-up thoughts seemed to wake up a bit, float to the front of his mind.  Sometimes he would edge for several minutes, able to think and reason, aware of his situation as long as he stayed right at the edge.  But it was impossible to maintain that for longer than a few minutes.  

    It was happening now though.  As he approached the edge he felt a mental clarity and awareness spread through his head.  He realised he was standing there naked in the backyard, facing the whole barbeque.  All of his former friends, colleagues and his flatmates were all there.  And they had all stopped eating and chatting.  They were transfixed, watching this other nudist intellectually impaired man jerking Matty off.  

    Some of their faces showed shock and horror.  His former colleague Brian appeared to be laughing. Others were trying to look away.  

    Daddy Jim started to move out of the crowd, to intervene.  But Daddy Greg stopped him, grabbing his wrist and shaking his head.  “The damage is done, let them finish,” he said.  “You know how exciting this all must be for him. He needs the release. And I think he needs them to see this too, even more than the tinkles in the potty.”  

    Matt felt fully clear again.  He understood all the expressions, he understood every word Greg had just said.  He could have tried to explain how this had happened, he could have called out and told them all to look away.  Or he at least could have told Billy to stop jerking him off in front of everyone.  

    But any of that would have made it even more embarrassing, because then they’d know he was aware, that he was at this moment a grown man, naked in front of them all.  There was no coming back from this, they’d all seen his utter reduction.  He was beyond ashamed.  And the only tiny comfort was that they didn’t blame him at all, because they all saw him as a giant toddler. They thought he simply didn’t know any better.  He was blameless, he was innocent.  

    They couldn’t know he was aware.  So he didn’t stop Billy.  He let those wonderful fingers continue to caress, continue to stroke.  It only took seconds before the process was involuntary.  His back tightened and arched and he knew what everyone was about to see him do.  The most private of acts possible, in front of them all.  

    Matty closed his eyes tight, groaned and shot his load all over the grass and Billy’s hand.  Everyone watched, some covering their eyes, others drinking the shocking sight in.  It was like a car accident, they couldn’t look away.  

    When it was done Jim went over to clean the boys up.  Matty sat down, bare-bummed on the soft grass, watching Daddy clean his sticky tummy up.  Everyone was still looking at him.  They’d seen him do the stickies and that made Matty feel so good!  Stickies were such a big boy thing to make.  And they saw Matty could still do them, even though he was all little now.  Yes, they must all be so impressed by him.  

    Feeling utterly sated and very proud, Matty was content to sit in the grass with his best buddy Billy, playing with his toes while the grown-ups got on with their conversations again.  Sometimes the grown-ups still looked at him, watched him exploring his toesies with his mouth, watched him rolling in the grass wrestling with his best buddy.  He liked when they looked at him.  It was nice having grown-up’s attention.  Little Matty was free to play without a worry in the world. 

    The End

    The Look

    Based on a story idea from musclelover4826

    It was unexpected when Adam messaged me.  I hadn’t heard from him in a few months.  We had been good friends for years, but then he moved a few suburbs over, got a new job that ate up all his time and gradually we had hung out less and less.  So it was welcome to see that he had messaged me.  

    When I read the message though, it wasn’t had also probably been his best friend for the longest time. He must not have anyone else to turn to.  

    That’s amazing mate!  I’m not sure I’m very good with kids, but if you really need the support, of course I’ll do what I can

    It was the best I could do.  I mean, I didn’t want to say no, but I also didn’t want to be too enthusiastic.  

    The bubble appeared showing he was typing a reply right away.  

    Thanks dude!  I know kids have never been your thing, so this really would mean the world to me.  How about we meet at Harold’s tomorrow around noon, talk things over?  

    Damn, he must really be that desperate.  Well I couldn’t refuse, what kind of friend would do that?  

    Cool, see you then!  


    Harold’s was a cafe Adam and I used to have lunch at pretty often.  But it had been nearly a year since I’d last been there.  I hoped it would be like old times, but I knew that was impossible now.  I had so many questions.  How did he end up adopting, how old was the kid, how did he manage the expenses?  

    Adam looked pretty much the same as always when I spotted him sitting at a table toward the far side of the cafe.  He was thirty-two, thin with a receding hairline.  He used to wear glasses, but he’d had that laser surgery a few years back.  He wasn’t as well groomed or dressed as he could have been.  I took a lot of pride in my appearance, spent time getting my hair and outfit right each morning.  Adam often looked like he just threw on whatever was cleanest.  

    Today he was in a t-shirt and track pants, his standard attire when he wasn’t at work.  I never said anything about it anymore. 

    “Sam! Great to see you!” he greeted me, rising from the table to shake hands and then give a quick man-hug.  

    “I’ve missed hanging out,” I told him.  “I thought you were just busy with work, so I didn’t try to push you.  I had no idea your life had got so complicated.  Sorry I didn’t stay in touch.”  

    “No worries mate, I’m the one who should have been keeping you in the loop,” he told me.  “Anyway, the adoption was very sudden.”

    “I guess it must have been.  You never talked about wanting a kid,” I said.  

    “Well it was an unusual circumstance.  My little boy, he isn’t actually little, physically I mean.”  

    I was confused and it showed on my face.  

    “I mean he’s a little boy on the inside, up here,” he explained, tapping his temple.  “But on the outside, he’s big.”  

    “So you adopted an intellectually impaired adult?” I asked.  

    “Essentially yeah.”  

    Now I really didn’t know what to think.  

    “I didn’t even know that was possible.”  

    “Well technically I’m his legal guardian, his power of attorney.  It’s an alternative to putting him into an institution, some heartless bureaucracy,” he explained.  

    “How did this happen?” I asked, utterly baffled.  

    “Mikey was a co-worker of mine.  He was a really smart guy, really friendly, but kind of kept to himself.  He didn’t have a partner, he was estranged from his family.  And then there was an incident, and he was left profoundly impaired.  With no family, he’d have been stuck in some institution and I couldn’t let that happen… so, I adopted him,” Adam explained.  

    Oh Adam, poor bleeding heart Adam.  Of course he’d done it.  He’d never talked about kids, but he was the caring type.  

    “That’s incredible Adam, I really have to take my hat off to you.”  

    “It’s been wonderful, really.  He’s still big on the outside, but he’s really just a sweet, silly little boy now and I’ve found it so rewarding being his daddy.  That’s what he calls me you see.  It’s easier that way. We don’t ever mention his old family, who just abandoned him.

    “But it is very draining to be daddy all the time, twenty-four seven.  And I was hoping to have a night a week off.  The problem is that no babysitter will watch a boy like mine.  So I was wondering if you’d do it for twenty dollars an hour, once a week?”  

    Every week was way more than I had expected.  But I also hadn’t expected to be offered money to help my friend.  I was saving up to buy a house and every bit helped.  But watching a grown-up man who behaved like a child?  I wasn’t sure I could handle it either.  But again, I felt obligated to at least try.  

    “I’d love to help, Adam,” I told him.  “When were you thinking?”  

    Adam looked overjoyed.  

    “Thanks so much Sam!” he gushed.  “Well, I was thinking Tuesday nights, so I could do pub quiz.”   

    “Tuesdays would work for me,” I agreed.  

    “Perfect! Now, you should probably meet Mikey,” Adam went on.  

    “Sounds good.  You want me to meet him before Tuesday then?”  

    Adam laughed. “No silly, I meant right now.”  

    He gestured over my right shoulder and I looked over where he was gazing.  Harold’s had a small area for little kids to play while their parents ate.  It was just some basic toys, but it kept the little tots entertained.  

    But right now it wasn’t a tiny tot playing there, it was a grown man.  Mikey appeared to be mid-twenties, average build, with messy light brown hair.  He was down on the floor on his hands and knees, playing with a toy tractor.  His t-shirt featured a cartoon raccoon and the words Daddy’s Little Rascal.  He had a pair of bright blue board shorts on as well, but he was barefoot and looking around I didn’t see any discarded pairs of shoes or sandals either in the play area or under our table.  

    “Mikey! Come over here honey!” Adam called to him.  

    I blushed at the attention being drawn to this grown man playing with little kid toys.  Other cafe customers looked of course.  Eyes widened as others noticed the oversized tyke.  Some looked disgusted, others filled with pity.  

    Mikey shoved his toy tractor along the floor, running towards us hunched over as he pushed it along until it rammed into the empty chair next to mine.  

    The barefooted man giggled and then looked up at us.  I could see the innocence in his eyes now, the slackness of his face.  Yes, it was obvious he wasn’t mentally all there.  

    “Tac-taw go boom!” he announced.  

    Adam wasn’t blushing at all.  He seemed impervious to the staring of other customers. 

    “It sure did Mikey.  But right now I want you to say hello to Sam.”  

    Mikey gaped at me slack-jawed for a moment, but said nothing.  

    “Mikey, use your manners, say hello to Sam,” Adam directed him again.  

    “Hi,” he chirped, before slipping two fingers in his mouth and nibbling at them.  

    Adam shrugged. “I’m afraid that’s about the most you’re going to get now. He’s a bit shy.”  

    “No problem,” I assured.  

    Adam leant closer to Mikey, putting a hand on his arm.  “Honey, we’re going to go soon, so do you need to make tinkles now?” he asked.  

    My eyes widened at the intrusive question.  But the grown man before me didn’t look scandalised.  He didn’t blush, didn’t tell Adam not to ask personal questions in public.  No he just shook his head, his expression neutral.  

    “Are you sure?” Adam followed up.  

    “No tinkle,” Mikey confirmed.  

    “Is that because you tinkled already?” Adam asked next.  “Did you make a wee-wee in your pants?” 

    I had to fight hard not to let my jaw drop.  But Mikey still wasn’t embarrassed by the question.  

    “Nuh-uh,” he answered.  “Bih-boy!”  

    “Okay, let’s just have a look then.”  

    Have a look?  I couldn’t believe it, but Adam grabbed the front of Mikey’s shorts, pulled up his t-shirt and then yanked the elastic waist back, peering down into the man’s crotch.  After a long moment he pronounced, “Yep, all dry!”  

    Mikey was oblivious to this public exposure.  He just grinned all the more as he was confirmed to be dry.  “Uh-huh! Mikey use da potty.  Mikey bih-boy!”  

    “Yes, you’re a very big boy,” Adam agreed.  “Now, finish your milk before we go.”  

    Adam held up what was unmistakably a sippy cup with two handles.  

    But now Mikey balked, pouting and shaking his head.  

    “Dun wanna.”  

    “Mikey, you need to finish your milk.”  

    “No!” he snapped, deeply pouting now, crossing his arms, looking ready to have a tantrum.  

    “Mikey, no treat later if you don’t finish your milk.  Be a good boy for Daddy.” 

    Mikey’s resolve instantly disappeared.  He clearly wanted his treat, or maybe just to be a good boy.  In any case he let Adam guide the sippy cup to his hands, holding it in both of them, drinking his milk.  He was messy, with milk dribbling down his chin the whole time. But he was doing his best.  

    “There’s my thirsty boy.  Make it all gone for Daddy,” Adam cooed to him, rubbing his back. 

    “And he used to be your colleague?” I asked, still amazed the man slurping down milk from a sippy cup could have once been a functional adult.  

    Adam nodded.  “He was a very smart man actually, before he had an incident with D-R-U-G-S,” he explained, spelling the word out.  

    Mikey’s face remained slack, his glassy eyes zoned out as he drank his milk.  He clearly couldn’t spell at all, probably didn’t even know the alphabet.    

    “Oh, so that’s what happened,” I said, feeling so sad for Mikey.  

    “Yeah, poor guy just burnt out his little brain.  But it’s okay now, he has daddy.  I do all the thinking, all the decision making for him and I keep him safe and happy.”  

    Mikey smacked his lips, smacking the sippy cup down on the table and announcing, “All gone!”  

    Adam lifted the cup to confirm this, then gave Mikey a big smile.  “You sure did. What a good boy you are for Daddy!  And I’m sure Sam is very proud of you too,” he added, looking to me.  

    Mikey looked over at me too, his vacant eyes falling on my face.  

    “Yes Mikey, you’re such a… um, big boy, finishing all your milk,” I praised him.  

    It felt so strange to talk to this grown man like that.  It would have felt strange saying it even to a little kid, but it was ten times stranger to speak to a twenty-something man like that.  

    Mikey ate it up though.  He smiled proudly and agreed, “Imma bih boy.”  

    Then I did something that felt even more awkward for me.  I reached out and put my hand on Mikey’s back.  I normally loathed physical contact with strangers but it was different with kids.  Kids expected physical comfort from adults who cared for them. And I was going to be caring for Mikey.  I needed to get used to that idea now, and get him ready for it.  

    “That’s right Mikey. And you’re a very lucky boy, you have such a nice daddy to look after you.”  

    The grown toddler nodded seriously.  “Wub my daddy,” he affirmed, then turned to Adam and gave him a cuddle.  

    “Aww, thanks buddy. Daddy loves you too,” Adam cooed to him, rubbing his back and giving him a little squeeze.  

    After their cuddle Adam started gathering up their stuff.  “Okay, we have to be going. This little guy will be much less smiley if we miss story time at the library.”  

    “Story-time? Isn’t that for… y’know, little kids?” I asked. 

    “Yeah, but they are perfectly happy with special boys and girls like Mikey coming too.  There are a couple others who come now and then too.”  

    As he got up I had to ask, “Did Mikey leave his shoes somewhere?”  

    Adam chuckled.  “Oh no, he doesn’t have any to lose.  It’s bare feeties all the time for my little guy.”  

    “Really? How come?”  

    “Well it’s the healthiest thing for little boys.  Strengthens all the muscles there, toughens the soles.  Little boys are so clumsy and they’re always running and climbing.  It really helps having them barefoot, keeps them aware of their surroundings, makes them watch where they’re walking more, gives better grip when they climb.”  

    It was a fair argument, but it overlooked the social aspect of it.  Mikey had such dirty feet now and he was being made to walk around barefoot in public. 

    “All the time though?”  

    “It started out as a quick way to toughen his feet up at the start.  But he got used to it so quickly, found it so enjoyable, and I realised that no one complained about his lack of shoes. When they saw he was special, that he was really just a little boy, no one expected any more of him than an actual toddler.  So why make him wear shoes when they clearly weren’t necessary and he didn’t want them?” Adam explained.  

    “Yeah, I get that,” I told him.  No point forcing my views, that it looked slovenly and dirty, on them.  

    “So I’ll see you Tuesday.  Say five o’clock?”  

    “Perfect,” I agreed.  

    And off they went, poor Mikey being led along by his hand, dirty soles of his bare feet smacking along the floor and then the pavement of the footpath.  Adam was definitely a caring father, but he had no taste at all.  


    “Thanks so much for helping out,” Adam greeted me.  

    “No worries,” I assured him, heading into the house.  

    It had been a while since I’d last been in the place, but it had utterly transformed now.  There were toddler and preschooler toys just everywhere.  A toy box in the corner of the living room just overflowed with them.  There was Play Doh, Thomas the Tank Engine trains scattered about, Duplo Blocks and a bunch of toy dinosaurs among other toys.  

    “Wow,” was all I could say.  

    Adam laughed.  “Yeah, it’s pretty nuts. Little guy is basically in charge of this room.”  

    Mikey came out of the kitchen then, a ratty looking stuffed raccoon cuddled against his face while he sort of chewed on the ear.  He was wearing a white t-shirt that showed all the food stains it had been subjected to, maybe just today.  He wasn’t wearing any pants either, just these rather thick looking undies with navy blue piping and designs of cars and trucks decorating them.  They were sized to fit Mikey, but clearly looked like they belonged on an actual little boy.  

    Adam smiled and waved him over.  “C’mon Mikey, say hello to your babysitter.  You remember Sam.”  

    Mikey nodded, but the raccoon ear didn’t leave his mouth.  

    “Use your words, silly,” Adam prompted him.  

    “Hi Sam,” Mikey greeted quietly, still looking me over warily.  

    “He’s still a little bit shy with you, but that won’t last much longer and then you won’t be able to stop him chatting to you and demanding cuddles,” Adam warned.  

    That still made me feel a little uneasy.  I wasn’t a big fan of physical contact and Adam knew that.  But I smiled nonetheless.  

    “I’m sure you’ve noticed his lack of pants.  I’m afraid just getting him into his big boy undies and his shirt took all my efforts.  Mikey’s generally my big little nudist.  He almost never has clothes on when we’re home.”

    I felt even more uncomfortable hearing that.  What if the man-boy tried to strip off again?  Would I be expected to stop him? 

    “Is that… is it hard to stop him?” I asked awkwardly.  

    “Oh… no, I don’t discourage it,” Adam clarified.  “I mean, if anything I’ve been very encouraging of his nudist streak.  It helps him get to the potty and he’s such a messy boy, it saves me a lot of laundry.  You can see what happens when he wears a shirt for lunch.”  

    Get to the potty.  Did he mean the toilet, or did he mean… ah, yes, now I saw it, a plastic potty seat was right next to the toy box.  

    “Does he use… um, that?” I asked, pointing to the potty seat.  

    Adam nodded.  “Yes, he’s really only used to using his own potty.  The grown-up toilet scares him.  I find it’s best to simply get him seated on the potty while I read to him, let him be on it for ten minutes or so and then see if he’s used it.”  

    “So the undies will have to come off for that,” I noted. 

    “Oh, I doubt they’re going to stay on for long.  I got him dressed as best I could because I know how you are Sam.  And that’s okay, but if you’re going to do this, you’re going to have to get used to seeing Mikey in his birthday suit.  So don’t worry about keeping him in his clothes, it isn’t worth the fight.”  

    He was right that it made me uncomfortable, but I wasn’t neurotic about it.  The man was basically a big toddler.  Toddlers were messy, they did all sorts of embarrassing and disgusting things and you just had to deal with it.  

    “I’ll be fine,” I assured him.  

    “Okay then.  His dinner's in the fridge, marked with his name. You just need to warm it up in the microwave.  He needs a bath before bed.  His normal bed-time book is next to the bed. He likes to be cuddled while you read it and he’ll want to help by turning the pages.  And don’t worry about jammies after his bath, the bed has a waterproof liner and he always sleeps in the buff.”  

    He may like being cuddled while hearing his story, but that part wasn’t likely to happen tonight, at least not while he was also naked.  There was a limit to what I would accommodate.  

    “Got it Adam,” I assured him.  “You go on out and I’ll take care of everything.”  

    “Oh, bedtime is eight o’clock,” Adam added. “If he stays up any later he gets cranky.”  

    Wow, that was an early bedtime.  Surely his body didn’t need as much sleep as a real little boy.  But it wasn’t my place to question Adam’s rules, so I just nodded.  

    Adam gave Mikey a big cuddle before heading off, finally leaving me alone in charge of the man-toddler.  

    “So, you want to show me some of your toys?” I asked him.  

    While still looking a little shy, Mikey nodded and went over to his toy box.  

    “Dis choo-choo twain,” he told me seriously, taking a toy I recognised as Henry and holding it up for me to look at.  

    “Oh yes, that’s Henry, isn’t it?” I said, showing off my knowledge of children’s shows.  

    Mikey grinned.  “Henwy,” he agreed.  “Henwy geen,” he chirped, looking positively proud at his ability to name the colour.  

    “He sure is!” I praised the twenty-something for correctly identifying a colour.  “What a clever little boy you are.”  

    His shyness was quickly disappearing in response to my praise.  Mikey crept over to me and handed me the toy.  

    “You hab,” he said, then turned to play with one I recognised as Edward, making little chugging noises for it as he pushed it along the carpet.  

    I kept the toy with me as I went to the kitchen to see what was left for dinner.  Mikey was engrossed in play now so it was fine.  Turned out to be simple chicken fingers and baby carrots with hummus to dip them in.  A note explained that everything should be kept separate, Mikey didn’t like his foods touching.  

    I was about to warm them up when heavy footsteps approached.  Mikey was standing there with a serious expression, his knees twisted together, hand gripping the front of his undies.  

    “Potty!” he announced.  

    “It’s back in the playroom honey, you should hurry back to it,” I told him.  

    He nodded and held out his free hand urgently.  Oh, he needed an adult to watch.  He actually couldn’t even use the toilet on his own.  

    I took his hand, letting him lead us quickly back to the play area.  He turned around, facing me as we reached the potty, waiting for something.  Oh, he wanted my help.  Great, this was the last thing I wanted.  But it was better than cleaning up a mess.  I grabbed his undies and yanked them down, letting them drop to his ankles.  

    With a smile he sat on his potty seat, looking ridiculous on the little plastic thing.  It was only seconds before the sound of urine on plastic could be heard and Mikey’s smile grew bigger.  

    “Good job Mikey,” I praised him, giving his knee a little pat.  

    “Tinkles in potty,” Mikey told me proudly.  

    “They sure are.”  

    When he was done he stood back up and I saw that his penis was still wet with the last few drops.  It was so strange to be seeing another man’s dick like this.  Not only that, he was all smooth down there.  Apparently Adam had shaved him, maybe to make cleaning up accidents easier.  I got a wet-wipe and awkwardly dabbed the end of his penis with it.  It was so weird, being so close to him, having him just stand there with that blank expression, no shame at all as another man cleaned his penis.  

    “Okay, all clean,” I pronounced.  

    “Aw cwean,” Mikey parrotted.  

    I looked down at his undies, still piled at his feet.  Well there was nothing worse to see now anyway, so maybe I should let him be more comfortable, if he really did prefer that.  

    “Mikey, did you want to leave your undies off?” I asked him.  

    He nodded instantly.  

    “You like being naked, huh?”  

    He giggled. “Uh-huh! Imma nakey boy,” he agreed.  

    “Okay, let’s get those undies off your feet then,” I agreed, helping him to step out of them.  

    Mikey was clearly happy with this change, hopping up and down, his limp penis sort of jiggling up and down, visible beneath the bottom of his t-shirt.  

    “Better?” I asked. 

    “Yeff!” he agreed.  Then he said, “I wike Sam,” and opened his arms to me, asking for a cuddle.  

    How could I refuse?  I let Mikey cuddle into my arms.  Oh, he was actually really nice to cuddle with.  He was warm and solid in my arms, he squeezed me, but not too tightly and he rested his head on my shoulder.  It was such a truly loving hug, no hesitation, no awkwardness from him at all.  

    “You my fwiend?” he asked as we hugged.  

    “Yeah, sure Mikey.  I’m your friend,” I agreed.  

    He giggled lightly, then I felt something really unexpected. He pecked two kisses on my cheek.  

    “Sam’s my fwiend,” he declared brightly.  

    “Aww, thanks buddy,” I cooed to him.  I normally loath physical touch, but this, it was actually enjoyable, it felt good to be given such unguarded affection.  I mean I could feel this man’s penis, his bare penis, actually brushing against me, but instead of revulsion I just felt awe at how open he was.  

    After our cuddle, which must have lasted a full minute, Mikey said, “Lez watch toons!”  

    That was a perfect idea.  That would keep him engrossed for a long time, maybe all night.  

    “Sure buddy!  What you want to watch?” I asked.  

    Apparently he already knew, because he hurried to the shelf with all the DVDs and quickly picked one out.  

    “Watch dis!” he urged.  

    “What is it?” I asked, taking the DVD.  

    “Kenny ‘n Owwie!” he announced so eagerly, like I would know what that was.  

    The front cover showed two cartoon men that I certainly didn’t recognise from any show I’d heard of.  But they were always coming out with new kids’ shows these days, and I obviously didn’t keep up with them.  I knew the classics, like Thomas and friends, but this new stuff was a mystery.  

    What was odd was that the men were the same size, both depicted as grown-ups as far as I could tell, but the one on the left was wearing a Tommy Pickles outfit of t-shirt and diaper and nothing else.  What kind of show was this?  Oh well, it would keep this giant rugrat entertained and that’s what mattered.  So I popped it in the DVD player.  

    Mikey was bouncing on the couch now, legs folded under him.  

    “Which episode?” I asked.  

    “Watch ‘em all!” he demanded.  

    “Ah, you’re a binge watcher.  I get that.  Okay then,” I agreed, sitting next to him on the couch and hitting play.  

    The show seemed to be about two young men who were moving in together because their parents had got married.  Kenny, it explained, was a little boy, even though he looked big. Ah, no wonder Mikey loved this show so much, it was practically about him. 

    The Ollie character on the other hand wasn’t so sure how he fit into his new family and Kenny wanted him to be little like him, to become his true brother.  The first episode established the general arc of the show.  Ollie wanting to fit into his new family, but struggling with how to be a little boy like Kenny.  He was resistant to the idea of course, insistent that he was a big boy, that he didn’t like little kid stuff.  But by the end of the episode Kenny had shown him how much fun it was to be little and Ollie agreed to let Kenny show him how to be a happy little boy.  

    “Owwie bein’ siwwy!” Mikey pronounced as we waited for the next episode to load.  

    I nodded.  “Yeah, he was insisting he was a big boy.  So silly,” I said sarcastically, but knowing it would go right over his head.  

    The second episode loaded with it’s cheesy theme song playing, then the title card announcing this episode was called “Free Feet!”  

    The episode opened with Kenny excited for a trip to the library.  

    “Why are you so excited about going to a library? You can’t even read!” Ollie chided the overgrown toddler.  

    “Don’t have to read silly! It’s story time, so the grown-up lady reads to us.  And she does all the voices and it’s so much fun.  But even better is after the library. That’s when we go to the playground next door!” Kenny explained.  

    The conflict in this episode became clear as they were about to leave for the library, both characters still dressed as in the first episode.  That was standard for all cartoons, right?  But Kenny pointed to Ollie’s feet and shook his head.  

    “Ollie, you gotta leave your shoes here,” Kenny insisted.  

    “What! Why?  

    “You still look all big and grown-up.  You’ll look silly at story-time sitting with the other little boys and girls.  And you can’t have shoes on the playground neither!”  

    Ollie pouted, looking very much like a little boy.  “But then everyone will think I’m little, and my feet will get all dirty too!”  

    But Kenny just nodded.  “Exactly!”  


    “Everyone will know you’re little.  And it’s going to feel so good Ollie.  And your feeties will get all dirty.  Little boys need to be messy.  It feels so good getting messy.  And it feels so, so good having free feeties.  You know you want to have free feeties. Nothing feels as good as that!” 

    It was such a strange plot.  But the longer I watched, the funnier I felt.  When Ollie gave in and took off his shoes I felt good for him.  Lucky Ollie, now his free feet would feel so nice.  Yes, having free feet would be so comfy.  And that’s exactly what the character learnt in the episode.  By the end of it he was squishing his toes in the mud on the walk home after the playground.  Yes, he was a very lucky little boy.  

    Mikey clapping and hopping up and down next to me shook me out of my thoughts.  Wow, I’d really got absorbed into the episode. I’d totally forgotten where I was, that I had this boy to be babysitting.  

    “Lookit!” Mikey told me.  

    I looked over to see him holding his foot, showing it to me.  

    “I got fwee feeties!” he announced.  

    I nodded.  Yes, Mikey was such a lucky boy, with his free bare feet.  God, that looked so comfy.  And his soles were all dirty too. Yes, that’s just how they were meant to look.  It must feel so nice.  

    “They’re all dirty on the bottom,” I pointed out.  

    Mikey nodded, still smiling.  “Feets get icky.  Daddy call ‘em widdle boy feets,” he told me.  

    “Yeah, little boy feet sounds right,” I agreed.  

    Normally I would find such an idea repulsive.  I mean dirt was bad.  It was bad to be all dirty, all covered in grime and germs.  Except for little boys.  Little boys needed to be all filthy.  That’s just how they were meant to be.  Right?  

    I couldn’t ponder it longer as the next episode began and I just felt so drawn in the second the theme music began to play.  


    I knelt on a towel at the side of the bathtub, sleeves rolled all the way up, though my shirt was a bit wet and sudsy anyway.  Mikey kept splashing the water.  A couple times he did it intentionally to wet me, smiling cheekily.  But mostly he was just oblivious to the mess he was making. He was utterly engrossed with his bath toys.  He had a scuba man, a couple bright plastic boats, and for some reason a Spiderman action figure too.  

    He at least mostly cooperated as I scrubbed him clean.  He really was quite grimy.  It wasn’t just the soles of his feet, though they were by far the worst.  His hands were messy too, his knees grimy from crawling around the grass and dirt of the yard earlier in the day.  His hair had a couple twigs stuck in it from when he must have done somersaults outside as well.  

    The bathroom was humid, steamy even, with that familiar smell of warm bathwater.  I had to admit this was actually quite enjoyable, caring for this big little boy.  He was so smiley, so happy and innocent.  

    “Sam, you geddin!” Mikey urged at one point, patting his hands on the water’s surface again.  

    “No silly, only little boys have baths,” I reminded him.  

    He shrugged and returned to talking to his scuba man.  But a strange part of me did kind of want to climb into the water with him.  It was so nice and warm.  The tub was so big too. It would be quite a squeeze to be sure, but we’d probably both fit.  But that would be totally inappropriate of course.  

    After his bath Mikey climbed out and let me scrub him dry as best I could with a nice soft, thirsty towel.  

    “Okay, now it beddy-byes time,” I told him.  

    How odd that it was beginning to feel natural speaking to this fully grown man in such a childish way.  

    Mikey pouted.  

    “Wanna stay up wid you!” he sulked.  

    “I know, but Daddy says this is your normal bedtime and I want to be able to tell him you were a very good boy.”  

    Mikey frowned stubbornly while I ran the towel over his arms and then his legs.  

    “Are you going to be a good boy for me, Mikey?” 

    The twenty-something man nodded at last.  

    “Uh-huh.  But you gotta wead me a stowy,” he insisted. 

    I chuckled lightly.  “Of course I will honey.”  

    All dry, Mikey took my hand, eager to have his story at least.  So strange, watching him pad along the carpeted hallway with his body so bare, so utterly exposed.  I didn’t even suggest pyjamas, or putting his stained t-shirt back on.  Adam said this was his normal sleep attire, his birthday suit.  

    Mikey climbed quickly into his bed, getting under his dinosaur themed sheets and grabbing the big picture book off his bed stand.  

    “C’mon, we gotta cuddle,” he urged, patting the space on the bed next to him.  

    And something strange happened then.  All my hang-ups about physical contact, my awkwardness around nudity, seemed to have simply melted away.  On the contrary, I felt a powerful urge to climb into the bed, snuggle Mikey up, have close, affectionate, physical contact with him.  

    “Okay buddy!” I said, climbing into the warm bed, feeling that soft waterproof sheet under me.  

    Mikey quickly rolled his body right into mine.  I snaked my arms under his shoulders, squeezed him in tighter, feeling his leg even intertwine with my own.  So much skin to skin contact.  He was warm and smelled so fresh from his bath.  His head, with its still damp hair, rested solidly on my shoulder and shoved the book into my hands.  

    It was a silly little book about a bear hunt, complete with animations of course.  Simple short words, but even then they were too complex for little Mikey now.  

    “Do you know what that says?” I asked him, running my finger across the first line.  We’re going on a bear hunt!

    Mikey gazed at the words, his eyes so unfocused, his face slack and sleepy and uncomprehending.  He touched the line with his own finger, but said nothing.  After a moment he simply shook his head.  

    “That’s okay, you’re much too little to read, aren’t you honey?”  

    Mikey nodded seriously.  “Too widdle,” he agreed.  

    So I read the story to him instead.  He helped by turning the pages of course.  

    “I do it. Mikey hewp!” he chirped each time.  

    “Good boy,” I replied each time as well.  

    Mostly though, he snuggled tightly against me, sucking on his thumb, eyes half-closed as he prepared to drift off to sleep at eight in the evening.  

    But the very strangest thing of all was the thoughts that kept popping unheeded into my head.  Wondering what it felt like for Mikey, not knowing how to read even the simplest of words.  What was it like to go from such an intelligent, independent adult to this?  

    But most of all, I couldn’t stop thinking about how Mikey felt being all naked.  And what it would be like if I was naked too.  We’d watched three episodes of Ollie and Kenny and at the end of the third they’d been cuddling each other to sleep.  What would that be like? If I was like Mikey, if I was simple-minded too and we were sharing this bed, having the story read to the two of us, as brothers.  How would this cuddle feel if I was just as naked as Mikey, if our bare penises brushed against each other.  

    It was a relief when Mikey’s eyes closed and he drifted off to sleep with the story not even finished.  I managed to extricate myself from the bed without waking him, going back to the living room to recover my composure.  I had to shut out these strange thoughts.  How could I be feeling almost… jealous, of Mikey?  He was trapped here with a toddler’s mind.  He was messy and totally lacking any privacy, or even a concept of privacy.  And yet, even as I thought about that, my penis got hard.  


    For the rest of the week I kept having these thoughts about Mikey, about what he might be doing at the moment, about what it would be like to be him.  

    When I got home from work on Wednesday I immediately kicked off my shoes, peeled off my socks.  God, that felt so much better, just an utter relief.  I needed to go to the supermarket though, buy my dinner.  But when I got to the front door I hesitated before grabbing my shoes.  It felt so good having free feeties.  I scrunched my toes on the carpet.  God, it was nice to have them out in the air, feeling the floor under my soles.  

    I didn’t even own a pair of sandals or jandals though.  I’d never liked guys who wore them. But now… I didn’t want to put those shoes back on.  What if I just went to the store barefoot?  

    Ugh, my penis stiffened instantly.  

    But my feet would be all dirty if I did that.  

    Oh God, my erection stiffened more.  

    Everyone would see me though.  They’d see I was a barefoot guy, walking around the supermarket with no shoes like… like a little boy.  

    I almost creamed my pants right there at the thought.  I was sweating heavily, I was so aroused.  This wasn’t normal of course.  But I didn’t want it to stop.  

    I walked out the door, feeling that warm pavement under my soles.  I got in my car.  Jesus, I’d never driven barefoot in my life.  And then I was at the supermarket, the moment of truth.  I got out of the car, felt the hot pavement of the car park under my bare soles, then the smooth, cool linoleum floor of the store.  I had done it.  And god did it feel amazing!  


    Tuesday afternoon meant it was time to babysit Mikey again.  I changed out of my work clothes, put on something more comfy.  I’d been dressing down after work all week.  Why bother being all formal when you didn’t have to be?  And besides, tonight I’d be dealing with a messy little boy.  It had been silly to dress in good clothes last week.  

    I was feeling thrilled to see Mikey again.  I couldn’t stop picturing him after his bath last week, all pink and smooth and nakey, his doodle bouncing between his thighs as he walked to the bedroom.  

    Then Adam messaged me: 

    Hey mate, sorry I got stuck at work.  Could you pick Mikey up from his daycare and bring him home? 

    Mikey went to a daycare during the day.  Huh, well that made sense.  He couldn’t very well stay home alone could he?  

    I quickly replied that I’d be happy to pick him up and Adam sent me the details.  

    The daycare turned out to be an adult care centre.  It was a place filled with special people, intellectually impaired adults.  The front door was tightly secured, like a jail or a psych ward.  But once the receptionist had buzzed me through I was led to a room that looked very much like a child’s daycare.  

    The walls were brightly coloured, painted with trees and flowers and cartoon animals.  The special men and women played with toys, coloured with crudely held crayons, watched a children’s cartoon show.  

    Mikey was sitting there on his bottom on the floor watching the show with four others.  I noticed right away that he seemed to be wearing nothing but his shorts.  He was shirtless as well as barefoot.  And actually both the other men on the floor with him were the same.  Actually no, one of them was wearing just these thick undies, perhaps pull-ups actually.  And even the thirty-something woman next to him was topless and even braless.  She was just wearing the frilliest pink skirt, her bare breasts on full display.  

    None of them seemed to notice my arrival.  They were all totally absorbed with their show.  Mikey was gazing at it with wide, glassy eyes and the slackest jaw, his chin shiny with drool.  What on Earth was so captivating?  

    Oh, it was Kenny and Ollie!  For a moment I felt almost compelled to sit right down next to Mikey on my butt, to watch the entrancing show with him.  

    But the desire to get him home, be his babysitter, was stronger.  

    “Mikey honey, it’s time to go home buddy,” I told him, kneeling down and patting his shoulder.  

    Mikey looked over at me, blinking as though he were just waking from a nap.  After a long moment his eyes focused and he smiled at me.  

    “Sam!” he chirped.  

    “That’s right buddy.  You ready to go home?”  


    I got him stood up and said, “Let’s get your things. Do you have a cubby here?”  

    “Yeth!” he assured, taking my hand to lead me this time.  

    We found his bag in his cubby.  The cubby was labeled with his name, but also his photo.  No doubt so that he could recognise it.  His t-shirt was there as well.  There were shirts and bras in a number of the cubbies in fact.  

    “Okay, we better get your shirt back on,” I prompted.  

    Mikey nodded obediently and raised his hands in the air, waiting for me to dress him.  

    “How come everyone has their shirts off?” I asked as I threaded his arms through the holes.  

    “Cuz more comfy,” he answered.  

    I was surprised the carers let them just run around half naked because it was more comfortable, but it probably also meant less mess for them.  No need for a change of clothes if you just take their clothes off on arrival.  

    “There we go, all dressed!” I pronounced.  

    Mikey grinned and patted his tummy, looking down.  His eyes widened and he grinned ear to ear, pointing at our feet.  

    “Sam goz fwee feeties!” he declared.  

    I felt embarrassed and excited at once, having him notice, having him point it out to everyone.  

    “Yeah, I like being barefoot too.  It feels so nice,” I told him.  

    “Dem icky feets?” he asked.  

    I felt a little thrill as I stood on one foot and held up the other to show him the bare sole, to show him how black it was. I hadn’t worn shoes outside of work for a week now.  

    Mikey beamed.  “Widdle boy feets!” he confirmed.  

    “Yep, just like yours,” I told him, opening my arms as he instantly thrust his body into mine, demanding the biggest of cuddles.  Oh, it felt so good hugging him.  Our toes overlapped and I felt his wiggling atop mine.  


    Back at Adam’s house again I got Mikey unbuckled from the back-seat, let him hurry inside.  He showed me more of his toys after that.  We played with his blocks, crashed his cars together.  Then I warmed up the dinner Adam had left for him.  But as I laid it out, I couldn’t help but say, “Mikey, I don’t want you to get your clothes messy while you’re eating.  Why don’t we take them off.  Would you like that buddy?”  

    He nodded right away, creeping over on his hands and knees and sitting back on his bottom, arms raised straight in the air.  I slipped the t-shirt back off.  My heart pounded as I said, “Okay Mikey, go ahead and stand up for me, so we can… um, get everything off you.”  

    Without a flicker of hesitation or blush, Mikey stood up, waiting innocently as I undid the button of his shorts, unzipped them and then slipped my thumbs into the waist of not just the shorts, but his cartoon-print undies as well.  I slipped them down at once, watching his penis flop clear.  As I knelt down at his feet to guide them out of the leg holes, I was at the perfect height to look right at his doodle, all smooth and soft, dangling between his hairless thighs.  

    “There we go, all nakey!” I said, gathering up his piled clothes.  

    “Nakey boy!” Mikey agreed brightly, reaching down without a hint of shame, grabbing his penis and absently poking and playing with it right in front of me.  “Lookit my doodle! All bounthy!” he declared, hopping up and down so his penis did indeed jiggle and flop about.  

    And I just smiled and nodded and even reached out and softly patted his bare bottom.  I wanted to encourage this nudism. I wanted him to know it was a good thing to be a nakey boy.  

    But most of all, I wanted to know what it felt like.  I mean, I knew what it felt like to be nude.  But what did it feel like to have no modesty about it, to be so utterly innocent about being naked in front of another man.  

    Mikey ate his dinner with his fingers and I cleaned him up afterwards.  But then he wanted to watch more cartoons.  

    “You were just watching Kenny and Ollie at daycare.  You really want to watch more?” I asked.  

    But he nodded vigorously.  “Wanna watch wid Sam!” he insisted, pulling me to the living room, to snuggle up on the couch again.  

    I didn’t want to argue with that.  Soon I had his bare body cuddled so warmly against me.  He was sprawled right across my lap, arm around my neck, head resting on my shoulder.  I rested my own hands on his legs, feeling that smooth skin.  

    We picked up with the fourth episode of Kenny and Ollie, right where we left off.  And as comfy and excited as I felt with Mikey on my lap, as soon as the theme song started, I was aware of nothing but the TV screen.  It just made me feel so peaceful, so utterly safe and secure.  There was no need to worry about anything else.  Just watch the toons, watch Kenny and Ollie and learn from them.  Kenny had such important lessons for us.  And we were all such good boys, such fast learners.  


    We watched four episodes, but then it was bath time.  I drew it, got the toys in the water, then waited as Mikey climbed in.  I knelt there at the side, wishing I got to be so splashy and have cool toys.  Mikey splashed me really big at one point and I couldn’t help but giggle.  

    “Gotchew all wet!” he shouted, grinning ear to ear.  

    “You sure did,” I agreed.  I decided to take off my shirt, since it was all wet.  Oh, it felt nice having my shirt off.  No wonder Mikey went around like this all day at daycare.  He was so lucky.  I had to wear a shirt all day.  I even had to wear shoes for work. Mikey didn’t even own any shoes.  

    After the bath I towelled Mikey dry again.  

    “Lez pway,” he urged me.  

    “Beddy-bye time,” I reminded him.  

    He shook his head.  “Pway together,” he urged.  

    It reminded me of the episode of Kenny and Ollie where the boys were left home alone, so they stayed up way past their bed-times and played lots of fun games.  It was naughty, but little boys were meant to be naughty.  Little boys broke the rules sometimes, because it was fun.  

    I really did want to play with Mikey.  And I wanted to be naughty.  I wanted to break the rules.  That was silly.  That felt good.  

    “Okay, let’s play a little bit,” I agreed.  

    “Yay! Pway time!” Mikey shouted, hurrying back to the living room, to the toys.  

    I joined him there, on the floor, on our hands and knees.  It was fun playing with him and he had such good toys too.  

    As we played with the cars, driving him on this special rug laid out like city streets, Mikey put his hand on my back, getting my attention.  

    “You my beft fwiend,” he told me, looking utterly serious.  

    And the level of affection I felt for him just absolutely surged.  I was being completely honest when I nodded and assured him, “You’re my best friend too!”  

    He smiled and we shared another cuddle, right there on the floor.  It felt nice with so much skin to skin contact.  

    Then Mikey poked at my shorts and said, “You be nakey.”  

    I shook my head.  “No Mikey, I can’t get naked.”  

    “Feews good,” he insisted.  “Bounthy pee-pee,” he urged, bouncing on his knees to make his penis jiggle again.  

    “I know. I’m glad you like being nakey.  But only little boys can run around being naked jaybirds.  I’m a big boy.  I mean… I’m all grown up,” I corrected.  

    Mikey pouted and poked my foot.  “Widdle boy feets,” he said.  

    I chuckled.  “Yeah, I do have little boy feet, like you.  But the rest of me is big.”  

    “Be widdle. Wike Owwie!” he urged.  

    I understood now.  The last episode we watched, Ollie learned how fun it was to be naked after a bath.  Mikey clearly thought I was like Ollie, that I was trying to become his brother.  And inside, in my own head, I couldn’t help but feel the same thing.  It was so strange, but yeah, I felt like a big part of me did want to be his brother.  I did want to be like Ollie.  And it would be amazing to be naked now, like Mikey.  

    But this wasn’t a cartoon.  I was a grown-up, I was the babysitter, not the brother.  

    “Sorry Mikey, but I have to stay big so I can take care of you,” I explained.  

    Mikey pouted, but he seemed to understand that.  We played a bit longer, but then he started to yawn and I knew he needed to actually get to sleep.  

    Soon we were back in his bed.  It felt so nice under those covers, with Mikey cuddled next to me.  I started reading the book to him.  He didn’t care that it was the same story as last time.  It must be the same one a lot.  He liked the repetition.  Little kids are like that.  

    What changed this time is how sleepy I felt.  But then something happened to make me regain some alertness.  Mikey began to hump his penis against my thigh as I read the story.  At first I thought I was imagining it. Then I thought it was incidental.  But Mikey continued, and he began to hump harder.  

    I stopped reading, looking down at Mikey.  He was staring right up at me, his eyes wide, arms tight around me as he pushed his penis up and down against my shorts.  

    “Mikey, what are you doing buddy?” I asked.  

    “My doodle happy.  Gez happy when Daddy weads me.  Sam make it happy too.”  

    I knew this should be revolting to me.  I should be stopping this, getting out of bed, telling Mikey this was inappropriate.  

    But Mikey didn’t know any better.  He just felt happy, he felt good, because of me.  I peaked under the covers.  Oh yes, he had a pulsing erection.  He was stiff as a board, grinding against me.  I’d made him that excited.  My gentleness with him, my cuddles.  And that just made me feel so, so good.  I wanted to make Mikey happy like that.  And it was so exciting to see his total lack of inhibitions again.  

    “Do you… um, rub your doodle against Daddy like this?” I asked.  

    Mikey breathed faster, pushing with more effort.  “Uh-huh.  Daddy tickle my doodle when it happy.”  

    “And you like that?”  

    He nodded right away.  “Doodle make stickies for Daddy. Stickies is nithe.”  

    God, I so wanted to share some “stickies” with him.  But I couldn’t.  That would be wrong.  Was it wrong that Adam touched him down there? Was it wrong for Adam to help him get that release?  I didn’t know, but it would definitely be wrong for me.  I wasn’t even his Daddy.  

    But I didn’t want to stop him either.  I couldn’t ruin his fun.  And it didn’t take much longer anyway.  I just let the book go, put my arms around his body and held him close, patting his back as he thrust and thrust and then grunted loudly, releasing streaks of sticky goo across my body and his own.  

    I had streaks of Mikey’s warm cum across my tummy and chest.  It should have disgusted me.  But all I felt was happy for him, and jealous.  What an incredible release.  What freedom to have that pleasure without any concern for what it meant, for who was watching.  

    Mikey kissed me on the cheek again, a big wet smooch.  This time, I kissed him back, planting one right on his lips.  

    He giggled and then yawned again, going limp in my arms, drifting rapidly off to sleep.  And this time I just stayed where I was.  I was so sleepy now too.  And this was so comfy.  In no time at all, I was sleeping too.  


    “Good morning buddy.”  

    It was Adam’s gentle voice that woke me up.  The light in the window told me that it was indeed morning already.  I’d slept the whole night in Mikey’s bed.  Shit.  

    I blushed deep red.  This looked awful, me in bed with this intellectually impaired man, who was naked, who’s cum was now surely dried all over my stomach.  

    “Adam… I, oh, I must’ve drifted off while I was reading…” I stammered.  

    Adam didn’t look upset though, he just looked concerned.  

    “Don’t worry about it Sam,” he assured me.  “Are you decent under there?” he asked.  

    “Decent?” I repeated, confused.  

    He nodded. “You have some undies on? Or, are you nakey?”  

    I quickly shook my head. “No, no, I’ve got my shorts on.  I just… I took off my shirt cuz we was taking a bath.  I mean… I was giving Mikey his bath.”  

    Adam nodded, but then he pointed at the end of the bed, where my feet were poking out from the end of the covers.  

    “I just noticed that you have little boy feeties down there.  Icky feets like those only come from being barefooted a lot.”  

    I blushed again and shrugged.  “Oh, yeah… I have been recently.”  

    “I didn’t see any shoes by the door when I got home.  Did you come barefoot today?”  

    “Yeah, I didn’t think I’d need shoes for tonight and we would be playing ‘nd stuff so…”

    “It’s fine, it’s fine buddy.  You don’t have to explain it to me.  I know how comfy bare feet are for boys.  And that’s what you are, right Sam?”  

    I hesitated.  The way he asked that was confusing.  “Um… yeah,” I agreed.  

    Adam nodded.  “That’s what I thought.”  


    “I checked the DVD player when I saw you were in this bed last night.  I saw you’ve been watching Kenny and Ollie.  You watched it with Mikey, didn’t you?”  

    “Oh… yeah, why?” I asked, really confused now.  It sounded like that was naughty.  My penis stiffened a bit at the thought of being naughty.  Little boys were naughty.  

    “How many episodes did you watch? Can you remember?” he asked.  

    “Um.  Maybe eight?  I dunno.  Mikey really likes it.”  

    “It makes all little boys happy.  Very happy.  Mikey probably had a nice release last night, didn’t he?”  

    Oh God, he knew.  I squirmed uncomfortably.  “Oh… he did… um, yeah, he sort of touched himself and I didn’t know if I should stop him…” 

    Adam chuckled.  Thank goodness he didn’t seem upset.  Instead he sort of rubbed my shoulder to relax me.  

    “It’s fine Sam, Mikey likes to make his stickies on a daily basis.  He’s still got a man’s sex drive and needs after all.  I help him most nights. It’s very bonding.  I love making him happy.”  

    “Oh… okay,” I said, relieved that I wasn’t in trouble, even though it was good to be a little naughty.  

    “I had just thought you might have had a release of your own,” Adam began.  

    I violently shook my head.  “No! I would never do that Adam,” I assured him.  

    Again he patted my arm in a calming way.  “Shh, shh, it’s okay Sam.  I wouldn’t be upset with you for getting some release.  It’s quite natural after watching so much Kenny and Ollie.  But I knew you hadn’t made your stickies yet.”  

    “Yet?” I asked, feeling so utterly befuddled now.  

    Adam nodded, frowning slightly now.  

    “I’m sorry buddy.  I didn’t know that Mikey had any idea where those DVDs were kept.  You really weren’t supposed to see those shows.”  

    “It’s just some cartoon,” I said.  

    “No honey, it really isn’t.  You see Mikey didn’t really have a drug overdose at all.  What made his head all empty was watching Kenny and Ollie.  The show is hypnotic, inducing a deep trance and then planting suggestions.  

    “It’s made to be a very pleasurable experience, so you’d want to keep watching, over and over.  Needing to masturbate afterwards is very normal.  The first time Mikey watched them, he couldn’t keep his hands off himself.  You’ve shown incredible control not to touch yourself, impressive really.”  

    My heart was pounding in my chest.  I’d been exposed to hypnosis.  Jesus, that explained so much.  All these strange thoughts and desires had been put into my head.  God, it was a relief to know I wasn’t just a pervert.  

    “Wow, Adam, that makes me feel a lot better actually.  I’ve been having all these strange urges.  And oh wow, that’s gotta be why I’ve been going around barefoot so much!”  

    “Oh definitely.  I wanted Mikey to be my perpetually barefooted boy, so that’s a major part of the suggestions,” Adam confirmed.  

    As messed up as all that was, all I cared about now was I was off the hook.  

    “Well, guess I won’t be watching any more of that show,” I joked.  

    Adam didn’t laugh though.  He was frowning again.  

    “What’s wrong?” I asked.  

    “The programming doesn’t work all at once.  It can change some behaviours, make you feel funny, but most of what’s placed inside your head doesn’t come out until it’s triggered.”  

    I had the sudden feeling of a ticking time bomb inside me.  My anxiety was back in a flash.  

    “What trigger?!” I demanded.  

    My gasp was loud enough that it woke Mikey up.  He stirred in the bed beside me, stretching out, smiling sleepily up at his Daddy.  

    “Wakie-wakie buddy,” Adam cooed.  

    “Daddy!” Mikey chirped, throwing off his covers and bounding over to cuddle his Daddy.  

    Knowing that Mikey had actually been made like this by Adam made me see this in a whole new light.  Had Mikey wanted this?  Had he had any say at all?  What was I a part of?  

    Adam cuddled and kissed Mikey, even reaching right down and gently flicking his soft penis.  

    “Did you make some nice big gooey squirts for Sam last night?”  

    Mikey chortled innocently.  “Yeth Daddy! Made ‘em on Sam.  He dun do ‘em Daddy.  Sam no stickies.”  

    “I know baby.  Next time you’ll just have to help him, won’t you?” Adam cooed to him.  

    Mikey nodded. “Mikey gonna hewp,” he agreed.  

    “Such a good boy. Okay, you go play while I talk with Sam, okay honey.”  

    Mikey didn’t need telling twice.  He raced out of the room, already full of energy.  

    “What was that about?  He can’t be… y’know, touching me down there,” I gasped.  

    Adam sat back on the side of the bed.  

    “Sam, the trigger is different for each person.  I got to decide how I wanted Mikey’s programming triggered.” He paused a moment, then with a shrug said, “I chose ejaculation.”

    My jaw dropped open.  “What?”  

    Adam blushed a little.  

    “Yeah, I know it sounds messed up.  But here’s the thing.  I wanted it to feel wonderful.  I wanted it to be a pleasurable experience.  Having an orgasm at the same time as all his smarts were wiped from his head, every last mature and intelligent thought blanked from his mind, at the same time as he achieved a glorious, orgasmic release.  So that’s what I chose for him.”  

    “What you chose for him?  Did he know what was going to happen?” I asked, unable to keep the accusatory tone out anymore.  

    “Mikey was deeply unhappy.  He wanted out of the life he had one way or another.  I just helped him achieve the least violent exit from all his worries.  Did he know that he’d be like he is now? No.  But I promised him a permanent release from his problems and I delivered that.”  

    “Permanent?” I echoed, more nervous again.  

    Adam nodded.  “The programming is a one way trip.  Mikey won’t be growing back up, going back to his job.  He’s got the mind of a three year old and always will.”  

    “But… you said… I mean, I watched those shows…”  

    Adam nodded seriously.  

    “When I came home last night and saw you in bed with him, I was a little confused.  But then I saw the soles of your feet.  I saw how black they are.  And I know how you are, so neat, so well dressed and never liking physical contact.  So seeing you cuddled in bed with him, dirty feet, I pretty much already knew.  

    “Still, I checked the DVD player to confirm it.  And then I knew there was no question that you’d seen the programming.  I decided to let you sleep, give you some time to let it all be done.  I thought by the time I came this morning it would be finished.  

    “Frankly I fully expected to be greeted with a big drooly smile when I woke you up.  I expected to pull back those sheets and find two bare bodies under them, two big messy streaks of drying cum on the sheets over both your bare doodles.”

    The very suggestion chilled me to the bone.  

    “But I didn’t have my release,” I told him.  “Like you said, I held back.”  

    He nodded.  “Yes, you did.”  

    “So now what?” I asked.  

    “Now?  Well, I’ll get you breakfast shortly.  And then we’ll get the both of you dressed for daycare.  I’ve already called them.  I’ve explained what happened.  They’re part of this of course, they produce DVDs.  They’ve already got a cubby for you, right next to Mikey’s.”  

    What the fuck?!  I shook my head vigorously.  

    “What are you talking about Adam?  Like you said, I didn’t give in, I’ve still got my mind.  I’m going to work, not to daycare!”  

    Adam just gave me that sad, pitying look again.  

    “Oh Sam, you just haven’t had it triggered yet.  It’s just sitting there, waiting.  The next time you ejaculate, that’ll be it.  You’ll instantly experience an irreversible loss of your intelligence and maturity.  Even if you held out for a week or more, eventually it would happen in your sleep.  

    “Then you’d just wake up that way, a toddler in a grown-up body, all alone and probably terrified.  You wouldn’t want that.  Not to mention that you’d miss out on the best part.  Honey I saw Mikey’s trigger ejaculation.  It was better than a normal orgasm.  It was pure euphoria, I saw it in his eyes.  

    “And now… well, I have to admit I’m glad you hadn’t already had your release when I woke you just now.  I’m glad that I’m going to get to see it, see that blissed out look of euphoria.  It’s just, the look on Mikey’s face, the way his eyes went all peaceful and innocent when it happened, I just loved seeing that look, seeing that change.  And now I’m going to get to see it again on your face.”  

    I shook my head.  “Mikey didn’t know what was going to happen though, did he?”  

    “No,” Adam agreed. 

    “Well I do now.  And I’m not just going to let that happen!”  

    “There’s no reason to put it off Sam.  It’s irreversible now and inevitable.  It’s best to just let it be done with.  Just reach down under those sheets, make that second stain right now.  Then we can get those shorts and undies off, let you enjoy some nakey time before daycare.  That’s part of the programming too, making you my lovely little nudist.”  

    I didn’t want Adam or anyone else seeing me naked.  But at the same time, the very thought of it did make me horny.  I couldn’t help it and the little tent in the sheets didn’t escape Adam’s attention.  

    “That’s right Sam, you’re going to be my jaybird.  Isn’t that silly, after how modest and well dressed you’ve been.  I made the programme for Mikey and he was never really that uptight.  But there’s no question it will work for you too.  You’ll be just as big an exhibitionist as Mikey.  

    “I love answering the door for deliveries with him right there behind me, let them all get a little show, tell them I’m sorry, that my boy is special, that he’s disabled.  Tell them how I just can’t keep clothes on him.  

    “And soon you’ll be right there next to him, waving to the courier driver, your pee-pee bouncing around for him to see.”  

    He knew what he was doing.  He wasn’t mocking me, torturing me for pleasure.  No, he knew those thoughts were arousing me now, driven by his programming.  He was trying to push me over the edge, make me cream my undies right now.  And damn it, those horrifying thoughts did make me so horny.  

    “Why are you doing this?!” I demanded.  

    Adam patted my shoulder again. “The daycare is all set to do your intake in just a couple hours.  I need today to get everything ready to transition you to your new life.  I’ve already scheduled a doctor’s appointment, to have you diagnosed as profoundly intellectually impaired, start the ball rolling to be appointed your guardian.  

    “It’s a lot of work for me.  But you won’t need to worry about any of that if you just make your creamies for me now.  You’ll just have a nice fun day playing with Mikey, making new friends at daycare.  No more responsibilities for you at all.”

    “They all saw me yesterday, they know I’m normal,” I pointed out.  

    Adam shrugged.  “Yes, and they’re all quite happy to help you adjust to your new life.  I don’t think you’ll be getting too much special treatment though.  They have a whole facility of special boys and girls and by the time you arrive, you’ll be just another disabled boy.  They’ll help you put your clothes in your cubby so you’re comfy for play.  They’ll keep you busy while us grown-ups work.”  

    No more work.  No more apartment, never mind saving for a home of my own.  Adam was telling me my life was going to be just like Mikey’s now.  Jesus, playing on my hands and knees in the kiddy play area at Harold’s.  Crawling around between the tables with my bare feet up for everyone to see.  Everyone I knew would see me reduced to this empty-eyed moron with dirty bare feet, messy hair and stained clothes.  

    “What are my friends, my co-workers going to think happened?” I gasped.  

    “Carbon monoxide poisoning, causing serious brain damage.  They’ll all be very sympathetic.  Maybe some will help babysit you and Mikey from time to time.  You won’t just disappear, some of them, the real friends, will still be in your life.  

    “Here look at this,” he said, taking out his phone, scrolling to something.  


    “It’s a private Facebook group we have, for us caregivers.  Look at this album.”  

    He showed me a photo of an unhappy looking man of about forty in a suit, posing with a number of other people in an office. He was a bit overweight, badly balding with hair going grey at the temples.  He looked pretty boring and ordinary really.  

    “My friend Mary’s husband.  He was an insurance agent.  This was his office.  After he had his programming, she still brought him back for visits.”  

    The next photo showed the same man in the same office.  All the same co-workers were gathered around him.  But now Mary’s husband was sitting on the floor on his bottom.  His suit was gone.  He wore a t-shirt and pair of grey sweatpants.  But he was also barefoot, and the blackened soles of his feet were on full display to the camera.  His head had been shaved and a drool bib was around his neck, protecting his t-shirt.  But he also now had a huge, gaping grin on his face.  He looked utterly delighted to be sitting there with his former co-workers literally looking down on him.  

    He flicked the screen and the next photo was so much worse.  The same man was there, but now he was squatting buck naked next to a bright red plastic potty seat.  It was impossible to miss his shaved, smooth penis hanging between his legs as he gaped slack-jawed into the potty seat, apparently trying to see what was inside.  And above him, smiling down at him, was a woman from the office photo, some co-worker now seeing him nude and apparently being potty-trained.  

    “Jesus!” I grunted.  

    “That’s his former personal assistant, Lisa.  She babysits him whenever she can, takes excellent care of him.  So you see your life will change, but it isn’t over completely.”  

    There were other photos.  A handsome young doctor in his scrubs.  Flick the screen and he’s sitting in a doctor’s office on a bench, but now he’s completely nude and has his foot tightly in his hands, pulled awkwardly up to his face, his big toe firmly between his lips, sucking away at it with crossed eyes.  The caption read:

    Billy waiting for the doctor to arrive for his incompetence exam.  Needless to say it was a quick session lol! Little guy showed the doctor how much he loves his toes these days. 

    Then I noticed something interesting.  It was an album with hundreds of photos, and recently updated.  And it was called “The Look.”  

    It was just what I feared.  Photos of men and women at the moment of their triggering, or just after.  The captions told the story.  For many the chosen trigger was a word or phrase.  For others a physical action.  

    Ejaculation wasn’t something unique Adam had come up with though.  On the first page I saw four examples of it.  Four men who were sitting completely nude with glistening gooey streaks down their front sides.  Their penises were all still erect.  Two of them were squatting on a floor.  The other two sat on their butts, legs splayed wide apart.    One had a splash of cum dangling from his chin.  They were obviously all huge releases.  

    And all four had what they called “the look.”  They were totally slack-jawed, their eyes wide and empty, pupil dilated, drool running down their chins.  

    And each was followed by the “after” photo, apparently all taken a minute or two after the trigger.  Their penises were all soft in the after photos, but the cum was still visible, still shiny.  Two of the men were in mid hop, jumping up and down, arms flailing out, penises visibly flopping.  Both had utterly ecstatic expressions.  Gaping, open-mouthed grins, relaxed facial features, innocent eyes.  The third man was still on the floor, but now his toes were in his mouth and he seemed utterly entranced by them. 

    The fourth was suddenly outside, in a driveway, still naked though, in full view of a street.  He was flapping his hand at a cherry red sports car, an ear to ear grin on his face.  

    Saying bye-byes to his old car. What a happy boy!  

    “Your photos will be on there soon sweetie,” Adam told me.  “Everyone will see your happy face.”  

    I shoved the phone under the blankets, into my shorts pocket.  This was all the proof I needed.  

    “No way!” I snapped, throwing off the covers and getting up.  “You’re nuts if you think I’m just going to let that happen.  I’m horny, yeah, but I’m not a teenager, I can hold it in.  And I’m going to a doctor, a professional hypnotist, whoever I can find and get this programming undone.”

    Adam stepped back towards the door, but he didn’t look as nervous as I would have liked.  

    “You don’t want to do this,” he told me.  

    “Get out of my way Adam, or I’ll have to make you move” I threatened. 

    He stepped aside, but said, “I wanted it to be your decision and I was hoping to have it done here, in your room.  This will be your bed too, shared with your brother.” 

    “He’s not going to be my brother.”  

    Adam frowned.  “I’m sorry Sam, but he is.  It’s squirt-squirt time Mikey.”  

    I blinked, feeling odd, feeling floaty.  

    “Sorry, it was designed for Mikey specifically.  I never intended this to happen to you.  I really didn’t.  But I also can’t leave you on your own with the programming waiting to be triggered, and I can’t let you leave and go blabbing about it now that you know.”  

    My penis grew larger and stiffer than I thought possible.  The arousal that washed over me was beyond anything I could recall.  Holy shit, my shorts were tented right out.  I couldn’t help but grunt.  I actually moaned out loud.  

    “Ohhh, fuck me.”  

    Adam patted my shoulder again.  

    “I promise I wasn’t lying.  It’s going to feel so good Sam.  Frankly I’m a bit jealous of you.  Seeing all those photos on Facebook, I can’t deny long being curious about how it actually feels.  I know it must be wonderful, but you’re going to actually experience it.  

    “And afterwards, I promise, I’ll take great care of you.  And Mikey will be a great brother, I’m sure.”  

    The pressure was building so fast in my balls.  It was like instant blue-balls and only getting worse.  Fuck, I felt like they might just explode if I didn’t empty them.  I could feel the pain spreading up into my pelvis, into my lower abdomen.  It was like I’d been edging for 12 straight hours and hadn’t jacked off in two weeks before that.  

    If the programme could cause these physical sensations, I could no longer have any doubt it had worked on me, that it was real, that it could affect my mind.  

    “Shit, shit, shit!” I gasped, pushing Adam hard, getting to the door and leaving the room.  

    I had to get out of here, I had to tell someone.  I could barely think, the need was so strong, the need for that release.  Pain and pleasure still building with every single step.  My penis was tingling too.  I needed to let the cum out.  But I had to tell someone, let them know it wasn’t some accident.  Make sure they knew it was done to me, that I’m not just some intellectually disabled man.  

    I reached the living room and froze.  Mikey was there, sitting bare bottomed on the carpet, legs splayed apart.  But there was a woman, who must have been Mary, Adam’s friend, sitting on the couch, smiling at me.  It had to be Mary, even though I’d never seen her.  Because her husband was squatting on the floor across from Mikey, plucking at his toes.  He was just as naked too, mooning his wife.  

    “Ah, you must be Sam,” she greeted me.  “Adam called us over for a little playdate, help you with the transition.  But he did warn me you might not be quite ready to play.  But that’s okay, I can see you’re almost there.  Almost ready to join the others.  There’s just one thing that I think you need to see.”

    I shook my head, but I couldn’t move another step.  My balls hurt too much.  And she was walking towards me, phone in her hand.  

    “My Danny was like you.  Very formal, very uptight.  But then he saw that lovely show.  And look how happy it made him,” she cooed.  

    She held up the phone, showing me the photo of Danny sitting on a bed, nude with his legs splayed, cum all over his big round tummy, toes curled, head thrown back and yes, he had the look, the slack-jawed, glazed eyed expression.  

    And seeing it made me even hornier.  It was just too much.  I had to make the pain and urge go away.  I jammed my hand down my shorts, closed my fingers around the warm, hard rod that was my penis.  And I stroked vigorously.  

    “There we go, that’s a good boy,” she cooed, running her fingers over my cheek.  

    It took all of five seconds.  I let loose with a spurt so hard it felt like it would splatter the ceiling.  

    “Ugh! Ohhhh! Mmmmm!”  

    Jerk after jerk, spasm after spasm, it was incredible, it was the greatest feeling ever.  It was a hundred times more intense than a normal orgasm.  I was emptying my balls, I was emptying my head, emptying my very being.  

    “Let’s get these out of the way,” Mary said, and I felt her yank my shorts and undies down, felt them drop to my ankles.  

    Danny and Mikey were both looking, watching me keep stroking, watching the ropes of cum lash through the air, splatter across the carpet, across my feet, my tummy, my chest.  

    “Good job Sammy, let it all out for Daddy.”  

    Adam was there too now, patting my back, looking down at my erupting penis.  

    Mary was getting her phone ready.  Oh God, she was going to take the photo for Facebook.  I was going to be seen like this by the whole group!  It was so shameful.  I began to blush, began to shiver.  

    And then came a sensation I’d never experienced.  It wasn’t sexual, but it was a release.  It was sudden, it was intense.  And it took away the shame, the blush, the worry. What a relief.  And then, it took away the understanding.  So merciful, such a blessing.  In that instant, I lost my comprehension of what was happening, of what I was losing.  And that felt so, so good.  That was true, total peace.  

    The lady took a photo of me then.  She smiled and the light on the phone flashed.  

    “It really is beautiful,” Daddy told her, looking at me.  

    “It truly is,” she agreed.  

    More nice tingles from my doodle, more squirts.  And then it’s over.  I’m all messy, all gooey.  My doodle is tired.  It goes nighty-nights.  

    “There we go, let’s get you cleaned up so you can play.  Doesn’t that sound nice?” Daddy says.  

    Play does sound nice.  I like to play.  

    “Yeff Daddy,” I agree.  

    Daddy does clean me up.  He uses the nice wet cloths and then all the gooeys are gone.  

    “Let’s get rid of these too,” he says, helping me lift my feet out of the shorts and undies on the floor.  “My little jaybird boy is much more comfy nakey, aren’t you Sammy?”  

    I’ve never been so certain of something.  I love being nakey.  Yes, it feels so wonderful being all free, having the air on my skin. And the best thing of all is how my doodle bounces around when I move.  

    Mikey points to me and smiles.  “Sammy gotta bounthy doodle!” he announced.  

    “Bounthy doodle!” I repeated in agreement.  Yes, everyone thought it was funny.  

    I wish I got to have a bouncy doodle all the time, but I had to put on clothes for going to daycare.  I have to go to daycare because little boys can’t be home all alone and Daddy and the other lady need to work.  Grown-ups go to work.  Little boys go to play at daycare.  I’m sure work is boring and bad.  I don’t know how I know that, but I just do.  


    I used to be big.  I forgot that for a little while.  But then I remembered.  I was big like Daddy.  I was a big boy.  No, I was bigger than that.  I was grown-up.  I can remember some things, like I can picture my home.  And I know I had a car and I sat in the front seat, not the back, and I even drove it.  And I had big clothes and shoes and I even worked.  

    But I don’t remember what work I did or where.  I can picture the office, but that’s it.  I remember I had shoes, but I don’t know what they felt like to wear.  I don’t got shoes now. I’m little and Daddy says little boys need to have little boy feeties.  I don’t miss shoes cuz I don’t remember them anyway and I know bare feet feels so, so nice.  I get to feel the dirt and the mud tween my toes and the soft grass and warm pavement and Daddy don’t feel none of that.  I’m sure bare feeties is better.  

    People I used to know when I was big come and see me sometimes.  Sometimes I know their names.  But usually that’s all I remember, except what they look like.  They’re always really nice to me though.  I must have had a lot of friends.  I like it when they visit me at home.  Daddy thinks it’s so funny when I show them my bouncy doodle.  I’m always nakey at home cuz it’s so comfy and my doodle bounces and I like showing my old friends because they look so silly when I do that!  I like their funny faces.  Sometimes they go all red.   

    I don’t know why I got little, but I remember when it happened.  I remember it felt really, really good.  It was the best feeling I’ve ever felt.  So I’m sure it was a good thing and Daddy tells me so and Daddy loves me and takes care of me.  I love Daddy and I love my brother Mikey.  We cuddle all the time.  We get all splashy in the bathy together, then Daddy tucks us in and we snuggle up under the covers while he reads to us.  I try to be good, take turns with Mikey at turning pages, at being Daddy’s special helper.  

    If we don’t fall asleep while Daddy’s reading, we usually snuggle up even tighter, and our doodles touch.  That feels really nice.  I think it’s the very best feeling in the world.  Mikey likes it too.  It’s okay for us to enjoy our bodies.  Daddy says so.  Me and Mikey rub and rub and his doodle brushing across mine makes me tingle all over, right up into my noggin.  Until I have to make sticky pees.  Mikey squirts his creamies too and we’re such messy boys.  But Daddy doesn’t mind.  He cleans us up every morning.  Daddy knows how to fix everything. 

     I want to stay with Daddy and Mikey forever and ever.  


    Adam flicked through his favourite album on his phone once again.  There it was, his favourite photo, the one Mary snapped for him.  Sammy standing in the living room, shorts around his ankles, penis so erect it was almost touching his belly button, streaks of cum all over his front-side.  And the look on his face… just like the others.  She’d caught the moment he lost all his smarts, all his big grown-up thoughts and abilities.  He had that expression of slack-jawed wonder, eyes totally glazed over, head lolling to his right side.  Hard to believe it had been three months since that night.  

    The doorbell interrupted Adam’s reminiscing.  He headed to the door and greeted Brian.  The twenty-nine year old man had been Sam’s poker buddy.  He was one of the better friends, agreeing to come by and babysit his former mate for the night.  He looked more than a little nervous about it though. 

    “Thanks so much for this,” Adam told him.  “I know it’s strange for you.  But Sammy will really appreciate being watched by someone familiar.”  

    “No worries,” Brain replied.  “It’s the very least I can do. I can’t imagine having him full time like you do.  It’s really incredible.”  

    “Well to be fair he’s at daycare during the days, so it isn’t twenty-four seven,” Adam assured him.  

    “Still, it’s a lot and I’m just happy to help out as much as I can.  Sam was always a good mate.”  

    “He really was.  And he’s still eager to be your buddy, though in a different way of course,” Adam told him.  

    Brian followed him into the living room, pausing and going wide eyed as he saw the two men already there.  Mikey and Sammy were down on their hands and knees, side by side.  Two big bare bottoms presented themselves to the room.  He could see both Mikey and Sammy’s balls and penises clearly dangling between their thighs, unencumbered, smooth and hairless.  The soles of their feet were dirty brown, thick and toughened, like leather.  

    Brian had seen his old friend twice since his accident.  Once by chance at the supermarket and once for a meet-up at a cafe.  Both times Sammy had been dressed in a t-shirt, shorts and bare feet.  So the state of his soles wasn’t too surprising.  But his nudity hadn’t been expected.  

    “Oh… he’s… um…” Brian muttered.  

    Adam couldn’t help but grin.  He loved showing his boys off like this, showing old friends how silly and simple they were.  Brian was already blushing and that made Adam’s cock swell in his pants.  

    “Yes they’re little nudists I’m afraid.  It’s just impossible to keep clothes on either of them.”  

    “Oh yeah… it’s just, Sam was always so… y’know, well dressed…” 

    Adam chuckled.  “Yes, he was a very formal man.  But you have to understand that Sam is long gone.  He’s just simple little Sammy now.  He’s a toddler in a big body.  And toddlers don’t have any concept of modesty.”  

    Brian nodded and continued into the room.  

    “Mikey, Sammy, come say hello to your babysitter,” Adam prompted.  

    The two naked men spun around.  Sammy looked up at his old poker friend, settling in a squatting position, chewing on the Batman action figure he’d been playing with, wedging the legs deep into his mouth.  

    Adam always wondered at moments like this if something would click in Sammy’s head.  Would seeing an old friend trigger something, some echo of his adult thoughts?  

    “Hi there Sam… er, Sammy.  Do you remember me? It’s Brian,” the babysitter greeted his old friend.  

    Sammy let the Batman toy drop to the floor. He gaped open-mouthed at Adam and announced, “Daz Bwian.”  

    Adam nodded.  “It sure is.  Do you remember him?”  

    Sammy nodded.  “Bwian fwiend!” he chirped happily, then stood up and hurried across the room to his old buddy, his dangling penis bouncing back and forth, until he threw his arms around the awkward looking man and gave him a big cuddle.  

    Brian gently patted his old friend’s bare back, waiting for the squeeze to end. Adam just shook his head.  Nope, not a flicker of awareness from poor little Sammy.  

    “Well, you all have a good evening and you boys be good for Brian, okay?” 

    Mikey and Sammy nodded seriously, with the latter finally releasing poor Brian from the cuddle. Both boys gave their Daddy a big good-bye cuddle and then it was all left to Brian.  

    “So what do you boys want to do?” Brian asked, still looking quite uncertain about the whole situation, still trying to avoid looking at the two naked men’s penises, especially his old friend’s.  

    Sammy smiled broadly.  Somehow, instinctively, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. 

    “Lez watch toons!”  

    The End

    Volunteers: Chapter 4

    “So how long are they going to be like this, for real?” I asked Ken.  

    We were back at home now, Liam’s first day at daycare with Benny finished.  The two young men were both on the kitchen floor now as Ken and I cleaned up after dinner.  Liam was no longer able to help out. Now his face was just as messy as Benny’s, tomato sauce across his cheeks and his chin.  They were both naked, their clothes stripped away as soon as they got home.  And now Liam was wearing a colander on his head, giggling and squirming on the floor with his legs splayed wide apart, his penis softly jiggling between his legs.  

    “You not so keen on taking care of two grown toddlers?” Ken asked, smiling as he dried the dishes and placed them in the drainer.  

    “Well no, that’s not really something I was hoping for,” I agreed. “But I was more thinking about them.  You told Liam this would be long-term. I assumed that was a lie, to make him really fight it.”  

    Ken stopped drying dishes and looked at me.  “Of course it was a lie.  You think I want to give up my whole academic career to what, stay home looking after two toddlers with full-sized bodies?”  

    I stopped washing dishes too.  “So how long are they going to be like this?” 

    “Well the project is all around making long-term behavioural changes, so I can’t promise you things will be back to normal that quickly.  We need to know if they snap out of it after a few days, or a week or two weeks… or longer.”  

    I shook my head.  “So, we’re supposed to take care of them like this for what, a month? More?”  

    “Not exactly.  There will be help coming, other researchers on the team will be helping out more, starting tomorrow. There are more people in the study too of course. It isn’t just us.  There’s a whole team working on caring for them,” he explained.  

    “But what about Liam and Benny? I mean, they’re missing out on a lot of study time.  And how do we know being like this for that long won’t leave permanent damage?” I asked. 

    “There’s no physical damage done to the brain. They should be fine once it’s reversed. But of course, that is one of the things we’re studying.  If there is damage, we need to know.”  

    “What about informed consent? This can’t be ethical.”  

    “Actually it was all in the fine print of the consents they signed,” Ken assured me.  

    I gave him a questioning look.  “You know people don’t read those things. You’re supposed to make sure they really understand what they’re agreeing to. Otherwise it isn’t really informed consent at all”  

    “I was pretty honest about what the treatment’s goal was. They didn’t believe it would really work, but that’s not my fault,” Ken argued.  

    He had me there.  “I just think they wouldn’t be happy with how they’re behaving now, how people might actually see them.”  

    “Well I need to bring them to campus in a couple days, for the testing. So yeah, people are going to see them.  But they don’t mind at all right now, they’re both very happy just as they are.”  

    The colander on Liam’s head clattered to the floor, interrupting us.  I looked down to make sure he wasn’t doing any damage.  No, he was just leaning back, right foot held tightly in his hands, filthy big toe in his mouth, sucking away at it.  His eyes were so empty, looking cross-eyed at the toes he was nibbling.  How could he let the programming do this to him? No physical changes made after all, he’d simply allowed his mind to shut away all his reasoning abilities, all his self-awareness.  

    “I know they think they’re happy, it’s just, they don’t really want this. They couldn’t.”  

    “The programme made it incredibly arousing for them, you saw that.  Guys just can’t fight that kind of thing, that’s what we’re proving here.  You missed Benny’s change, but you saw it happen to Liam. Losing his smarts, it was better than an orgasm for him,” Ken insisted. “Frankly I’m a little jealous, aren’t you?”  

    “No,” I answered instantly.  How could he even ask that while Liam was sitting there at our feet, nibbling on his own toes?  

    Ken simply shrugged.  “I mean of course I’m not jealous of all of it. I’m not saying I want to be doing that,” he agreed, gesturing to Liam.  “But the freedom from all societal constraints, the ability to just be comfortable in your own skin, the total release from any sense of shame or self-awareness or self-doubt, of course I find that enviable.”

    “So why didn’t you volunteer then? If it’s all so wonderful?” 

    “I actually did consider it.  We needed to know if it made a difference if you knew the whole programming sequence, or if it only worked on the unaware.  But becoming part of the experiment would mean missing out on the chance to see the results.  So I decided against it.”  

    I snorted. “Of course you did. No one who knows the results would actually volunteer.”  

    “Actually Mike did volunteer.  He acted all reluctant, but I could tell that he was curious.  He wanted to know how it actually felt.  I mean, aren’t you curious, what it’s actually like for them? What’s in their little heads now?” he asked.  

    On that point he had me.  It was a thought I’d had many times, though certainly not enough to volunteer to join Benny and Liam.  Sure you’d find out what it was like for them, but then what. You couldn’t tell anyone. You’d be just as helpless and at the mercy of the researchers to decide when you got your mind back.  If they decided it was going to be a month… two, there’d be absolutely nothing you could do about it. 

    “Not that curious,” I answered dryly.  “Have I met Mike?”    

    “Yeah, he came for that game night we had in August.  He’s tall, has dark black hair, kind of skinny.”  

    “Oh yeah, I remember him, a bit quiet right?”  

    Ken chuckled. “Yeah he was quite the little nerd, nose buried in books all the time.  Not anymore of course.”  

    “So it worked on him? Even knowing the whole system?”  

    Ken snapped his fingers. “Worked like a charm.”  

    “So did he tell you what it was like? Afterwards I mean.”  

    Ken shook his head.  “No, no, he joined the experiment as a subject. Once you’re in, that is, you’re in for the duration.” 

    My jaw literally dropped.  But Ken had the proof.  He scrolled through his phone a moment, then held it up to show me a photo.  I recognised the man I’d met at game night, but only just.  In the photo he was sitting in what could only be described as a massive high chair, wearing only two clothing items: a pull-up and a pointy party hat.  He was an absolute mess, his hands digging through a cake on the tray before him.  The frosting and cake was all over his face, his bare chest, his fingers.  And he looked absolutely ecstatic, an ear to ear open-mouthed grin on his dumbed down face.  It could have been a second birthday, except that next to the 2 candle, there was a 5 as well.  He was twenty-five, not two.  

    “It was his birthday last week, so we all got together and threw him a party,” Ken explained.  “He loved it though, not like before. He’s not a quiet little toddler at all. He’s the loudest, messiest big little tyke around.”  

    How could a scene look so innocent and happy and be so horrifying at the same time?

    I just really didn’t feel comfortable with it.  Later that evening Ken went to draw them a bath, leaving me alone with Benny and Liam.  They were playing with their Duplo Blocks on the floor, mostly throwing them, knocking them together and chewing on them.  I knelt down next to Liam, patting his bare bottom, feeling that smooth skin.  

    Liam looked back at me, twisting around and sitting heavily on his bottom.  He offered me a red block, dripping with his spittle.  

    “No thanks Liam,” I told him.  

    “Hab bwock!” he insisted, shoving it at me.  

    Finally I took it to prevent a tantrum.  Liam grinned as I said, “Thank you Liam.” 

    “Tank-oo!” he echoed. 

    “No Liam, you say, ‘you’re welcome’,” I corrected. 

    “Tank-oo!” he repeated.  “Tank-oo! Tank-oo!” he shouted over and over, grinning all the more at his cheekiness.  

    “Okay then, okay. Inside voice buddy.”  

    Liam stopped shouting but then reached out with his open hand.  

    “Gib bwock?” he asked, wanting me to give it back to him now apparently.  

    “You want the block?” I asked. 

    “Mine!” he declared.  

    “I’ll give it back, but you have to answer my questions. Okay?”  

    Liam nodded eagerly.  

    “Do you remember being big, being all smart?” 

    “Wiam was big boy,” he agreed, nodding again.  

    “And you’re not a big boy now, are you?” 

    “Nuh-uh. Widdle.”  

    “Do you like being little?”  

    Liam smiled now.  “Yeth!”  

    “Why? Don’t you miss getting to do all sorts of big boy things?” I asked. 

    Liam looked confused. “Was dat?” he asked. 

    “Like going to school.”

    “Wiam go school. Wiam pway. Made pitchur!”  

    He meant the paper scribbled in indecipherable crayon marks that now adorned the fridge door.

    “Yes, you went to daycare, but that’s not the same as school.  I mean, don’t you miss watching grown-up TV?”  

    Liam pointed at the TV.  “Watch Peppa!” he announced very brightly.  

    “We watch Peppa!” Benny now joined in, creeping over to me on hands and knees, penis and balls dangling between his bare thighs. “Peppa piggy!”  

    “But what about South Park? You used to love South Park,” I reminded them.  

    Both young men had looks of blank incomprehension. A line of drool began to hang from Benny’s chin while Liam grew distracted by his blocks again, bringing one to his mouth to gnaw on.  

    I needed more time, but Ken walked back in before I could ask any more questions.  

    “Okay boys, it’s bathy time!” he announced, and just like that Liam forgot all about his block. He rushed right after Benny and soon both men were splashing about in the bath together before being tucked into the same bed, cuddling together.  There was no fuzzy onesie for Liam tonight though.  There was no more need for such half-measures.  Instead they snuggled together skin on skin. No doubt it would only be a matter of time before their pee-pees met and began to hump against each other.  The sheets would need washing in the morning.    


    “So this is their normal level of functioning?”  

    It was actually kind of embarrassing even for me, having an outsider come in and see how Benny and Liam now behaved.  Chris was a grad student too, and he was here to help out with caring for the boys.  Apparently he would be a regular part of our little household from now on.  

    Even though he was in on the experiment and had to know what to expect, it still made me feel awkward for Liam and Benny, being exposed like this in front of a complete stranger.  Both mentally reduced men were watching Sesame Street, naked on the floor of the living room.  Liam was cuddling a stuffy, chewing on the fuzzy ear of the stuffed elephant.  Benny was clapping his hands, shouting nonsense at Big Bird.  

    “Yeah, this is pretty much normal,” I answered Chris.  

    There was no daycare today, since it was Saturday. So we just had them at home all day.  I was a little relieved to have the extra hands, but still found it uncomfortable.  I felt ashamed on behalf of Liam and Benny, even though they were oblivious to the stranger watching them play naked on the floor.  

    “They’re always nude like this?” Chris followed up.  

    “Well, yeah, they basically insist on having their clothes off,” I said, feeling quite defensive.  

    “Of course, it’s part of the programming, stripping away all modesty, giving them a strong urge to show it all off, be exhibitionists basically. I’m just checking it’s all been effective,” Chris explained, clearly noting my defensive tone.  

    “Right, I understand.”  

    Liam stood up suddenly, turning around to face us, stuffed elephant still cuddled against his chest.  His penis was standing straight up. Oh God, he was excited again. And he came right up to Chris and I, his erection pointing forward.  

    “Goz big doodle,” he announced, not an ounce of shame about telling this to a stranger.  

    “Yeah, we can see that honey,” I told him as calmly as I could.  

    “Is he often erect?” Chris asked, sounding so clinical.  

    “Um… yeah, it’s pretty normal for him,” I admitted.  

    “That’s good, it shows the programming is working well, he’s aroused by his littleness.  And when he’s erect, do you offer him manual stimulation?” he asked me. 

    “I’m sorry?” I gasped, blushing deeply.  

    “Do you let him masturbate, or do you help?”

    “Well… I mean, sometimes, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable now…” I stammered. 

    Jesus, what must he think of me?  Deep down I knew all of this was just so wrong.  But for some reason every time I felt that concern, my arousal at what was happening to Benny and Liam seemed to double and I couldn’t bring myself to stop it.  But having to explain my actions to this man made me even more uncomfortable.  

    I was relieved that Chris didn’t immediately call me a pervert.  No he seemed totally unconcerned with my semi-admission.  Instead he simply turned to face Liam and his whole demeanour changed.  Suddenly Chris had this big smile on his face and he reached over and rubbed Liam’s arm gently.  

    “My goodness that’s a happy doodle you have there Liam,” he said to the man.  

    Liam gaped at this stranger and nodded, still no hint of awareness of how he must look.  

    “Ids all big,” he agreed.  

    “You must really like being all silly and little.  You’re such a very happy little boy, aren’t you sweetie-pie?” Chris cooed to him.  

    And far from being offended, Liam began to grin too, nodding agreeably.  

    “I think you’d love some tickles on that happy doodle, wouldn’t you honey?”  

    And now Liam nodded even harder, almost shoving his erection forward at Chris.  Oh God, it was so embarrassing. He hadn’t even wanted me to see him like this, and now he was showing off to a total stranger.  Fuck, why did that have me harder than ever in my own pants?  

    Chris moved his hand down, lightly running his fingers across Liam’s doodle, watching the man moan in ecstasy.  

    “That’s right Liam, you’re my happy little dumb-dumb now,” Chris mocked him.  

    But Liam just nodded all the more, giggling lightly.  

    “Let’s give you a nice reward for letting us empty your head out,” he said, then closing his fingers around Liam’s penis and beginning to stroke it up and down in earnest.  

    I could barely watch it, but I also couldn’t look away.  Chris expertly worked on Liam’s penis, cuddling the man into his arms, urging him on. He wouldn’t stop until he blew his load right there in the middle of the room.  And I just stood there, watching it myself.  I mean what could I do? It’s not like I could take the moral high ground and tell him to stop it when I’d done the exact same thing.  

    And Liam looked so happy. His eyes had rolled back in his head, he was resting his chin on Chris’ shoulder and he was making these little moans.  He had adult needs and Chris was helping him with them. How could I object to that?  

    Liam’s body tensed up and I could see he was close.  His head jerked back and he let out a louder grunt, his body jerked as he let out a torrent of cum all over his tummy as Chris pointed his cock there.  

    “Good job Liam,” he praised him. “What a lovely mess you’ve made.”  

    Liam lapped up the praise, happy to let Chris clean his tummy of the sticky mess and then drop back to the carpet, watching Sesame Street again like this was nothing at all.  

    I was being torn apart inside.  How could I feel such revulsion and such arousal at the same time? And how could I feel so awful for Liam, but also have these pangs of powerful jealousy, of envy?  

    How awful to be so oblivious, to be manipulated by this stranger.  But how nice would it be to have Chris, who was quite handsome, just walk up to me and stroke my cock.  

    Ken arrived back a minute later, unaware of what had just happened of course.  

    “So, everything under control in here?” he asked.   

    “Well Chris just gave Liam a handy,” I commented right away, wondering what Ken would think of that.  

    Ken chuckled. “I bet he loves you already then,” he told Chris.  

    Apparently he saw nothing at all wrong with this.  

    “You’ll have to help Benny,” Ken went on.  “That way you’ll have both of them following you around like a puppy.  Don’t worry, Benny will need a squirt by afternoon at the latest.”  

    I was really not happy with the way they were talking about our friends, like they weren’t full people. Of course that’s how they saw them now. Without their adult minds, reduced to toddler intellect, they weren’t truly seen as equals. They were just small tots in big bodies.  Their status as adults had been completely stripped away. They weren’t deserving of dignity, of being treated with any respect.  They were simple minded creatures to be kept entertained and controlled.  

    “Right, well you guys seem to have control here, so I’m going to have a break, head out for the day,” I announced.  

    I was resigned to the fact Liam and Benny would be left in this reduced state for some time, but I needed a break from it.  I needed to get out of this house and clear my head.  But when I told them I was leaving, Chris and Ken looked unhappy.  

    “Actually Eric, we need you to stay,” Ken told me.  

    “What, why?”  

    They shared another look with each other. I didn’t like that, it was like I was being left out.  

    “Well, actually now that Chris is here, I need to tell you about another part of the experiment,” Ken went on.  

    “So there’s actually a third method we have been testing in addition to hypnotic trance session and night-time subliminal training.  We have also been testing a computer programme which inserts subliminal messaging and hypnotic suggestions into web browsing or other phone apps.”  

    I didn’t like where this was going at all.  But I had never signed a release, I couldn’t be in this experiment.  

    “So what’s that got to do with me?” I asked. “I’m not going to volunteer for anything like that. I have zero interest in running around naked with a moron’s grin, getting jacked off by Chris,” I told them, even though that was at least in part a lie. Getting jacked off by Chris was something I couldn’t get out of my head now.  

    Ken shrugged. “You don’t have to volunteer now Eric. You already did, right back at the start. I just made you forget about it.”  

    My stomach rolled over and knotted up.  “What?!”  

    “I put the programming on your phone weeks ago. You’ve been seeing the suggestions every single time you’ve used it since,” he explained matter of factly, as though these revelations were barely news.  

    I felt sick to my stomach. 

    “So you’ve been making me treat Liam and Benny this way?” I snapped. “You’ve hypnotised me into going along with this? That’s why I feel so torn up inside about it!”   

    But Ken shook his head this time. “No, no, not like that.  Sorry mate, but you don’t get off that easy.  The suggestions have been making you find it arousing, but that’s all.  I haven’t taken away your free will.  Let me ask, did you ever study the Milgram Experiment?”  

    “No, was that about brainwashing your friends too?”  

    “No, it was about the willingness of normal people to do terrible things when directed by an authority figure.  Milgram wanted to know if the Nazi henchmen’s defence of just following orders was actually credible.  He got subjects to deliver lethal doses of electric shocks to completely innocent test subjects, even as they demanded to be released.  

    “Now none of the people apparently being tortured were real, they were just acting, but the true subjects didn’t know that. And yet two-thirds of them were willing to deliver lethal electric shocks just because a man in a white lab coat told them to.”  

    I felt like an idiot.  I’d gone along with the experiment, even though I knew it was wrong, because I had accepted Ken’s authority as a researcher and because he’d made me aroused by it.  I’d simply been letting my cock do the thinking for me.  

    “Of course those aren’t the only suggestions you’ve been getting,” Ken went on. 

    My heart skipped at least a couple beats.   

    “You’ve also been getting the same suggestions as Liam and Benny.  Suggestions telling you how lovely it will feel to lose all your smarts, how incredibly arousing it is to be dumb and little and dependent on a grown-up to keep you safe and happy.  Telling you how wonderful it is to be a nudist. All that and more,” he explained.  

    I was dumbfounded. What could I say? At least that explained the very strange jealousy I’d been experiencing.  So much of my internal struggles made sense to me now.  

    “Has there been any leakage?” Chris asked him.  

    “No, none at all,” Ken answered. 

    “Leakage?” I asked.  

    “Suggestions taking effect without being triggered. We saw Liam had a lot of it. He was already constantly barefoot, even started being shirtless long before being actually triggered.”  

    “That’s right!” I agreed. “Nothing like that has happened to me.”  

    Chris nodded. “That tracks with the others.”  


    Ken explained, “The night time suggestions have caused a lot of leakage in the other cases too. But the phone programming has been pretty consistent in having no leakage.”  

    “Others?” I asked, my heart sinking again.  

    “There have already been a few other phone subjects triggered. So far the phone programming is proving far superior. No leakage at all and in each case so far, a very quick and very complete regression of intellect and behaviour as soon as it’s triggered,” Chris answered.  

    I shook my head, my heart-rate picking up even more now.  “I don’t want to be part of the experiment,” I told them, feeling desperate, feeling trapped. 

    Ken nodded. “I know that Eric, of course. And by all means fight against it. We want you to fight it.  But the thing is, no one has been able to so far.  So I’m afraid you’re going to be joining Benny and Liam on the floor in a moment.  Your clothes will be packed away like theirs and you’ll be watching Elmo with the happiest of smiles and the very biggest of erections.  And we’ll all be able to see it too.  

    “Maybe you’ll even present it to Chris. You know how good he is with making doodles feel good.  I bet you’ll want to show it to him, let him touch it, make it feel extra good.  There won’t be any modesty left in you after all. You’ve seen Liam and Benny, so you have the advantage of knowing how good it’s going to feel.”   

    I knew exactly what he meant.  I’d seen this happen to Liam.  If anybody could have fought against it, Liam would have.  After all, he was the smartest among us, the strongest willed.  I looked back down at him on the floor, chewing on the ratty ear of his stuffy, wide eyes glued to Sesame Street. No, he had been the smartest among us, but he sure wasn’t anymore.  And if he’d ended up like that, what hope did I have?  

    So I needed to get out of here, I needed to leave while I still could.  No one had their phone out so there was still time.  Forget reasoning with them, I could see both Ken and Chris were committed to regressing me the same as the others.  So I turned around, headed straight for the front door.  Get out of the house, then worry about what next.   

    “Check your phone Eric!” Ken called after me.  

    Check my phone? Why on Earth would I do that?  

    But my hand went to my pocket and I pulled out my phone.  I didn’t seem to be in control of my own hand.  I was at the front door, but I couldn’t bring myself to open it yet. I needed to unlock my phone first.  Unlock it and see there’s a notification, I’ve got a new audio file.  No.  Stop.  Put the phone away.  But my thumb moves to the icon, it betrays me.  And I watch myself tap play.  

    And then I heard the music. The silliest and yet most beautiful of melodies.   

    You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out and you shake it all about

    You do the hokey-pokey and you turn yourself around

    That’s what it’s all about!  

    I had to fight it!  But as soon as I heard the words I knew with utter and complete certainty that I couldn’t fight it.  There was no way to fight it. I was going to get little, I was going to be as dumb and naked and messy and silly as Benny and Liam. I was going to be helpless and dependent and not seen as a real person who mattered anymore. No one would ask my opinion, no one would care what I thought. I would just be a dumb toddler man down on the floor at the grown-ups’ feet, left out of conversations, ignored unless I made a mess that demanded immediate attention.  

    I was going to be little and it was going to feel so absolutely wonderful.  A rush of arousal coursed through my body from head to toe.  I was getting dumb and little and it was the greatest sensation I’d ever known.  And there was no way to fight that. I’d never felt more certain of anything in my life.  And I knew that once it happened, as soon as all my smarts were gone, I would have no ability to get them back, no way to remember the things I was about to forget.  

    Oh God, I was going to forget so, so much.  How to drive a car. How to add numbers. How to count. How to read. How to recognise letters.  How to speak in full sentences. How to use a fork and knife.  I was going to forget it all. I knew it right now, but in just a few minutes. No, in seconds, I wouldn’t know any of that.  Years of education gone in seconds. 

    But at the same time, deep inside me, I knew I wanted to forget it, because it just felt so, so good and I couldn’t stop it anyway. So why fight it at all? Why fight when it was inevitable and it felt so amazing.  God my penis was so big, so hard, pulsing with arousal, ready to explode with the greatest orgasm ever.  And all I had to do was to forget. 

    It’s so easy to forget things. It’s not like learning stuff. That’s hard. Forgetting is simple. We do that without needing to think about it at all.  So I didn’t even have to decide to forget. Suddenly I just realised I was forgetting stuff. It was happening fast too. And all I really knew about it was that it kind of tickled and tingled, really deep inside my head. And then that lovely pleasure would wash over me in waves as I forgot more and more. No need to fight it, no point. Just enjoy the waves of bliss.  Let it go, let everything go.  


    Chris rubs my arm. He’s very close to me. He’s looking me in the eye, looking so intensely at me.  And he’s smiley, he’s looking so kind, so friendly.  He was someone special wasn’t he?  I knew his name. But everything else, it was gone. I forgot it. I forgot a lot just now. So many tingles.  

    “That was a pretty song, wasn’t it Eric?” he asks.  

    Song? Oh yes, the silly song that made me all tingly.  I nod my head. I need to answer him. I need to use my words.  

    “Pwetty,” I agreed. 

    That was only one word. 

     It was so hard to think of any. I should be talking to Chris, but I just couldn’t remember any words, or how to put them together. It wasn’t just that they were missing. The whole process of thinking of words, putting them together and using them seemed incredibly complex now.  I just felt so slow, so dumb.  

    But Chris didn’t seem to mind my simple word.  He nodded, he smiled even bigger. I’d done good. The grown-up was happy with me.  That felt very important now.  It made me smile too. 

    “The song made you very happy didn’t it honey? I can tell because your doodle got all big and happy,” he told me.  

    He pointed down, and I looked and saw my shorts were all lumpy.  I poked at the bulge. Ooh, that tingled! I poke it again.  There’s a vague sense I should know what this lump is, that it’s important. But I draw a blank.  

    “Look how big and pokey your doodle is!  I think it wants to come and play, Eric.  Should we get that pee-pee out? Should we let it be free, like Benny and Liam?” Chris asks me.  

    I look over at Benny and Liam, playing on the carpet.  They’re all nakey. They have their pee-pees out. I can see them bobbing around.  They’re dumb babies.  And suddenly it clicks. 

    I’m a baby now too.  It’s so obvious and so certain in my mind. I’m a little boy. The pretty song made me all little and it worked.  And that’s so good. I know it’s very good.  And little boys can be nakey.  Grown-ups can’t do that, it’s naughty.  But for little ones it’s perfectly okay, in fact it’s a good thing!  Yes, I need my pee-pee out too.  

    “Uh-huh!” I quickly agreed. “Ewic widdle! Be nakey!” I announced.  

    I felt so good for telling the grown-ups this important news.  And they were all nodding and smiling. Yes, I’d done very well.  I was a very good boy.  

    “Okay Eric, let’s get you all comfy then,” Chris agreed.  

    He helped me take off my big person clothes. It was so silly that I had on big grown-up clothes like them, like I was all big.  Little boys shouldn’t wear big people clothes.  That was naughty.  Chris helped me get the naughty clothes off. When he finally slipped the big boy undies down, my pee-pee just waggled out and stood straight up.  A little bit of goo was dribbling down it and it was all red and pointy and big.  I poked at it while he got my undies off my feeties.  Each poke made it waggle back and forth and I felt even more pleasant tingles. 

    “There we go, isn’t it so comfy being nakey? I bet you want to be like this all the time!” Chris told me.  

    He was right! He was a very smart grown-up. Chris and Ken knew everything. It was very comfy being nakey, much nicer than naughty big person clothes.  I hopped up and down and my pee-pee was all flappy and it was so nice to have it all free.  I’d gotten all little and it made me feel so good, so tingly, especially in my doodle.  

    “Doodle happy!” I told them.  

    They both chuckled. So I laugh too, I want to be just like them.  

    “Let’s help you with that then.  You deserve a lovely treat for being such a good boy and listening to your pretty song,” Ken told me.  He’d been watching Chris help me, smiling, pleased.  But now he took over.   

    A treat? Goodie!  I wonder what it is. Maybe a toy to play with.  Or something yummy to eat!  

    But then he runs his fingers over my doodle. Oh! It feels amazing, like feathers of pleasure. The tingles instantly increase and spread.  I push my doodle towards him. I want more tingles. He strokes my pee-pee, he makes it feel perfect.  I love my treat. I’ve been a good boy. I deserve my happy tingles.  I’m so happy I listened to the pretty song so I could get to be all nakey, get to have pee-pee rubs from Ken.

    “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this,” Ken tells me as he pulls me in closer, wraps his other arm around my back, pats it gently.  

    “Ever since you moved in, I’ve had my eye on you,” Ken went on.  “It’s just too bad you were such a modest guy, never even giving me a peek, always with your socks on around the house even.”

    I’m not really sure what Ken is talking about, but it doesn’t sound happy.  

    “I had you in mind when I designed this experiment in fact. It all began with me fantasising about how to get you walking around the house shirtless, get you running around barefoot in public.  I wanted to come home and find you lying on the couch with dirty soles propped up on the arm for us all to see.”  

    Ken’s fingers kept on working my doodle.  They were so warm, so soft. My toes curled into the carpet as the tingles shot through me and I could feel I was getting close, close to something even better.  

    “That’s how it began.  But you know how fantasies can grow once they’re seeded.  And mine sure did. It took on a life of its own.  That’s where the idea for the experiment came from. You should really feel honoured, that I went through all of this trouble for you,” he whispered in my ear.  

    But I didn’t really understand.  My head was all slow and muddled now.  All I understood was that Ken had done something really big for me, because he liked me.  And now he was making me feel so good.  Ken’s so good to me. I like him too.     

    The tingles got better and better until, oh, ugh, I’m filled with ecstasy, the best feeling ever.  And I’m peeing too. It’s not normal tinkles though. It’s gooey, it’s all over my tummy.  

    “That’s it Eric, make your stickies!” Ken encouraged me.  “You’ve done such a good job, I think I’ll help you make them everyday from now on.”  

    That sounded perfect.  The special pee-pees I did felt so much better than normal tinkles.  And they’re all warm and gooey on my tummy.  I want to play with the mess. I like how it feels in my fingers, all sticky and warm.  I want to show Chris and Ken, show them what I made. But Ken just cleans it away with a warm cloth. It’s icky stuff, not for playing with.  

    That’s okay. The grown-ups are busy doing adult stuff anyway now.  They’re working in the kitchen making food. They’re talking about grown-up things. I stand there and watch them. I don’t know what they’re doing. I don’t know what the things they’re using are. It’s all incredibly familiar. I know I’ve seen these things many times. I know I’ve used them before. But now, I just can’t remember how to do any of it.  

    I don’t understand what they’re talking about either. So many words I don’t understand, don’t even recognise. And they talk fast and they don’t look at me.  It’s just noise to me.  My attention wanders and I want to play with the other little boys instead.  They’re on the floor. Little boys belong on the floor.  I get down on my hands and knees with them. 

    Benny and Liam and I play with the toy cars. We push them around and crash them together and make noises for them.  We pretend we’re driving them, like big people. The idea of actually driving a real car seems ridiculous though. But little boys can pretend, even if it’s very silly.  

    We play and play while the grown-ups do their things. When we get tired of the cars Benny and Liam get out the pots and pans and bang them and make noise.  I smack the pot too. It makes a rewarding thwack sound.  I made a sound! It’s fun to make sounds!  I do it again and again.  

    I get bored of that too though.  I sit back on my bum and feel the sticky floor under my bottom.  It reminds me that I’m nakey. I hadn’t even thought about that since I done my stickies.  Now I look down at my body. I poke my pee-pee. It’s all soft now, it’s gone nighty-nights between my legs.  I pick at my belly button for a minute.  Then I notice my feet. I can wiggle my toes.  I examine them closer, wiggle them, smell them.  I pull my toes to my mouth, suck on them, slip my tongue between them to feel them, taste them.  

    Ken points at me and says something to the others. The grown-ups are all smiling and laughing as they watch me.  I smile around my toes. I like making the grown-ups happy.  

    Ken kneels down and says, “Are you our little toe-muncher now Eric?”  

    Toe muncher? Haha, that’s right. I’m eating my toes.  Ken is smiling though, so he must be happy with me.  

    “Yeff!” I tell him, letting the toes go, so I can talk.  

    “Are they yummy?” he asks.  

    I’m not sure if they are. But I want to make Ken happy.  “Uh-huh. Yummy toes,” I agreed.  

    He laughed again. Yes, I was a very good boy.  I grabbed my foot again, sucked on my toes more, so Ken would see how silly and good I am.  

    “So when do we move?” Chris asks Ken.  

    “You have to be patient, I’m not sacrificing my degree, I’ve worked too long and hard for that.  A few more weeks, make sure it’s clear the experiment is a failure, but we don’t take the blame.” Ken answered him.  

    “I know, Mike designed the programming, but what if they question him, what if they bring him back…” 

    “He’s as empty-headed as the rest of them, they aren’t going to get any sensible answers out of him,” Ken interrupted.  

    Chris nodded, putting his arms around Ken, hugging him tightly.  Ken responded by squeezing Chris right back, pecking a kiss on his cheek.  

    “It’s just a long time to wait,” Chris whispered.  

    “Starting a family usually takes nine months. We’re getting ours in much less than that,” Ken reminded him.  

    Chris nodded his head against Ken’s shoulder.  “I can wait. It’s worth it to be with you, to have our little boys.”  

    I listen to their conversation and I can see they love each other. I understand that much.  And they want to be a family.  That’s a good thing too.  But the rest of it… it’s just much too complicated for me now. I don’t even try to follow all the big words.  I focus on my nummy toes, feeling them wiggle as I suck on them.  I don’t need to worry about big things anymore, Ken and Chris will take care of everything.  

    To be continued...

    Volunteers: Chapter 3

    Liam was waiting for me when I got home.  As soon as I saw him I knew things had changed again.  He was on the floor again, cartoons on but this time he wasn’t alone. He wasn’t hiding his love of the simple cartoons.  Benny was on the floor right next to him, sitting cross-legged and nursing his thumb.  Ken was on the couch, watching the pair, smiling.  He gave me a look as soon as I walked in, a look that let me know he was pleased with what he saw.  

    Liam wasn’t wearing a shirt.  He was sitting there in just his shorts apparently.  I could see every bump on his spine, just like Benny.  Well Benny was nude as usual, but side by side they no longer looked so different.  

    But Liam didn’t seem to care. Yesterday he had been ashamed I’d caught him watching cartoons. Today he seemed totally at ease sitting on the floor at Ken’s feet, on the same level as Benny, both figuratively and literally.  

    As soon as he saw me he had other things on his mind. He quickly climbed to his feet and rushed right over to me.  It was so weird to see him like this, like a hyperactive little kid.  

    “Eric you’re home! You have to come with me,” he urged, grabbing my hand.  

    Ken just shrugged, smiling again as Liam quickly led me away, back to his room.  

    “What is it?” I asked once he’d closed the door.  

    His breathing was faster and when he turned around I could see the bulge in his shorts.  

    “I gotta show you,” he said, not really bothering to keep his voice low.

    He dropped onto his bed and lifted both his feet up, watching me so eagerly.  The soles of his feet were black again and he looked so proud to show them off.  It was amazing, they really were even dirtier than yesterday and he wasn’t nervous about it anymore. 

    “My goodness, those are the ickiest little boy feet I’ve ever seen,” I told him.  

    The look of elation on his face was incredible.  The bulge in his shorts grew even bigger.  I sat down on the bed next to him, putting my hand on his back, feeling that nice warm skin.  

    “How’d you even manage to get those feeties so filthy?” I asked him.  

    “I ran around the whole campus before I came home,” he explained.  

    “You ran around barefoot, and everyone saw you,” I said. 

    “Uh-huh,” he agreed, quivering with arousal.  

    “That must have been so much fun.”

    “Felt so good,” he agreed.  

    “And what happened to your shirt?”  

    “Well Benny got home and took his clothes off again and I just… It looked so good. And then Ken noticed me staring and suggested I take off my shirt, get more comfy.”

    “So you did?” 

    Liam bit his lip uncomfortably.  

    “I know it’s silly, it’s exactly what Ken wants.  But I just couldn’t wear it anymore. I… I want even more off. I keep thinking about being like Benny, about how that must feel. He just runs around with his penis bouncing around all free. And he’s so comfy like that and I know it must feel great. And he just… he looks so, so little, all nakey-bummed.  And it makes me so horny thinking about it and I want to feel it too,” he explained.  

    I rubbed his back comfortingly.  “I totally understand.  But if that’s how you feel, why are you still wearing those shorts?”  

    Suddenly Liam was shaking his head, looking scandalised.  “I can’t be naked like that!” he insisted.  “I’d be so embarrassed if I actually ever did it, even if just you and Ken saw me like that.  I’d never live down the shame.”  

    He went silent a moment, biting his lip, then admitted, “But I just can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t stop thinking about what it would feel like and how it would feel not to care, to be totally oblivious, to not even have a concept of modesty or privacy, like Benny.”  

    “But you don’t feel self-conscious about being shirtless, being barefoot?”  

    He shook his head. “Not really.  It’s kind of  like being at the beach, but all the time. I’ve been barefoot in public before. I get that people think I look dumb, like a hippy or a kid and that… that just makes me feel so horny. 

    “But naked… no, that’s for babies. I still have my intellect, I haven’t forgotten who I am.”  

    “I can see that,” I assured him.  

    “So… can we cuddle? I’m so hard down there,” he begged, squirming, looking like a kid who needed to pee.  .  

    “Well, how about we have a cuddle back in the living room,” I suggested. 

    But Liam quickly shook his head. “Ken can’t know,” he insisted. 

    “Oh honey, Ken’s seen those dirty soles. He has to know you’ve been running around barefoot all day. And he’s seen you watching the cartoons and playing on the floor with no shirt on. He knows the programming is working on you.  Let’s go show him how cuddly you are. You know how nicely he cuddles Benny. Wouldn’t you like a cuddle from him too?”  

    Liam squirmed uncomfortably.  “I don’t want to cuddle with him. I want cuddles with you Eric. And I don’t want him to watch. I’m… I’m shy okay.”  

    “That’s fine buddy,” I assured him. “Let’s cuddle right here.”  

    I barely had the words out and he was cuddling me tight, thrusting into my stomach, needing the release.  Wow, that programming was incredible. It had him so horny he was masturbating twice a day now.  


    “It’s his last night,” Ken said as we cleaned up the toys.  

    Benny had gone to sleep at eight as usual, tucked in by Ken.  Liam had headed off to bed at ten, a bit earlier than his normal as well.  Aside from being shirtless and barefoot he hadn’t behaved too childishly once Benny was in bed. He’d just watched TV with us, played on his phone, then headed off once he began yawning.  

    “Yeah, and it seems like it’s been working pretty well on him. But nothing like Benny,” I noted. 

    Ken chuckled. “No, not like Benny, but there have certainly been some changes. I know he’s been coming to you for cuddles and stickies.”

    I blushed deep red.  There was no point denying it, Ken clearly knew all too well how Liam felt about me.  But there was no judgement in his voice, he seemed pleased that I’d been helping Liam with his needs.  

    “Yeah, I think he’s had a crush on me for a long time.  And now… well he’s able to show his affection.”  

    “Yeah, the programming makes him horny pretty much all the time, so it’s not surprising.  He’s aroused by his own regression, though you’ve no doubt already realised that by now. I know you’re a smart guy, you know how this works.”

    I nodded.  “He’s been getting aroused by being barefoot in public, getting his feet dirty.  I didn’t think that would be a part of the experiment,” I noted, implying but not directly saying what I thought.  

    Ken smirked.  “Yeah I added that to the programming myself.  It’s not so much that I like feet, it’s just I always loved being barefoot as a kid and my friends were the same.  We were kind of wild, playful kids, always messy, always in trouble.  But I know that you guys weren’t like that. You were the neat kids, the ones who didn’t climb too high in the trees, didn’t jump in the mud puddles, didn’t go to school barefoot rain or shine.  

    “So I added in a few personality changes to the programming too and I might have gone a bit over the top on the bare feet and dirtiness.  But so far, I think it’s pretty adorable, don’t you?”  

    “Yeah, I guess they are pretty cute that way.  But I’m a little worried they’ll be pissed off afterwards. Aren’t you?”  

    Ken shrugged. “You let me worry about that.”  

    “Okay then.  But how far is this going to go? I mean Liam’s starting to want to be naked now too.  He’s fighting for now anyway.”   

    Ken shook his head. “There’s no way to fight that level of arousal, and it will only get better tomorrow.”  


    Ken nodded. “The final programming phase is the strongest and most important.  He won’t be going to university tomorrow, he’ll be joining Benny at daycare. I’ve already told them to expect a second boy with the same level of intellectual impairment.”  

    “It hasn’t touched his intellect though. His behaviours have changed a bit, but he seems as sharp as ever.”  

    “Oh he is right now. I just checked his latest IQ test and there’s been no change.  His self-image, his emotions, his personality, they’ve all had some changes.  But the IQ hasn’t been touched. I know that’s what scares him the most, so I’ve left it to the very end.”

    I felt a little troubled about that. I knew Liam specifically didn’t want his intelligence touched.  “Are you sure he really wants to go through with that? I mean yeah, he volunteered, but I don’t know that he expected it to really work.”  

    “I know he was sceptical, but don’t worry, when it actually happens he’s going to enjoy it, he’s going to find it the most exciting part yet.  He won’t even miss all those smarts.”


    Before I went to bed I ducked my head into Liam’s room, looking down at him fast asleep in his powder blue onesie once again, headphones over his ears, already getting his last dose of programming.  I considered pulling them off, waking him up and warning him.  But he was already listening. He’s taken the pill and been in bed over an hour now. It was probably too late already.  Better to let it be complete then, rather than interrupt.  So I went to bed myself.  

    I wondered if I’d be woken by a morning visitor again, coming for cuddles, for release.  To be honest I went to sleep expecting it.  But what actually woke me was my alarm.  I turned it off and looked around my still mostly dark room. Nobody was there but me.  Huh, that was actually surprising now.  

    I got up and padded softly over to Liam’s room, to see if he was up yet.  And there I discovered why I’d been left unbothered today.  Liam and Benny were in bed together, all tangled up. Benny’s naked form was intertwined with Liam, still in his fuzzy onesie.  They were both asleep, but the still drying sticky mess across the tummy of Liam’s onesie told me they’d had some fun together.  No doubt the inside was just as sticky from Liam’s own release.  

    Carefully I ran my hair through Liam’s hair until his eyes fluttered open.  

    “Wakey-wakey,” I cooed.  

    “Oh, hi Eric,” he greeted me.  “I cuddled with Benny this morning.”  

    “Yeah, I see that. Looks like you both enjoyed your cuddles.”  

    He blushed and nodded.  “Benny’s a really good cuddler.”  

    Strange, he didn’t seem mentally gone at all.  And sure enough he had soon got up, grabbed some shorts and new undies and went to the bathroom to change.  He returned soon after, wearing his shorts now, still acting mentally adult.  Looked like it wasn’t so successful after all. I wondered if Ken would be disappointed.  

    By breakfast time Benny was standing nude in the kitchen, pushing the fridge magnets around the fridge door, making raspberry noises and singing nonsense to himself.  Liam just shook his head at the mentally challenged boy’s play and ate his froot loops, clearly still feeling vastly superior to his dumbed down buddy.  

    “Are you going to go to class shirtless today?” I asked him.  

    “I really want to, but I know I can’t,” he admitted.  

    “It’s the last day, are you sure you don’t want to join Benny, go to daycare?” I asked him.  

    He looked at me like I was crazy.  “Look, I know it worked on me a bit, made me need to do some silly stuff. But I’m not like Benny. It didn’t work all the way.”  

    “And you don’t want to be like Benny? You told me yesterday it looked fun, being all naked like that. You change your mind?”  

    “No, I mean, yeah it looks so comfy and I can’t stop thinking about it, even now.  But I still have my self-control. I know I’m a grown-up. Sure I can get away with being barefoot. People just think I’m a hippy.  But I can’t be half-naked.”  

    Ken walked into the kitchen just then, looking bright and chipper.  

    “Last morning of the programming,” he announced. “So looks like Benny is all ready for another lovely day at daycare, aren’t you buddy?” he cooed to the nudist twenty-something.  

    Benny giggled lightly and knocked several magnets on the floor.  

    “Go boom!” he announced, hopping on his feet so his penis flopped wildly up and down.  

    “What a silly boy he is,” Ken commented.  “And now we just need to get you ready for daycare too,” he said to Liam.  

    Liam looked confused. “No, I’m still going to uni today Ken. Sorry but the programme didn’t work on me.”  

    “Didn’t work? That’s not what I’ve been seeing. You show me those feeties and tell me they aren’t icky little boy feet.”  

    The phrase seemed to make Liam shiver with a wave of arousal, but he held on.  

    “I know some stuff worked, but not the important things. I still have my intellect, my awareness. So no, I’m not going to daycare like this.”  

    “Well no, not like that. The daycare is for intellectually impaired people. Icky little kid feet aren’t enough. We need you down on the floor, sucking on those icky toes.”  

    “Well yeah. And you don’t see me doing that, do you? I mean, yuck!”  

    “You aren’t yet, but in a second, after I trigger the programming, you will be.”  

    Trigger? I froze, wondering what Ken was talking about.  Liam also looked shocked and worried now.  

    “What do you mean?” he asked.  

    “Well you’ve had five nights of programming and as you’ve noted some of it is so powerful that it’s leaked through, changed your behaviour without even being fully triggered.  I guess some of it appealed to your natural inclinations. I know you were a very clean, smart little kid but I bet you were jealous of the sillier boys, the wild little tykes.  You felt a bit jealous of that part of it when you saw Benny embrace barefootedness. 

    “You probably always liked Froot Loops, secretly enjoyed cartoons and the programming has let you embrace those parts of yourself.  And I guess that means you probably have had a little crush on Eric, maybe on Benny too.  And the suggestions let you embrace that, let you reveal your urges to them.  And it’s all been so exciting, so arousing, you’ve really enjoyed it.  

    “But the other aspects, the changes to your intellect, you fought that. And the total loss of inhibitions, that’s scared you too.  But don’t worry, when I trigger it, it’s going to be euphoric, I promise.”  

    Liam shook his head. God, he looked terrified now. He believed it, he had to.  He’d seen how his behaviour had changed and he’d seen Benny.  Of course he was scared.  

    “I don’t want that Ken.  Let’s just end the experiment now,” he begged.  

    “I know, the last thing you want is people seeing you all dumbed down, all dependent and helpless.  You hate pity. But they won’t pity you buddy, they’re going to think you’re just adorable.”  

    Liam didn’t look convinced in the slightest.  “I’m not going to just let you do this.”  

    “That’s fine Liam, because I don’t want you to. I want you to go ahead and fight it as hard as you can.  Because that’s the whole point. It has to work even when the subject doesn’t want it, when they fight it with all they have.  If you can maintain your maturity and smarts then we know the programming is a fail and we will alter it.  And you’ll be free to tell me how superior you are and go right back to uni.  

    “But if it works, if you’re a happy little nakey boy dancing around the yard for anyone to see this afternoon, then we know it’s totally effective.” 

    “And then what?” 


    “If it works. Then what happens to me tomorrow, the next day?”  

    “Well you’ll wake up in bed with Benny. Your penis will be all big and hard. And you’ll be able to see it, since you’ll be nakey, same as him.  And you’ll roll over and cuddle your brother close and hump and grind your doodles together until you’ve had a lovely release.  And then you’ll come through to my room, to get cleaned up, to get dressed for daycare, just a pair of shorts of course.  

    “And you’ll have a wonderful day of play with the other special boys.  No one will ever, ever guess that the silly shirtless boy bashing a square peg into a round hole was once a genius.  The carers will watch you nibble your icky little boy bare feeties and they’ll be certain you’re just as utterly impaired as any of them.

    “And that’s pretty much how your day will be next week too, and the week after that.”  

    Liam’s face was drained of colour.  “When do you give me the reversal programme then?”  

    “We’re still working out a few of the bugs on it.  In the meantime I’ll be in charge and I’ll be keeping you safe and happy.  But yes, if you don’t like the sound of that, by all means resist.  Do your best to fight it. Because if you can’t fight it, if you give in, you’re going to be playing naked in the yard for quite some time to come.”  

    “I’m not doing that,” Liam insisted. 

    Ken shrugged. “Don’t feel too angry. When you’re out there in that yard, when the postie passes by and sees you squatting in the grass. You’re going to have the biggest erection, because you’re going to be aroused by your loss of intellect and inhibitions. It’s going to be the most exciting thing you’ve ever imagined.”  

    Liam looked so determined, so certain he would fight it.  And frankly I couldn’t see him just letting that happen.  

    Ken shrugged, then took out his phone and hit a button.  And suddenly this silly, inane, nursery rhyme began to play from it.  

    *The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout 

    Down came the rain and washed the spider out…*

    I was confused of course. But Liam got a strange look as the music played. His eyes went wide and all the anger and determination very quickly faded from his face.  His muscles were relaxing and his eyes were glazing over.  

    *Out came the sun and dried up all the rain

    And the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again*

    I could see the bulge in Liam’s shorts growing again, tenting right out as he sprouted an impressive erection.  But the rest of his body was still relaxing, his shoulders sagging, arms limp like wet noodles, a little line of drool spilling over the lips of his gaping mouth.  

    The song stopped playing. It was only a short rhyme after all.  But the change it had made in Liam seemed profound.  He stood there, looking totally out of it, staring ahead with empty eyes, no expression on his face at all.  He was obviously in some kind of trance.  

    “There we go, you see Liam, it wasn’t so bad, losing all those big smart thoughts,” Ken told him brightly.  “Now we need to get you ready for daycare, and that means changing your clothes.”  

    Ken reached down, grabbing Liam’s shorts and his undies in his hands all at once.  Then he yanked them down, letting them fall to a heap around his ankles.  Wow, Liam’s erect penis was just standing there now, for all of us to see.  Even Benny was gaping slack-jawed up at it as he played on the floor.  Suddenly he wasn’t the only boy with his pee-pee out.  

    Liam’s eyes flicked down to his exposed erection for a second. He blinked, some awareness returning to his face now.  

    “Okay, one foot at a time, out of those silly big boy shorts and undies,” Ken directed him, slipping the clothes off him.  

    Liam looked at the shorts being taken away. He seemed aware now, but he still hadn’t said a word.  

    “Okay, I’ll go get you some new clothes for daycare.  Won’t that be fun, playing with the other little boys?” Ken cooed to him, then headed off to get the new clothes, leaving Liam with me.  

    Liam looked back down at his bare body, then up at me.  He seemed to at last recognise me and he turned and quickly toddled right over to me, holding out his arms, grabbing onto my arms.  

    “What is it Liam?” I asked him.  “Are you still fighting it buddy? Are you still trying to hold it together?” I asked. 

    Liam gaped a moment then said, “Wookit! Wookit!”  

    And he hopped up and down. His erect penis bobbed about as well and Liam smiled.  

    “Doodle big!” Liam announced happily.  “Feew good!” 

    And I saw the look of utter elation on his face. Yes, he’d enjoyed what had just happened.  He’d given up all his genius, all his self-control and it was obvious that it must have felt amazing. 

    “Did it feel good losing all your smarts?” I asked him.  

    Liam smiled and giggled all the more. 

    “Yes, I think they’re all completely gone, aren’t they Liam. You aren’t a genius anymore are you honey?”  

    “I nakey,” Liam replied, poking at his own penis, watching it waggle again.  

    I had to chuckle.  “Yes, you sure are nakey. You’re a silly little nakey boy.  And now I think you need to make some stickies, don’t you? Cuz getting all dumb felt really good, didn’t it?”  

    “Stickies,” Liam agreed, understanding at least that much.  

    I reached down, letting my fingers run across his doodle.  Oh yes, he was very close to exploding already. That must have felt really good indeed.  

    “You want me to help honey? You want me to give you squirts?” I asked him.  

    A vigorous nod was my answer.  

    I closed my fingers around his shaft and stroked up and down.  I could already tell this wouldn’t take much at all.  He was so close to the edge already.  

    “You got all little, all that genius gone bye-byes so quickly,” I cooed to him.  

    Liam nodded, drool coating his chin now.  “Wiam goz widdle,” he agreed.  

    It took less than a minute. Ken wasn’t even back yet, when Liam exploded, shooting his cum all over the floor, my hand and arm.  His body bucked and he made these cute little grunts.  One rope of cum even ended up right across poor Benny’s face.  I’d have to clean them both up with a washcloth.  

    When Ken came back with the clothes Liam was down on the floor next to Benny. The two naked young men were pushing the magnets around side by side.  Liam blew a raspberry up at us, banging a P magnet against an H.  

    “Hey Liam, look you got pH.  You remember what that means?” I asked him.  

    He looked at the magnets again, then dropped the P and jammed the corner of the H in his mouth, chewing on the hard plastic for a moment while gazing up at me with the blankest of eyes.  

    “I guess that’s a no,” I commented to Ken.  

    Daycare meant that Liam’s nudity was short-lived for now. Ken quickly had him dressed in a new pair of cartoon-print undies and baggy board shorts.  No shirt though, since he was so insistent he didn’t want one.  

    “No sirt!” he kept demanding, crossing his arms defiantly when shown the Elmo one Ken had picked out.  

    “Okay, no shirt for Liam,” Ken agreed.  

    So ten minutes later that’s how Liam went out to the car, climbing right into the back seat along with Benny, waiting for Ken and I to strap them both in now. 

    “Have fun at daycare buddy,” I told him, pecking a kiss on his forehead.  

    “Goin day-cawe,” he echoed.  

    “Yep, and you’ll have lots of fun, I know it,” I assured him.  

    He was barely listening. He had his right foot in his hands and was playing with his toes.  Yep, he was going to fit right in there.  No one would ever guess this man gazing at his own toes with absolute wonder, was a genius an hour ago.  

    To be continued...

    Volunteers: Chapter 2

    Ken took charge of Benny for the rest of the night. It wasn’t long.  A bath before bed and then a bed time of 8PM meant that Benny was asleep about four hours earlier than normal.  But he didn’t complain, he happily gave each of us another cuddle before heading off to bed.  

    It was a bit different the second time, as he toddled over with his pee-pee soft and jiggling between his legs, looking only for a night-night hug from Liam and I.  But it was still very enjoyable, feeling his warm bare skin under my arms.  It filled me with so many conflicting feelings. 

    Soon enough it was time for the rest of us to sleep.  I watched Liam take the pill he’d been instructed to take half an hour before bed.  Then he got his noise cancelling headphones ready and I couldn’t stay silent any longer.  Once Ken was off to his own room I snuck over to Liam’s.  

    “Are you really going to listen to that programme?” I whispered to him.  

    Liam didn’t look happy anymore, but he still nodded.  “I promised to help out. I don’t like going back on my promises,” he told me.  

    “I can understand that, but surely there are exceptions. You saw what happened to Ben. That’s no act. He’s running around naked, he masturbated in front of us all, on top of me.  He tasted his own cum dude!  I mean, do you want to end up like that?”  

    “Fuck no!” Liam whispered back.  “Look of course I don’t want to be running around naked. You know I don’t even like using a urinal in the toilets.  But I still don’t think it’s likely to work on me like that. Subliminal messages don’t have the same power as a proper trance session, I googled it.”

    “You didn’t think it would work so well on Ben either,” I pointed out.  

    He sighed, knowing I was right on that.  

    “Look, it’s meant to take several days. I’m not going to wake up tomorrow dumb as a post. If I start feeling anything weird I’ll stop the experiment.  And if you notice anything weird about my behaviour that I’m not aware of, you let me know too, okay?”  

    I nodded. “Of course.”  

    “Hopefully I can just help show that subliminals don’t work well,” Liam said.  “Now, let’s get to sleep and just get this over with.”  


    It was the shifting of weight on my bed that woke me the next morning.  It was light out, but it was still earlier than my alarms were set for.  I had been dreaming about taking a road trip with the cast of Big Bang Theory.  And then suddenly I was being pulled back to reality.  But my reality was somehow even stranger than my dream.  

    Benny was kneeling on my bed, chewing on his fingers, blinking innocently at me.  He was still naked, Ken had put him to bed that way.  And he was erect again.  Was it normal morning wood? Or was it something else?  

    I blinked the sleep from my eyes and said, “Hi there, you’re up early.”  

    “I wike you,” he told me.  

    “Oh… thanks.  I like you too buddy,” I told him.  

    “Pee-pee tingwy,” he told me, like this was a perfectly normal thing to tell another guy.  

    “Oh… you mean right now?”  

    He nodded. But then said, “You make tingwy.”  

    I thought about this for a moment then asked, “Benny, do you remember being bigger?”  

    He nodded.  

    “And did I make your pee-pee tingly then too?”  

    He nodded right away.  

    Wow, he did have a crush on me.  I’d honestly never known.  I mean given how our society is, that’s not hugely surprising.  But now his inhibitions were gone, he was free to tell me how he really felt.  It was adorable really.  

    I pulled back the covers a bit and said, “You wanna cuddle more?”  

    Benny nodded right away, then climbed under the covers with me, snuggling right in. Oh he was so warm and solid in my arms.  

    “You make my pee-pee tingly too,” I whispered to him.  

    Benny looked at me in awe. “Gotta do stickies?” he asked me.  

    Stickies. Oh, that’s what Ken had called the mess on Benny’s tummy last night, when he cleaned him up.  

    “Yeah, I do need stickies,” I admitted.  

    “Gonna do ‘em?” he asked me, apparently waiting for me to grind my penis against him.  

    “Nah, that’s okay buddy. You can make yours if you need to though,” I told him.  

    He looked at me with confusion.  “No stickies?” he asked again.  

    I reached my hand down and let my fingers run ever so gently across his penis. Benny inhaled sharply, then sighed, his eyes rolling back a bit.  

    “I think you need more stickies, don’t you buddy?”  

    Instantly he shoved his erection against my thigh, pulling his body tight against mine and beginning to hump.  I held him close, feeling his warm, sticky skin under my hands, waiting as he thrust against me for a full minute, until he spasmed and enjoyed another lovely sticky release.  

    Of course I wanted to cum too, but it wouldn’t have been right. Let him enjoy it, let him have his fun.  I was the grown-up here, I had to show restraint. I already wasn’t sure if this counted as taking advantage of Benny as it was.  But I told myself it was okay, because he needed the release, he was enjoying this.  And if I enjoyed it too, what was wrong with that?   


    “It’s an adult daycare,” Ken explained.  “A lot of the people have genetic conditions. Some suffered brain injuries though.  All have intellectual impairment of some kind or another and can’t be left alone while their carers go to work. But they aren’t so impaired they need to be in an institution.”  

    “And do they know Benny is part of an experiment? That he’s not intellectually impaired?” I asked.  

    Ken gestured over at Benny.  He was sitting on the kitchen floor again, an assortment of pots and a wooden spoon as a drumstick around him.  But he wasn’t drumming now. He had been examining his toes instead. And examination had progressed to exploring them with his mouth. He was just sitting there, still naked, with several toes jammed between his lips.  

    “Eric, he is intellectually impaired.  He can’t name his colours, he can’t tell you how many toes he has, only how good they taste apparently.  It doesn’t really matter how he ended up with a profound intellectual disability, only that he has one.”  

    “But what do they think happened to him? I mean, what if he tells them the truth?” 

    “They think he had a brain injury from hypoxia.  And he doesn’t have the capacity to tell them the truth because he can’t even comprehend it now.  But even if he did, they’d just take it as fantasy. No one really listens to the ramblings of someone like that,” Ken assured me.  

    “I still don’t like the idea of people seeing him like this.  If he knew, I mean if Ben understood how he looks now, he’d be horrified.”  

    “We all have classes. Did you think we would be able to leave him home alone? Or were you going to bring him to your lab, hope he doesn’t touch anything while you aren’t looking?” 

    It was a fair point. There was no way we could leave him alone for even a minute. He was so mentally reduced he needed constant supervision or he was liable to choke on some toy, or shove a coin up his nose.  

    “Morning,” Liam greeted us as he walked into the kitchen.  

    “Well good morning buddy,” Ken replied, using a sickly sweet tone that repulsed me.  

    Liam gave him a disdainful look, going straight to the cabinet to get cereal, his daily breakfast.  

    “You want some froot loops today? I got some special at the supermarket,” Ken told him.  

    “Nah, I’ll stick to Weetbix thanks.”  

    “You sure? It’s super sweet and yummy,” Ken enticed. 

    Pouring himself the Weetbix and milk, Liam shook his head. “I’m not a moron Ken, I still feel totally normal.”  

    “Are you sure about that? No funny feelings at all?” Ken checked. 

    “Not a thing,” Liam assured him. “And no, I’m not going to that stupid adult daycare you’re packing Benny off to. I’ve got research to work on at the lab.”  

    Ken shrugged. “Fair enough, no change so far. But we will still need to do a formal interview this afternoon, okay?” 

    “Yep, I’ll be free after four.”  

    “Great, we can do it then.  But now we need to get Benny dressed for his day. We can’t be sending him to daycare in his birthday suit.”  

    Benny’s outfit included a simple red t-shirt, a pair of undies decorated with basketballs and some baggy athletic shorts that just brushed his knees.  

    He was very compliant as Ken and I got him dressed.  He just stood there, nibbling on his fingers again, totally unconcerned with how he was to be dressed. We could have actually taken him there nude and he wouldn’t have said a word of complaint, I was sure.  I wondered if we could have put him in a bright pink dress. I suspected we could have.  

    “Aw dwethed!” he announced when we had finished.  

    “You sure are! And now it’s off to daycare,” Ken told him enthusiastically.  

    Benny liked the tone of voice, hopping up and down and clapping his hands.  

    “Help me get him strapped into the car, could you?” Ken asked me.  


    Ken took his hand now, leading Benny out the door to his car, to the back seat.  I noticed they didn’t stop to get Benny’s shoes though. 

    “No shoes?” I asked, though Benny seemed oblivious as usual.  

    “Nah, he looks cuter this way, don’t you think? More like a real little kid.”  

    He was actually right.  “Yeah, he is cute in bare feet.  But will the daycare mind?”  

    Ken shrugged. “Normal daycares have their kids barefoot all the time.  Why should this be any different?”  

    Benny didn’t complain, he let us strap him into the car, ready to go barefoot to adult daycare without a care in the world.  

    “Bye-bye Benny. Have fun at daycare buddy,” I told him after I got his seatbelt on.  

    “Bye-bye!” he chirped back, offering me a flappy toddler wave, pressing his feet against the front seat. .  

    God he really was cute like this.  


    It was the morning after Liam’s third night listening to the programming that I walked into the kitchen to find an unexpected sight.  Liam was eating a bowl of cereal as usual, he was wearing his normal t-shirt and board shorts.  But the bowl was full of froot loops, brightly coloured, sugar-coated cereal, not his normal bland weetbix.  I’d never seen Liam have sweet cereal and especially not since Ken had been suggesting it.  

    “What you eating there?” I asked him.  

    Liam loudly slurped a spoonful of milk before answering.  

    “I decided to have froot loops today. Y’know, just so Ken will quit pestering me about it,” he said.  

    “Oh, right,” I said.  

    “They’re actually really good. But don’t tell him I said that!”  

    “It’ll be our secret,” I assured him.  

    I was conflicted now. I had promised Liam that I would tell him if anything he did seemed strange.  But I had also been told by Ken that I needed to strongly encourage any childish behaviour I saw in Liam, that it was key to the experiment.  But it seemed like Liam was aware that eating the froot loops was strange, so there was no need to alert him.  

    I kept quiet for the time being, helped Ken get Benny ready for another day at daycare, then started to get dressed myself.  It was only as I was about to go that I came across something much more troubling for my conscience.  

    Liam was standing at the front door. He had his school bag on his back and was still wearing his normal t-shirt and board shorts.  He often went to the lab or to classes dressed casually so this wasn’t odd.  But he was sort of staring at the pile of shoes with uncertainty. That was a bit weird.  

    “You okay Liam?” I asked him.  

    He looked up at me.  “I have a lecture to go to this morning. Then I need to go to the library after.”  


    “But… do you think I have to wear shoes?”

    I blinked in confusion.  “What?”  

    “You think I’d be in trouble if I went barefoot? Y’know, to class, and the library.”  

    In all the time I’d known Liam, I had never seen him leave the flat without shoes on. Sometimes he did just wear jandals, but most times he wore sneakers.  But never bare feet.  This was definitely strange behaviour for him.  

    Ken on the other hand liked having bare feet.  I’d never seen him go to class that way but he often didn’t bother with shoes for running to the shops or even the mall.  He’d mentioned that he’d pretty much never worn shoes until they were required for high school uniform.  That hadn’t struck me as too strange at the time, lots of primary school kids were like that.  But now I wondered about it.  Was Ken trying to make Ben and Liam like him? Did he like feet?  

    Thinking back to his decision to pack away all of Benny’s shoes, even the jandals, the answer seemed obvious now.  But should I point that out to Liam? Or should I encourage it?  I thought about Benny again, skipping barefoot to the car every morning, thinking about how cute it was. The truth was, I kind of liked seeing him that way too.    

    “Nah, I don’t think you’d get in any trouble,” I told Liam.  “I mean there’s always a couple guys barefoot on campus. Why do you ask though?”  

    “I just really don’t want to wear shoes today.  I just… it feels so much better with your feet all free, y’know?”  

    “Yeah… totally get it,” I told him.  

    “Thanks,” he chirped, turning away from the shoes and heading out the door barefoot without a second glance.  

    Wow, was this a sign it was working? It had to be.  But I wondered how much things could really change.  Would he grow aware of how weird it was for him to be barefoot like some hippy kid, no, like a little boy, at some point in the day?  I guess I’d know soon enough.  


    Liam was already back when I got home that afternoon.  He was watching TV in the living room, which wouldn’t have been that odd, except it was a cartoon and not the adult kind.  When I walked in Liam seemed to only then realise I was there, the trance of the cartoons broken.  He had been sitting cross-legged on the floor instead of the couch and he was sort of peacefully smiling.  

    But as soon as he realised I was there he blushed deep red and scrambled with the remote, exiting back to the main Disney Plus catalogue screen.  

    “Oh hey, I didn’t hear you come in,” he said sheepishly.  

    “Yeah, you were pretty engrossed in your show I guess.”  

    “Oh, yeah, I was just, um, seeing what some of the other titles were like,” he claimed.  

    “Sure,” I said, letting it drop.  “So, Ken and Benny not home yet?”  

    “Nah, Ken too him to the park after picking him up from daycare.”  

    “Right, that’s cool.”  

    Liam nodded, then asked, “Hey, could you not tell Ken about the toons. I don’t want him to think I’m getting little.”  

    “Yeah, sure,” I agreed.  “But you haven’t been doing anything else little?” I asked. 

    Liam squirmed on the floor.  After a moment he twisted around and then held up his feet for me to see.  The soles of his feet were just as black as tar.  They were filthy.  

    “What is it?” I asked, not sure why he was showing me.  

    “I went barefoot all day and now my feet are… icky,” he said.  But he didn’t sound upset, didn’t sound sad that his feet were so dirty. No, the way he said it, he sounded like he was in awe.  

    “Yeah, I can see that. They’re filthy. But that’s what happens when you walk around barefoot in the city all day. It’ll wash off.”  

    He shook his head. “No, Eric, it’s not that. It’s… my feet are icky and it makes me all hard… down there.”  

    I blinked, trying to process that admission.  

    “You mean, you’re aroused?” 

    He nodded right away.  “I’ve been walking around the campus barefoot and it makes me so horny. And then I got home and I saw my soles and they’re so icky and I just got so hard right away.  They’re… they’re little kid feet.”  

    “They’re what?” I asked, confused.  

    “Little kids have icky feet because they never wear shoes.  Little kids are all mucky and dirty. And now I am too. And… I really, really like it.”  

    I nodded, not entirely sure what to say to that.  

    “Just… don’t tell Ken okay. Don’t tell him I’ve been barefoot at school.”  

    “I won’t.  If he asks why your feet are so… icky, you just tell him you were in the yard playing some football with me,” I told him.  

    Liam smiled. “Thanks.”  

    “No worries.”  

    We then switched to Netflix and watched something more adult. Liam climbed back onto the couch and did his best to act like nothing odd had happened.  When Ken got home with Benny, Liam seemed perfectly normal.  But I knew better of course. I knew the programming was actually working.  Or at least some of it was.  Liam wasn’t getting dumber as far as I could tell. And he still seemed able to act adult if needed.  

    He certainly wasn’t anything like Benny, who stripped nude within ten minutes of arriving home, made a mess of his dinner with spaghetti in his hair and everything and then cuddled up with Ken while they watched cartoons until his bath time.  

    “Would you like a bathy too?” Ken asked Liam in that saccharine sweet tone.  “I have bubbles and toys to play with. I’m sure you’d love it.”  

    Liam scowled at him and sarcastically said, “I’ll give that a pass this time.”  

    Ken shrugged and took Benny off to be bathed.  

    Once he was gone and the sounds of running water and then happy squeals and splashing reached us, Liam turned to me and said, “Hey Eric, can we go to my room for a minute?”  

    “Um, sure, you have something I need to look at?”  

    “Yeah, sort of,” he answered vaguely, getting up and heading to his room.  

    I wondered what this was about.  Maybe he was getting nervous about continuing and needed to talk to me about it without the risk of Ken interrupting.  

    Once we were in his room Liam closed the door and looked at me with real shyness.  

    “What is it?” I asked again.  

    Liam was looking at the floor, poking at the carpet with one toe.  “I just… it’s just that Ken was giving Benny all those cuddles.” 

    I nodded. “Yeah, Benny really likes cuddles.”  

    “Yeah, he does.  It’s just… um… I kinda want cuddles too,” he said, very quietly.  

    “You want cuddles too? Like Benny?”  

    Liam still wouldn’t look at me, but he nodded.  

    “I don’t want Ken to know. But I just… I want cuddles so bad. I know it’s the programme and it’s… it’s actually working on me. And that’s kinda scary.”  

    “I know, you asked me to tell you if you were acting funny and didn’t know it. But… you know this is not normal. You never go around barefoot, and you don’t ask for cuddles.”  

    He nodded vigorously. “Oh yeah, I know it isn’t normal for me at all. It just, it felt so good today. And now I really just feel like I need to cuddle.”  

    “So you want to stop the programme?” I asked.  “Should I talk to Ken?”  

    Liam bit his lip. “No… I was mostly worried about losing my smarts, or losing who I am. But, I was fine at school today. I was barefoot, but I still did all my work, no problems.  I haven’t lost who I am, I know this is weird. But… it just feels so good Eric. I’m so horny, y’know.  And I don’t want to stop it yet, as long as it doesn’t mess with my intelligence.”  

    “Yeah, I can understand that,” I agreed.  

    I didn’t understand that. Anyone thinking rationally would take one look at Benny sucking his filthy toes, naked on the floor, and immediately abandon any programme that promised to have you joining him in that level of helpless idiocy.  But seeing this happen to Liam was making me feel more aroused by the minute and I didn’t want it to stop.    

    “But the moment you see me getting dumber, you tell me, okay. If I don’t notice it or something. Or if I start thinking this is all normal. You promise?” Liam pleaded.  


    He seemed relieved.  

    “So, I just… would you mind…” he stammered, looking at the floor again.  

    “Oh, you want to cuddle with me?” I asked, feeling touched he felt comfortable asking me for this.

    Liam nodded. “Do you mind?”  

    I opened my arms wide. “Oh buddy, I’d love to give you cuddles,” I assured him.  

    Liam smiled so broadly, quickly moving in and closing his arms around me, resting his head on my shoulder.  He was nice and warm, just like Benny.  I rubbed my hands around his back, enjoying the feeling of closeness.  I felt his chest moving in and out with his breath, let my cheek rub against his.  Then I gently cupped the back of his neck and cooed, “You’re such a cuddly little guy.”  

    Liam let out this little sound that was halfway between a mewl and a moan.  Then he twisted his head and I felt his lips on my cheek. Oh wow, he was pecking one, two, three kisses on my face.  

    “Thank you so much,” he whispered as I continued to hold him.  

    “No worries. You’re a joy to snuggle,” I told him.  

    We cuddled for a full three minutes.  But then we could hear Benny being taken out of the bath, so it was time to quietly return to the living room and act as if nothing had happened.  


    It was a familiar feeling, the next morning, to be woken by weight on my bed. Someone was climbing in, waiting for me to wake up. No doubt Benny was back for more special cuddles.  

    Slowly I climbed out of the depths of sleep, blinking my eyes open and focusing on the new occupant of my bed. But it wasn’t Benny after all.  It was Liam, kneeling on my bed, wearing a powder blue onesie.  It was tented out in the middle, his jutting erection impossible to miss.  

    “Oh, hi there,” I said.  

    “Hey, sorry I woke you up,” he apologised.  

    “Is something wrong?” I asked him.  

    “No.  Well, not exactly.  I just… I woke up and I listened to my programme again last night and I feel different today.”  

    I nodded.  “You think it’s changing your intelligence?”  

    I was surprised when he shook his head. “No, it’s not that.  I… I just need cuddles again. And I feel… I’m all…” 

    “You’re really aroused, huh?”  

    He nodded vigorously.  “I just keep thinking about that first day with Benny, when he cuddled you and…” 

    “He made stickies,” I finished for him. 


    I reached out and patted his knee.  “You need to make some stickies in your onesie, don’t you Liam.”  

    He bit his lip hard, but nodded.  

    I reached out again and gently tweaked his stiffy through the soft onesie.  “I know buddy, I can see how hard you are.”  

    Liam gasped and nodded.  

    “Okay, c’mon under the covers, let’s snuggle up.”  

    Liam was under the covers with me in a flash.  Oh yes, it was just like Benny except that Liam was so soft and cuddly in his onesie.  He didn’t waste any time, grinding his erection against my hip, gripping my back tightly, thrusting frantically.  

    “My goodness, you are a happy boy,” I told him, patting his bum.  

    “Yeah, I’m so happy,” he agreed.  “The music is making me extra happy.”  

    “You know what I want you to do for me today?”  

    “What?” he asked.  

    “I want you to go barefoot again, all day. Get those footsies just as icky as they can be.”  

    Liam grunted.  

    “And when I get home you’re going to show them to me, show me the very ickiest of little boy feet.”  

    Liam gasped and I could tell this excited him beyond belief. 

    “That’s right, you’re just my little boy now Liam, just a mucky little boy.”  

    “Ugh. Ohhh. Mmmm,” he grunted, then exploded in his onesie.  

    “Good boy Liam, good boy,” I cooed as he shuddered and sent squirt after squirt of cum into his onesie.  

    I waited until he was totally spent, then just held him close, felt the damp onesie material against my skin. This was perfect, this was more than I could have hoped for.  

    There was no question now about the brilliance of Ken’s system.  He was making Liam aroused by his own regression.  Liam couldn’t bring himself to stop listening to the tapes even as his behaviour was altered more and more.  

    It was frightening and arousing at the same time.  I felt guilty getting off on my friend’s increasingly embarrassing behaviour, but for some reason it had me aroused too.  I’d never even considered such fetishes before. But the more I looked at Liam cuddled up in his cum-stained fuzzy onesie, the more I wanted to keep him this way too.  

    To be continued...


    Chapter 1

    “So you’re really gonna do it?” I asked Liam as we stood in the living room of our flat, waiting to be told when we could come back to the kitchen.  

    Liam shrugged.  “If I was actually worried about it working, I wouldn’t be doing it.  You know how these kinds of experiments go, 90% of the time they fail.”  

    “So why volunteer at all?” 

    “Ken needs to finish the experiment.  It doesn’t really matter whether he proves his hypothesis or not, only that he tests it.”  

    I was impressed that Liam was so willing to take such a big risk for our flatmate.  Well, Ken was more than just a flatmate now.  We hung out pretty regularly too.  We were all studying at the same uni. Liam and I were both doing doctorates in chemistry, Ken was doing a Master’s in psychology and Ben was the baby of the flat, still an undergrad doing an Arts degree.  He got a lot of shit for being an Arts student and for being only twenty years old.  But he took it well.  

    “Well you’re braver than me,” I told him.  There’s no way I would have volunteered to let Ken mess with my brain.  I mean, intelligence is basically my most important asset.  

    Liam didn’t seem concerned, but I really wasn’t sure how he had that kind of confidence. He was probably the smartest guy in the flat.  He had a lot to lose if this went wrong.  Ben had volunteered too, but that was less shocking since he was still young and easy to peer pressure into shit like this. 

    Ken’s experiment was to test two different kinds of hypnotic programming.  To test those systems he was going to try to alter both Ben and Liam’s behaviours, their mental abilities, their personalities to the same end goal, but using two different methods.  The goal was to have them thinking and behaving like two wild, rambunctious toddler boys with the intellectual abilities of a three year old.  

    Before the experiment they had each finished a questionnaire about their current habits as well as their actual childhood behaviour. Were they wild little kids or well behaved?  Were they precocious or late bloomers?  

    Of course Liam had been a well-behaved and gifted child.  

    There had also been personality tests and IQ tests to establish their baseline.  It seemed that Ben and Liam were both introverts, though they were mostly open to new experiences and emotionally stable.  It was no surprise that Liam had the higher IQ at 142, while Ben was a 120, still very smart, but not genius.  

    With the tests done Ken had started the experiment by choosing Ben for method number one, a rapid hypnotic induction and intense session of programming designed to completely transform him just hours.  Liam on the other hand would get subliminal messaging combined with a low dose of a medication designed to make him more receptive to suggestions each night as he slept.  The programme called for his transformation to take five days to be as complete as Ben’s.  

    It had been over an hour since Ben and Ken had gone into Ken’s room and I was wondering how it was going.  How was Liam so calm about this, I just kept thinking.  

    The wait ended as Ken finally reappeared in the living room, a clear smile on his face. 

    “It’s all done guys.  C’mon into the kitchen to meet Benny,” he announced.  

    For the first time I saw a flash of surprise and concern on Liam’s face.  Could it really have worked?  I felt my own heart do a little flutter.  

    We followed Ken back to the kitchen and I literally gasped when I saw Benny.  

    Our flatmate was sitting on the floor of the kitchen with his legs splayed wide apart.  There was an upside down pot on the floor between his legs and he was using it as a drum, smacking it with his open palms.  He had a bright red mixing bowl on his head, like some sort of hat.  But that was his only item of clothing. Benny was completely nude.  

    Sure, we lived together, but that didn’t mean we went around the flat naked.  I’d never seen Ben in less than a pair of shorts.  And now, there he was in all his glory.  And what’s more, his penis was standing straight up, just as hard and erect as it could be.  

    Benny gaped up at us, pausing his drumming, his bare toes wiggling back and forth as he took in the new arrivals.  His face just looked so slack. His eyes were wide and empty.  He honestly looked retarded, like an actually severely intellectually impaired man. Why was he so aroused right now? What had prompted that pulsing erection?  

    “What you doing there Benny?” Ken asked him brightly, using the tone adults spoke to small children in.  

    It should have been deeply condescending.  But Benny grinned and yelled, “Benny dwum!” 

    “Oh my!” Ken replied.  “Are you a musician?”  

    Benny nodded eagerly, so energetically the mixing bowl spilled off his head and clattered loudly across the floor.  

    “Oopthie!” Benny chirped, drumming his heels on the floor and grinning all the more at the sounds he’d made.   

    It was obvious that he was enjoying this. The stiffy was no coincidence.  That gaping grin said it all. Having his intelligence, his maturity and vocabulary stripped away was intensely pleasurable.  Either he had no idea what he’d lost, or he simply couldn’t comprehend that loss anymore.  Whichever it was, he clearly didn’t miss being a smart uni student.  He looked like the very happiest toddler.  

    “Go on then Benny, show us how you can drum,” Ken urged him.  

    “Makin’ moothic!” Benny agreed, smacking wildly at the pot to create a cacophony of sound.  

    “Where are his clothes?” Liam asked, not sounding so calm or dismissive anymore. 

    “He wanted them all off, pretty much as soon as we were done.  It’s part of the programming, stripping away every last vestige of modesty, of bodily awareness. It’s no surprise the result is Benny’s a little nudist now.  Lots of toddlers are like that,” Ken explained.  

    “How come he’s… um, y’know… hard?” I asked, feeling so ashamed to even ask it.  

    “All his inhibitions are gone.  It’s got to feel amazing, to be so freed from constraints. He got aroused pretty much as soon as I took away his smarts.  I suggested to him that it would feel euphoric, losing all his big boy smarts, and sure enough he got bigger and bigger down there as I counted them away.”  

    I kept expecting that at any moment Ben would snap out of it. It really kept me on edge because I kept thinking how horrified he’d be when he realised how he’d been behaving and how he was still all naked in front of us.  

    But Benny wasn’t snapping out of it, not at all.  After finishing his drum solo, he let Ken feed him dinner, cutting up his food into small bits and eating with his fingers.  He made an utter mess of his face and didn’t complain at all when Ken cleaned that with a washcloth.  

    After he was fed he was happy to go to the living room and play on the floor at our feet while we watched TV.  I mean it was Brooklyn-99, one of his favourite shows and he didn’t even glance at the TV.  He was just absorbed, playing with these simple toy cars Ken had left on the floor. He just rolled around on the carpet, lying on his back with his stiff penis standing straight up in front of us all.    

    After watching him play for a bit, Ken got down on the floor next to him, putting his hand on Benny’s back and asking, “What you playing with there buddy?”  

    Benny held up the toy race car.  “Caw,” he said.  

    “That’s right.  And what colour is that car?” Ken followed up.  

    Benny looked more closely at the obviously neon green toy.  I could see that he was really trying to remember the name of the colour. It wasn’t instant for him, he had to really think about it.  But after a moment he still hadn’t given an answer. Instead he looked back at Ken, with slack incomprehension on his face.  

    “Is it red?” Ken now asked him.  

    Benny smiled and nodded right away. “Wed!” he agreed.  

    Ken couldn’t help but laugh at how simple Benny had become, how easy he was to fool now.  

    “No, that’s not red, silly boy!” he corrected.  

    Benny pouted and looked back at his toy.  “No wed,” he repeated.  

    “Nope. But maybe it’s blue?” 

    Benny should have suspected a trick. But he instantly accepted whatever the smart grown-up said now. So he quickly nodded and declared, “Boo!” 

    Ken chuckled and rubbed Benny’s hair, mussing it all up even more.  He knew Benny wouldn’t mind. All the careful styling, all the gel he usually used in it, was absent now.  

    “Sorry Benny, but that’s green.  The car is green, okay?”  

    “Geen,” Benny agreed once again.  

    “That’s right buddy!  C’mere, give us a cuddle,” Ken praised him, opening his arms.  

    Smiling once again, oblivious to how dumb he looked, to how Ken had been mocking him all this time, Benny instantly accepted the offer of a cuddle.  He threw his arms around Ken and snuggled in tight.  Then turned his head and, totally unprompted, delivered a couple big wet smooches to Ken’s cheek.  

    “Aww, you are such a good cuddler,” Ken proclaimed.  “Why don’t you go give Liam and Eric cuddles too.  Can you do that for me?”  

    Benny nodded against Ken’s shoulder, then pulled back and began to crawl right over to Liam.  Poor Liam didn’t look pleased about this at all, but he didn’t pull away or anything. He didn’t want to hurt Benny’s feelings after all. It wasn’t his fault he’d been rendered so simple and innocent he didn’t understand how uncomfortable a naked cuddle would make Liam.  

    Benny climbed right up into Liam’s lap, sitting with his bare bottom on it, his feet brushing against my leg. He wrapped his arms around Liam and pulled right in tight.  I watched as Liam awkwardly let his arms fall across Benny’s bare back, patting it lightly.  

    When Benny’s face turned to Liam he pulled back a bit, but Benny was oblivious to his reluctance. He leaned forward and pecked his kisses on Liam’s cheek as well.  Two big, wet smooches.  

    “Aww, what a sweet little boy you are Benny,” Ken declared, smiling at Liam’s awkwardness and his disgusted expression.  

    “Gib Wiam kiffes,” Benny announced brightly, still snuggling with his flatmate.  

    “Yeah, um… thanks buddy,” Liam managed to say, though he very clearly didn’t mean it.  

    But then Benny sat up and turned to me.  Shit, it was my turn.  And Ken was just eating this all up, standing there with a huge grin on his face.  I wanted to tell him to cut this out, but I didn’t want to hurt Benny’s feelings either. He was so clearly a little kid right now. He was a toddler in a big body.  So I just braced myself for the humiliation.  

    The worst part of it was I actually liked Benny. Getting a naked cuddle from him could have been awesome in a different context.  But having it happen like this, with the other two watching, was so awkward.  

    Benny climbed onto my lap, his legs astride mine. I felt his full weight settle on my legs and it wasn’t as uncomfortable as I had feared.  Thank goodness he was skinny.  His penis was so close now, so red and engorged and pointing right up at me.  So weird to see it like that.  

    As he opened his arms wide I looked right into his eyes. They were utterly innocent, you could just see the lack of awareness in them.  He wasn’t acting, he was a simple little boy who truly wanted to give his buddies cuddles to make them feel nice.  And I wanted him to feel nice too.  He deserved more than a halting, awkward hug like he got from Liam.  

    I opened my arms and pulled him in, snuggling him close. Feeling his warm bare skin was so strange, but also nice.  I ran my hands across his back, soothing him.  I felt his head move, felt his wet lips against my cheek as he delivered a kiss, and then another.  

    But I didn’t pull away. Instead I cooed to him, “You’re such a good boy Benny. Thank you so much for the cuddles.”  

    And then I delivered two kisses of my own to his cheek.  

    Benny cooed pleasantly and squirmed a bit.  

    “That’s right, you’re my best little buddy,” I told him.  

    Benny mewled and squirmed more.  And then his squirming became something else. He was humping, pushing that stiff penis up and down against my stomach.  

    “Awll tingwy,” he announced.  

    “Oh my God,” Liam muttered, eyes wide with shock and horror at what Benny was doing.  

    Ken looked delighted by it.  He knelt next to us, putting his hand on Benny’s shoulder and asking, “Are you making your pee-pee feel all tingly and good?”  

    “Uh-huh. Pee-pee happy,” Benny answered.  

    His face was just inches from mine now, his eyes wide, mouth agape, a line of drool working its way down his chin as he gripped my shoulders and humped faster against me.  I looked down, watching the just visible head of his penis punching up and down against the fabric of my shirt.  Should I stop this? If I did, would it hurt Benny’s feelings? And did I want to stop it?  

    Ken didn’t seem to want to intervene.  

    “It was inevitable it would happen eventually,” he told Liam, seeming to ignore me.  “He’s got a toddler’s mind and lack of inhibitions and a grown-up sex drive.  I just thought he’d probably jack off in front of us. I didn’t know this would happen. I think he’s probably had a crush on Eric for a while now. And now he’s free to act on it.”  

    He had a crush on me? Was that really possible? Wow, thinking back there were signs there.  And now he was getting to fulfil his fantasy of being with me, no hesitations, no concern that others were watching. In some ways that kind of freedom was enviable.  

    I reached downward, letting my hand drift to his bare bottom, cupping it, rubbing, encouraging him.  “That’s right Benny, make your pee-pee feel good sweetie,” I whispered to him.  

    He rubbed harder now, and faster. I felt his breath against my face, so warm, so close.  I leant forward, pecked another kiss on his cheek.  He grunted, a line of drool hanging from his chin, connecting to my chest.  

    Moments later he grunted more loudly, his eyes rolled back and his body jerked and spasmed.  A jet of white gooey cum was launched across my chest, mingling with the spittle already staining my shirt.  More followed as he let out squirt after squirt of cum, moaning with release.  

    Liam looked away, Ken was watching it with glee.  I kept rubbing his back, urging him on, urging him to enjoy it.  He’d given up his mind, been reduced to being our silly little plaything, he at least deserved some pleasure in exchange.  

    “That’s it Benny, get it all out. Good boy, such a good boy,” I cooed to him.  

    When it was over and the last goo was drooling down his softening shaft, Benny looked down at the mess he had made all over my shirt.  He gaped at it, clearly uncomprehending of what had just happened.  

    “Uh-oh!” he finally declared. “Made a meth.”  

    “That’s okay buddy, I can clean it up,” I assured him.  

    But Benny wanted to help, he wanted to clean the mess he had made. He patted his palms against my chest, smearing his release around, making it even worse as he tried to help.  

    “No, no Benny, that’s okay, I can do it,” I told him.  

    “Oopthie,” Benny said, taking his hands back, looking at the goo now coating them.  Then he slipped two fingers into his mouth, tasted his own release.  

    “Ugh!” Liam spat, looking away again.  

    “Is it yummy?” Ken asked him brightly.  

    Benny’s fingers left his mouth with a pop.  

    “Icky,” he pronounced, shaking his head.  

    Ken laughed and then said, “Okay let’s clean those icky fingers then.”  

    With a nod, Benny climbed back off my lap, letting Ken take him to the kitchen to wash his hands and presumably also his very sticky bare tummy.  I went to change shirts as well and to have a little alone time to process what just happened.

    To be continued...

    You Might Just Get It: Chapter 6

    Melissa Jane walked into the daycare just after noon.  Karen had rung her to ask for a little help covering her to get lunch.  It cut into her day a bit, but she was actually happy to do it.  She wanted to check up on Thomas.  Maybe he would want to strike up a new deal, bargain his way out of the spell.  But she wondered if he’d be willing to pay the price for such salvation. 

    Thomas was the first man to actually ask her for this treatment, but he wasn’t the first she had cast this particular spell over.  The last few times they all came begging to her to save their minds. And then she dangled the impotence spell as the only cure.  With the warning that it would last for a whole year.  Haha, the poor men had to choose between their minds and their sex drive.  

    It actually proved to be a tough choice for them.  Four times she had done it. Two had chosen impotence, spent the rest of their week as men stuck being treated as kids, then back to normal with a healthy respect for magic.  The other two refused her offer.  Neither had made it to the end of the week with their minds intact.  

    Karen greeted her at the door as usual, already with her bag in hand, thanking her effusively as she rushed off. The woman clearly didn’t like her job, but had no other way to make a living.  Good thing for her Melissa Jane was so willing to pitch in regularly.  

    The kids were even happier to see her, especially all her special kids.  They remembered her, not as an evil witch who stole their minds, but as the nice lady who helped them be so silly and happy all the time.  

    Danny, Mikey and Susie all came straight up to her, needing their cuddles, demanding her attention, prattling on about their dull toddler lives.  

    But Melissa Jane wasn’t really listening to them.  She was looking over the playroom. Where was Thomas?  

    He appeared through the door a moment later, coming back in from the outside play area.  The first thing she noticed was his nudity.  Tommy was completely naked, his penis brushing between his thighs as he walked wide-legged into the play room.  

    The expression on his face was slack, his features peaceful and relaxed.  But when he saw her an eagerness instantly appeared in his dull, glassy eyes.  He smiled innocently and made a bee-line for Melissa Jane.  

    “Oof!” she exclaimed, as he threw his arms around her, cuddling in tight.  

    “My goodness. I thought you’d want to see me today. But to be honest, I wasn’t expecting this,” she told him, closing her arms around his body and rubbing his bare back gently.  

    “I hadda big squirt,” Tommy told her.  

    “Yes, I can see that honey.”  

    “Danny gib me squirts. I got widdle, got siwwy.”  

    “You certainly did.  I bet that felt really, really good, didn’t it Tommy?”  

    “Uh-huh!” he agreed instantly.

    “It’s much more fun being little isn’t it?”  

    Tommy nodded.  

    “And look at you in your birthday suit,” she said with a chuckle. “I knew you’d be a little show off. Mr. Modesty is long, long gone, ain’t he?”  

    “I nakey now,” agreed with a smile.  

    “You like being nakey, hmm?”  


    “See, I told you how nice it would be once you had your squirts.”  

    He nodded his head against her shoulder.  

    “Okay, you go play honey. That’s your only job now.”  

    Tommy giggled and let go of Melissa Jane, then trotted back out to the yard, where she watched him climbing up the swing-set, jumping off it, rolling in the grass and making an utter mess of himself.  


    I’m making pictures on the sidewalk today.  Momma gave me these chunky chalks.  They’re in many colours. I like the colors too, but sometimes I’m confused about their names.  I’m pretty sure the one I have right now is red.  I used to know the names when I was big.  But that feels like a long, long time ago.  

    Back and forth on the pavement, I scribble the red chalk, filling in the flower I’ve drawn.  I wonder if Momma will recognise what I’ve drawn.  Maybe when I get big again, I’ll be an artist.  

    I pause.  

    What’s an artist? The word is there, in my head, but I don’t know where it came from. I don’t know what it is.  I try really hard to remember, but there’s nothing there.  

    I go back to scribbling.  It doesn’t bother me, not knowing the word in my head. I just let it go, let it float away.  I don’t need words I don’t know anymore.  That happens now and then. I’ll have a thought out of nowhere, about something I just don’t really understand anymore. I guess they’re big person things, stuff I mostly forgot.  I don’t need them now.  So it’s okay to let them go.  

    The sidewalk is warm.  I can feel the sun-warmed pavement under the soles of my bare feet.  It’s kind of gritty too.  But it’s not so hot it hurts.  It would probably hurt soft girl feet. Grown-ups would find it too hot too. Grown-ups got soft feet cuz they wear shoes.  It makes me feel good, thinking about how I have bare feet. They’re thick and tough. I can feel the pavement, the grass, the dirt and it’s all so pleasant.

    I stop scribbling. My flower is all filled in.  The inside is red, I think. The rest of it is… blue? Or yellow?  I get mixed up between those two.  I’m four. I should know my colors. But I’m slow, I’m special.  Momma says so. It’s not a bad thing, I don’t think.  Momma says it just means I’m extra loveable.  

    I don’t think I was slow when I was big.  I was fast. I was smart and I was big.  But now I’m four. I’m all little again. And the big and smart things went away.  

    I look up at the sky.  It’s a pretty color. Like the one my flower is made of.  Yellow?  The clouds are fluffy.  Jake sat with me once and he taught me that clouds can look like stuff. We spent a long time looking at the clouds, saying what we thought they looked like.  I do that again now. 

    One cloud looks like a truck.  Yes, it’s like the truck that picks up the trash.  I love that truck! It makes lots of noise and it’s all big.  When it came earlier this week, Momma let me run out to the sidewalk and say hello to the garbage men.  That’s what I want to do when I’m bigger. I’ll ride in the big truck and beep the loud horn and collect all the garbage!  

    I’m leaning back, looking at the clouds, so I sit on my bottom.  The sidewalk feels rougher and hotter on my bum than it does on my feet.  I’ve got a bare bum.  Momma tells me to wear my undies for playing out front.  But I like nakey so much better.  I was naughty. I went out front with no undies today.  

    Sitting on my bum, I look down at my legs, then my feet.  Curious, I lean forward, looking at my feet closer, grabbing one.  The sole of my foot is so dark, all dirty.  It makes me feel all tingly inside.  I like having icky feet.  It’s important to have little boy feet. That’s what Melissa Jane told me.  She’s so smart, so nice. She knows everything.  

    I’m examining my feet, watching my toes wiggle, all nice and free, when a man walks up the sidewalk to me.  He’s a big grown-up man and he’s wearing a special uniform and he has a big bag.  I know what this is. He’s the mailman.  He goes from house to house bringing everyone their letters.  I know that from Sesame Street.  Elmo sang a song with the mailman on Sesame Street.  I wonder if our mailman knows Elmo too.  And does he sing songs?  

    The mailman looks down at me and smiles.  

    “Well hello there buddy. What you doing out here in your birthday suit?” 

    I don’t know what a birthday suit is.  But I want to show the mailman my drawings. Maybe he’ll be impressed. Maybe he’ll want to sing a song with me.  

    “I dwawed a fwowah!” I tell him eagerly, bashing my chalk against the sidewalk.  

    He looks at my drawing and chuckles.  “Oh yes, I suppose I can see that,” he agrees.  

    He’s smiling, he likes it.  What else can I show him? What else do I have to show off?  I know!  

    I hold up my foot and announce. “Goz icky feets!”  

    He smiled and nods again.  “Haha, you certainly do.  Those feeties are just filthy. Guess that’s what you’d expect of a little jaybird like you,” he told me.  

    Jaybird.  Oh, he meant that I was all nakey.  Am I in trouble? Will he tell Momma I gone nakey out front?  

    The mailman is still smiling. He leans down and ruffled his hand through my hair.  

    “Okay, y’all get back to your artwork now. I got mail to deliver to your Momma,” he tells me.  

    I’m not in trouble.  He’s a nice man.  Maybe I’ll be a mailman when I’m big. I can deliver the mail first, then I’ll get the big truck and come back to take away the trash.  

    “Tommy! You gotta put undies on!”  

    Oopsie. It’s Danny.  Did Momma send him out to play? Or did he just come to find me?  I hope he don’t tell Momma I was naughty.  He’s wearing undies because he’s a good boy for Momma. Danny’s almost always good.  He listens to Momma.  I wanna be good too. But I don’t listen so good. And I don’t wanna follow all the rules because sometimes it’s more fun to be naughty.  

    “C’mon Tommy, let’s go inside,” Danny urges me, reaching down and taking my hand.  

    “Dun wan’ undies!” I tell him.  “You be nakey!” I urge instead.  

    Danny knows how nice it feels being nakey.  It’s the best feeling in the world. My doodle is all free and bouncy and it just feels so perfect when it swishes between my legs as I walk and run around.  It just feels so free.  Danny goes nakey too, whenever we’re inside or in the yard. He knows it’s better.  

    But Danny shakes his head. “Not out front. Daz da rules Tommy! Momma said so!”  

    I pout cuz I know he’s right, but I don’t wanna.  

    “Pwease! I don’t wanna!” I tell him.  

    He’s the little brother. He’s only three. I’m four and that’s bigger. I should be in charge.  But I’m slow, I’m silly and special and Momma says that makes Danny in charge.  

    Danny doesn’t pull me inside, doesn’t make me do anything. He’s not mean and bossy like Jake can be.  He don’t hurt me or make fun of me like Jake neither.  Danny loves me.  We share a bed now. We cuddle up at night.  He’s nakey then, like me, and we cuddle up nice and tight and our doodles touch and if feels so tingly, so exciting and good.  We rub them together, faster and harder until we both do big sticky squirts.  I love Danny so much.  

    “Momma’s gonna get mad. You gonna get in twouble,” he warns me.  

    I shake my head and say, “Nuh-uh!”  

    I don’t have an argument for why. I can’t reason with Danny. He’s so much smarter than me.  

    Then I get distracted by something more important, something sudden and urgent.  I grab my pee-pee and tell Danny, “Uh-oh. Gotta tinkle!”  

    Danny nods. He’ll know what to do. Now I’m glad he’s here, able to do the thinking.  

    He points to the fence and says, “Just do ‘em here.”  

    It’s what I really wanted to do.  I just wanted permission.  I’m so relieved Danny agreed. I didn’t want to have to try to hold it in until we got all the way inside and found the potty seat.  And now I’m even happier I don’t got undies on. No need to wait.  I just turn to face the fence and let go.  

    Danny stands next to me. His hand is warm and comforting on my bare back as I pee all over the side of the fence.  Such a wonderful sensation of release.  

    As the tinkles splashed against the wooden fence, a familiar voice said, “My goodness Tommy, what are you doing out here on the sidewalk all naked?”  

    I turned to see Melissa Jane standing on the sidewalk.  In the process my tinkles splashed all over the sidewalk too, wetting my chalk art.  I wanted to give her a cuddle. She was the one who made me all silly, made me all little.  But I was still doing tinkles. I’d get her all icky if I cuddled her now.  That would be very naughty.  And I hoped I wasn’t in trouble for being nakey.  

    “I was makin’ dem,” I told her, pointing to my now wet, smudged drawings.  

    “You always make art without any clothes on?” she asked.  

    I could see the smile on her face now. She wasn’t upset. I wasn’t in trouble. She was just being silly.  So I nodded. .  

    “I told him Momma don’t like us naked outside,” Danny announced.  

    “Your Momma doesn’t want you boys giving the whole neighborhood a show.  But don’t worry, nobody here’s gonna mind your brother running around in his birthday suit. They all know he’s special, he’s extra sweet.”  

    Danny nodded. “Momma won’t be mad at Tommy?”  

    “No, I’ll make sure of it,” Melissa Jane assured.  “Now you go on into the yard. I need to talk to Tommy for a moment. I’ll bring him in shortly.”  

    “Kay!” Danny chirped, racing back into the yard, leaving me on the sidewalk with Melissa Jane.  

    “I tinkled on da fence,” I told her.  

    The red-headed woman chuckled. “Yes honey, I saw that.  Looks like you’ve been having a lot of fun since your special sticky.”  

    “I do stickies wid Danny.  We cuddle in bed ‘n do ‘em together,” I told her.  

    “Aww, that’s real sweet hon’.  Danny’s a good brother.”  

    I nodded. Danny was the best brother. He’s so much nicer than stupid Jake.  

    “Now the reason I’m here Tommy is that it’s been a week.  The spell can be lifted now.  I’m a witch, but I keep my word.  So if you want me to end the spell right now I will.  You can go right back to being a grown-up.”

    The week was up?  Oh, now I remembered, I only asked to be little for a week.  I don’t remember what a week is, but I guess that’s how long it’s been since I got little.  Now I can be big and smart again!  

    I think about all the stuff I’ll do when I’m big.  

    “Be big again?” I ask, amazed.  

    Melissa Jane nods. 

    “I wanna be a mailman,” I tell her. “And I gonna dwive the garbage twuck.  Danny c’n help me, but I da dwiver.”  

    I could see it now, Danny and I wearing the mailman uniform and the bright yellow truck driver vest right over it.  I’d beep the horn and Danny would wave to all the little kids.  They’d all be so impressed with our truck, with what big boys we are.  

    Melissa Jane frowned. “Oh honey, I’m sorry but Danny can’t get big with you.  His spell is already complete. He’s got to grow up the normal way.  He won’t be big for many years.”  

    Danny had to stay little? But that’s not what I wanted. Danny was the best brother. He gave me stickies.  He cuddled me and helped me all the time.  I don’t want to leave Danny.  

    “You gotta make him big too!” I insist.  

    But Melissa Jane shakes her head.  “I wish I could honey, but that isn’t how spells work.”

    “No fair,” I whined.  

    “It isn’t fair.  But I need to know if you want to get big again, or stay little for good,” Melissa Jane explained.  

    “Stay little?” 

    She nodded. “I can make the spell complete, but that will be it. No getting big. You’d stay here with Danny and Jake and Momma.  Your mind will always be slow and sweet and special.”

    I tried to remember what it was like being big.  But it felt like the fuzziest of dreams.  Only parts of it got through my foggy head and I couldn’t really understand those memories.  But my life here with Momma and brothers was crystal clear.  And I liked it, didn’t I?  I didn’t want to leave Momma and Danny.  They loved me. I loved them.  

    “Wanna stay,” I told her. “Wanna be with Danny and Momma.”  

    Melissa Jane nodded.  

    Then she reached out and touched my arm and said something so ancient, so incredible.  I didn’t really register the words, but instantly two things happened.  

    First I felt clear for the first time in days. I felt awake, present in my own head.  Suddenly all this knowledge that had been buried away deep inside my mind was accessible.  I felt like a grown man again.  

    And I was suddenly fully aware that I was standing on the sidewalk fully nude.  Jesus, my body was filthy, my toenails caked with dirt, my hands covered in coloured chalk.  I looked at the urine dripping down the side of the fence, the puddle on the sidewalk where I’d relieved myself.  I was a White trash kid if there ever was one. A dumb little toddler who’s mother let him play naked on the sidewalk in front of the house.  

    A car passed by us, the driver and passenger looking over at us, looking at the nudist boy on the street.  Good God, I felt so exposed, so ashamed.  I turned away, at least shielding my penis from the view of every passing car.  

    But even worse, my exposed member was quickly growing hard, jerking upwards as waves of arousal coursed through my body.  

    “What’s happening?” I gasped.  

    “You decided to make it permanent honey. Now all you need to do is go and empty out those big boy thoughts one more time. This time they’ll be going bye-byes for good though,” Melissa Jane told me.  

    “That’s not fair though. You said I’d have the choice. You were meant to bring my adult side back, let me choose.”  

    She shook her head. “That was never something you specified. I told you I’d let you experience it for a couple weeks and let you decide whether to make it permanent.  You clearly enjoyed yourself as a simple little boy.  You should be happy it gets to be permanent now.  No more working, no more responsibilities. You’ll be taken care of completely forever and ever.”  

    Forever and ever.  Shit, I had made a huge mistake.  I wasn’t some redneck kid. I shouldn’t have even been dreaming of being some stupid garbage truck driver. I had a degree for goodness sake!  I… I, was so, so horny. 

    I rushed back down the sidewalk into the yard, covering my penis as I went. It was so long, so sensitive. Every step sent shivers of pleasure down the shaft.  

    Danny was in the yard, playing with a Spiderman action figure.  He smiled when he saw me though, climbed to his feet.  

    “Danny, something’s wrong,” I told him.  

    “Nuh-uh,” he chirped. “You just need a sticky!” he told me, pointing to my unmissable erection.  

    I just needed a sticky. He was right of course. I needed it so badly. And after I did it, I’d be his dumb brother again.  And it had felt good, being his special brother, hadn’t it?  But to be like that for good, that wasn’t what I wanted, was it?  

    No, of course it wasn’t!  How could I even be entertaining such thoughts.  I had a life to get back to. I’d let my fantasy run away with me, let my dick do the thinking.  I’d had the chance to live out my deepest desires, but that couldn’t be the rest of my life.  And Melissa Jane had said I’d be special forever, a moron the rest of this shitty little town would actually take pity upon.  The idea of these rednecks actually looking down on me, seeing me as a poor simple little boy with a crippled mind, an overgrown toddler from the very trashiest of families, it was sickening.  

    I needed to go inside, get some damn clothes on, and leave.  Maybe, just maybe if I got out of Maynard the spell would break.  No one was going to help me here. That stupid glamor, or whatever it was the witch called it, meant they saw only the dumbest of little toddlers when they looked at me.  I would have to leave on foot, probably on bare feet since there weren’t even any shoes to fit me in the house.  

    I realised with even more disgust that running away on bare feet wouldn’t even be an issue. I could feel how thick the soles of my feet had become after two solid weeks without a pair of shoes to protect them.  I had the callused soles of a redneck boy now.  Ugh.  

    But Danny was still standing between me and the door, looking at me with those innocent eyes, wanting to help his brother, but totally oblivious to what was really happening.  

    “Let me hewp,” Danny urged, stepping closer.  

    I could feel his breath on my face, he was so close.  He was so eager to help me. Maybe he could help, maybe he could distract Momma, I mean Becky, long enough for me to get away without her raising the alarm, having the whole town out looking for me.  

    Yeah, that might work. He just needed to understand what was happening.  I could explain it so he could comprehend it, just use simple words…

    I felt Danny’s fingers brush lightly across my penis, drifting down, tickling my balls.  I grunted involuntarily, shaking my head. The motion had taken me completely by surprise. The fingers danced upward again, stroking my shaft now.  I couldn’t help but moan.  

    “C’mon Tommy, do your stickies,” Danny urged me.  “Gonna feel so good.”  

    I wanted to tell him to stop, I had to!  But I couldn’t even get the words out. It just felt too good.  His fingers were caressing my penis.  I couldn’t even pull away.  All my plans, all my fears were pushed to the back of my mind.  In that moment there was only myself and Danny and his fingers on my doodle.  

    And the pleasure just built and built so quickly!  It only took a few seconds this time.  There wasn’t a chance to regain my composure. I felt this physical need become unstoppable and then… oh! Ugh! No! Too late! Mmmmmm!  

    I feel myself explode. I feel the contractions, the spasms as rope after rope of goo squirts out of my doodle. I feel the warm liquid on my tummy. It must be wetting Danny’s tummy too.  

    And as I squirt, as I gasp and moan out loud, I feel Danny’s fingers still working my pee-pee, urging me to get it all out.  And I feel his arm on my back, patting me, comforting me.  Each squirt makes my head feel fuzzier, feel lighter.  I try to remember what was happening, what I wanted. But it’s all just slipping away. I can’t hold onto any of it.  

    It only takes seconds for everything I got back to be lost again.  

    I’m cuddling in Danny’s arms. I’m warm. I’m sticky. I feel wonderful and silly.  I want to show Momma what I’ve done too.  And soon I’m hurrying across the grass, my pee-pee bouncing free again. I don’t care that everyone can see it, can see the gooey mess I’ve made. I’m proud to show it off. I’m such a happy boy, such a silly boy.  Momma will be so happy to see that.  

    “Wook I do Momma!” I announce when I find her in the kitchen, scooping up a glob of goo from my tummy.  

    Momma just shakes her head, gets a washcloth and cleans me up.  That’s Momma’s job. She cleans up little boys’ messes.  


    Five years later

    Danny has finished another day of third grade.  It was a busy day, learning to play the recorder again, doing their times tables.  Sometimes he wishes he had it easier, like his brother.  

    He heads down to Miss Lowell’s room.  She’s the special education teacher.  The special kids don’t go to normal classes. Tommy’s been in Miss Lowell’s room for five years now.  The room looks more like a daycare to Danny. But Tommy is happy there, so it’s not so bad.  

    He finds the nine year old sitting at one of their small tables, coloring.  Tommy’s scribbles are not decipherable and he makes no attempts to stay in the lines.  But he seems pleased with his creation, so that’s all that really matters.  

    “You making more art for the fridge?” Danny asks his big brother.  

    Tommy gapes up at him. The glassiness of his eyes is instantly apparent.  His facial features are just sort of relaxed looking, slack.  

    “Momma gonna wike!” he announces.  

    Danny nods and takes his brother’s hand, leading him to the cubbies to get his bag, then helping him to put it on his back.  Then they’re off, heading out through the hallway to start their ten minute walk home.  

    As they walk along the linoleum floor Danny’s sneakers squeak slightly.  Tommy’s bare feet make quieter sounds.  Tommy doesn’t wear shoes to school.  He hates wearing shoes at all and Miss Lowell’s class has different rules.  Special kids often have sensory issues around clothes and especially with socks and shoes.  The special kids are allowed to be barefoot if they want.  Tommy is every single day.  

    At least in his blue t-shirt and baggy black sweatpants Tommy is otherwise clothed.  If he had his way he’d be nude after all.  

    They walk along the sidewalk and Tommy points at the ground.  “Danny no soos,” he urges.  “Take ‘em off!”  

    Danny stops and toes off his sneakers, yanks away his socks, stuffing them into the bag.  Tommy wants Danny to do everything with him, including being barefoot together.  Danny doesn’t mind though, he has a special bond with his brother. It’s beyond normal brotherhood in an indescribable way.   

    As they make their barefooted way along the sidewalk a garbage truck lumbered past and Tommy got ecstatic, hopping up and down and pointing.  

    “Garbage twuck!” he shouted over and over.  

    “I see that Tommy,” Danny agreed.  

    “I gonna dwive dem when I big!” Tommy told him.  

    Danny just nodded, knowing it wasn’t true.  He understood now that he was older. He knew Tommy would never grow up and be a mailman or a policeman or a truck driver or any of the things he dreamed of.  Tommy would always be special and Danny would always look after him and keep him happy and safe. 

    The End 

    You Might Just Get It: Chapter 5

    It wasn’t easy holding on the rest of the evening.  

    When we got home all three of us boys were sent to the backyard to play.  I had fun chasing Danny around and Jake even joined in with us little boys, throwing balls to us, wrestling a bit less aggressively.  For a couple hours it was pretty fun and I was actually able to enjoy myself.  

    Dinner came next.  It was meatloaf and roasted veggies, eaten in the living room in front of the TV.  Momma at least put on the Simpsons, which I enjoyed.  Jake liked the show too, but it was obviously over Danny’s head. He mostly ignored the show, playing with his toy army guys instead.  

    But then it got harder because after dinner Momma announced it was bath time.  Jake went first and emerged not long after wearing just his undies, settling back on the carpet for more cartoons, flipping the channel to SpongBob.  But then Momma had called in Danny and myself at once.  It turned out we got bathed together.  

    That was tough, sitting there in that warm, sudsy water, naked and facing this other equally nude man while Momma scrubbed us clean.  I mean I was just as hard as could be.  This was such a fantasy of mine, but I had to keep myself clear-headed until tomorrow.  

    I watched Danny enjoying himself fully, pushing a toy dolphin around the water, totally engrossed in his play, smiling and giggling to himself.  How lucky he was, to not have any worries.  It made me a bit jealous. But I wondered how long he had been like this, what his life was like before all this.  What had he given up to be in this White trash family?  Would his adult self be pleased at the way he ran around the mall in bare feet and no shirt all afternoon?  

    I also wondered if he’d had the spell hit him all at once. Had he simply woken up like this, no awareness of what he’d lost? Or had he failed to hold out, stroked that penis until he squirted out all his intelligence and awareness.  It was right there in front of me now.  I tried to picture him smart and mature like me, then stroking that cock until it squirted, ending up like he was now.  

    But actually it wasn’t quite as bad for Danny, even if it had been against his will.  He was still trusted to walk on his own around the mall. He wasn’t leashed. He wasn’t expected to strip nude at daycare in front of everyone.  He was still a mature kid, a smart kid.  Maybe I wouldn’t fight it quite so hard if that was what would happen to me.  

    Could that be it, a compromise? I could ask Melissa Jane to make me like Danny. I’d let her take my awareness if I could be more like him.  But then I’d still lose my control of the situation. It was far from ideal. But it could be my back-up, my final offer.  

    After bath Danny didn’t get his undies back on. Momma never even offered them. She just towelled him dry and then gave him a gentle, playful swat to his bare bum, sending him giggling back to the living room with his penis flopping about.  

    She towelled me dry too. God it felt so good to be scrubbed and then dried off like this.  She was gentle too.  I was full mast by the end of it. So hard not to just reach down and give my soldier a tug.  When she rubbed the towel against my stiffy to dry it and I felt her fingers against my rod, Jesus, I nearly lost it. My heart must have been at 180 beats a minute as I curled my toes and forced myself to hold it in.  

    “All dry, Tommy, and you have been such a good boy today. Honey, are you feeling okay? You aren’t feeling sick are you sweetie?” she asked, looking really concerned.  

    “No Momma, I’m fine,” I told her.  

    She nodded, then put her arms around me and cuddled me in close.  Oh, she smelled really nice too.  It was so good to be cuddled like this. I snuggled her right back.  

    “I’m glad you’re trying to be so big and mature honey. But I don’t mind you being my special, silly little guy.  Momma has to holler sometimes, cuz you could get yourself hurt if you climb too high or run off or touch what you shouldn’t.  But I know you’re a busy little guy, much busier than your brothers.  And that’s okay hon. I don’t want you bein’ scared of Momma and losing all your energy.”  

    “I’m not scared of Momma,” I assured her. “I… I love you Momma,” I told her. 

    She squeezed me tighter.  “Oh baby, Momma loves you too.”  

    When she let me go she slipped the towel away and said, “Now go join your brothers. It’s bed time soon though.”  

    I nodded, grabbing my undies and shorts off the floor and slipping them back up.  

    “Oh Tommy, I don’t know if I like this new modest streak,” Momma said.  

    I thought about just taking them back off. After all, I’d just spent fifteen minutes nude in the cramped bathtub with Momma and Danny seeing everything.  But the more I knew about what people expected of dumb little Tommy, the more I wanted to show them I was different. I was little sure, but I was a good kid, a mature kid.  

    So I just shrugged and headed back to the living room in my shorts.  I did at least leave my shirt off though, I gave Momma that one.  

    I nearly lost it one more time though.  When Momma tucked us in, when she came over and cuddled me again and kissed me goodnight.  I’d always wanted that.  My blankets were tented up, I was so excited.  It was very hard to get to sleep.  But I just reminded myself I would see Melissa Jane tomorrow. She was going to come to daycare. She just had to.  


    I woke up with an uncomfortable sensation of soreness in my balls.  My cock was hard of course, with good old morning wood.  It didn’t help that my little boy undies, training pants Momma had insisted I wear to bed, were so extra soft against it.  They were thicker than normal undies, holding my penis snugly, cradling it in cottony softness. 

    If Melissa Jane didn’t make some change today I realized I likely wouldn’t make it another night. Even if I could hold on all day, I’d probably do what I did when I was a young teen. I’d have a wet dream, squirt in my sleep.  Then I wouldn’t even know it had happened.  Jesus, I could go to sleep myself tonight and tomorrow morning just wake up as dumb little Tommy.  

    Even as it was my balls felt so heavy and full.  Every movement felt uncomfortable, made me feel the soreness up into my stomach.  

    The door to the room swung suddenly open and Danny came racing in.  He was naked again, his penis standing right up at attention, the head bouncing against his tummy as he hurried to the side of my bed.  

    “Is mownin’ sweepy head!” he announced.  

    “I know Danny,” I told him. “I’ll be up in a second.”  

    But he wasn’t interested in waiting.  After just a moment he said, “Lez cuddle,” and he climbed into my bed, throwing back the covers and snuggling under them, right up next to me.  

    Oh God, I was already so horny and my balls ached so much and now he was in my bed.  It’s just, above all else, what I fantasised about was sharing cuddles with a brother or a playmate.  

    His arms wrapped around me and I couldn’t help but roll on my side to face him.  He looked so happy, so totally free of modesty and awareness. He just wanted cuddles with his brother. He didn’t care that he was naked. I felt my heart-rate ticking up again as I closed my arms around him too.  His skin was sticky and warm. It was like yesterday, but even better now.  

    He was enjoying it too.  He squeezed me even tighter and announced, “I’m all tingwy. In my doodle!”  

    I gulped.  

    “You doodle tingwy?” he asked.  

    And I don’t know why, but I just automatically said, “Uh-huh.”  

    Danny giggled lightly and then I felt his stiffy rub against the front of my training pants, pushing against my own throbbing hard-on.  

    “Lez do squirts,” he said.  


    And he pushed his crotch up and down against my own, his arms holding me tighter than ever in this perfect intimate embrace.  

    Oh my God, he wanted to masturbate. No, he already was.  And… and he wanted to share it with me.  He wanted to give me pleasure too.  He wanted us both to have stickies.  

    I’d never felt such a sensation before. I yearned to share this with him.  His love was so pure and innocent.  And I felt something down there, I felt such a surging need.  If I held back it was going to be so painful.  I just… I knew I couldn’t do that.  I needed to do this with Danny.  

    And once I did, oh God, I needed to see Melissa Jane. We would be at daycare soon, just a couple more hours. I just needed to hold out until then. If I didn’t hold out, I’d have no control at all.  I just needed to stop right now, push Danny off me, tell him I didn’t want to do squirts with him right now.  

    But how do you stop when your ultimate fantasy is coming true?  Even when the consequences are so dire.  

    “You’re real cuddwy. I wove you,” Danny told me.  

    I shivered with desire. My balls were just so full. They needed to be emptied.  

    I thrust my penis forward, forcing it to grind against Danny’s.  And I felt the contact, felt that hardness, the rubbing, the wonderful friction even through the thick training pants.  I was so close already that was all it took. Just a few quick, hard thrusts.  

    Ugh.  Ohhhhh.  I felt the most incredible sensation of release.  A torrent of stickies erupting into my cozy training pants, being absorbed by the thirsty material.  My body jerked and moaned out loud.  Danny just giggled in my ear, still busy grinding against me, trying to have his own release.  

    I wasn’t aware of that anymore. All I felt was the most euphoric experience of my life. Melissa Jane hadn’t lied about that. She was a liar, I was sure. But at least one thing she said was the truth.  It was the most intense and complete feeling of release imaginable.  With every grunt and jerk I was pushing my intelligence, my maturity, my self-awareness out onto my tummy, filling up the training pants with everything that made me who I was.  

    It was like when you get a massage.  It feels so amazing. All the tension, all the stress getting worked out of your muscles. People moan out loud, they grunt with relief.  This was like having a massage for my brain, a wonderful deep tissue massage but in my head. All the stress, all the worry and tension was being worked out of my brain.  

    But it was more than that, because I was having an orgasm at the same time.  The feelings were combined. They built on each other. It was more pleasure than I could have ever imagined.  The feeling of just letting go, just letting everything go. Total release. Total relief.

    Finally it was all out.  Danny was done too, his gooey, warm squirts all over my tummy.  And I knew that it was done.  A moment ago there had been one boy and one man in the bed. Two big bodies, but only one with a working grown-up mind.  Now there were just two little boys in grown-up bodies.  

    I smiled at Danny, still basking in the amazing afterglow.  “You gib me stickies,” I told him.  

    Danny giggled. “Uh-huh.  Now we c’n get up. Lez watch toons,” he suggested.  

    That sounded perfect. Danny was so smart. I felt in awe of him.  I just felt so little now. With all those stickies out, with all the big stuff in my undies, I just felt so light and empty in my head. I felt tiny, absolutely teeny-weeny.  Danny looked so big and in charge.  

    We climbed out of bed.  Danny’s pee-pee was all sleepy now, it wasn’t standing up anymore.  

    “Lez be jaybiwds,” he urged, pointing at my big boy pants.  

    I didn’t want to be a jaybird with Danny yesterday morning. I still remembered that, recalled pulling my undies back up after doing tinkles.  But I hadn’t a clue why I had felt that way.  It’s fun to be a jaybird. Nakey feels good!  These things are certain, they are written in stone in my mind.   

    I nod and yank my sticky undies down and kick them away.  My doodle is still all slimy and it stands straight out from my tummy, half-way hard but getting softer.  I wiggle my hips back and forth, make my doodle swing back and forth, make it waggle so Danny can see.  Danny will think that’s funny.  

    “My doodle siwwy!” I tell him.  

    I don’t mind Danny seeing my doodle of course. Why would I mind? What a strange idea.  It floats away as quickly as it came.

    Danny smiles and reaches down. He runs his fingers along the length of my doodle. Oh God, a wave of pure pleasure tingles through my body. With a little jerk my doodle expels a final squirt, the goo splattering on the carpet.  Danny giggles at that, continuing to gently tickle my pee-pee until it gets all soft and sleepy.  

    “C’mon!” Danny insists after that, taking my hand and leading me to the living room. 

    Jake is there, watching toons. He looks at me, then back to toons.  I sit on my bum. The carpet is soft. I like it under my bum-bum.  The toons are funny to look at, but I don’t know what’s going on. It’s all too fast. They use words I don’t know.  My head is too empty now.  I’m all silly cuz I had that squirt.  That’s okay, it doesn’t make me sad. I like being silly.  I’m sure that silly is very good.  

    I need to make tinkles. The feeling hits me suddenly.  For a second I don’t even know the feeling. But then I remember what it is.  And that means I need to do something. I need to do a big boy thing.  But I can’t remember what.  I need to go somewhere. So I stand up.  

    “Tommy move out of the way you dummy,” Jake yells at me.  

    I pout and move.  Mean Jake.  I didn’t mean to be in the way.  I gotta tinkle. Where do tinkles go? Babies do ‘em in their diapies.  I don’t gotta diaper. Not a baby.  Big boys do ‘em… 

    I don’t know.  I try to remember yesterday. I knew then. I was so smart. I was very big.  I look down at my pee-pee. It’s hanging there, all soft and smooth now.  I’m nakey.  Big boys don’t go nakey, so I’m not a big boy.  I’m little now. I had a lovely squirt and now I can’t be big anymore.  So I won’t do a big boy tinkle. I’m gonna do a silly boy one.  

    I smile as I let go.  The golden stream splashed on the carpet between my feet.  I feel drops splash on my toes.  How silly of me.  I’m a carpet tinkler.  

    “Oh Tommy! You need the potty!” Danny reminds me.  

    The potty. Oh yeah, that was the big boy thing. Oh well. I’m not sad, I’m not upset at all. That’s for the big boys. I’m a silly little boy.  

    Momma comes out a little later and Danny shows her the puddle I made.  The carpet is still all squishy. I poke at it with my toe. I like how it squishes. That makes me smile and giggle.  

    “Tommy, why didn’t you use your potty like yesterday?” Momma asks me.  

    “Notta big boy,” I tell her. “Imma jaybiwd,” I explain, poking at my doodle, so she can see I’m all nakey.  

    Momma shakes her head and then she cleans up the mess I made. That’s Momma’s job. I make the messes cuz I’m little, and she cleans them up.  I like being little.  It’s funner to make messes than fix them.  

    When she’s done Momma calls me over.  

    “Tommy, I know it’s tough to remember to use the potty for you.  But I really want you to try for Momma. Okay honey?”  

    Momma’s sad.  I feel bad now.  

    “Yeth Momma. I twy,” I assure her.  

    “Don’t feel sad honey, I know you’re doing your best.  You’re just a bit slower than the other boys.  That’s okay honey, Momma loves her special boy and I’ll always take care of you,” she promised, pulling me into this big, warm cuddle.  

    I love Momma so much. I’m a special boy. It’s okay to be slow. Momma always gonna be here for me.  Momma’s cuddles feel so, so good.

    To be concluded...

    Final Descent

    This is a quickie set in Sebtomato’s Parkdale Universe. 

     The cabin was dark, most of the passengers trying to get some sleep.  The bluish glow of the seat-back screens of those who couldn’t sleep provided an eerie light.  They were somewhere over the Indian Ocean now, six hours into a marathon seventeen and half hour flight from Dubai to Auckland.  At least the A380 is a spacious plane, cutting down on the claustrophobia at least a little bit. Being in Premium Economy helped even more.  At least Parkdale hadn’t skimped on the expense.  

    Neither Mark nor Shaun were sleeping though.  Despite the comfortable seats which reclined much further than normal economy ones, they were both wide awake.  The man to their Mark’s left was finally asleep though.  It was about time. It finally gave them a moment to breathe.  The tall, blonde man was the reason they were here.  He needed to be escorted, handed off to the partners Downunder.  Parkdale had done the deed, but his new home was to be in a different small town, one in New Zealand.  Ngatea.  

    Just the whisper of that place could strike fear into any Parkdale agent.  They all knew the rumours, that there was a town like Parkdale but twisted, wrong.  A place where they stuck the mistakes, the broken ones, the incorrigible and rebellious.  If you ended up there, well there was no coming back.  

    Mark couldn’t help but wonder what the man beside them, Aaron, had done to deserve a one-way ticket to Parkdale’s evil twin.  He wasn’t an agent, wasn’t anyone Mark recognised from around the town.  And there was no point asking Aaron who he really was, what he’d done to piss off the powers that be.  He was still six foot-two, still appeared to be in his late twenties.  But from the moment he’d met the man back in Parkdale, it had been instantly obvious Aaron had the mind of a small child.  

    And it wasn’t just that. Aaron’s mind had been crippled. There would be no learning, no recovery from this. Mark’s superiors had made that clear. His IQ had been obliterated.  Aaron would be a special boy for the rest of his life.  And that was why he needed to go to Ngatea, where he could be properly cared for.  

    “You should try to get some sleep, while you can,” Mark whispered to Shaun.  

    Shaun looked tired, but he also looked stressed. Taking care of a twenty-something with the mind of a three year old could do that to you of course.  But Mark knew that probably wasn’t the main reason Shaun looked so stressed.  

    “I can’t,” he whispered back.  “Aren’t you nervous?” he asked.  

    Shaun had been asking Mark that since they got this assignment.  As far as he could tell there was no reason to be sending two agents.  It was very suspicious, he thought.  It was common for agents to be paranoid like that. Parkdale did that to you.  How many times could you watch unsuspecting, innocent people have their lives stolen from them and not be a little paranoid yourself?  

    “He’s a big guy, they need two of us to keep him under control. That’s why they chose us and not one of the girls. In case he has a temper tantrum,” Mark had assured him.  

    It was true that it would probably have taken the both of them to restrain Aaron.  He and Shaun both appeared to be about eighteen years old. Skinny English boys off for a working holiday in New Zealand after finishing college.  But of course that wasn’t true.  Shaun was only a few years older than he appeared.  Mark wondered if his appearance was due to Parkdale or if he was just a young looking twenty-two year old.  But Mark himself was nearly double the age he appeared.  He’d been with Parkdale for nearly a decade, and spent most of it as a teen agent.  

    There were advantages to being a teen of course. Lots of energy, no need to worry about your diet, amazing sex drive of course.  But a decade of being sixteen to eighteen really wore on you.  Mark just reminded himself it could be worse. He could be a cub agent of course. The idea of that, stuck as a primary school kid for decades, made him shiver.  

    Shaun looked up to Mark, given his age and experience.  So he had kept his nerves in check, trusted that all was well and this would be a nice little adventure to the other side of the world.  But clearly now they were on the last leg of their flights, Shaun was getting more anxious.  

    “You need to take a breath mate. You’re going to have a panic attack, start hyperventilating,” Mark told him. 

    “Hey, you’re the one who told me about that agent you knew, the one who disappeared down to this place, never came back,” Shaun argued.  

    “Damien? I told you that to scare you a bit mate. You were thinking of complaining to head office and that never ends well.  But I have no idea what happened to Damien. He might have just left Parkdale, found a new job,” Mark suggested. 

    “No one leaves Parkdale,” Shaun stated seriously. “Everyone says it.”  

    Mark shrugged. “Believe what you want.  I’ve got a job to do.  You have the instructions? We should run through them one more time before we get there anyway.” 

    Shaun nodded, looking happy for a distraction.  He fished out his phone and unlocked it.  “Right, so we meet Anne in the Arrivals hall at the airport. She’ll be wearing a yellow jumper.”  

    “That it?” 

    “I guess so.  Oh… it says to take off Aaron’s socks and shoes and leave them on the plane.”  

    Mark looked confused. “Why would we do that?” 

    “Not sure. But I think we should follow all the instructions,” Shaun urged.  

    “Whatever. I don’t think he’ll be complaining anyway.”  

    Shaun frowned.  “How many more hours we have?”  

    “Best not to think about that,” Mark told him.  “Just watch a movie... or five.” 

    Shaun nodded, putting on his noise cancelling earphones and selecting the new Johnny English movie.  

    Mark didn’t put any film on though. He just sat back and closed his eyes, letting the minutes tick by.  

    An hour later Mark was awakened by his phone buzzing in his pocket. It was the silent alarm he set when Shaun began his film.  He was worried he might drift off, given how tired he was. And he had been right.  

    Blinking the sleep away Mark checked to see Aaron was still snoozing himself. Yep, out like a light, thumb pumping in his mouth, soft teddy bear snuggled against the side of his face.  Then he turned to his right, to Shaun.  His cohort was looking at the screen, his face slack and expressionless.  A very quick glance showed that it wasn’t Johnny English playing anymore. No the screen was a swirl of colourful lights.  And Shaun just kept on staring into it.  

    Mark frowned, looking at his dazed coworker, knowing he was fully under Parkdale’s spell now, even here, even thousands of miles away.  Secretly Mark had had feelings for Shaun for a couple years now.  They’d worked together a couple dozen times and they’d grown close. But relationships between agents were a big, huge no-no, and Mark knew better than to mess with that. The consequences would have been severe. Most likely a demotion to cub agent, when there wouldn’t be the risk of sexual attraction anymore.  

    Seeing Shaun like this, in such an open, vulnerable state, was actually exciting on one level.   And what’s more, while Shaun’s face was slack and his shoulders were slumped, not all of his body was so relaxed.  His erection was obvious, tenting his athletic shorts.  Shaun was enjoying this at least, so there was that small mercy.  But Mark still felt awful about what he needed to do next. It was always strangers before now. Doing this to his friend, to a man he actually really desired, was not what he wanted. But there really was no choice, and if it had to happen, Shaun at least deserved to enjoy it.  Mark would make it as comfortable a transition as he could, and he was pretty good at that.  

    Carefully he picked up the blanket from the floor, ripping open the plastic bag it was inside.  Though it appeared to be a normal airplane blanket, the feeling of it, the incredible softness, assured Mark it was anything but ordinary.  Of course the nice texture did nothing to him. He was immune.  It would have been a major problem if he wasn’t. 

    “Hey buddy, you look chilly. Let’s get you more comfy,” Mark whispered to Shaun, offering the blanket.  

    The teen agent finally moved his eyes away from the screen, looking to Mark.  Those eyes were totally glazed over though.  He could see the distant, uncomprehending look in them. Wow, it must be quite a show.  

    “You need a blanket, don’t you?” Mark prompted him again. 

    A bit more awareness returned to Shaun’s face.  He looked down at the blanket and bit of panic crept into his expression. “No blanket,” he muttered.  


    He shook his head now, blinking and getting back a bit more focus.  “Blanket’s from Parkdale. Mark, something’s wrong!”  

    “Don’t be silly Shaun. Look, I’m holding it right now and I feel perfectly fine.” 

    Shaun didn’t look fully convinced. He pointed at his screen.  “The movie, it… it…” he trailed off.  The swirl of colours was gone. It was just the credits of Johnny English. 

    “What? You didn’t like the movie?” Mark asked.  

    “I… I dunno…” Shaun stammered.  

    “Look buddy, I just thought you needed some privacy, okay?” Mark explained, nodding down at Shaun’s tented crotch.  

    He followed Mark’s gaze and then gasped.  

    “So, can I?” Mark asked, gesturing with the blanket.  

    Shaun nodded now. “Okay.”  

    Mark settled the fluffy blanket over Shaun’s body.  

    “Thanks, I… um…” Shaun stammered, his eyes going glassy once again.  He’d barely touched the blanket when it began.  After a second he patted it with his open palms, then pulled it up and rubbed the material against his cheek.  “Ohhhh,” he moaned, eyes rolling back. 

    “Feels really good, huh?” 

    Shaun murmured, “Mmmhmm.”  His eyes fluttered and he kept stroking the blanket against his face.  

    “You know what’s happening now, don’t you?” Mark asked him. 

    Shaun opened his eyes, but they stayed glazed over.  “Bad blanket. Is a trick,” he answered, all the while holding onto the blanket.  

    Mark nodded.  He pulled the armrest up, removing the only barrier between them.  Then he snaked his arm around Shaun’s shoulders, pulling his buddy closer.  “That’s right buddy. It’s a special blanket. It’s going to make you all little in your head, just like Aaron. All tiny and simple and so, so happy, forever and ever. No growing back up, no more being an agent.”  

    Shaun groaned and struggled, but he didn’t throw the blanket away, he didn’t get up or shove Mark off of him.  

    “Shhh, no point thrashing around now. You know it’s already much too late for that.  Just let it do its work, let in make your brain all soft and fuzzy so you can be like Aaron.  Then we’ll leave your shoes and socks here on the plane too, just like the instructions said.  And you can meet Anne in your bare feeties.”  

    “Don’t… don’t wanna be dumb.  Please, Mark, help me!” Shaun pleaded. “Take… take it off!”  

    It really pained Mark to hear his buddy pleading like that.  Of course he wanted to throw the blanket away, run off with Mark, try to disappear.  But he knew all too well that it was a futile effort.

    So Mark didn’t take it off. Instead he wrapped his arms around Shaun, cuddled the blanket even tighter against him.  

    “To be honest I feel a little jealous of you right now,” Mark lied to him.  “They say this kind of regression feels the best. The total release from adult thoughts, forever, the simplification of your brain. It’s supposed to be euphoric.”  

    Shaun wriggled in Mark’s arms.  “Why?” he whined.  

    “Oh Shaun, you know why.  For someone so paranoid you really were bad at covering your tracks.  Parkdale is always watching.  Remember I told you that, all the way back when you started?  I told you about Damien and yes, you’ll be meeting him very soon I think.  I told you not to break the rules.  

    “But you did. You’ve been touching boys, touching them in naughty places.”  

    Shaun shook his head. “No! Not kids! Only the grown-up ones!” 

    “Grown-up bodies but innocent little minds,” Mark corrected. 

    “They’re still grown-ups down there. They needed it,” he urged.  “But… but I won’t do it again, I promise!” 

    Mark sighed. “Yes, you will. Now you’ll be one of them Shaun, so it will be okay. This way you can play with other boys pee-pees to your heart’s content. You can share stickies with your playmates and no one will mind one bit. And you won’t have to hide it either. You won’t have to sneak around at all.  Seren told me that at the special school, in the little room, lots of the boys run around naked, just completely naked.  Think of that, all those doodles bouncing around, just begging for a tickle, for a little tug.  It’s your dream buddy.  

    “Of course you’ll probably be naked too. Maybe one of your new buddies will even return the favour, give your pee-pee a tug.  Wouldn’t that just be the best?”  

    Mark slipped his arm under the blanket, snagged the elastic waist of Shaun’s shorts and his undies and yanked them quickly down. He gasped at the sudden movement, but no one else could see a thing under the blanket.  And a second later Shaun’s erection brushed against the blanket, giving it a little bulge.  

    “Ugh, ohhhh,” Shaun moaned as the fluffy material caressed his stiffy.

    “Yeah, there we go, that’s much better, isn’t it?” Mark whispered in his ear.  

    And Shaun nodded. “So tingly,” he sighed.  

    “I’m sure it is. Much nicer to have a free doodle. Soon that might be the norm for you,” Mark suggested. 

    Shaun seemed to be considering this.  Before he could reject it or thrash some more Mark wrapped his fingers around Shaun’s erection, feeling how warm and hard it was now.  

    “Isn’t it nice, being helped yourself?” Mark cooed to him as he began to stroke gently up and down.  

    “Ohhh, yes,” Shaun agreed, no longer struggling. 

    “This is what you did for all those big little boys. You played with their pee-pees just like this, didn’t you Shaun?”  

    “Mmmhmm,” he murmured. 

    “And now it’s your turn. You must be so happy, it must be such a lovely release,” Mark suggested, continuing to stroke.   

    For the next few moments Shaun did nothing to fight back. Instead he pushed his penis harder into Mark’s grip, urging him on, gripping the blanket tight against his face.  

    Mark listened to Shaun’s breathing getting faster.  It felt so good to finally be able to hold his friend, to actually be touching him down there, giving him pleasure.  Of course he would have greatly preferred it wasn’t in these circumstances.  Shaun had been foolish, yes, but this was a very severe punishment.  But what could he do? If he warned Shaun, if he let him get away, then he would have had to run as well. And he was so close to finishing his contract, so close to leaving Parkdale with a sizeable sum of money and the youth to enjoy it.  

    And it was clear what would happen if he got caught. It would be permanent.  There could be no other way. They’d wipe away his IQ, turn his brain to mush and he’d never recover.  He’d be left to play with other simpletons for the rest of his life.  He couldn’t risk that. 

    Shaun’s body began to tense, he was ready to shoot his load.  

    “No, no, I don’t wanna!” Shaun called out, trying to resist in the last moment, as he realised what was about to happen.  

    Mark knew it was too late though, so there was no point stopping.  Instead he gave his friend a couple really strong, really fast strokes, pushing him over the edge even as he tried to pull away.  

    He felt Shaun’s body fully tense, his back arching and pushing into Mark.  Then came the warm goo. He could feel it running over his fingers as Shaun sent jet after jet shooting into the blanket.  

    “That’s it Shaun, that’s a good boy,” Mark urged him.  “Get it all out for me.”  

    Shaun grunted and spasmed for a full thirty seconds.  Then his body relaxed and practically melted into Mark’s arms.  He closed them back around Shaun, over the blanket now.  It was over, and Mark felt awful.  The Shaun he’d known for all these years was gone.  He’d actually felt Shaun expel everything that had made him who he was.  There was no going back now, it was all over. 

    Mark pecked a kiss on the back of Shaun’s head, listening to his breathing slowing down.  “I hope that felt really, really good buddy.”  

    Shaun lifted up his hand, looking at how his fingers were now covered in cum.  Then he looked over at Mark and said, “All methy.”  

    Mark giggled. “Yeah, you made a big mess. You squirted all your big boy thoughts out didn’t you buddy? Okay, better clean you up a bit.”  

    He grabbed some wet naps from the bag, then looked back to see Shaun had slipped the gooey, sticky fingers into his mouth.  

    “Eww, Shaun, that’s icky!” he declared.  

    Shaun blinked his wide, glazed over eyes and just kept suckling on his dirty fingers until Mark pulled them out and began to scrub them clean with the wipes.  As he did so he looked more closely at his friend. Shaun’s face was still slack, but in a different way to when he was watching the programme earlier.  Now he just looked totally empty-headed, like nothing was going on behind those eyes.  

    “How you feeling now Shaun?” he asked him.  

    Shaun looked at his newly cleaned fingers in wonder.  “Awll cwean,” he announced.  

    “That’s right, you’re all cleaned up.  But how do you feel buddy? What’s it feel like in your head now?”  

    Shaun gaped back at him, totally uncomprehending.  Then he pointed at Aaron and said, “Him sweepin’.”  

    Mark was certain of the programme’s success now. Shaun’s mind was as simple as any two and half year old’s.  He barely had any words left.  So, all that remained was to get him changed into his new outfit.  It was packed carefully in his carry-on, buried to ensure Shaun didn’t see it too early.  

    “Okay sweetie, let’s get you changed, then you can have a nice sleep just like Aaron.”  


    Just over ten hours later, and after getting some well deserved rest, Mark undid his seat belt and grabbed their bags from the overhead compartment. Aaron and Shaun were both awake now and playing games on their tablets. Simple, colourful games perfect for the simplest of little ones.  

    “Hey guys, we need to put those away. It’s time to get up,” Mark told them brightly, undoing their seatbelts for them.  

    When they got onto the plane Shaun had helped Aaron into his seat, helped the simple man do up his belt. Now he simply sat there while Mark undid his belt for him, letting his former colleague take his tablet and stow it away.  

    Mark guided both young men out into the aisle. He left the special blanket lying on a seat, along with their rubbish. On the floor beneath the seats sat two pairs of sneakers, socks stuffed inside of them.  Mark smiled as he looked down at the floor, at the two pairs of bare feet padding along the aisle ahead of him.  None of the other passengers seemed to mind though. It was obvious these men were special as they say.  Aaron had boarded the plane wearing his yellow t-shirt and blue jean overalls.  But now Shaun was in his own pair of faded blue bib overalls, the ankles cuffed up.  There was no mistaking him for a grown-up anymore.


    Sam and Kevin had been building up to this day for some time. They began their relationship after meeting on a dating app for people with unusual romantic interests.  Both of them were into age play, basically pretending to be a toddler while the other took the role of daddy.  Sometimes they liked to act naughty and be punished, other times it was loving cuddles they most desired.  They had experimented a lot with role-playing over the last year but after all those months it began to lose its excitement, its level of intrigue.  So Kevin had come up with a new idea to restore that spark.  

    The time had come to make their role-play a lot more realistic.  They saw a professional hypnotist, someone who actually held a degree in psychology and had formal training. This wasn’t parlour trick stuff, or some tape bought off a dodgy website. This was a man they had to see in person at his office and actually explain in detail what they wanted.  That was followed not by some instant, magical session, but by several weeks of regular sessions, sometimes together and at other times individually.  Their visits were augmented by tapes they had to listen to every night and different files to listen to an hour each day, with repeats urged if possible.  

    The first few sessions focused on just getting them relaxed enough to drift off into truly deep trances, on getting them really comfortable going under and then dropping them over and over so it became instinctive, automatic, normal for them to drop into a trance with a simple trigger.  Then they worked on deepening the trances, going into a really suggestible state where major changes could actually happen.  

    After that the hypnotist began to implant the actual suggestions. Kevin quickly noticed that once this phase began, he was unable to recall the actual sessions anymore.  His memory stopped working when he entered the office.  Sam agreed he had the same issue. The hypnotist explained this was intentional, that their conscious minds couldn’t know the actual suggestions, so there was no chance of fighting against them when triggered.  

    That was okay, Kevin knew what the suggestions would do, they had gone over their needs in detail.  When triggered it would reduce their intellectual abilities, their emotional maturity, their physical and social abilities to those of a two year old boy.  They would be totally dependent on their daddy for basically everything. They wouldn’t be able to tie their own shoes or cut up their own food.  Every ability above the level of a small two year old toddler would be a mystery to them.  Reciting the alphabet would be an impossibly complex task.  

    The ability to return their abilities would rest solely with the daddy.  As soon as the trigger was given they would totally forget the trigger itself and more importantly the counter-trigger.  They would have no control over their own fate.  

    They would still remember who they were, or more accurately, who they had once been.  They’d know the hypnosis had taken that all away, but they wouldn’t know how to reverse it. Only daddy would have that incredible power.  

    And so, weeks later, they found themselves here, ready for their first session.  Excuses had been given as to why they’d be absent all weekend, the house was ready for a big toddler who really couldn’t be trusted not to play with a knife or lighter, or drink bleach from under the sink.  Child locks, gates, a massive playpen, it was all in place.  

    Sam walked into the living room, looking both very nervous and incredibly excited.  Kevin had told him he wanted his partner, his baby boy, to go first.  That was natural as Sam was always the more eager of the two to play the baby. That’s not to say Kevin didn’t enjoy it of course. Kevin definitely loved being cared for as a toddler, but he was also more comfortable in the daddy role than Sam ever could be.  

    Sam was already dressed in his favourite role-play outfit of jean shortalls over a striped blue and white t-shirt.  He also wore Thomas the Tank engine themed socks. He’d put a pair of velcro sneakers by the back door in case they were to play outside.  

    “I’m all dressed Daddy,” Sam announced, spinning around, holding his favourite teddy bear, Benny, under his arm.  

    “I see that buddy, you’re going to make an adorable toddler,” Kevin replied.  

    In truth Kevin was never as keen on the outfits Sam adored. Kevin preferred seeing his partner in much less clothing, but this was what Sam liked most.  

    “So… um, are we going to do it?” Sam asked, looking more nervous now.

    Kevin smiled warmly at him, though his own heart was pounding in his chest as well.  This was going to be a very important day, a massive change in their lives, forever.  

    “Yep, but only if you’re ready Sammy,” Kevin assured him.

    Sam looked uncertain for a moment. Kevin worried he might back out after all.  It was a massive step to take, giving up all control, giving up everything that made him adult, made him capable of living independently.  

    Sam chewed on his lip a moment, seeming to really mull it over.  

    “You’re gonna take good care of me…” he half asked, half stated.  

    Kevin quickly nodded, putting a hand on Sam’s shoulder. “Of course I will buddy. I promise we’ll make you very happy. You’re going to be my sweet little baby boy. Daddy will take very good care of you.”  

    Sam nodded, looking truly grateful.  “Okay then. Go ahead,” he said.

    Kevin felt like doing a little dance at hearing the permission being given.  He didn’t wait, he’d done more than enough of that.  He kept his hand on Sam’s shoulder as instructed. He looked his partner right in the eye and said, “Empty head time Sammy.”  

    They had practised going under using triggers, performing programmed tasks using unknown triggers so many times. It had become natural, it had become totally unconscious. As soon as he heard the trigger, Sammy had to respond to it.  

    Kevin watched his partner carefully, so intrigued by the process, so amazed that it could really work.  The hypnotist had told them it would feel like their adult mind was simply going to sleep, drifting off in the comfiest of beds, leaving only their tiny, simple, very limited toddler brain in its place.  He said that it would feel intensely pleasant. That it would actually be very freeing as they would also lose all their self-control, all their worries and fears and inhibitions all at once.  He actually warned them that it was quite likely that despite their mental regression they might well become highly sexually aroused by the process.  

    Sammy responded to Kevin’s words instantly. His mouth dropped open and his shoulders sagged.  All the tension in his body seemed to be released.  His eyes went glassy too. Kevin was really interested by that, by how distant and vacant they went, so quickly.  Sammy really did look like he was experiencing something very, very pleasurable. Kevin glanced down and sure enough he could actually see the bulge in the front of Sammy’s shortalls tenting out. The rest of his body was relaxing but his penis was growing fully erect.  

    “Does it feel good Sammy? Is it nice getting all little for Daddy?” Kevin cooed to him.  

    Sammy let out a little giggle, then he nodded. A smile spread across his face, a very dumb looking grin.  Kevin watched as Sammy began to sort of squirm, like an excited toddler, like he really was just two years old.  

    “Did it work buddy?” Kevin asked him.  

    Sammy chewed on his lip again, his eyes just so glazed over, so wide and empty.  He brought his right hand to his lips, slipping two fingers into his mouth and sucking at them.  In all their role-plays Kevin had never seen Sammy do such a thing.  He blinked his eyes, sucking at his fingers, a little trickly of drool now beginning to run down his chin.  

    “Thammy widdle,” he answered at last, mumbled around the fingers.  

    Kevin beamed at his partner.  “That’s lovely!” he gushed.  “C’mere sweetie, give Daddy a big cuddle,” he urged, pulling the man in for a big hug.  

    Sammy reciprocated, removing his fingers to hug Kevin back with both arms.  It was different from before. Sammy just felt heavier, looser in Kevin’s arms. He squeezed back tighter too, like he really needed this hug, absolutely craved the physical affection.

    After a long cuddle he broke the connection. But he could see Sammy wanted more.  The poor boy held out his arms towards Kevin and made an odd grunting noise, like he was so excited he’d simply forgotten to use words.  

    “Use your words sweetie,” Kevin reminded him.

    “Cudd-le!” he urged, pronouncing each syllable separately.  

    Kevin understood, but he needed to test something. He needed to know for sure that Sammy was truly at toddler level.  

    “Okay Sammy. I’ll give you a really big cuddle if you can do one really simple thing for me buddy. All you have to do is tell daddy one thing and you’ll get lots of cuddles and tickles too!” Kevin told him in a bright, happy voice.

    Sammy beamed and suddenly clapped his hands together.

    “Okay, you ready buddy?” he asked the grown man in shortalls, wearing a huge dumb grin and clapping his hands.  

    Sammy nodded his head. “Weady Daddy!” he urged.  

    “Okay. What is two plus two?”  

    Sammy blinked. Obviously this was a simple question. He clearly knew that, and yet Kevin could see he was seriously struggling to give him an answer. He gaped with a slack jaw, eyes still unfocused, unable to use his smarts.  After a moment he looked down at his hands, like the answer might lie there. Somewhere deep in his head he must know the rudimentary method of using fingers to count. He stared hard at them, he wiggled them, but the mouth remained agape, the eyes stayed glassy, no answer was coming.  

    “You don’t know Sammy?” Kevin prompted kindly.  

    Sammy looked back up at him, sadness now etched on his face.  “Dun memba Dad-dee,” he admitted.  

    “You’ve forgotten how to add numbers Sammy?” he asked.

    Sammy nodded again. “Da hympo… da… da man tooked,” he tried to explain.

    Kevin felt so hard in his pants watching Sammy stumble over the word, watching him try so hard to pronounce it, but utterly failing and then giving up, unable to access 95% of his vocabulary now, reduced to a few hundred words at most and unable to form those into a proper sentence.  

    “Well let me give you an easier question then. That sound okay? A simpler question because you’re such a little boy now.”  

    Sammy nodded eagerly, not concerned with the insult, not aware of it.  

    “Just tell Daddy how many toes you have and I’ll give you the biggest cuddle of all.”  

    Sammy looked eager and excited for a moment. He looked sure he knew this one, that it was laughably simple.  And then the smile faded, the look of utter confusion returned. Sammy didn’t know the answer to this question either. Again he looked at his hands for a moment. Had he worked out that he had the same number of fingers as he had toes? No, his fingers went to his mouth again and he stared down at his socked feet, wide eyed and confused.  

    “Maybe it would be easier in bare feeties,” Kevin suggested. “Should we take your sockies off?”

    Sammy liked that idea.  He smiled around his fingers and agreed, “Off!”  

    “Okay buddy, sit down on the floor for me and Daddy will help.”  

    Sammy sat down right away, plopping heavily onto his bottom.  Kevin slipped the man’s socks off one at a time, throwing them away. Sammy wouldn’t be needing those anymore, he wouldn’t be wearing socks again for quite some time.  

    Sammy stared at his bare feet. He wiggled his toes, he grabbed one of his feet and pulled it close and examined it.  He could see them now, he could actually count them.  

    “So Sammy, how many toes are there on your feeties?” Kevin asked again.

    Sammy frowned, still holding his right foot in his hands.  

    “Dun memba,” he answered again.  

    He couldn’t even count to ten.  The hypnotist had been worth every cent. He’d been worth a rather exorbitant fee actually.  Sammy had the mentality of a two year old, the intellect and abilities of a small toddler trapped in a grown man’s body.  Now there was just one more thing to check.  

    “That’s okay buddy. You just forgot because Daddy gave you your special hypnotic trigger, to make you a little toddler. If you just remembered your adult things, you could tell me how many toes you have, couldn’t you?”  

    Now Sammy smiled again, nodding. “Uh-huh! Gwown-upth memba!” he announced.  

    “So, why don’t you just grow up for me then, just remember your adult smarts and then we can have lots and lots of cuddles!” Kevin urged him.

    For a moment Sammy shared that excitement. Kevin could see the anticipation. Sammy knew he was going to remember his adult smarts and then have cuddles. But the excitement lasted little more than a moment. Then came the confusion again and finally a return of the frown.  

    “What’s the matter Sammy?” Kevin asked innocently.

    “Can’ memba gwown-up stuff,” the man told him, crossing his arms in anger.  

    “You can’t remember how to be a grown-up?”

    He shook his head.  

    “Wasn’t there a special phrase, a magic word to remember?” he prompted.   

    Again Sammy lit up, like a eureka moment.  And again it faded.  He couldn’t remember the trigger phrase. He knew it existed, that he had known it. But it was gone now.  And now Kevin was certain that it had worked as advertised. Sammy was totally dependent on him, totally at his mercy.  And now it was time to show his hand, so to speak.  

    “Oh dear, Sammy, I don’t know your special phrase either.  So I’m afraid you’re going to be stuck like this now, just a little toddler boy,” he exclaimed.

    Sammy looked shocked and confused more than ever. But Kevin quickly swept forward and pulled the sitting young man into a cuddle, giving him the promised snuggle he so desired.  

    “But that’s okay Sammy because you’ve always wanted to be my little toddler haven’t you buddy?” he asked.

    And Sammy nodded his head against Kevin’s shoulder. “Uh-huh. Wanna be widdle,” he agreed.

    “And now you get to be my little boy forever and ever, isn’t that just wonderful? All free to be a silly, giggly, playful little tyke!” he said in a happy tone.  

    Sammy was so easy to manipulate now. Kevin was telling him he was being forever reduced to mental toddlerhood, to total dependance and he actually smiled at this news. He smiled and nodded and giggled.  “Thammy be widdle,” he echoed in a cheerful tone himself.  

    Kevin nodded, letting Sammy out of the cuddle and saying, “That’s right sweetie and I’m going to take really good care of you.”  

    Sammy nodded, pulling at his right foot again.  

    “Dad-dee hewp Thammy,” he said, before pulling his foot sharply upward and slipping three toes into his mouth, sucking at them.  

    Kevin’s mouth actually fell open in shock. Any doubts he’d had about this process were erased.  Sammy was a man who always wore shoes and refused to take part in any of the foot play Kevin was interested in.  But after one of his individual sessions the hypnotist had asked him about his interest in feet, about whether he wanted any special suggestions for Sammy for when they played.  And he had been honest of course. The hypnotist never said what suggestions he would give Sammy, but this, this confirmed for Kevin that whatever he did was working.  

    Kevin patted his little boy’s back.  “Are you a silly toe muncher Sammy?” he cooed in the brightest of tones, giving him lots of positive reinforcement for this new behaviour.  

    Sammy smiled around his toes, still sucking on them, drooling down the sole of his foot.  “Yeth!” he answered happily.  

    Kevin thought about the other questions the hypnotist had asked him. And he had a new thought.  

    “Sammy now that you’re little, you understand Daddy is in charge, don’t you honey?”

    The man nodded, the sounds of his suckling on his tootsies continuing.  

    “Okay, well honey I don’t want you getting your nice outfit all dirty while you play, so I want you to stand up so Daddy can get you undressed,” he directed.

    Sammy let his toes go at last, standing up and lifting his arms right into the air in anticipation.  Kevin stood up to, amazed as Sammy just stood there, no sign of concern, no questions as he undid the buttons on his shortalls and let them drop to his ankles to reveal his Cars themed underoos.  Not a peep as he helped him step out of them one leg at a time, then lifted the t-shirt up and off his head.  All that was left was the underoos now and Sammy’s erection was more evident than ever. They were so stretched, so tented out it would be obvious from a football field away that this man was highly aroused.  

    Kevin patted Sammy’s now bare shoulder. “And I think we should take those undies off too so you can be extra comfy, okay sweetie?” he cooed, his heart pounding as he waited for Sammy to object, to tell him there was no way he was going to just walk around buck naked.  After all he was always a modest guy, hated being seen naked by anyone, even his partner.  

    But Sammy just nodded and said, “Otay Dad-dee.”  

    Kevin’s hands were shaking as he slipped his fingers into the elastic waist and pulled the underoos down. As soon as Sammy’s erect penis slipped clear they fell easily to the man’s feet and he instantly kicked them away.  Kevin looked at his buddy’s penis, just standing there, achingly erect, pre-cum just dribbling down the shaft.  He was all smooth too, shaved nice and clean as part of his preparations.  He looked so innocent and little and yet so big all at once.  

    But what an erection he had.  It twitched, jerked with obvious arousal.  Kevin looked back up at Sammy, sucking his two fingers again with such innocence, now totally naked. He made no attempt to cover his arousal, no sign he found this exposure in the slightest way embarrassing or unusual.  He looked so free and happy. It really made Kevin feel a bit jealous. Sammy was getting what he’d always fantasised about and was quite a sight to behold.  

    He put his hand on Sammy’s back, but then let it drift downwards, let it rest on his boy’s bared bottom, caressing it softly.  

    “Look at you Sammy, you’re my little nakey jaybird boy,” he said.  

    Sammy giggled. “Me awll nakey,” he agreed, no hint of concern in his voice.

    “And your pee-pee is all happy. Look at the big doodle you silly boy,” Kevin went on.

    Sammy looked down at his erect penis. He took his free hand and poked at it. The stiffy swung back and forth, bouncing off his tummy, leaving a little smear of the pre-cum there.  He giggled at this play, at the nice sensations he must be feeling.  

    “Do you like being this way Sammy? Being all nakey? Is it more comfy that your clothes?” Kevin asked.

    Sammy seemed to consider this, wiggling his toes in the carpet, poking at his doodle twice more. Then he let his fingers pop free. “Yeth!” he answered clearly. “Thammy wike nakey.”  

    Kevin chuckled.  “Okay then. From now on Sammy, whenever you’re at home we’re going to take off all your clothes, even your underoos and you can just be all nakey for Daddy. Is that okay with you? Do you want to be my little nudist?”  

    Sammy grinned and nodded instantly. “Thammy nakey!” he repeated, hopping up and down.  

    Kevin watched, transfixed, as the man’s penis just bobbed about with each little jump.  

    “Okay, that’s perfect honey. But when we go outside you have to wear clothes, okay?”

    Sammy nodded dutifully.  

    “Good. But one thing I don’t think you need, even for outside, is shoes. Now that you’re all little it would be best if you just stay barefoot. It’s better for playing,” he explained.

    Sammy nodded, not a single complaint from the man who once wore his socks to bed on a regular basis.  

    Kevin wondered if he should help Sammy with his stiffy right there and then, or should he wait.

    The doorbell ringing gave him his answer.  He smiled and cooed, “Who could that be? Should we go find out Sammy?”  

    Sammy nodded eagerly and reached his hand right out, simply expecting to be led by his Daddy.  They headed to the door and Kevin just looked at Sammy standing there completely nude and perfectly happy for Daddy to open the front door and expose him to whoever it might be on the other side. He really was oblivious to modesty or privacy now.  

    Kevin opened the door and smiled at Jack, his other special friend.  

    “Hey there, I hope I’m not too early…” Jack began, but then trailed off as soon as he registered what he was seeing.  He looked at Sammy standing there naked, his eyes glancing down and lingering on the man’s erection, before he continued.  “Well, I guess it worked then.”  

    Kevin laughed. “Yeah, as you can see Sammy here has turned out to be quite the little nudist. We decided it was best for him to be nakey at home, to be comfy.”  

    “Just at home?” Jack asked.  

    Kevin was a little surprised by that question.

    “Well, it would probably be an issue anywhere else,” he pointed out.

    Jack shook his head. “People are less concerned about a clearly special boy going around naked. Not in the middle of town of course, but at the beach, out for a nature walk. It’s possible…”

    “Wow, you really want to have him showing off his bouncy pee-pee for strangers, don’t you?” Kevin chuckled.

    Jack shrugged. “Guilty as charged. It’s what I like.”  

    Kevin laughed too. “Well, we’ll see what we can do. I mean obviously Sammy won’t be the one making any complaints. We could walk him through the mall in his birthday suit and he’d just giggle and skip his way around it.”  

    As if to prove the point Sammy gripped his own penis at that point and told Jack, “Gotta big doodle!”  

    Both adults burst out laughing and Sammy just giggled along with them, oblivious to what was so funny.  

    “Did he go easily?” Jack asked, stepping inside and closing the door.  

    “Very much so.  The hypnotist said it would be fast and it really was. And he really enjoyed it too, I could tell. He got so relaxed and his grew that huge stiffy right away.”

    “And it’s complete?”

    “What do you think?” Kevin pointed out, gesturing to Sammy as he now had dropped to his hands and knees on the kitchen floor, mooning them with his big bare bottom as he pushed a toy train around the floor, his penis swiveling about under his tummy.  

    “He looks pretty gone,” Jack agreed.

    “It’s more than complete. He was sucking his own toes not a minute after I gave him the trigger!”  

    Jack’s eyebrows arched. “Wow, that’s pretty far gone.”  

    Kevin nodded.  “Yeah, it’s not going to be any issue enrolling him at the special school. They’ll take one look at him and know he belongs with the other profoundly intellectually impaired men and women there.  One thing though, do you think they’ll be okay with him attending barefoot? I kind of told him we were throwing his shoes out for good.”  

    Jack shook his head and chuckled. “I had a feeling you’d do that. But yeah, that will definitely be fine. I’ve already been over to do the pre-enrolment interview, gave them basic info and they showed me around a bit. There was at least three or four students who were walking around barefoot and I didn’t see any shoes abandoned under desks or anything so they must have arrived that way.”  

    “Well they’re all basically big toddlers so it’s got to be normal.”  

    Kevin was so happy Jack was really on top of these things. They’d been having a secret relationship for the last three months. Jack was a daddy, not a switch like him. And now they’d get to be a couple, a pair of daddies raising a poor mentally challenged boy.  He’d go to the special school while they worked. They’d be able to baby him all the rest of the time.  

    Kevin watched as Jack knelt down on the kitchen floor next to Sammy. Of course they’d never met before  but Sammy didn’t seem to mind Jack being here now. His mind was too far gone to understand the implications.  

    “Hey there buddy,” Jack said to the naked man, rubbing his bare bottom.  “I’m Daddy Jack and I’m here to help take care of you sweetie. I heard you forgot all your big boy thoughts, all your smarts so you need a big grown-up man to look after you.”  

    Sammy paused his playing, looking at Jack with wonder in his glassy eyes.  

    “Da man tooked da big things. Dey goes bye-byes,” Sammy explained, pointing to his head.  

    Jack nodded. “I see that. It looks like all those smarts went right down to your pee-pee, made your head all empty but your doodle all big.”

    Sammy giggled and wiggled his hips to make his penis swing back and forth again.  

    “I think we better empty that big doodle out, make it softer and easier for you to play.  It feels extra special and nice to empty your doodle you know. Would you like me to help?”  

    Sammy nodded, still gazing at Jack with awe.  

    Jack reached under Sammy’s tummy and gripped his stiffy.  

    “There, does that feel nice already?” he asked.

    Sammy nodded.

    “Of course it does. Now be a good boy and let Daddy make you feel so good,” he cooed.

    And Sammy moaned and grunted, staying still on his hands and knees as directed, letting Jack stroke him to climax bit by bit.  

    Kevin watched this and felt a little upset that he wasn’t the one getting to jack off Sammy. But this was only his first erection of course. There would be many more for him to help with.  They’d probably need to milk the boy once a day.  

    Jack glanced back at him and smiled. “Feeling jealous huh?” he asked.

    “No, it’s okay, you help him.”  

    “No, I meant you’re feeling awful jealous of Sammy, aren’t you?” Jack clarified.

    Kevin got a confused look.

    “What? No, I mean…. Of course not.”  

    “Don’t lie Kevin, you have to be feeling jealous. I know how much you want to be the little one too. And now Sammy’s living your fantasy. He’s a total nudist now, making his stickies on the kitchen floor with Daddy’s help. He’ll be going to the special school tomorrow, just another special boy, a dumb-dumb.  

    “You want to join him, don’t you Kev? You want to be right down here on the floor next to him, your bare bottom in the air, not a coherent, intelligent thought left in your dumbed down little brain. You want everyone to see just how far you’ve fallen too, don’t you?” Jack went on.

    Kevin knew a lot of what he said was technically true of course. But it was also all fantasy, things he knew couldn’t be done in real life.  

    “Nah man, that’s not what I want,” he insisted.  “I’m a daddy, like you…”

    Jack shook his head. “You may think that, but it ain’t true man.  I know just what you want, and I’m going to help you buddy, I’m going to give you everything you’ve ever dreamed of.  I already have a story ready, about your head injury, about the severe permanent brain damage that’s left you so totally, so profoundly intellectually impaired.  

    “I’ll walk you around to see your friends, to go to your workplace, on a leash, for your own safety. You’ll be barefoot of course, your soles permanently stained black and thickly callused so not even a piece of glass would give you pause.  You’ll stand there picking your nose, sucking your fingers, playing with your junk while I talk to your mates, your colleagues about how totally dependent you are now, about how hard it is to keep any clothes on you at all, what a total exhibitionist you’ve become.

    “And don’t worry because that won’t just be for talk. You’ll get to regularly “escape” your clothes at the park or the beach or while going for a hike. You’ll run around buck naked for a good long bit, showing everyone your bouncy weenie and then Daddy will catch you and apologise for my very special boy. And they’ll all understand and know just how empty your head must be to run around like that.”  

    He kept stroking Sammy off the whole time as he explained all this to Kevin.  Sammy was oblivious, throwing his head back and moaning.  

    “I’m sorry buddy,” Jack suddenly said, slowing the strokes. “This isn’t fair at all, having to watch Sammy have your dream while you’re left out. You should be doing your stickies on the floor together, side by side like good toddler brothers. Let’s make your dream come true, right now.”

    Kevin stepped back and shook his head. As much as the described images aroused him, they also terrified him. He had a life after all, poker once a week, long drives in the countryside.  He had a car, a job, a home. He couldn’t just give that all up to have a life that would be the same every single day.  

    “Jack, stop this right now. This won’t work on me.” he urged.

    “Honey, you went through the same exact therapy as Sammy did. Are you saying you faked it? Or did you really go under for the nice hypnotist, learned to obey his suggestions without conscious thought, let him implant all the necessary suggestions?”

    Kevin stammered, “Well I… um…” But he knew it was true. He’d really gone under, he’d gone under so many times. He had to, to convince Sam.  

    “And you told him just what you wanted didn’t you? You said Sammy was sucking his toes within minutes. You think you’ll be the same? You going to munch those little tootsies?”  

    Kevin considered simply running for the door. But then what? How could he explain the situation without incriminating himself as well. He was the one who dealt with the hypnotist after all. And if he gave Sammy the counter-trigger would he remember all of this and then be very angry? Of course he would. But right now he wasn’t angry, he was happily back to playing with his toy train, spinning its wheels and giggling.  

    Jack stepped closer, reached out and placed his hand on Kevin’s arm. “That’s right, you want this so much, I can tell.”  

    Kevin shook his head. “Jack, don’t do this. We can…”

    “Empty head time for Kevin,” Jack said, cutting him off.

    There was no conscious decision to be made. Kevin followed the instructions drilled into his brain instantly and completely. He did it without thought, without pause. He let the suggestions take over. It was time for his big boy brain to turn off, not for a little bit but forever. And it was just as pleasant and comforting a sensation as he’d hoped when he gave Sammy his trigger.  He’d never expected to feel it himself though. But now he was, he was actually experiencing the full sensation of complete mental regression, total loss of adult independence.

    His head just went fuzzy, his thoughts simply slipped away. He felt his words, his numbers, his abilities just drift off, just lifting from his head like weight being taken away. It felt like an amazing release, so total, so complete.  Jack’s name slipped away too. He became Daddy, nothing but Daddy.

    And then there was only the simplest of thoughts in his head, so small and incomplete. He couldn’t put thoughts together, couldn’t think of the words. And he needed Daddy, he needed him so much. The hypnotist did this, he understood that, but not how. And there was a way to undo it, special words. But all the words were gone. Only he had known them and now he didn’t anymore.  

    “There we go, isn’t that nice, isn’t that lovely?” Daddy asked.

    Kevin smiled. He did feel nice. He felt really, really nice. Daddy took the big thoughts away. He was all little. He was little Kev. He was Daddy’s good, silly, giggly boy. He knew these things with absolute clarity.  

    “Yes, let’s get you down to play with your brother. But first we better get you nakey too. Little boys should always run around nakey, shouldn’t they?”  

    Nakey. Yes, Kev wanted to be nakey very badly. Kev was a nakey jaybird. That was written in stone in his mind too.  Daddy helped him get the big boy clothes off. Icky clothes. His pee-pee bounced when it came free of the undies. Happy pee-pee! Big bouncy doodle!  He got down on his hands and knees to play with brother, play with the tee-tee-train.  It was bright and shiny and fun.  Then Daddy helped him with his big doodle, helped to empty it out. That felt so, soooo good. Daddy rubbed, Daddy stroked his pee-pee until he made squirts, all over the floor. Big white stickies.  Brother made them too. Daddy cleaned up. That’s Daddy’s job. Boys make messes and Daddy cleans them. It’s much better to be a little boy than a Daddy.


    Jack kept a tight grip on the reins as they walked through the mall.  The two young men ambling along in front of him couldn’t be trusted to stay close. If something caught their eye they were both libel to dash off to get a closer look.  At first glance they might just have been two strapping young men fresh from the beach.  They were both shirtless, walking along in bare feet as well.  But they weren’t wet or sandy, they didn’t have board shorts on and in any case there weren’t really any beaches that close to this mall.  

    Both young men wore just a pair of shorts.  Sammy’s bright orange shorts were cuffed at his knees while Kevin had cut-off jean shorts.  As they walked ahead of him Jack couldn’t help but smile at the soles of their feet.  They were dark brown, bordering on black. They had grown callused over the last couple months and now those soles were as tough as the soles of Jack’s shoes. They could walk on shards of glass and not get cut, which was good because they paid zero attention to where they were walking.  Not only that but he’d recently noticed both men’s toes had become wider, more spread out. Their bodies were slowly adapting to their new lifestyle.  

    Though in other ways he had helped it along.  Their bodies were smooth, tanned and totally hairless except for their heads. Neither man needed to shave at all, having complete baby faces thanks to treatments he’d had done on them.  He particularly loved looking at their smooth, hairless balls and penises bouncing around when they were nude, which was very often.  

    Between their clothing, or lack thereof, the dirty feet, the smooth bodies and baby faces and of course the blue harnesses strapped around their waists, the leashes attaching them to Jack’s hand, they looked like an oversized pair of toddlers in pretty much every way.  Other shoppers would glance in their direction, eyes widen, then quickly look away. They either felt pity or revulsion at the sight of these toddler men.  But it wasn’t just their clothing, their bodies which made their status clear, it was their behaviour as well.  

    That was what Jack felt most proud of, what he enjoyed above all else. Months had passed since the two men let the hypnotic suggestions programmed into them overwhelm their adult minds and cripple them, leaving them as helpless and dependent on him as any two year old.  And in all that time there had been no flicker of re-emerging adulthood, independence, critical thought. He had missed Sammy’s regression, but he’d got to watch it happen to Kevin. He’d watched the smart, independent man’s eyes glaze over, his body relax as his mannerisms and vocabulary regressed to toddler level.  

    Since then Kevin and Sammy had been his baby boys. He dressed them or undressed them as he pleased without a single complaint. He jerked them off on a daily basis.  They cuddled close with him, moaning and cooing as he stroked their stiff cocks, as he milked their happy doodles and then cleaned off the resulting mess.  There was no flicker of anger, of modesty or shame in either of them.

    As they passed a small toy store it was Kevin who sharply deviated course, strong arms outstretched as if he could grab the toys at will.  Jack stopped him with a sharp tug on the leash.  The six foot tall man twisted around to look at Jack. His mouth was agape as always, his whole face just sort of slack looking, his eyes totally glazed over, vacant of comprehension.  It was instantly obvious to anyone who looked at him that Kevin was profoundly retarded. It was amazing to Jack that this man had once been educated and thoughtful. It was sometimes hard to remember what his expression has looked like before he heard his trigger phrase and let all those smarts just drift away out of his ears.  

    “Dem toyth da-dee!” the special boy announced.  

    Jack smiled and nodded. “Yes Kevvy, but we need to keep moving now. If you’re a good boy we might come back later.”

    The man pouted and begged, “Bu’ Kebby wanna see! Dazza tee-tee-tain!”

    “You already have lots of trains buddy. Now, behave yourself or there won’t be any Thomas the Tank Engine tonight for you,” Jack warned him.

    Kevin looked devastated. Such a simple threat had him terrified and angry at once. But he didn’t use his adult strength, he didn’t reason or argue like even a primary school boy could. He had the ability to do that, somewhere deep in his head. But he couldn’t access it, couldn’t use it at all. The hypnotist had locked it all away and he’d allowed the man to do it. He’d never expected it to be triggered on him of course. But when it was triggered, the amazing thing was it worked just as fully, just as quickly and completely as it had for Sammy, who had wanted it.  

    “Kebby good boy Da-dee!” he insisted, stamping his bare foot on the floor and crossing his arms over his bare chest as tears welled up in his eyes.  

    Jack stepped over to him and pulled him into a hug, right there in the middle of the mall.  “Shh, shh, it’s okay Kevvy, Daddy knows you’re a good boy.” he assured, feeling the man’s smooth bare skin under his arms.  

    Kevin nodded into Jack’s shoulder. “Uh-huh! Kebby good,” he agreed.  

    “That’s right, and you’re going to be a good boy and walk with your brother and show everyone how well behaved you are, make Daddy very proud,” Jack whispered.

    Kevin nodded again.

    “And if you are good we can go for a nakey walk later, okay?”

    He released the man from the cuddle and saw the tears were drying up and Kevin was now smiling, excited by that idea.  

    “Imma go nakey,” he told Jack, clearly delighted.  

    Jack just nodded and said, “Now walk with your brother.”  


    An hour later, their shopping done, Jack and his man-boys were at the park.  A few couples were enjoying a picnic. Some kids played on the playground at one end but Jack wasn’t worried about them as he undid the boys’ harnesses, letting them off their leash, literally.  Kevin and Sammy grinned ear to ear as he undid the buttons, unzipped them and then yanked their shorts and underoos down at once.  Both men had soft, smooth penises today. They wouldn’t need stickies until later in the evening.  

    It was Kevin’s idea to make Sammy into a total barefoot boy, to throw out his shoes and get him tough, dirty soles.  Jack agreed because he liked the idea too after having Kevin explain it to him.  But it was Jack’s insistence Sammy also be given suggestions to make him a complete nudist, to have no modesty of course, but also to enjoy stripping down. The combination would of course lead to public nudity.  But that was Jack’s kink, not Kevin’s. But he’d got the same suggestions as Sammy of course, he’d got the barefoot ones he liked, but he’d also got the nudist treatment.  And it had worked on him just as perfectly as the others.  

    Jack patted Kevin’s bare bottom, then gave his penis a gentle tickle.  Kevin giggled and announced, “Daz tickwy!”  

    “Haha, I know sweetie. Okay, ready to go play?”

    Kevin nodded right away.  “Kebby jaybiwd!” he confirmed.  

    “You sure are. Now, off you go!”  

    And just like that Sammy and Kevin went sprinting off, free of their harnesses, free of their clothes and free of any awareness.  The two completely naked young men giggled and shouted nonsense as they raced all over the sunny park, wrestling in the grass when one caught the other, a tangle of bare flesh, soft penises knocking against each other at times.  Other park patrons frowned and looked away. They didn’t like what they were seeing one bit, but they could also clearly tell this wasn’t some gay couple. It was instantly clear these men were mentally challenged and so no one said a word to them.  Jack just sat back and watched the show.  

    The Therapist

    A particularly dark tale of revenge and difficult choices. (mainly male but some female mental AR in this one)

    The room was brightly coloured, the furniture soft and inviting.  Toys overflowed from a chest in the corner, a doll and Mr Potato Head left out from earlier.  It was an office designed to put my clients at ease.  There was no desk between us and no stereotypical couch for them to lie down on. I wasn’t that kind of therapist, some psychoanalyst in the mould of Freud.  I sat on a chair facing my clients, or right next to them.  I wanted them to feel safe here, to feel comfortable with me.  But the woman sitting in front of me didn’t look comforted by the room at all.  

    She was probably mid-twenties, it was in the file somewhere, but I was focused on her, not some paperwork.  Sat cross-legged on the wide pale yellow seat she clearly showed the mannerisms of a small girl rather than a grown woman. She fidgeted, played with strands of her long blonde hair, currently in quite childish looking pig-tails.  She didn’t want to make eye-contact with me, clearly didn’t want to engage at all.  While her haircut was appropriate for a little girl, the rest of her attire was not. Her short-sleeved shirt was just plain red and her short jean shorts didn’t suggest any age. She also wore sandals that could have belonged to her before she had the virus.  

    “Mary, can you tell me why you have such a frowny face?” I asked her gently.  

    She scowled deeper. Possibly she hated the condescending tone I used, the way I always spoke to patients with such young mental ages.  Mary had the mentality of a three year old now. But, like many virus victims, the reduction in mental abilities had not fully reduced her behaviour and expectations as well.  That was why therapy was very common for the regressed patients, to help them adjust to their new lives, to be happy as small children again.  

    Mary pulled her knees up to her chest and buried her face in them, hiding from me.  

    “Are you angry with me? Or with your Daddy for bringing you here?” I pressed on.

    She looked up, finally giving me eye-contact. But she looked very upset.  

    “Not my daddy!” she snapped.

    “You mean Robert?”

    A sharp nod. “Wobert my boy-fwiend. He’s not Daddy!”

    “Well, he’s not your birth father, no. But, he takes care of you doesn’t he? Makes sure you’re well fed and warm and safe?”  

    She shrugged.  “Kinda…”

    “I think you look pretty healthy. Do you think you can still take care of yourself? Can you cook yourself dinner, use the stove, drive the car to the store for food?”

    Mary frowned again, but she shook her head in agreement.  “Too widdle,” she admitted.  

    “So Robert takes care of you, like a Daddy.”

    “Not Daddy,” she muttered more quietly.  

    I looked back at the notes I’d made from my interview with Robert.  He was very worried about Mary. He loved her, but she still wanted to be treated like a grown-up. That was very common among the newly regressed.  She insisted on wearing adult clothes. She had major issues with being left at the daycare centre he enrolled her at because she had modesty issues.  She wouldn’t use a potty seat with anyone else around, threw a massive tantrum when they tried to take her shirt off so she wouldn’t make it a mess during finger painting.  She also couldn’t make friends, wouldn’t accept other little girls on her mental level.  She wouldn’t accept Robert as her Daddy.  

    “Do you like daycare?” I asked her, changing tack.

    “No!” she snapped.  

    “Why not?” I asked, feigning innocence.

    “Dey tweat me wike a dumb widdle baby!”  

    “Well that doesn’t sound good,” I agreed, much to her surprise.  “How do they do that?”  

    “Wan’ me to do tinkles ‘nd poos in a baby potty!”  

    “Wow, and they don’t make the other kids do that?” I asked.

    She hesitated, then said, “Yeah. But they dumb babies! Dey wike bein’ nakey and doin’ tinkles in the potty!”  

    “They like that?”

    She nodded emphatically.

    “Boy, sounds like they’re pretty lucky then,” I commented.

    Now Mary looked shocked. “Lucky?” she asked.

    “Yeah, sounds like they’re happy being little. Too bad you’re so unhappy. It must be hard, not having any friends to play with,” I suggested.

    I could tell I’d hit a nerve.  

    “Dun wan dumb-dumb fwiends,” she huffed.  

    “But Daddy wants you to have friends. He wants you to be happy, like the others,” I urged her.

    “Daddy… Wobert, wants a stupid pwincess.  He wants me to dwess all widdle,” Mary explained.

    “I think he just wants you to fit in, so you can play with the other girls.  Do you really think Daddy wants to hurt you?” I asked earnestly.  

    Mary bit her lip for a moment, then shook her head.

    “So why don’t you try it his way for a bit?”

    “Dun wanna look dumb. Lookit me. I big. I gwown-up,” she insisted, lifting her arms high in the air as if to show off her physical size.  

    “Well I don’t see a grown-up honey. I’m sorry, but I see a little girl playing dress-up. Daddy doesn’t want you to have to pretend, that’s all.”  

    Mary didn’t like this at all of course. She didn’t like me calling Robert her Daddy, didn’t like being told she looked like a little girl.  

    “Why don’t you let me try something that I think will really help you be happy.  Would you be willing to try to be happy?” I asked her.  

    “How?” she asked, looking unsure.

    “It’s just a little relaxation exercise,” I told her. She blinked and I could see the confusion on her face. I’d used words that were too big for her, words she’d lost along with so much of her vocabulary with her intellectual regression.  She wanted desperately to be treated like a grown-up, but her mind just wasn’t up to it anymore.  

    “Just a little game to help you feel happier,” I explained more simply. “Will you play for me?”

    Mary was obviously excited by the idea of a game. While she desperately wanted to act like an adult, her mind really was that of a small child and she couldn’t hide her excitement at playing a game.  

    “Okay,” she finally said.  

    “Good girl!” I praised.  “Now I need to sit up straight, put your feet flat on the floor,” I directed.  

    She did as she was told, already following my directions to the letter.

    “Okay, now hold your arms out in front of you, palms of your hands facing in.  And I want you to imagine there are magnets in your hands and they’re being pulled closer and closer together. Really feel them pulling together, very slowly, but so powerfully.  The harder you try to keep your hands apart, the stronger the magnets become, the more they are pulled together. Go ahead and try to keep them apart, but feel that they’re just being pulled more and more.”

    I watched her begin to really focus on her hands, really watching them as the indeed moved slowly closer together.  

    “Good girl. Feel those hands pulling closer. And now I’m going to tell you something very important. Your imagination is so good, so strong, it’s done something magical. The magnets aren’t just imaginary anymore. They’re real. You can’t stop your hands. And when they touch, when they come together, something even more magical will happen. You’ll drop into the most relaxing, most peaceful state of rest.  You won’t be able to help it at all.  It will just be instant, unstoppable.”  

    Mary’s eyes widened, but she said nothing and she didn’t put her hands down. They kept moving together, even faster now, as she probably tried to resist but gave into the suggestion that this would only increase the power of the magnets.  Her hands were very close to touching when I grabbed them and forced them sharply together. For an instant there was total shock on her face, in her eyes. Then I commanded, “Deep sleep!” and her whole face went slack, her eyelids dropping shut, her shoulders sagging and chin falling limply to her chest.  

    “Good girl, Mary,” I cooed to her. “You’re doing such a good job playing the game, getting so nice and relaxed, so peaceful and open for me.”  

    She murmured softly.  

    “And now we’re going to take you even deeper into this peaceful place, just the most happy and relaxing place you can imagine. Just picture it in your mind now, see yourself there, in that perfect place where you are totally safe and happy.  Can you feel it? Are you there now?”  

    “Yeth,” she whispered after a few seconds.  

    “Good girl.  Doing so well, being such a good girl for me.  Now, I’m going to start counting down from ten, and with each number, we’re going to go deeper into this relaxing, peaceful state…”

    Ten minutes later I had Mary deep in trance, ready to accept my suggestions.  This was the real reason people brought their new little ones to me.  I was a master of hypnosis. The caregivers gave me a list of the behaviours causing problems and I removed them. They also often gave me a list of behaviours they wanted to add in. Sometimes it was cute things like thumb sucking or needing a security blanket or teddy bear to cuddle. More often it was making them accept their carer as a true Mummy or Daddy, wanting cuddles and love from them.  

    “Mary, can you tell me, is there someplace you put things to keep them safe?”  

    The woman whispered, “Yeth.”  Her chin was still resting on her chest, her whole body limp as a wet noodle.  

    “I want you to picture that place for me. See it like you’re there. Describe it to me.”  

    She paused a moment, then said, “Is in my woom.  Is a box. Wobert give it to me, when I was bigger.  I hide it under da bed.”  

    “And you put things in the box so no one can find them, so they’re safe?”


    “Good. Now picture that box sitting open before you, sitting on the floor of your room, nice and safe. It’s totally empty though. It’s empty and we need to fill it up.  We need to put some things in there to help you be happier, help you be a good girl. You want to be happy, don’t you?”  

    “Yeth,” she agreed.  

    “That’s right. But there are things in your mind that are stopping you being a happy girl, they’re things that don’t belong in a little girl’s mind, things that get in the way now.  They’re big girl things.  Even though you like them, they just cause problems, and we need to put them away for now.  But you don’t have to be scared, because they aren’t going to get lost, they’ll be safe, in your special box, in your safe place, to be used later.  You know everything you put in the box will be safe.  Isn’t that right?”  

    “Yeth,” she agreed quietly again.  

    “So, let’s start by putting your Daddy’s grown-up name in the box. Little girls shouldn’t be calling Daddy by their first name after all.  I want you to picture that bit of knowledge, that memory slipping out of your head, tickling its way through your ear. You feel that?”  

    Mary let out a little giggle, like she was really being tickled. Her body twitched, her head bobbing up for a second, then going limp again.  

    “That’s right, so tickly.  And when it comes out of your ear, it looks like a floating, shiny, golden ball of light. And you can see that orb of light float down through the air and into the box in front of you, where it is nice and safe, but it’s no longer in your mind. It can’t get in the way anymore. And now the only name in your head for Daddy, is Daddy. It’s the only name you have for him. And more than that it feels totally natural, because there is no other name for him. Once the pretty ball of light went in the box, you forgot what it was. It’s big girl stuff, but that’s all you know about it. Once it’s in the box, it’s totally forgotten,” I told her.  

    “Now, tell me what’s your Daddy’s name again?” I prompted.

    “Daddy,” she murmured right away.

    “Good girl.  Now, I think another big girl thing that’s getting in the way is feeling like little girl games are silly.  But being silly is lots of fun! Big girls don’t like being silly, that’s the problem.  So now we’re going to take that need to be big, to avoid silly little girl things and we’re going to put it in the box too.  Just feel that need to act grown-up, that feeling of shame at acting silly, just tickle through your ears, see that shining golden orb float into the box, safe but forgotten.

    “Isn’t that a huge relief!  It’s like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You feel so much happier now, so free,” I went on.  

    I saw that Mary did have a slight smile as I told her that.  It was clearly working and she wasn’t resisting the suggestions at all.  

    “So next time you’re at daycare or at the park and you see other little girls playing silly games, what will you do?” I followed up.

    Her smile grew broader.  “Pway da siwwy games,” she answered.  

    “That’s right, because it’s so much fun to be silly, isn’t it?”  

    “Siwwy fun,” she echoed.  

    “Yes, you’re feeling so good now. It’s lovely putting the big girl things in the box, nice and safe and out of the way.  And now we need to put something else in there.  We need to let your modesty, your need for privacy, go into the box.  It’s that awareness of your body being exposed, that feeling you need to cover up.  We need you to feel comfy using the potty seat. After all it’s a silly thing to do, and we know that silly things are so much fun for little girls like you.

    “So now feel all that awareness of how you’re dressed, that sense of modesty, just slip away.  Daddy will decide how you’re dressed, Daddy is smart, Daddy loves you and will dress you all pretty.  And when it’s time to use the potty at daycare, when it’s time to be nakey, there won’t be any shame, any worry at all, it will just feel nice and free and comfy.  

    “Feel that modesty leaving your ears, see the orb floating down, filling the box right up, so it shines like a bright light is inside of it.  And we need to close it up, put the lid on top of it. Can you see that? Is the lid on top of the box now?”  


    “Good, now we need to do one more thing. We need to lock it up nice and tight, all safe and sound. So picture a lock on the box, a nice big metal lock.  And who can keep the key to that lock, keep it all nice and safe?” I asked her.

    “Daddy,” came her instant reply.  

    “Of course! Daddy will keep it all nice and safe.  So picture Daddy holding the key now, putting it into his pocket.  And all the big girl things are safe with Daddy, but only he has the key. You can’t have those things back until Daddy gives you the key, when you’re bigger, when you need them again and they aren’t just getting in the way.”  

    I watched her nod softly once again, then I began counting her up out of the trance.  It took a minute to wake her up.  I always enjoyed this part, seeing the fruition of my work.  

    Mary’s eyes opened and she blinked away some tears that had formed from her state of total relaxation.  She looked at me with better eye-contact than before and the look of anger was gone. She looked neutral now, just wondering what was going to happen next.  

    “Well you did a great job for me Mary,” I told her brightly.  “You’re such a good girl, I’m sure Daddy is very proud of you.”  

    Mary grinned, no objection to Robert being called her Daddy this time.  She grinned and nodded, her pigtails bouncing.  “Daddy’s pwoud,” she agreed.  

    “Now, I can go and see if Daddy is ready to take you home, but while you’re waiting would you like to play with some of the toys?” I said, gesturing to the toddler toys in the corner.  “I know they’re a bit silly, but I thought you might enjoy them,” I added.

    Mary gazed over at the toys and her eyes lit up.  “I wike bein’ siwwy!” she announced.  “C’n I pway with the dowwies?”  

    “Of course you can honey, but actually before you play I think it would be nice to change you into a prettier outfit for Daddy.  I don’t think those big girl clothes look too comfy on you.”  

    Mary looked down at her clothes, seeming to consider this.  “Umm, I ‘unno,” she said.  

    “Well how about this skirt?” I asked her, pulling out the very frilliest, bright pink skirt.  It was something only a toddler would wear, but sized for a grown woman, for virus victims with the youngest of mentalities.  

    Mary’s eyes lit up and she nodded and reached for the skirt instantly.  “Daz so pweety!” she exclaimed.  

    I chuckled. Her old mentality saw the dress and no doubt instantly thought it was the most childish, silliest thing she could wear. But the suggestions now hard-wired into her brain made anything silly just delightful and irresistable.  So when she saw the silly skirt, she wanted badly to have it on, to be silly, be a good little girl.  

    “Okay, would you like me to get you changed into it for Daddy then?” I asked, pulling the skirt back away from her reaching hands.  

    She nodded, accepting the need for adult help.  

    “Okay, let’s get these sandals off first, and then the shorts,” I said, watching her stand there nibbling the tips of her fingers and gazing expectantly as I undid the button on her jean shorts and slipped them down, revealing her panties.

    “Okay, and now that big girl top too. That won’t match the pretty skirt at all,” I said, directing her arms into the air.  

    She made no complaint as I slipped her shirt over her head, leaving her in bra and panties.  Finally I said, “Well we can’t really have that on you, bras are for big girls.”  

    Mary looked down at her bra felt it experimentally.  She didn’t complain about being stripped, instead, as soon as I identified the bra as being something for big girls, she declared, “Wan’ it off!”  

    “Of course,” I agreed, unclasping the bra and letting it drop to the floor.  

    Mary stood there with her bare breasts hanging out right in front of me. She didn’t move to cover them up, didn’t give a hint of concern at her exposure.  She just waited while I slipped the skirt onto her.  

    “There we go!” I announced once it was on. “All dressed up for Daddy. You like your new outfit?” I asked.

    Mary stood there still bare chested and barefoot in the silliest, the most juvenile of skirts.  She spun around and grinned ear to ear.  

    “Mawy awll pweety!” she announced.  

    “You sure are!  Now, why don’t you play with those silly toys while I get Daddy.”  

    She nodded and went straight to the toy corner.  That’s where Robert found her when I led him into the room.  He actually gasped at seeing her creeping around on her hands and knees, bare boobs hanging free, chattering to a Barbie doll like it was real.  

    “Oh Mary, you’re adorable,” he gushed.  

    Mary beamed up at him, then rushed over, pulling him into a cuddle and telling him, “Daddy I gotta dowwy ‘nd a pweety skiwt!”  

    Robert just about cried with joy when she called him Daddy, and so eagerly.  He closed his arms around her bare body and rubbed the back of her head.  “Yes sweetie, I see that.  It’s a very pretty skirt.  Would you… would you like to go home wearing it?”  

    Robert had hesitated in asking the question, afraid to push her too far.  But Mary’s answer was instant.  


    “She’ll wear what you want her to from now on. So if you’d like it, here’s her shirt,” I said, handing him the discarded clothes.  

    Robert looked at it a moment, then at the young woman now holding his hand, ready to go, totally unconcerned with what she was wearing.  Robert slipped the shirt into his bag. “I don’t think you need this for a trip home,” he said to Mary, leading her towards the door.  

    An hour ago Mary would have thrown an absolute fit, being led by the hand, being talked down to so obviously and worst of all, being taken outside in full public view half naked with her boobs bouncing free for all to see.  She would have screamed bloody murder.  But down she sucked on her thumb and let Daddy lead her right out the front door that way without a single complaint, without a flicker of concern on her face.  

    I watched them go, watched Mary padding barefoot down the front stairs and along the footpath.  She smiled and pointed at various things that caught her interest, oblivious as her Daddy led her across the street to their car, then buckled her into the back.  Another happy customer.  


    Chesterfield Mall was nowhere near my office, but that suited me.  It was better to do this work, my second job, away from the area where I worked and lived.  It just felt safer to me, though perhaps that was false comfort.  My second job was not what you’d call legitimate.  But boy, did it pay well.  

    The mall was busy this afternoon, filled with teens hanging out after school, at home mums taking their kids to shop after picking them up from school, office workers on flexible hours or taking a late lunch break.  I sat on one of the many benches placed throughout the mall to cater for the people, usually men, who had to wait while their spouse did some shopping.  I scrolled through my phone, looking bored, looking like I was waiting for someone.  I had a bag from the supermarket in front of me. I always did a little shopping, to look legitimate, to look like a fit in.  

    My mark walked past about ten minutes after I arrived.  This was normal, this was his routine.  That’s why I positioned myself where I did. Once I learned his routine, it was all about finding the right place to execute the plan.  Obviously a mall wouldn’t work as it was way too public and covered by cameras.  But it was a good place to pick up the mark, a place he was unlikely to make me, to notice just one of hundreds of busy shoppers.  

    His name was Dan and he managed a small electronics store just down the street from the mall.  The thirty-something man came to the mall most afternoons to grab a healthy smoothie from one of those juice shops.  After that his routine varied, so this was the best place to catch him.  I didn’t move when he passed me the first time, I knew where he was headed, knew he’d come back by me in a few minutes.  

    In the old days if you wanted to get rid of someone you had to contract a hit-man.  That was a pretty serious and final step with obvious consequences if you got caught.  But with the virus things had changed. Need a witness to be unable to testify? Want your abusive spouse neutralised? Want to inherit their fortune right now?  No longer was murder the only way to solve those problems. Now the person could suffer a sudden attack of the most virulent and fast-acting form of the virus, leaving them intellectually incapable of testifying, or reducing their legal status to a dependent, handing over their wealth to the erstwhile partner.  

    One way to accomplish that was with a booster of course.  But that was the most expensive option. That involved risks because the government kept close control over boosters of course. It also required physical force be used to apply the booster since the mark clearly would know exactly what was happening.  

    That left the other method, my specialty, hypnosis.  There were rumours the state authorities had their own special programme, able to be administered by anyone with no expertise.  But these rumours weren’t widely known and I certainly wasn’t going to advertise my competition.  So instead people turned to me to help them with their little problems.  They were always so keen to assure me they’d never have considered murder of course, but this was different, this wasn’t so bad, just a nice fresh start.  

    I always nodded a lot, helped them assuage their guilt, but really I didn’t care what their self-justifications were.  Whatever they had to tell themselves, that was fine with me.  I was in it for the cash, though I always did my best to at least make sure the mark was happy at the end of it.  I really owed them at least that much.  

    The woman who contacted me this time, through an intermediary of course, I survive on referrals in this business; wanted to cut short what could have been a messy divorce.  It was probably the most common reason people came to me.  Erin claimed she just wanted to avoid a custody battle over their eight-year old son, Matt.  But I suspected control of the family house and their other assets were factored into her thinking as well.  

    “I don’t want him to be hurt,” she told me when we met at a cheap little pub forty minutes drive from my house.  “I want him to be happy, really truly happy,” she had insisted.  

    “Of course,” I assured.  “You care for him.”  

    She looked really anguished and I was worried she might back out at any moment, but thankfully she proceeded.  

    “I really do. I would love for us to stay together, but he’s not interested in me anymore. We haven’t had… relations, in I don’t know how long. A couple weeks ago I happened to find his e-mails left open on his phone…”

    Yeah right. All women snooped.

    “And he had a bunch from this woman he knows from his Toastmasters group.  I… I have a pretty good idea of what’s been going on.”  

    “I’m truly sorry,” I lied to her.  

    “Thank you.  Anyway, I can’t really see any other way around it.  So, I talked it over with a friend and she said she knew someone, who knew someone who might be able to help, and… well, here we are.”  

    Referrals, they really work in this business.  That’s why it’s important to get it right, every time.

    “Did you want him to still be part of the family, or will he be going to foster care?”

    “Oh I couldn’t do that to him!  No, Matty needs his father, well, he needs him to stay part of the family.”  

    “Understood.  What age were you thinking?”  

    “Well I suppose eight would be best, like Matty, so they can be buddies.  I think Dan would like that,” she mused.  

    I had to frown at that. Eight wasn’t feasible, it was much too old.  

    “I’m afraid that’s not a workable age for me.  There’s too much risk of them retaining memories and understanding of what’s happened to them at that age.  The oldest I can safely do is three. So you need to really consider if you can handle that.”  

    Of course she hadn’t been happy with that news.  I could see she was considering her options, wondering if it was the right choice. If they were going to back out, that’s usually when it happened.  But I couldn’t take the risk of leaving them too old. This wasn’t like the virus, it wasn’t guaranteed to be permanent.  There was a small risk of them recovering memories or intellect.  The younger they went, the less the risk.  

    “I… I suppose three would be okay then,” she had finally agreed, just when I thought she might walk out.  

    “Okay that’s good, I can work with that.  Now, what kind of boy do you want him to be?” I asked her next.  

    “I’m sorry?”

    “It’s not just mental age I can change.  The whole personality if malleable.  Do you want him loving and docile? A quiet, well-behaved little boy? Or a wild, energetic, getting into everything toddler?”  

    “Oh, well, I mean of course I want him to be loving. I just… I mean I don’t want to change who he is too much…”

    That always made me need to suppress a laugh. They didn’t mind wiping their partners’ brains of every intelligent, complex thought, but god forbid we change their personality a bit.  Of course some people leapt at the chance to alter their target, but they were the minority.  

    “Loving is fine. But, quiet and reserved, shy? Or playful and outgoing?”  

    “Outgoing I guess, so he’s like Matty.”  

    She really wanted him to be a good little brother for his kid, it was kind of touching.  She paid me on time too, so I decided I liked her.  I’d do my best to deliver her the outgoing, loving little boy she wanted.  


    When Dan walked back past me, slurping his smoothie, I counted to five then stood and started to follow him, still pretending to focus on my phone, keeping my distance as we left the mall.  After the mall Dan walked to the gym he worked out at on the odd morning.  I followed him there, keeping about fifty metres between us.  He went inside and I leaned against a fence down the road, waiting.  

    He emerged leading his mountain bike out onto the footpath. He’d changed into appropriate gear, a sports t-shirt and some of those tight shorts they wore.  Dan was really into his biking and cycled to work a couple days a week.  He didn’t take the direct route either. He went up over the hills instead, along a tough trail.  I wasn’t fit enough to follow him even if I’d had a bike.  But I did have a car and I knew this might be the perfect opportunity.  It was worth a try.  

    While Dan stretched out and checked his bike over I walked quickly the other direction, back to the mall’s car park.  Then I drove straight for the other side of the hills, right to where the trail I knew Dan used, emerged.  I parked, grabbed my hiking backpack, which was actually empty, and quickly headed up the trail, getting as far from the street as I could.  It was late afternoon by this point and the park was largely empty.  It was the perfect place to make my move.  But it was also tricky as once I had revealed myself it would become impossible to attempt a second time.  

    I positioned myself by a blind corner on the trail, only just down from the peak of a small hill.  There I waited, hoping that the next person to come round the corner would be Dan.  Ten minutes passed before I heard the sounds of a bike approaching.  God I hoped he wasn’t going too fast or this would really hurt.  

    I planted myself right in the middle of the path, taking up most of the space, and started to walk upwards towards the bend, just as Dan came round the corner on his bike, heading straight for me. He gasped and slammed on his brakes, began dodging left, so I stepped that way too, making certain he couldn’t just pass me.  He turned full left then, hitting the small trees on the path’s edge and falling off the bike.  

    “Shit!” he swore, though he didn’t seem to be injured.  

    “Oh I’m so sorry!” I lied.  “I didn’t hear you coming.”  

    Dan frowned up at me as I offered him a hand.  “No, that’s okay, I was going a bit fast,” he admitted, letting me help him up, then dusting himself off.  

    “You look a bit shaken up, I hope you didn’t hit your head, did you?” I asked.

    He shook his head, but undid his helmet as well, checking to be sure.  

    “Nah, think I’m fine,” he said, looking at his bike to check for damage now.  

    “Glad you’re okay. I’m Jake by the way,” I told him, extending my hand.  

    Dan reached out to take my hand, it was instinct.  

    But I didn’t shake his hand, I grabbed it with both of mine, lifting it back so his palm was facing his face.  “Oh, my, what’s that?” I gasped, looking at his hand.  

    Dan look confused, both by what I was doing to his hand and by my exclamation.  I’d broken a normal sequence and distracted his conscious mind at once. He was doubly out of step and open for my next move.  

    I forced his hand right towards his face, palm first, and ordered, “Go to sleep!” at the same time.  

    Dan’s eyes blinked and he looked even more out of it.  When I released his hand it dropped limp to his side.  His eyes were still open, but they fluttered.  I looked him in the eye and said, “Deep sleep now Dan, deep sleep,” and tapped his forehead.  

    His head jerked forward and then bobbed up, his shoulders slumping but his mind trying to fight it.  

    “Deep sleep, you can’t help it, soooo sleepy and tired, right off to sleep now,” I told him, tapping his forehead once, then twice.  

    With each tap his head fell forward more until I tapped the very top of his head and his whole body went limp. He collapsed right into my arms and I held his weight until I could slowly lower him to the ground.  

    There, now if anyone came upon us it would look like I was helping a bike crash victim.  But we were completely alone for now at least.  I sat next to him and whispered, “Very good Dan, you’re going such a good job for me.  Now what’s happened is confusing, I know, but it’s something really, really good, something very enjoyable.  

    “You see your wife sent me to help you because you’re way too stressed. She wants you to relax more and that’s my specialty. I bet you already feel super relaxed and peaceful right now, don’t you?”  

    “Uh-huh,” Dan mumbled, still limp and tranced on the ground.  

    “Good, and now we’re going to make you feel even better.  All you  have to do is visualise the number ten for me. Just imagine that you’re sitting in a big old movie theatre, one of those grand old ones with the huge screens. Can you see yourself there?”  


    “Great, and just feel yourself sinking into the most comfortable, overstuffed, warm old seat, right in the middle of the cinema, best seat in the house.  Feeling that?”  


    “And on the screen, you can now see the number ten.  But it’s just out of focus, just a bit blurry around the edges.  And so you have to squint. And just as it comes into focus the number changes,” I snapped my fingers, “And it’s a nine.  And it’s blurry too, worse than the ten, but you can still see it, can see it coming into focus more and more unti,” snap, “it’s now an eight. And with each number you feel yourself sinking more into that comfy seat, feeling even more relaxed, even more peaceful,” snap, “seven. And dropping even deeper now, so comfy, so peaceful…”  

    By the time I hit one you could barely tell Dan was breathing.  He was like putty in my hands, but I was only just getting started.  

    “And now Dan what you’re going to find is that the seat is so nice, so comfy, that every time you try to lift yourself out of it, to wake up at all, it only pulls you even deeper. You can’t help it, the relaxation is too overwhelming and you can’t fight against it. Fighting only makes it even deeper.”  

    Dan murmured his understanding and I knew it was time to proceed.  

    “Okay Dan, now I want you to notice the screen has come back to life. But it isn’t just numbers now, it’s a full scene. It’s you and Erin and Matty at the park.  What’s the park you like to take Matty to?”  

    “Newton Domain,” he answered in a low mumble.  

    “Very good. Picture Newton Domain, that’s what you see on the screen, focus on the details, the grass, the trees, the perfect blue sky above.  And now pay attention to Erin and Matty.  I want you to notice what they’re wearing, what they’re doing.  Now, tell me, what’s Erin wearing?”  

    Dan sighed, then said, “Her yellow dress. And her sandals.”  

    “What’s she doing?”  

    “Watching Matty playing, waving to him, taking a photo on her phone,” he explained.  

    “Very good.  You’re really good at this.  And what about Matty, what’s he wearing?”  

    “His Spiderman t-shirt, that’s his favourite. And his yellow boardies. He calls them banana shorts.  And bare feet. He’s always got bare feet.”  

    “And what’s he doing?”  

    “He’s climbing up the outside of the twisty slide. He’s a good climber. He’s waving, he wants Erin to see him.”  

    “That’s excellent Dan. And now you’re going to notice yourself on that screen too. But there’s something different about you. And that’s because this screen is showing you a vision of the future, of your future.  

    “So you see yourself, but you aren’t with Erin, watching Matty.  You’re playing too, on the playground, with the other children. Because you’ve had the virus Dan. You’ve had the virus and you’re just another one of the little kids playing while the adults supervise.”  

    Dan moaned and I saw his head start to rise. He didn’t like that, he was trying to wake up. But then his shoulder slumped again and he let out a sigh as his head flopped forward again. He’d dropped even deeper into trance after trying to fight it.  

    “That’s it Dan, even deeper into trance,” I re-enforced.  “Just focus on the screen, on seeing your future. Look at yourself on the screen.  You’re playing with the kids. There are many children around, not just Matty of course. And you’re in the middle of them, and you’re playing.  And notice that you’re actually naked, completely, totally nude in the middle of the park.”

    Dan groaned, clearly unhappy, but made no other moves.  

    “You aren’t the only nudist of course.  There’s a wading pond nearby and a couple toddlers, little two and three year olds, are nude as well.  Nobody minds them though, because they’re just innocent little kids.  They don’t know any better.  And nobody is looking at you either, nobody is complaining or angry. Because you’re just a simple little toddler too. It’s obvious you’re no brighter, no more mature than those other two jaybirds.  

    “Even Matty is wearing clothes of course. He’s little enough to run around barefoot all day, but much, much too old to be running around in his birthday suit. He’s a big boy, going to big boy school and everything after all.  But you’re just a silly little baby boy and everyone, all the adults watching, even the bigger boys and girls playing around you, can tell that you’re just a silly dumb toddler who doesn’t know any better and no one minds that your doodle is bobbing about freely.  After all, it’s quite small and hairless and soft anyway.”  

    I watched carefully as Dan reacted to this, as he struggled to wake and only dropped deeper yet again.  He couldn’t fight the suggestions.  

    “And you’re quite a messy little boy too. You’ve got mud flecked all over your bare body, probably from playing in the grass and dirt after being in the wading pool.  And the soles of your feet are so dark. You must go barefoot all the time, just like Matty, like your big brother. You probably idolise him, want to be just like him, a big, smart eight-year old.  

    “It’s clear that you’re not very bright.  You’re not playing with Matty, with the big boys. You’re in the area for the littlest of boys, the toddlers, grouped with the girl who’s play dress shows off her thick diaper, the boy eating his boogers and the two other nudists.  Look at your future self, spinning in circles until you fall down dizzy, giggling as you land bare bottomed in the dirt.  Chasing another man who clearly has a toddler’s mind, giggling your head off while your penis just swings about like crazy.  Running over to Erin, to Mummy, and demanding a cuddle and a juice box.  Trying to climb up the slide after your big brother, but finding it far too difficult and then deciding to just sit on the see-saw with the other toddler man instead.”  

    I watched as the images etched themselves into his mind, painted him an irrefutable picture of his future.  He was internalising all of it now, accepting this was his fate, that it was going to happen. That would prepare him for the next step.  

    “You’re playing there because you’ve had the virus, the fastest type of the virus.  In fact you’re just about to have it now.  You see I have the magical power to activate the virus with a simple touch on the forehead. I can reach right into your mind and turn it on. And just like that you’ll feel the virus wipe your brain of every last bit of adult intelligence and leave you with the mental abilities of a three year old, a slow three year old.  And more than that, it will completely remove your inhibitions, your maturity, your concept of privacy.  You’ve seen exactly what you’ll become once the virus has been activated.  And you know that it’s irreversible, that it’s unstoppable. It only takes seconds and every mature thought will be gone.”  

    I let the suggestions sink it, let him accept them.  I knew he was still watching his future self play naked in the park.  It was all up to his own imagination now, I’d just set the stage.  I wondered what he was seeing himself do now.  Was he sucking his toes? Maybe chewing dandelions or smashed ants?  No doubt it was degrading, it was humiliating, whatever he was seeing.  I always made them see themselves naked in public, that really was the ultimate humiliation for most people.  And it did actually happen now and then. Some caregivers treated their grown toddlers like real ones that way and while it made some people uncomfortable it wasn’t illegal.  Dan probably had seen an adult toddler naked at a beach or park one, maybe twice, so it felt real, it felt possible.  

    “And now the screen is starting to go blurry, starting to fade away.  You’re beginning to rise up out of the comfy seat, coming out of the trance at last.  But you can feel the virus inside your head, waiting to be activated, waiting to wipe your brain, turn it to gooey mush, leave you utterly helpless and dependent, but also, so totally, incredibly happy.  Because as the scene fades away the last thing you need to notice is the look on your future self’s face. It’s a look of complete bliss.  Look at the peace, the happiness in those glassy eyes, the contented smile as you play.  And as the screen blurs to nothingness you just know it’s going to feel wonderful when you become a happy, silly, dumb little toddler.  You’ll never want to grow back up, it’s going to feel so incredibly good.”  

    The moment of truth was when I counted them up out of the trance.  For a few seconds they were fully back, awake, in control, their full intellect at their command. Then I took it all away, for good.  I did this for the money, but I can’t deny I also greatly enjoyed the power-trip.  

    “Three, two, one, and wide awake, refreshed and alert.”  

    Dan’s head jerked upward, his eyes blinking. He looked around with confusion. I could see him wondering if he’d dreamed all of that, if this was all for real.  It had to be very disorienting, I got that.  

    “What the fuck is going on?!” he demanded.  

    “Your wife knows about the cheating,” I told him calmly.  “Your marriage is over.”  

    He looked like he’d been hit by a ton of bricks. “I never… I… Who the fuck are you?!”

    “Your wife hired me, to keep your family together.  You should consider yourself lucky, she was quite insistent you be happy with this in the end.  She still cares for you after all you’ve done,” I told him.  

    “Happy? What’s that even mean?”

    I smirked. “You know what it means, you saw it yourself. You’re going to be a toddler, a big dumb baby man. If you go to the mall you’ll be led around on a kiddie leash.  Smoothies will be in a sippy cup, but probably it will be simple juice or milk for you anyway.  Any biking will be done with training wheels on. But you’ll be happy as a clam with all of that, you’ll accept it, you’ll enjoy it, you’ll be head over heels in love with your Mummy, you’ll be in awe of your big brother.  It’s not really such a bad fate.”  

    “Fuck off.  I’ll talk to Erin, we can work this out between us.”  

    I shrugged. “It’s much too late for that. Next time you see Erin you won’t be up to making conversations. You’ll need all your mental powers just to put a coherent sentence together.  You won’t even remember your affair anyway.”  

    And now the panic began to creep into his expression.  I always liked seeing that, the dawning seriousness of what they were facing.  

    “Look whatever she’s paying you, I can pay more,” he offered.  

    They always tried that. It had become a cliche.  “Sorry, but I survive on referrals. Flipping on clients doesn’t bring me more business,” I told him.  

    “This… this is total bullshit!” he burst out.  

    That was always their last gasp.  

    “You’re thinking it isn’t real, that it won’t work.  Well it’s never failed yet and I’ve been doing this for some time now.  So, unless you had any final message for your wife we might as well be done with this. It’s a terrible stress for you and you deserve a nice long rest.”  

    He really began to panic at that.  “My son, I have a little boy…”

    “You’re going to be a wonderful little brother to him.”  

    Dan started to try to back away. He scrambled to his feet and I tapped him with my index finger, right in the middle of his forehead.  

    Dan’s eyes crossed as he looked up at my finger, his mouth dropping open in shock.  

    “Zap,” I said, snapping my fingers at the same time.  

    “Ohhh,” Dan moaned, blinking over and over. He was feeling it, feeling what he believed to be happening, feeling the virus turning his brain to mush.  Of course that wasn’t what was happening at all. His brain was physically perfectly fine. Everything that was going on in his head was because he believed it, because I had suggested it to him.  

    I looked down and saw the bulge growing in his shorts, tenting the tight bike shorts out. Yes, he was experiencing pleasure as well, he was enjoying the sensation of his brain turning to goo, his intelligence and maturity leaking from his ears.  

    I put my hand on his arm. “I know, it feels so good, doesn’t it?”  

    Dan’s mouth was still agape. He nodded slowly though, blinking those wide, shocked looking eyes again and again.  Each person experienced it a bit differently, depending on what they thought having the virus so suddenly would feel like I guess.  The length of time it took seemed to vary based on the same principal.  But this seemed to be going pretty quickly.  

    Slowly he raised his arms to his head and placed his fingers on his temples, rubbing them, moaning again.  

    “Dan, we need to get you out of these grown-up clothes, okay?” I asked him.  “You’re going to be so much more comfy without them in a second, once the big boy thoughts have all gone bye-byes, okay?”  

    He pouted, looking anguished but then nodded.  “Okay,” he agreed.

    I knelt down and unlaced his shoes one at a time, then slipped them and his socks off.  I directed his arms up, slipping his t-shirt off too.  As I reached for the shorts though he snapped, “No!” and pouted again.  

    I stopped, looking again at the tented bulge where he was clearly very aroused by this.  I patted his now bare back and said, “It’s okay Danny. You won’t mind being nakey. Remember what you saw? You’re going to be a silly little nudist anyway. Can you feel the modesty leaving your head yet? It must be very close now.”  

    “Uhhh. Ummmm,” he murmurred, nibbling at his thumb looking so conflicted, so confused.  

    “Shhh,” I cooed, then slipped the shorts and his undies down, letting his fully erect penis waggle free, precum dribbling down the shaft.  

    “There we go, isn’t that much better?” I said.  

    Danny looked down at his exposed penis. It wasn’t on the screen now, it wasn’t in his trance dream, this was real.  He was actually nude.  He took in his bare body and that seemed to be the final straw, confirming in his mind that it was all real.  And just like that the modesty, the remaining intellect and maturity, all vanished at once.  His blushing cheeks faded, his body visibly relaxed.  Danny grew a lazy smile and told me, “I got nakey.”  

    I chuckled. “You sure are.”

    Danny grinned even more, looking totally relaxed and at peace now.  “Mummy wets me go nakey at da park,” he told me.  

    “Does she?”

    He nodded. “Cuz I awll widdle.”  

    “Are you a little boy?”

    “Yeff! Widdle boy!”  

    “Well I don’t think a little boy should be up here all alone. Why don’t you come with me and we will walk you home to Mummy and brother.”  

    Danny let me take his hand. “Otay,” he agreed.  “Home to Mummy.”  

    And so he walked along next to me, bare feet untroubled by the rough terrain as he was convinced he had tough little kid feet.  His stiff penis bounced along and he wasn’t worried about who might see him unclothed.  Heck, he was happy to run around the park in his birthday suit, he was looking forward to it.  Even though his brain was physically okay it was obvious he truly had the intellect and maturity of a three year old.  

    I did dress Danny in a t-shirt, underoos and shorts before turning him over to Erin. I didn’t want her to get the wrong idea.  Who knew what her actual views on such public nudity might actually be.  She was overjoyed at seeing the success of my treatment of course. I knew she’d pass on my number to anyone else she knew who might need my services.  

    A week later I did a spot check to see how they were going. I always did a follow-up to be sure everything had stuck. After all the changes were just in their minds. But when I cruised past their house I saw Matty walking along the footpath out front. The eight-year old boy was looking positively mature in his school polo shirt and shorts, leading his thirty-something dad along the footpath. Danny, despite his massive age and size advantage, was clearly not the one in charge here. He was on his bike again, but now with training wheels attached, wearing nothing but a pair of cartoon print underoos, bare feet gripping the pedals, smiling ear to ear as he went on some big adventure down the street with his big brother.  


    An important part of my line of work was avoiding any unnecessary scrutiny. That meant keeping prying eyes out of my legitimate business as well.  I laundered my fees through the legitimate business, as consulting fees. It would be a problem if anyone took too close a look at my books. Which is why I had to quickly deal with any complaints from my clients. All it took was one of them filing an official complaint with my professional body and I could be in trouble.

    That was why I was in my office on a Saturday, dealing with a situation before it got out of hand.  

    “So what’s the main issue?” I asked Alison.  

    The woman sitting across from me was clearly upset.  She had brought her former boyfriend turned child to me a few weeks ago for pretty standard treatment.  He was mentally six years old but was shy, had no friends at his new primary school, was being bullied for being a teacher’s pet and still trying to act like a grown-up.  I’d given him what I considered to be a very successful treatment for all of those issues. But here they were, back in my office.  

    “Really?!” Alison replied angrily. “You don’t know what’s wrong? Look at him!”

    Alison was a thirtyish woman, a professional of some kind, always well dressed, her hair and makeup immaculate.  When she’d brought Shaun to me for treatment he’d been dressed up like he was going to church; button-down shirt, dressy pants, black leather shoes and all.  It was no surprise he was getting bullied. What kind of six year old walked around like that on a daily basis?  

    Shaun was in the seat next to Alison and he didn’t look ready for church anymore.  The thirty-one year old was sitting cross-legged on the chair, squirming around, looking eagerly over at the toys in the corner.  He wore a pair of black athletic shorts but basically nothing else. He was barefoot and shirtless.  It wasn’t a bad look for him. He was actually pretty muscular and his body was smooth and nicely tanned. I noted the lack of lines. He had been running around shirtless a lot apparently.  In addition to that his hair was messy and I could see the soles of his feet were as black as the shorts he wore.

    “He looks pretty happy to me,” I told her.  

    “C’n I play with the toys?” Shaun interrupted.  

    “Shaun, you need to sit still and listen. This is important,” Alison told him.

    He pouted and whined, “I don’t wanna listen! That’s boring! You’re boring! I wanna play!”  

    “This conversation is well beyond his understanding Alison, he might as well play while we talk,” I suggested.

    Alison frowned deeply but waved her arm at Shaun and said, “Fine, play while we talk.”  

    The squirming man lit up and he jumped out of the seat and dropped to his hands and knees on the floor, quickly grabbing a police car and ambulance and racing them around the carpet, making sound effects as he went, totally oblivious to us.  

    “Do you see how he’s dressed?” Alison demanded of me, snapping my attention back to her.

    “Yes, I see that. But I assume you dressed him, so…”

    “Oh I dress him alright, but he won’t keep any proper clothes on. He threw all his shoes away in the bushes on his way to school, so it’s pointless to replace them.  He throws a tantrum if I try to make him keep his shirt on, so I’ve just given up on it for now at least. I don’t even bother.  When we have to go out I tell him to get his shorts on. That’s what I say. ‘Shaun, shorts on please,’ and off we go, him walking around the neighbourhood, the supermarket in nothing but his shorts, like we’re complete bogans.  I can’t even scrub all the dirt of his feet, so I gave up on that too.”  

    I nodded attentively, trying to make her feel heard.  That was very important, people needed to feel like you were listening to them without judging.  

    “I understand your concern,” I told Alison.  “But the way he’s dressed isn’t that unusual for boys his age. And he seems very comfortable that way.”  

    “Yes, he’s perfectly comfortable, his understanding of dress expectations, his sense of modesty is totally gone. You took it away.”

    I didn’t deny it.  “He needed to fit in with the other boys and this was the best way to do it.”  

    “But it’s not just the clothes!” Alison went on. “He’s become a hyperactive, immature little boy. He’s gone from the top reading group in his class to the bottom one. I’m being called in to teacher interviews because he’s misbehaving. He’s was a perfect angel before, now he’s the class clown.”  

    I had to keep from smiling as I thought back to my session with Shaun. He’d grown a huge stiffy when I told him how good it felt to be a silly dumb boy, how wonderful the ground felt under his bare feet, how he deeply wanted to have filthy feet that everyone would see and know he was very little.  He’d clearly taken my suggestions perfectly.  

    “Alison, I understand that you aren’t happy with the situation.  But I think I have a solution,” I assured her.

    She looked skeptical, but asked, “You can fix him then?”  

    Of course I could. But that’s not what I wanted at all.  I looked over at the barefoot man lying on his tummy and smashing toy cars together. No, I wanted him just like he was.

    “I absolutely can.  But for optimal results I’d really like to work with you both this time.”

    “Both of us?” she asked, looking unsure.

    “Absolutely. I do it all the time. There’s nothing to worry about. All you need to do is take three nice, deep breathes for me…”


    Twenty minutes later Shaun was still playing but Alison was limp as a ragdoll in her chair, her head resting back against it, eyes closed.  

    “You absolutely love Shaun, don’t you Alison?”  

    “Yeah,” she answered quietly.

    “You love him just the way he is, a sweet, playful little boy.”


    “You don’t mind that he’s a bit slow, a bit immature and hyper. He’s just a busy little guy, he’s just a fun-loving, playful boy.”

    A smile played at her lips.  “Yeah,” she slurred.

    “It’s okay that he’s in trouble at school sometimes. He’s trying his best, he’s just a bit behind the other boys and that’s okay. You don’t want a smart Alec.  You want a happy boy.”

    “Happy boy,” she echoed.

    “And it’s wonderful that he’s lost all his silly old grown-up modesty. After all, Shaun needs to enjoy being a boy, getting dirty, playing rough, exploring. And that’s best done in as little clothing as possible, since no one minds little boys being informal. It saves you doing more laundry. In fact that’s why you encourage it, why you don’t even bother buying him shoes to replace the ones he lost. He’s just a silly little boy, he’d lose them too. Besides, you think he’s just adorable running around barefoot. It’s so cute when he looks like an oversized little boy.”  

    Alison was nodding again, eating up my suggestions.  Yes, this was my favourite way to avoid complaints.

    But something caught my eye then, something that distracted me from Alison.  My phone, sitting on my desk, had lit up and I could just see who the text I had received was from.  It was Maddie, a woman I’d done some work for a couple months back.  But she shouldn’t have been making contact with me. I’d told her not to unless it was an emergency. That’s what I told all of my side business clients.  

    I wrapped up Alison’s session, made sure she was smiling just as broadly as Shaun was, then checked my text messages.  Maddie’s was right there waiting for me.  

    Serious issue with Billy. Need to talk ASAP.

    What the hell was this about?  I text back:

    What’s the issue?

    It was only seconds before my phone vibrated and lit up again. She must have been actively awaiting my reply.  

    Billy having adult memories. Please meet me. You free today?  

    Adult memories?  That just wasn’t possible, was it?  I’d never had an issue before and of all the people to come out of it, Billy seemed very unlikely.  

    Bill Stevenson had messed with the wrong woman. He cheated on his wife and she turned out to be the vengeful type.  She paid me not just to regress him, but to give him my worst treatment. He was to be reduced to a two year old and left unable to progress normally. He wouldn’t be mentally three the next year, he might never progress beyond the level of a five year old.  In addition to that I was to have him placed in a low-class foster family.

    She wanted him stripped of everything, not just his intellect. She wanted his maturity wiped and his middle class refinement.  She was one very angry woman. I was really impressed by her level of vindictiveness actually.  

    The permanence of the change, the completeness of it made Bill a special case for me, one which I remembered well.  I’d tricked him into a meet-up at a family restaurant, pretending to be one of his flings. He got a nice private booth at the corner of the restaurant.  Of course he wasn’t very happy when I showed up, and especially when I sat down next to him in the booth instead of across from him.  But it wasn’t long before I had him resting his head on my shoulder, listening to my suggestions.  When it was done I’d left him to play in the ballpit in his undies. I actually felt guilty about that one, it was far nastier than what I usually did, dooming him to permanent toddlerhood, not just a fresh start.  But I was merciful as I could be, I made sure he was incredibly happy with his new life. The last time I saw him he was sitting in the middle of that kiddie play area ball-pit with his toes jammed in his mouth and an ear to ear grin on his face.  

    It seemed very strange that Billy of all people would have fought my suggestions and regained his adult awareness.  If he went to the authorities that would be my worst case scenario. I replied:

    I’m free. Meet me at Hollywood Bakery. Thirty minutes.   


    Maddie was already sitting at a table when I arrived.  She looked like this was indeed serious.  Her hair was messy, like she’d not had the time to properly get ready before leaving the house.  The worry was clear on her face and she wasted no time on pleasantries when I took my seat.  

    “You promised me it was a one-way trip, that there was no way he could recover,” she whispered in a harsh tone.

    I held up a hand to stop her.  “Calm down Maddie. Before we discuss anything else I need to check something.”  

    I pulled the radiofrequency detector out of my pocket, flicked it on and said, “You know the drill.”  

    I always had potential clients run the detector over their bodies to make certain they weren’t wearing a wire. Of course it wasn’t fool-proof, some really high tech equipment could trick such detectors, but it was at least a bit of extra protection.  

    “Really? Still? After what I paid you to…”

    I shook my head and put my finger to my lips. “Sweep first, then we talk.”  

    I watched her reluctantly but carefully pass the detector over her body. The steady sound never peaked, never crackled in a way that indicated she was wearing a wire.  It seemed she was clean.

    She shoved the device roughly across the table and said, “Satisfied now?”  

    Pocketing it, I nodded. “Can’t be too careful. Now, what exactly makes you think Billy is aware again?”  

    “You think I’m making this up? That I’m imagining things?” she asked, clearly not liking my tone. “He’s been making threats, texting them to me.”

    “Billy has the mind of a slow two-year old,” I told her.  “He doesn’t know the alphabet, can’t speak in full sentences. There’s no way he could be sending a text.  He wouldn’t even have the fine motor skills to type it out on a phone.”  

    “Well you look at this and tell me what you think it means then,” she demanded, sliding her phone across the table to me.  

    I looked down at the chat log.  

    You fucked with the wrong man Maddie. I know what you did to me now and I am not going to put up with it.

    Maddie had replied by playing innocent, asking who this was.

    Who do you think? How many people have you fucked over? How many lives have you ruined? You tried to break my mind, leave me a retard, but I’m back.  

    Maddie seemed to accept it was genuine now, asking what her former husband wanted from her.

    I want an apology. I want my life back. And I want you to pay. Meet me tonight at the A&P Show, 6PM, or I go straight to the cops.  

    “What makes you think this is real. There’s no message history before this morning. Is it from his phone?” I asked.

    “Of course not. I have his old phone. He must have used someone else’s.  But who else would be sending me a text like this? How could it be anyone else?”

    That did seem equally unlikely, but I just hated to consider the real possibility my programming had failed. If that was really possible it put everything in jeopardy even if I could neutralise this threat.  

    “Why hasn’t he already gone to the authorities?” I asked her.

    She shrugged. “How would I know? Maybe he wants revenge he doesn’t think they can deliver. He could be planning to kill me!”

    “Keep your voice down,” I warned her, checking to see if anyone else in the cafe was staring at us. No, people were absorbed in their own conversations.  “Look I think that’s very unlikely.  But, you probably shouldn’t go to the A&P Show tonight.”  

    Maddie seemed pleased to hear that, but still worried.  “Okay, and then what?” she asked. “What if he does go to the authorities?”  

    “That’s not going to happen.  I’m going to meet him at the show tonight. I’ll finish the programming, make sure it’s permanent this time. Assuming you’re still okay with that.”  

    Maddie nodded instantly. “Of course I am. Now more than ever. He could ruin our lives. Do whatever you have to.”  

    “Okay, you go home then, I’ll give you a ring when it’s done. Don’t do anything else until I’ve contacted you, okay?”

    “Okay, just make sure it sticks this time,” she warned.  


    The A&P Show was being held in Moore’s Park all week.  It was a Kiwi tradition to have Agricultural and Pastoral shows to show off all the products of the farmers, but like a country fair in the States, they were mainly about the games, rides and carnival style attractions for the kids.  It was a busy place on a Saturday afternoon of course.  The place was packed with families enjoying a summer evening out.  It was a smart place to meet since it was very public. It would be incredibly hard to hypnotise Billy here.  But it would also be hard for him to get his revenge here, which meant he wasn’t likely planning any violent attack, he probably legitimately wanted to talk. A meeting like this meant he was more concerned with his own safety than getting even.  I hoped.  

    I positioned myself near the entry to the show.  People were parking on the grass fields across the street then walking in.  A long line had formed at the sausage and candy floss stand to my right while others queued up for the ferris wheel to my left.  The path behind me was bounded by various game stands on both sides.  I hoped that Billy wouldn’t spot me too easily.  It depended on how good his memory of that day at the restaurant was.  He’d never met me before then, and he’d surely be looking for Maddie.  Once I spotted him though, I’d basically be improvising. I hated improvising.  

    The place was alive with the sounds of giggling, screaming kids of all sizes.  Plenty of adult children were bounding about, going on the same kiddie rides as the little ones, making uncoordinated throws at the tossing games stands, hopping up and down demanding candy floss from their caregivers.  

    Then, into the middle of this, came a sight I wasn’t fully prepared for.  I recognised a middle-aged couple walking into the entry.  The man, in a tank-top, short rugby shorts and jandals; his partner in a halter-top much too small for her sizable belly and these cut-off jean shorts that were so short they practically had the pockets hanging out.  She looked trashy as could be with her flabby skin on display, her middle aged physique not matching the clothes a teen girl would be better suited to.  

    I knew them instantly.  Pete and Lucy Daniels, a bogan couple who fostered adult kids for Oranga Tamariki.  I knew them because I had made sure Billy ended up with them.  And now here they were, in all their redneck, bogan glory.  And they weren’t alone.  

    Billy had turned up to the meeting, he’d made his appearance a little early in fact.  But it was nothing like what I’d been prepared for.  Billy was walking along with his foster parents.  The fully grown man was wearing what was unmistakably a pair of pull-ups.  They appeared to have cars and trucks prints which likely faded when they got wet.  He was wearing his pull-ups and nothing else.  Billy was the consummate bogan toddler, walking along with no shirt, no pants of any kind, barefoot of course, and showing off his pull-ups to everyone.  Well that wasn’t entirely true. He had one other thing on, but it wasn’t really clothing.  What could only be described as a child leash was clipped around his arms and chest.  He was being led along like a dog, his foster dad, Pete, holding his lead.  

    Billy wasn’t the only adult toddler present. I had seen a few others. Many were barefoot and I’d seen one who was shirtless, but Billy was unusual in having nothing on but his pull-ups.  And there was no sign they’d brought other clothes for him. It seemed they considered this normal, perfectly acceptable. And while there were some looks, some stares from other show patrons, no one said anything. Instead they rolled their eyes at the trashy family, they sniggered and pointed the sight out to their families and friends, then they moved on.  

    But it wasn’t just Billy’s state of dress that surprised me, it was his behaviour as well.  He wasn’t acting like a man who had recovered his mental abilities and wanted revenge. Billy was toddling ahead of the parents, walking with a wide gait, smacking his bare feet down on the dirt and gravel without any sign of discomfort, rushing ahead until Pete yanked on the leash and stopped him, the strap across his still muscular and tanned bare chest going tight and holding him back.  Billy hopped up and down, pointing frantically at the ferris wheel, his face just filled with awe, like he was beyond amazed at all the sights and sounds, like this was all fresh and new to him.  

    “Dey go uppies!” he shouted, gazing with amazement at the ferris wheel.  He spun around and faced his foster parents, then hopped up and down, waving his arms in the air over his head.  “Up! Up! Uppies!” he announced.  

    “Calm down Billy, we can see it too,” Pete told him.  

    “Let’s get somethin’ to eat,” Lucy suggested.

    Billy wasn’t listening though. He was still pointing at the ferris wheel, then spinning around and getting tangled in his leash. “Up! Go up!” he insisted.  

    “Hold your horses. Don’t you want some candy floss?” Lucy cooed to him.  

    Billy’s jaw dropped open and he gazed at where Lucy was pointing, seeing the bright pink confectionary treats awaiting them.  Billy nodded like a bobble-head.  “Ummy!” he chirped.  

    They got into the line for the candy floss and Billy squatted down on his haunches, drawing in the soft dirt with his fingers, then pulling at his toes while they waited.  If he was acting right now, it was the best performance I’d ever seen.  He looked utterly oblivious to the looks he was getting, totally unconcerned by his state of dress.  There was a slackness to his face, a certain glaze to the eyes that just couldn’t be faked.  There was no way he could have sent those messages.  

    That would have made me wonder what was going on here, except that there was actually something far more concerning about this little family than the way Billy was dressed and behaving. After all this was how Billy was meant to be.  He was clearly not fighting my suggestions at all, and he even appeared quite happy to be a silly big toddler.  No, what was concerning was the Daniels family now had a second adult toddler.  

    This second boy was in many ways a mirror image of Billy.  He was twenty-something, so a bit younger, but had a similar thin, muscular build, short dark hair, smooth, tanned skin.  He was also wearing nothing but a pull-up and his matching leash was held by Lucy.  They were for all intents and purposes, twins.  Of course it could have been possible that Oranga Tamariki had simply placed a second boy in their care and decided to give them one of the same mental age since they were set up for that.  It could have been that, but it wasn’t. And I knew that because I knew this second boy and he wasn’t one of my clients.  

    The second young man was Rick Baylor.  He was a hypnotherapist, same as me.  He didn’t have a legitimate business though, he just worked on contracts.  He was my competition and it always paid to know who that was.  I’d met him a few times but weren’t friends or anything.  He was kind of a jerk, a real cocky guy who thought he was the best in our business.  Clearly he was wrong.  

    When I recognised him there was a moment where I wondered if he was undercover for some reason.  He was being quieter than Billy.  He was sucking his fingers, gazing around with wide eyes, but not making a total fool of himself.  But when they got in line he sat down on his bottom and pulled at his feet.  While Billy drew in the dirt, Rick pulled his right foot to his mouth and began to suck on his dirty toes.  His eyes were wide and I could see that glassiness in them, the slackness of his face as he nibbled his tootsies.  This was no act.  Of course it was possible it was a coincidence, that Rick had actually had the virus, had been reduced to toddlerhood and placed in the same family as Billy.  But I don’t believe in coincidences, especially not ones that convenient.  This was intentional.  

    I considered my options.  I could leave right then. Things didn’t add up and the safest move would be a strategic withdrawal to consider my options.  But that left so many questions unanswered and I needed to be able to tell Maddie something.  I could keep following the Daniels, see where they led me. But to what end?  I needed answers and they were probably my only shot at getting them quickly.  

    I made my way over to the family.  Pete looked surprised to see me. That didn’t seem to be an act, but I couldn’t be certain.  

    “Well hey there Pete, Lucy.  It’s good to see you,” I said to them.

    “Jake, what are you doing here?” Pete asked as he shook my hand.  

    “Just enjoying the show, what about you?”  

    “Well we weren’t going to come but then Lucy found this flier on the car about it and… I dunno, we just couldn’t miss it,” he explained, as if slightly mistified himself.  

    “Well I hope you’re having a good time,” I told him.

    “Well it’s really for the little guys I guess.  Billy loves this kind of stuff of course and I’m sure Ricky will too.”  

    “Yeah, I see you have another boy now.”  

    Pete nodded. “Yeah, Ricky joined us a couple weeks ago.  They said we’d be perfect for him since he’s just like Billy, two years old and permanently impaired.  Neither of ‘em will be growing up so we’re guaranteed the top subsidy payment, long-term.”  

    I nodded.  “So Ricky’s like Billy then? In every way?” I asked, looking down at my former competitor.  

    Ricky was still sat on his bottom in the dirt, he was gazing right up at me now, his eyes locked on mine.  He still had his big toe jammed between his lips too, sucking away at it, a line of drool running down the dirty bare sole of his foot.  There was no enmity in his expression, no recognition of who I was, of how far he’d fallen.  He just looked totally innocent.  Billy was gaping up at me too, and it was obvious he had no idea who I was either.  He was nibbling the tips of his fingers, eating the dirt off them, wide-eyed and dumb as a post.  

    Pete chuckled. “Well yeah, pretty much.  They’re the best of buddies, playing and wrestling with each other all the time.  I think Ricky is a tiny bit behind Billy in the brains department though.”  

    “I see they wear pull-ups.”  

    “Yeah, diapers for bed, pull-ups for going out, bare bottoms the rest of the time,” Pete agreed.

    “So Ricky’s a jaybird too?” I questioned.  I’d given Billy strong suggestions to turn him into a little nudist of course.  That was part of the deal with Maddie, giving him the full package.  But had someone else done the same to Ricky?  

    It was Lucy who answered this time.  “Haha, oh my goodness yes. I call them my two little bares.  They don’t really get the joke of course, but they giggle their heads off all the same.  Have to watch ‘em real close or they’ll have them pull-ups off ‘fore you know it.”  

    I felt a tug on my shorts and looked down.  Ricky had let his toe go and was now reaching up at me with both arms.  

    “Aww, he wants a cuddle,” Lucy cooed.  “Ricky is a very affectionate little guy too.”  

    Maybe he had a message to give me after all.  I opened my arms and let Ricky stand up and cuddle me.  His skin was smooth and warm from the sun.  I rubbed his back under his leash’s buckle and waited for him to whisper something to me, something important.  

    When he said nothing I whispered to him, “Are you a dumb little boy now Ricky? Did someone empty out your head?”  

    Ricky giggled softly, no sign he was upset by my taunt, that he understood it at all. He seemed only to react to the happy tone I had said it in.  

    “Wicky good boy,” he answered softly.  

    No, he didn’t remember a thing.  

    I let Ricky go and wished them a good time.  Billy stood up then, opening his arms, demanding his own farewell cuddle from the man who took away all his intelligence.  I obliged of course.  There were no secret messages from him either.  All I got from him was a big wet smooch on my cheek.  Then I left them to enjoy their candy floss.  

    No sooner had I left them than my phone buzzed in my pocket.  It was a message from Maddie.  I opened it.  

    Hope you enjoyed catching up with your old friends. I’ve been catching up with one too.  Drop by when you have a chance.  

    My heart flip-flopped.  The message came from Maddie’s number, I double-checked that, but it didn’t look like she composed it.  Something was very wrong.  I left the show immediately, heading back to my car and driving straight to Maddie’s house.  Obviously Billy wasn’t the one sending either of us the messages.  So who was it? And what did they want?  

    I was pretty nervous when I got to Maddie’s house. Of course it had been paid for mainly by Bill, but it passed fully to her when he was declared an incompetent minor.  I had never actually been inside of it, I’d just staked it out when I was watching Bill, planning when to take him.  It was strange to actually approach the house now, to walk up to the front door and ring the bell.  It felt reckless to be sure, but what choice did I have?  

    There was no answer to the doorbell. I tried knocking. “Maddie! You in there?” I called out, again to no response.  Could she be out? Could she be asleep?  Both were unlikely.  

    I tried the doorknob.  It was unlocked.  “Shit,” I muttered, stepping into the house.

    “Hello, hello!” I called out.  “Maddie, it’s me, Jake!”  

    The TV was on in the living room, but the volume was turned right down.  A beeping noise was coming from somewhere.  I headed through to the kitchen and knew this was a bad sign.  The fridge was wide open, that was the origin of the sound.  Drawers were pulled out, cabinets wide open, a bottle of milk lay on its side on the floor, a pool of its contents spilled around it.  I closed the fridge, silencing the annoying beeping.  

    Another sound caught my attention and I headed down the hallway to the one open door.  It appeared to be the master bedroom.  The bed was a total mess, sheets and duvet on the floor. Clothes had been yanked out of the wardrobe and piled here and there as well.  But still no sign of Maddie, or anyone else.  I backed out of the room, checking other bedrooms but finding nothing. Back out to the kitchen, but then I noticed the ranch slider is ajar.

    I found her in the backyard.  As I stepped through the sliding door onto the deck I could see her in the middle of the grassy yard, squatting down, resting on her haunches.  She was completely naked.  I could see every bump on her spine, her smooth bare skin visible right down to her butt.  Damn, this was what I was afraid of.  

    I walked out into the yard until I was next to her. She heard me and looked up. It was quite a sight to see.  Her lips and chin were stained with chocolate and perhaps milk.  She’d drawn lipstick across her cheeks and forehead in aimless zig-zags.  She was chewing on dandelions, with green spittle dripping down her chin.  She gazed up at me with wide, empty eyes. I could instantly see the light had gone out from behind them.  

    “Maddie, do you know what happened to you? Who did this?” I asked her, kneeling down to her level.  

    The naked woman didn’t answer my question. Instead she declared, “Awll pweety!” as she touched the lipstick stains on her cheek.  

    “Yes Maddie, you’re very pretty. Such a pretty baby girl,” I cooed to her.  

    She smiled broadly, letting dandelion bits drop from her mouth.  She didn’t even mind being called a baby. All she heard was that she was pretty.  Or perhaps even that was over her head now, perhaps it was just my tone she was responding to.  

    “Who was here before me honey? Do you know their name?” I followed up.

    She blinked, totally uncomprehending.  

    “Who got you all pretty?” I tried. “Who got you all nakey?”  

    “Nakey!” she echoed brightly, reaching down and sort of patting her breasts.  

    It was no use, she’d had her brain turned to mush. It was time for some new tactics.  I brought Maddie back into the house.  She let me lead her by the hand, let me sit her down on the kitchen floor and clean her face up.  She was fine with being cared for now, perfectly happy to let an adult look after her every need. That was good because she’d be leaving this house now. She’d be taken into the care of Oranga Tamariki and eventually placed into a foster home.  

    My phone buzzed again.  

    She’s a pretty girl isn’t she? She really wanted her clothes off when I finished with her, so I obliged. I’m sure you don’t mind.  

    Son of a bitch.  This guy was still out there, and he was messing with me.  

    What is this about? What do you want from me motherfucker?

    His reply was quick, as expected.  

    I know who you are and what you’ve done.  That all ends now.  I showed you what happened to Ricky so you understood how capable I am.  Maddie was a warning.  

    A warning?  What the hell did that mean?  I still didn’t know what this guy wanted from me. But I wasn’t scared that easily.  

    Look asshole, I’m an expert at this stuff. You think I’ll fall for any of your tricks?  

    His reply was chilling.  

    I know how good you are and you’re right, I wouldn’t even try to put you under. That’s why you’re going to do it to yourself.  

    I blinked. What the fuck?  

    A moment later a video file appeared. It was a big file, took a minute to fully load.  

    Here’s your file, made especially just for you, a custom job. You just need to open it and watch. I suggest using headphones too, so no one nearby gets affected by accident.  Watch the file and you’ll be a sweet little one just like Ricky.  

    Obviously I didn’t click on the file.  

    No way am I watching that! Are you trying to tell me Rick voluntarily watched something like that? That’s bullshit and you know it.  

    Seconds passed, then:

    Ricky watched it all on his own, and knowing full well what it was.  The file will permanently cripple your mind, leave you a sweet little two year old who will never grow back up past the level of a four or five year old.  It will let you remember who you used to be though, let you keep your memories of being a big grown-up man. But that’s all they’ll be, memories.  I’m not cruel though, it will also make sure you’re very happy with your new life.

    What did this guy think he had on me?  No amount of money would get me to watch a file that would permanently regress me to toddlerhood, leave me to wander around in public in pull-ups or worse.  

    Thanks for the offer, but no thanks.

    What could he possibly expect me to say?  

    It’s your choice. But if you don’t listen to the file I will begin to regress everyone who is close to you, all your loved ones, your friends.  Maddie was your warning. From now on, they’re going to really hurt.  

    My blood pressure had to have spiked when I read that one.  I typed furiously:

    You’re full of shit!  If you’re such a do-gooder there’s no way you’ll do this to innocent people just because I know them.  

    One last reply came through.  

    I’ve given you a warning, which is more than your victims got.  It’s up to you now. Let me know your decision within one hour.  

    After placing an anonymous call to police so they would find Maddie I left the house and headed back to my own place.  Once there I ran through my old files, trying to figure out who this could be.  They had to be related to one of my earlier clients, had to have the technical knowledge to pull this off.  That couldn’t be a very long list.  But frankly I didn’t even know where to begin.  

    That got me thinking about another list, people who were potential targets for this psycho.  My parents lived far away, so they weren’t likely.  I wasn’t in a relationship at the moment, so no partner to worry about.  But I had friends and I had my brother, Ted.  He lived twenty minutes away, well within range of this guy. Should I call and warn him? It was possible, but there was no way I could explain the situation without endangering myself.  

    I decided to focus on my friends first.  I started a group chat with Tony, Erica and Keith.  They were my closest friends.  We played poker fairly regularly and tried to catch a movie once a month at least.  I decided to be vague, but serious.  

    Hey guys, sorry to come across all serious and scary but I’ve got a problem with a former client’s relative.  The dude is stalking me hardcore and actually just attacked a friend of mine. He might have my contacts list, which means he’ll know you guys and that means you could be in danger.  Try not to get close to anyone who acts like they know you, or tries to pull you aside.  It sounds like a joke, I know, but it’s for real.  

    With my mates warned I set about going back through my files again, looking for anything that stood out.  It was a long night and not that fruitful.  In the morning I awoke to find a text, delivered at 5AM.  

    I’m sorry to see from your silence that you rejected my offer.  I’m not that surprised though. You’re a very self-centred guy. All you psychopaths are.  But you’ll understand just how much I can take from you soon.  Ricky refused at first too. But as you saw he gave in eventually. He really shouldn’t have bothered.  It will feel lovely and peaceful I promise. My files are very powerful and very good. Ricky had an absolutely huge orgasm when his mind turned to mush.  He had stickies on his chin!  Do you think Tony will make a big sticky when I take his big boy thoughts away forever and ever? I think he will!  

    I opened my group chat. My message had been viewed by Keith and Erica, but not my Tony.  Fuck.  I barely had time to throw on my clothes as I raced out the door, heading for Tony’s place. It was just past 7AM. Would this bastard have been able to act in two hours?  There was no way of knowing for sure.  

    I banged on Tony’s door for a minute before I heard footsteps.  That was a good sign, someone was coming, someone was aware enough to answer the door at least.  But when it opened it wasn’t Tony, it was a sleepy looking Claire, his flatmate, standing there in her bathrobe.  

    “Jesus Jake, you know what time it is?” she asked.

    “Sorry, but I have to see Tony now. It’s an emergency.”  

    “Well sorry but he’s not here. He always goes for a morning run, remember?”  

    Shit, that was right. “Thanks!” I called out, rushing back down to my car and tracing the route Tony had shown me once many months ago when he was trying to convince me to join him for runs.  

    As I cruised past a park about a kilometre from his house I spotted him.  He was at the playground, sitting on a swing.  But he wasn’t playing on it, wasn’t acting like a little kid. No, he looked to be out of it, his head resting on his chest, perhaps deep in a trance still.  Maybe it wasn’t too late.  I didn’t even bother parking the car. I stopped double-parked and ran into the park, across the soft sand of the playground.  It wasn’t a good sign that his shirt, shoes and socks were sitting in a pile at the edge of the playground, but he still had his red running shorts on, so that was something.  Surely he wouldn’t have still been wearing those if this stalker was done with him.  

    I stopped in front of him, waiting to see if he was aware.  No, his eyes were closed, he was totally out of it.  I looked around, trying to spot the bastard. He had to be nearby. I must have interrupted him. Maybe he had a GPS tracker on my car! He must have known I was nearby somehow.  But there was no sign of him. No one was in the park at all.  

    I turned back to Tony and quietly said, “Tony, can you hear me buddy?”  

    His head jerked upward and his eyes opened.  He looked like he was just waking from a deep sleep, really needing to blink the drowsiness away.  But when he saw me his eyes focused, they really focussed and I could see the intelligence in them, the recognition.  

    “Jake? What’s going on? Why are you here?” he asked.  

    “Dude, do you even know where you are?” I asked him.

    He looked around and furrowed his brow.  “It’s that playground I run past. I’ve never been on it though.”  

    “Do you remember how you got here?” I asked him.  

    “Umm, I was running.  Yeah and then… there was this guy who fell over. I… I went to help him and then… I just remember being so sleepy and it felt really good, just going to sleep…”  

    I nodded. “Yeah, that guy was no ordinary jogger. He was a hypnotist. He put you into a trance. But it looks like I got here in time.”  

    Now Tony really looked confused. “What the fuck mate? And where are the rest of my clothes?” he added, suddenly noticing his lack of shirt and shoes.  

    “Oh, they’re over there, by the slide. I can get them for you.”  

    “Nah, I’m fine dude, I can get them.  I just want to know why the hell I took them off.”  

    I shrugged, not wanting to tell him any more than he needed to know. He’d be so freaked out if he knew the fucker who did this to him was probably preparing him to be a jaybird nudist.  

    “Well, if you’re good to go then…”

    “Definitely. Let’s just head back to my place. I’m not so keen to finish my run now,” he joked.

    Tony stood up out of the swing. Instantly the wry smile was wiped from his face. Tony’s eyes went wide and he looked confused.  

    “What’s wrong?” I asked right away.

    Tony’s mouth fell open, he blinked sharply, twice.  “I… it’s… my head’s all fuzzy ‘nd… umm….” he stammered.  

    My heart sank. Whether it was standing up out of the swing, or perhaps feeling the sand on his bare feet, something had triggered the suggestions he must have already fully absorbed after all.  

    I grabbed Tony’s arm and gave him a sharp shake.  “Tony, you need to fight this. Remember you have a girlfriend, Lisa, and she needs you.  You just got that promotion at work too. They’re really impressed with you, remember? Your boss told you they want you to move into management soon.”  

    Tony looked me in the eye and nodded.  “Yeah… I remember. I like Lisa, she’s so nice, so pretty.”  He blinked again and I saw his eyes going glassier.  

    “Stay with me Tony.  This isn’t real buddy, it’s just in your head, just suggestions. You don’t have to listen to any of them,” I told him.  

    He nodded, but I could see it wasn’t as easy as that for him. He moaned and looked down.  His shorts were tented out, his stiffy so big it was almost peeking out the elastic waist.  

    “My head’s going fuzzy, ‘nd it feels, ugh, so good,” he whispered.  

    I nodded. “I know it feels nice, but it’s forever Tony. If you don’t fight it you’ll be a dumb little toddler forever.”  

    Tony’s face showed his panic now. He shook his head, gripping both my arms in his hands. “Don’t want that,” he told me. “Don’t wanna be dumb.”  

    “Of course not,” I agreed. “Just remember who you are. You’re a grown man, you’re smart, you’re capable, you have a loving girlfriend.”  

    He nodded, but his grip on my arms lightened, his eyes glazed a bit more.  Every second standing there in that sand, feeling it on his bare soles, it had to be triggering him over and over.  He couldn’t fight it.  The suggestions must have been so powerful, so irresistible.  

    “I… I… it’s so big…” he gasped, looking down at the bulge in his crotch again.  

    I knew what was coming, but I couldn’t stop it.  Tony looked me in the eye once again, his lips were trembling. He shook his head, but he couldn’t hold on any longer.  His right hand slipped off my arm and plunged into his shorts.  I watched him jerk it up and down rapidly, frantically, desperate for the release.  

    “I gotta!” he blurted out.  

    “I know, I understand,” I told him, not trying to stop him anymore.  “Go ahead and get those stickies out.”  

    I watched his arm jerk up and down for another five or ten seconds, then his body spasmed and he let out an incredible moan.  Sure enough a few spurts of white goo escaped the shorts, flying through the air as he came with incredible force.  

    “Ohhh.  Ughhh. Mmmmm,” he moaned, shuddering from head to toe, eyes rolled back in his head.  

    I patted his shoulder and back, waiting until he was finished.  Then I gave him my best smile, wanting to give him as much comfort as I could, even though I was feeling deeply angry and saddened at once.  

    “I bet that felt really, really good, huh?” I cooed to him.  

    Tony’s eyes opened again and now they were vacant, glassy in the way I had expected earlier.  

    “Uh-huh,” he agreed, holding up his hand, covered in his own release now, showing it to me like it was something to be proud of.  

    I looked down at his shorts, where the bulge was slowly receding.  Might as well go all the way, get him comfy.  

    “Why don’t we get these silly messy shorts off, hmm?” I asked him, touching the elastic waist gently, waiting for permission.  

    Tony gaped down at his shorts. A minute ago he was desperate to get his shirt and shoes back on, felt totally exposed with his body on display like it was.  Now he smiled and agreed, “Off!”

    I slipped my thumbs in the elastic and yanked them down, revealing his softening penis, covered in sticky goo.  Holding my hands for balance Tony stepped clear of the shorts and kicked them away with a light giggle.  I patted his now bare bottom and said, “Okay Tony, let’s go to my car so I can take you somewhere they’ll be able to care for you.”  

    Tony had no clue what he’d just lost. He nodded and took my hand, toddling along with his now soft penis swishing freely between his legs while cum dribbled down his thighs and formed a shiny stain across his bare tummy, glistening in the morning sun.  

    “Goin’ fow wide,” Tony announced as I opened the door for him.  

    “That’s right. Aren’t you clever,” I praised him.  

    “Cweber,” he echoed back, letting me do up his seatbelt for him, strapping him into the backseat of the car naked like that was normal.  

    I dropped him off at an Oranga Tamariki office, explaining that I’d found him wandering the park naked.  

    “Do you know where you live honey? Your address?” they asked him.  

    “Lib in a houthe,” he answered.  

    “Do you know Mummy or Daddy’s name?” the tried next.  

    Tony just shook his head.  

    “How did you get to the park?”  

    “Wunned!” he answered, correctly for once.  

    “You ran to the park all nakey?” the case worked followed up.  

    “Nakey fun,” he answered, beginning to play with his soft penis, though not in a sexual way this time.  

    The case worker didn’t stop him, just rolled her eyes and typed up her report.  “Well thanks for bringing him in. We’ll handle it from here,” she told me.  

    “Okay, well, um, bye-bye for now Tony,” I told him.  

    My old friend gave me a toddler wave and chirped, “Bye-bye!” then to the care worker he added, “Him fwiend.”  

    She didn’t understand how true that was though and just nodded and said, “Yes, he’s a good friend for finding you and keeping you safe.”  

    If only she knew the truth.  I was not a good friend at all. I’d let this happen to him. And sure enough, as soon as I left the building my phone vibrated.  

    How many more will pay the price for your crimes?  

    I was pissed now.  

    Fuck you! This is all on you!

    But he wasn’t feeling guilty evidently.

    When I have finished with all your friends, all your family, I will reveal everything you’ve done to the media. Everyone will know what you are, and they’ll know you let your friends and family suffer instead of you.  People will hate me. But they’ll hate you even more.  

    He was right of course. I had no doubt he had the evidence to go to the media and that would destroy me.  Before I could reply, another message came through.

    Or you listen to your special programme, everyone thinks you just had a bad case of the virus. No one would hate you and, thanks to my mercy, you’d even be happy.

    I thought about the last two texts all the way home.  What good was my money if I was convicted of a crime.  They’d probably give me a booster of the virus anyway then.  That’s what they were doing with many criminals these days.  And if I waited longer more of my friends would suffer for me.  As much as I cared about myself, I didn’t really want that. And I especially didn’t want people knowing I allowed that.  Now I understood why Ricky listened to the programme.  He’d had no choice either.  I also thought about how Ricky ended up, his life now as a dumb as a post toddler.  Was that what this guy had planned for me too? Definitely.  

    Sitting in my living room I looked at the file on my phone.  It was actually called Happy Toddler.  I plugged in my ear buds, slipping them into my ears.  A file especially for me.  Should I listen to it? Or should I investigate more, try to narrow down the suspects, catch the bastard before it was too late?  No, there was no time.  He was too far ahead of me. He’d planned this out the way I planned out my hits, probably better.  I had to admit, it was actually pretty impressive.  

    I tapped the file icon, waiting as it loaded.  Fear and anticipation had my whole body shivering with an adrenaline rush, my fight or flight response going haywire.  A new window opened on my phone and the whole screen was filled with swirling colours.  

    If you are listening to this file it’s because you have decided to become a good little boy.  When you finish this file you will be a very happy, playful and affectionate two year old boy.  Your brain will struggle to retain any new information once all your intelligence has been removed.  You will learn only the most basic of tasks and very, very slowly.  But you will remember everything from before listening to this file. You will understand what you have given up by listening.  If you continue to listen now, you accept there is no turning back, no possible reversal.  

    I sat still, my heart fluttering, my stomach doing flip-flops.  

    Very good. You’ve made a wonderful choice. The process is going to feel wonderful and when it is done you will know you’ve made the right choice.  Now look deep into your screen, look right into the colours and take a nice deep breathe for me…


    I woke up with a profound sense of disorientation.  I wasn’t in my house anymore, I wasn’t holding my phone or listening to the voice. I was sitting in the back seat of a car. Not my car though. No, someone else’s.  I could feel the seat belt across my chest and stomach. I wasn’t wearing a shirt.  I wiggled my toes on the floor, yep no shoes either.  But at least I still had shorts on.  

    “Welcome back.”  

    The voice jolted me into full awareness.  The man in the front seat was familiar.  He smiled back at me and then I knew who he was.  

    “You work for Oranga Tamariki,” I declared.  

    He nodded. “Good job. Aren’t you a clever little one!”  

    I didn’t know his name, but I’d met him several times through my work. That explained a lot. He wasn’t some expert hypnotist who I somehow didn’t know about. He just had access to the hypnotic programmes Oranga Tamariki was rumoured to have.  Apparently they were very real, and I’d just watched one that had been modified, corrupted by this bastard.  

    “But, why are you… what the hell is this about?”  

    He jerked his head at my companion.  I wasn’t alone in the backseat after all.  Another young man was sitting next to me, wearing just a pair of pull-ups, nibbling the tips of his fingers and cuddling a well worn looking stuffed bunny under his arm.  He looked to be in his thirties, a bit tubby with short blonde hair.  And then I recognised him. He was one of my marks, from maybe two years ago.  

    “You remember Kenny?” he asked me.  

    “Yeah… I mean, sort of. I… I worked with him…”

    “You turned him into a dumb little toddler!” the man cut me off.

    Blushing, I nodded.

    “Do you even remember why?” he asked, calming down a bit.  

    I wanted to say yes, but there was no point lying. I’d done this too many times to remember each individual case.  I could only shake my head.  

    “He wasn’t a cheater, he wasn’t a criminal. My brother, Ken, was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He witnessed a hit and run where a young woman was killed, he did the right thing and gave his statement to the police. He was supposed to testify in the trial, but a week before his court date he suddenly had a severe case of the virus.  They said it was of a rare type that permanently crippled the mind.  

    “Everyone else believed it of course. With so many adult toddlers roaming around, who notices one more?  But I knew it was too convenient. I worked so hard trying to get him to remember, trying to get a name from him, anything.  But you did your work too well. He couldn’t string a sentence together, never mind describe to me what happened to him.  

    “So I’ve cared for him ever since.  It’s not been easy. You made him a wild boy, a rambunctious, hyper little tot. He climbs on everything, gets into everything, makes a filthy mess out of himself every single day.  He’s wearing pull-ups because he still isn’t fully potty trained.  He’s not wearing anything else because you turned him into a nudist. Was it for your own jollies? Was that because whoever ordered the hit asked for it?  I think it was the former.  Regardless that’s what you did.  And now my once well dressed, modest, quiet brother, the ultimate introvert, runs screaming around the house buck naked, jerking off whenever the feeling strikes him, pissing in the backyard like a puppy more often than actually using the toilet like a proper man.  He goes to daycare in a t-shirt and pull-up and gets those off the moment a back is turned. I don’t bother fighting it anymore.

    “But eventually I caught on. I looked for similar behaviours in virus victims found wandering in public.  Eventually I was able to prove these weren’t virus victims at all, and that meant hypnosis. There’s a small pool of people who are accomplished enough at hypnosis to do that and so I started examining all of them. And that’s how I found you, living well above your means, clearly getting income you didn’t earn through your normal work.  I followed you, just the way you hunt your victims.  And well, here we are.”  

    He had me dead to rights. And yet I was still sitting here, still mentally intact. Was there a way out perhaps? Did he want an apology, to his brother?  

    “So if you know all of that, why are we here?” I asked.  

    “Well we’re here because this is your new home,” he explained, gesturing to the house to our left.  

    It was a run-down looking state house with toys littering the front yard.  

    “They have six other foster children,” he explained.  “I’ve investigated them three times for various complaints. My favourite one being that they let their charges run around naked in the front yard, even on the street, in full public view.  They promised to change their ways, but I know they haven’t.  Welcome home buddy.”  

    I swallowed hard. This was the worst kind of place. I knew of foster homes like this and I had only once intentionally placed a mark in one of them and I actually felt guilty about doing it despite being paid extra for the service.  

    “Please, don’t…” I began.

    “Don’t waste your breath Jake. It’s already done.  You should just be happy I’ve kept my word about it being painless, being pleasurable actually.  I will give you that one thing. As hard as you made my life with my brother, Kenny himself has been happy as a clam since the day you did this to him.  He is perpetually smiling, giggling, blowing kisses and giving cuddles.  So I’m going to allow you that as well.”  

    There was no way out. Why hadn’t he just done it? To torture me longer obviously.  Well I was done with that.

    “Look if you’re going to do it, just be done with it,” I told him.

    “Oh I’m not going to do anything to you,” he replied.


    He shook his head. “No, I think it’s only fair that he’s the one who takes you down,” he explained, gesturing to Kenny.

    I looked over at the tubby man beside me, drooling down his chin as he played with his toes, pulling his foot back and forth.  He was going to regress me?  How was that even possible?  

    “Kenny,” my assailant prompted him, making the drooling man baby look up, forgetting his fun toes for a moment at least.  “You want Jake to be a happy boy just like you, don’t you?”  

    Kenny smiled and nodded.  

    “Okay then, go ahead, just like I showed you. Whenever you’re ready, make Jake’s big boy thoughts go bye-byes,” he instructed.  

    The toddler man let his foot go and leant across the car.  I retreated into door, pressing my body against him, but it was child locked and I couldn’t get out.  Kenny looked so happy to be doing this, like he was actually helping me.  He leant right over and planted his lips on my forehead, giving me a big, wet, kiss.  

    And I felt it, a wave of static and fuzz blasting into my brain through my forehead, as though transferred by the kiss.  I was being dumbed down too now.  All the times I’d done it, I’d always wondered a bit, what it felt like for them. So many times now I’d watched their eyes glaze over, their faces slacken as the adult intellect and maturity faded away.  It was incredible to realise I was experiencing it now myself.  

    “Good job Kenny,” the man praised him.  “Look at that, he’s already forgetting those big boy worries and once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.”  

    Of course a part of me wanted to fight it.  But another part of me knew that wouldn’t work. There was no fighting this.  My brain was going night-nights and it was going to feel so good.  The pleasure was real too.  It coursed through my whole body, felt absolutely wonderful.  I was getting aroused.  I was finally going to know what it felt like to be a big toddler. It was the greatest secret and I was going to know the answer!  I needed it to happen, I wanted it to happen. I knew deep in my core that I wanted this.  What would it feel like?  What went through a toddler’s mind?  

    My penis got hard in my shorts, stretched them out. I could feel the end coming, the big shift.  I didn’t want to stop it though. I moaned out loud, that’s how great the sexual pleasure coursing through me was.  I reached into my shorts and gripped my warm, hard penis. And I stroked it. Up and down, faster and faster.  The man in the front watched me hungrily, with great anticipation. Kenny was hopping up and down on his seat, held back only by the belt.  They wanted it as much as I did now.  

    I came with huge force. And for a shining second I understood that I hadn’t actually wanted this.  That was the suggestions, twisting my mind, making me help in my own demise.  Of course I didn’t want this, didn’t want to be a drooling dumb baby man.  I wanted respect, money, power. And looking at that house, I knew all those things would be taken away from me. A toddler had no power at all, he was totally dependent on his caregivers. That house meant there would be no money either. I would be downright poor. And nobody would respect a boy too dumb to even dress himself properly, a man who ran around naked.  I was losing everything.  

    Warm cum splashed across my tummy and chest. A glob struck the bottom of my chin. I grunted and my whole body convulsed.  It was the greatest orgasm of my life.  


    I like the way the grass feels between my toes.  I wiggle them and it kind of tickles. It’s a nice sensation.  I lean forward to grab some of the grass, to taste it. I like tasting things.  My pee-pee brushes through the grass when I lean forward. I giggle, that’s better than the tickles ‘tween my toesies.

    “Jakey, come on now!” Mummy calls.

    I stand up. My pee-pee jiggles around. I love how that feels. I hop up and down in the grass. My pee-pee is all bouncy!  There’s a man walking by the front fence. He looks at me, at my bouncy doodle. I wave at him.  I want him to know too.  “Bounthy pee-pee!” I shout.  He smiles and waves but then he keeps walking.  I want to walk on the street too, with the big people. That’s a no-no, cuz I’m too little.  But I used to be big. I should be able to walk there too.  

    “Jakey, get your butt in here this instant!” Mummy uses her angry voice.

    Mummy is cross. I don’t like when Mummy is cross with me. She smacks my bottom. She says it helps that I always have a bare bum-bum cuz it’s easier to smack when I’m a naughty boy.

    I hurry inside. I’m a good walker. I’m not a little baby. I go inside and Mummy is looking at me with her angry face.

    “About time. You know we have an important appointment with the therapist. Now, let’s go,” she said.  

    I’m ready to go, but Mummy holds up my pull-ups.  I get frowny.  

    “Dun’ wanna!” I tell her.  

    “Jakey you know you can’t go bare bummed to the therapist. Now get over here and let Mummy dress you.”

    It wasn’t fair! I felt so angry. Mummy didn’t understand, she was a grown-up, she didn’t know how good it felt for little boys like me to be nakey.  It just felt so, so good when my pee-pee was free. It was the best feeling in the world.  I stamped my foot and shouted, “Nakey Jakey!”  

    Mummy came over and grabbed my arm real tight. It was all ouchy. But worse was what came next. She smacked my bum. Ouch! She did it twice!  

    “So is it going to be a bare bum getting smacked, or will we wear pull-ups?” she asked.  

    I pointed to the pull-ups, feeling tears drip down my cheeks.  I don’t like ouchies on my bottom.  Mummy helped me step into my pull-ups, then she took my hand really tight and we walked out to the street. I liked that part of it, being on the big person street, going for a walk.  The big people weren’t like me though, they weren’t holding someone’s hand and they had clothes on and shoes.  But I didn’t want those. I loved how the warm, gritty pavement felt under my feet. Those grown-ups didn’t know how good that felt. Silly grown-ups.  

    We got to take the bus today. I love taking the bus.  There are lots of grown-ups and big kids on the bus.  And I look out the window and see so many things. Things I can’t begin to understand or describe.  I point to some of them and tell Mummy, “Look!”  

    After a long adventure on the bus and a walk on the really big city street, we got to the building Mummy was taking us to.  Grown-ups looked at me a lot in the big city. They pointed and said things, but I couldn’t follow their words.  

    Finally we went into the therapist’s office.  I sat on a soft chair and Mummy was next to me.  The therapist man wore a shirt and tie. He had kind eyes and I liked him right away.  I remember that I was a therapist man when I was big and smart. But I don’t really know what that means.  I think I worse big grown-up clothes and sat at a desk just like him. That doesn’t seem real though, that feels like make believe, like imagination. But I can’t even imagine what it would be like to wear a shirt and tie like the therapist man, or to sit at a desk.  

    “So, what’s the main problem?” the man asks Mummy.  

    “He’s not keeping up with the other kids in his daycare and the Oranga Tamariki people are worried. I’m afraid they’ll blame me, do another damn investigation.  I’m telling you it ain’t nothing I’m doing to him.”

    The man nods. He understands Mummy. I don’t. I can’t follow that many words.

    The man looks at me, he smiles and says, “Hello Jakey. I’m Ben and I’m here to help you, okay?”  

    He has a kind voice too. I like him. I nod.  

    “Good. Now, I’m just going to ask you some questions and I want you to answer for me as best you can. Okay?”

    I nod again.  

    “Okay. Can you point to your head for me.”

    I know my head. I point to it and the man nods. I was right. I feel very smart!  

    “Now how about your toes.”  

    I love my toes! I definitely know them.  I grab my foot and wiggle them for him to see.  

    “Toesies!” I tell him.  

    He chuckled and nods.  

    “Good, and can you tell me how many toes you have on that foot?”  

    I blink. I don’t understand the question.  How many?  What’s that mean?  I look at my toes again. They’re so wiggly.  I wonder if they still taste like grass from earlier.  I pull them into my mouth and suck on them. No, not really like grass.  

    “Eww, Jakey don’t eat your feet! You’ve just been walking all over the city, they’re filthy boy!” Mummy warns and pulls my foot out of my mouth.  

    “Don’t worry about it, I see that more than you might think,” the therapist assures her.  “Now, let me run a few more tests.”  


    The therapist man told Mummy I wasn’t getting bigger.  He thinks something is wrong with my head.  Mummy called it a boo-boo in my head, one she can’t kiss better.  I giggle because I already knew that. I knew something Mummy didn’t! I not gonna get bigger and every time I think about that, it makes me feel so tingly and good, especially in my pee-pee.  I ripped my pull-ups off when I got home, so when my pee-pee tingles everyone can see it getting bigger.  That’s okay, that’s normal.  My brothers Jamie and Ollie are little like me, so they love running around nakey sometimes too.  I don’t think they like it as much as me though.  Mummy calls me Nakey-Jakey, the family nudist.  But brothers’ pee-pees get big when they’re happy too.  When doodles get big, we tug on ‘em, we make ‘em do sticky squirts.  Mummy don’t like it, but it’s worth an ouchy bum.  And now my pee-pee is extra happy, because the therapist man said I won’t get big again.  I’m such a lucky boy!  I grab my pee-pee and tug. Brothers giggle because they know what I’m doing, they know how good it feels.  It’s naughty, but it’s so nice.  

    I tug and tug until, ugh, ohh, I start to make squirts....

    And in that moment I become fully, completely aware of what has happened.  It happens every single time I orgasm, every time I masturbate myself or, worse, one of my brothers gives me a handy.  For a moment it all comes back and I know how fall I’ve fallen.  It’s another curse that bastard left me with.  For a few seconds as my back arches and I moan out loud I’m not feeling pleasure, I’m taking in my new life.  I’m aware that it’s been over a year since I listened to the file, since Kenny kissed my forehead and triggered my regression.  I’m aware that I’m currently standing buck naked in the front yard, facing the street, where a passing postman can see me unabashedly stroking my cock.  I’m aware of how dirty my body is, how embarrassing it was that everyone was staring at me walking around the city centre in nothing but the most juvenile of pull-ups, that I sucked on my own toes in front of the therapist.  It all comes crashing over me in that moment.

    And I actually welcome it when the fuzzy tingles shoot through my head and all the awareness slips away as quickly as it came on. It’s actually, honestly, the best part of the orgasm, the moment when that peaceful simplicity washes over my mind.  

    It’s a huge relief to be utterly oblivious again.  I can drop to my bare bottom in the grass, completely unaware of what just happened. I notice two big blobs of my stickies have landed on my toes and without a moment’s hesitation they’re right back in my mouth.  But I don’t know what I look like now, I don’t notice the postie looking over the fence at this sight. I’m just enjoying the feeling of my salty, sticky toes wiggling in my mouth and the grass brushing my bottom.  Instead of shame and anger, I smile around the toes, grin up at the man shaking his head at me.  In the end, that ignorance really is bliss.


    Both Greg and Owen were into puppy play. So when Greg found a pup hypnosis file that sounded especially promising he immediately showed it to Owen as well.  

    “Look at the reviews. It sounds like it really works,” he said the excitement. 

    “Yeah, but it doesn’t just make you act like a dog. It says it makes you really think like one, believe you are just a dumb pup. There’s a big emphasis on the dumb part too,” Owen noted with some concern. 

    “Well, we could take turns then, only one of us going under at a time,” Greg suggested. 

    “Yeah, that might be okay,” Owen agreed nervously. 

    So Greg purchased the special tape and they agreed that they would each be the pup for two days while the other was their master. They listened to it at the same time, following the instructions to put it on just before bed time and letting it play all night to really sink in. The instructions told them to listen each night for at least three nights before trying to trigger the programming. Since they started on a Sunday night they listened for six straight nights before trying it out. 

    “So who goes first?” Owen asked, still looking nervous. 

    “I really think you should try it first. You’re the one who’s most stressed out.” 

    Owen couldn’t argue with that. “Yeah, I suppose so,” he said, feeling both incredibly excited and frightened. 

    “Great,” Greg said, wasting no time. “So, ready for your trigger phrase?” 

    “Right now?” Owen gulped. 

    “Why not? We’ve waited more than enough to let the files work.” 

    Owen nodded slowly. “Okay, so you just say it and...”

    “And you’re transformed into a very dumb doggy, yep.” 

    Owen took a deep breath, looking unsure whether to proceed. “i... I just don’t know...” 

    “I do,” Greg said confidently. He grabbed Owen’s shoulder tightly. “Dumb Doggy Time,” he ordered. 

    Despite his reservations, Owen’s eyes immediately glazed over, his mouth dropping open. He swayed slightly, then dropped to all fours, gaping up at Greg with the most idiotic expression. 

    “Owen, did it work buddy?” Greg asked, curious. 

    “Woof! Woof!” Owen barked happily, panting and letting drool dribble freely down his chin. 

    All signs of reluctance were gone. Owen just barked happily as Greg stripped him naked. His dumbed down friend had a pulsing erection when he stripped his undies away, proving he was enjoying his new status quite a lot. 


    Two weeks later Greg sat on the couch stroking his erect penis hard, reaching over with his free hand and petting Owen’s head as the still nude young man crouched at his feet.  

    “Who’s my dumb puppy?” Greg cooed to his friend. “Are you my good dumb doggy?” 

    Owen barked in response, his face still slack and dumb, no words, no complex human thoughts rattling around inside his empty puppy mind. He stuck out his tongue and licked Greg’s penis instead, panting happily. 

    “Good boy!” Greg moaned as his buddy’s tongue slurped up and down his erection, helping him masturbate. 

    It only took another moment before he exploded right into his friend’s face, covering poor Owen in sticky sum.  

    Owen sat back on his knees, face covered in his friend’s release, eyes empty and dumb as ever, just as they’d been for two weeks now. Greg had agreed it was only going to be for two days, but poor Owen didn’t know how to count to two anymore. He didn’t know what a day was. He didn’t know he was once a big smart man like Greg. This was his life now, and as far as he knew, it always had been. 

    Owen’s tongue lolled out of his mouth again as he licked his own face clean of the cum, untroubled by its taste. He spun around on the floor, wagging his bare bottom, eager to play more. He wasn’t worried about work, about missing two weeks of it. He didn’t know what a job even was and Greg decided about twelve days ago that Owen never would again. He’d found a new calling, a new meaning to his life and Greg wasn’t about to let that change. 


    Mike always enjoyed a tramp through the woods on his own. It helped him clear his head, stop worrying about work and all the things he needed to do by next week.  It was a chance to just get back to nature and unwind. 

    But as he was walking along the remote woodland path he heard a strange noise. It sounded like someone was crying. He turned off the path, pushing his way past branches, climbing over a small ridge and emerging into a small clearing.  

    There was a man sitting in the middle of it.  He looked to be in his twenties, quite fit, handsome and also completely naked. He was sitting with his bare bottom in the dirt, holding his right foot in his hands, examining the sole, tears streaking down his cheeks as he pouted like a little kid.  

    Mike froze, feeling so awkward about seeing the man in such a state of undress. Should he just back away before he was noticed? He considered it, but before he could do anything the young man looked up at him. Damn, too late now. 

    But the poor fellow didn’t blush or cry out or put his hands over his crotch. He just kept blubbering away. Mike wondered if he was a nudist. There were no clothes to be seen anywhere and he didn’t seem at all concerned by being seen this way.  

    Instead the man held his foot up, pointing it right at Mike. The bare sole was covered in dirt, like he’d not worn shoes in quite some time.  

    “Gots a pwickle!” the man announced, crying and wiggling his toes. 

    “I’m sorry?” Mike asked, taken aback by the man’s juvenile diction. 

    “Gotta pwickle in my foot!” the man announced again. “Is ouchy!” 

    Mike nodded and knelt down next to the nudist. It was now perfectly obvious he was mentally challenged, though he didn’t look it aside from a certain blankness to his eyes, an innocence to them.  Mike patted the man’s shoulder, glad to see the fellow didn’t pull away or react in fright. No, it clearly calmed him.  

    “Would you like me to help?” he asked. 

    The man nodded hopefully, his big eyes bloodshot and cheeks stained red from crying. 

    “Okay, I’ll do my best. Let me see that ouchy,” he cooed to the man.  Boy, he really was handsome. It was a shame he was retarded. Then again that was probably why Mike was getting the treat of seeing the fellow’s fully nude body. He probably didn’t know any better.  

    Mike took the dirty foot in his hands and looked carefully for the thorn. After a moment he spotted it, deep in the man’s arch. Of course that’s where it was, the rest of the man’s foot was so tough it was like shoe leather itself. No thorn could have penetrated his toes or heel, but the arch was still soft.  

    Carefully Mike plucked the thorn out and threw it away. “There we go! All better!” he assured. 

    The man gaped slack-jawed at him like an adorable toddler. “No mowe boo=-boo?” he asked, uncertain. 

    “That’s right, boo-boo is all fixed,” Mike repeated. 

    The man experimentally felt his own foot, then planted it back in the dirt, grinning ear to ear. “No ouchies!” he announced. 

    “Yep! But you better be careful running around here barefoot. You could get another boo-boo,” he warned. 

    The young man’s grin faded, he looked confused. “Bobby dun got shoes. Dey fow big boys,” he explained. 

    “Oh, well, then you should just be more careful where you walk, okay Bobby,” Mike told him, wondering to himself who told the poor retarded man he didn’t need shoes at all.  

    “Uh-huh! Tank you!” the man roared, then pulled Mike into a huge cuddle. 

    Mike was taken by surprise but quickly reciprocated, letting his arms close on the man’s bare back. It was more than he could have hoped for when he set out for his walk. He was getting a hug from a beautiful naked man. 

    “Any time buddy, I’m happy to help.” 

    Bobby let him go after a full thirty seconds, still grinning at him. 

    Mike glanced down and noted the man’s penis was fully erect. It was even drooling a bit of precum.  Of course Mike was stiff too, but his member was well hidden by his jeans. Bobby had no way to cover up his arousal, it was there for anyone to see. And he didn’t seem to care about that either. He saw where Mike was looking, his eyes glanced down, took in his erection and there wasn’t a flicker of shame on his face. No, he grinned wider and the bare pee-pee twitched with arousal instead. 

    “Do you always go around the woods naked?” Mike asked at last. 

    Bobby giggled. “Uh-huh! Nakey fun!” he announced.  

    “Do you live near here?” he asked. 

    Bobby nodded, then grabbed Mike’s hand. “C’mon. You gotta come. Gotta make it bettah.” 

    Mike didn’t get to ask what the man meant. Bobby took off, racing into the dense forest pulling Mike along by the hand. He couldn’t believe how quickly the naked young man was able to race through the forest, how he didn’t let he rocks or roots or acorns bother his bare feet. 

    “Where are we going?” Mike called. 

    “You gotta see. Gotta do it,” Bobby answered cryptically. 

    Mike didn’t know what the retarded man was on about. He half wanted to yank his hand away and turn back but it didn’t seem safe to leave a man so clearly intellectually impaired all alone in the woods like this.  He must have wandered off from some institution or group home and got lost in the woods.  

    But then they emerged into another clearing. Except this time they were at the top of a valley. It lay spread out before them, stunningly beautiful. And weirdly, in there on the edge of the ridge line, overlooking the view but not on any path, was one of those silver coin-operated binoculars.  

    Bobby pulled him straight over to the machine. “Gotta wook. Makes it all bettah!” he urged. 

    Mike shook his head. “I don’t have any change buddy,” he explained. 

    Bobby was persistent. He kept pointing to the machine. “Wookit! So pweety!” he urged. 

    Mike decided to play along. He put his eyes up to the holes, of course only seeing blackness. But then Bobby reached over and turned a handle. Apparently no coin was needed after all. Mike heard the machine coming to life. With a click the blackness was gone but it was not replaced with a view of the valley. No, instead Mike’s whole field of vision was filled with swirling, spiraling colours. 

    “Ohhhh,” he gasped, feeling a wave of endorphin wash over him instantly. 

    “So pweety!” he heard Bobby repeat, feeling the man’s hands gripping his back, holding him tight against the machine. 

    It wasn’t really necessary. He didn’t want to look away. He had never felt such a sense of elation. It was like getting high. It was euphoric. He let himself fall into the colours until there was nothing else. 


    With a click the colours were gone and blackness returned. Mikey blinked, his eyes stung terribly, like they’d been open for an hour. After a long moment they were okay again. He stepped back from the machine. 

    “Up!” Bobby ordered, forcing Mikey to lift his arms. He was confused but he did what he was told. Bobby then yanked Mikey’s shirt up and off him. 

    “All bettah!” Bobby declared. 

    Mikey looked down and saw that his jeans and boxer shorts were already pooled around his ankles. His penis was out and exposed to the warm breeze. It was also fully erect, twitching against his tummy, leaving a little smear of cum there.  

    Bobby knelt down and started to yank off his hiking boots and socks. He had to hold onto the machine for balance. He watched in silence as the other man finally pulled away the pants and boxers, dropping them in a heap with his boots and shirt. At last he was just as naked as Bobby.  

    The retarded man stood back up and grabbed Mikey’s hands, swinging them playfully. “You saw da pwetties ‘nd now you all bettah!” he announced. 

    He had seen the pretty colours. And now there was so much stuff missing from his head. He didn’t know what was gone, but he knew it was a lot. And he knew it wasn’t coming back. And that felt... so amazingly good. He felt so incredibly free and relaxed. And he knew exactly what he wanted to do. The desire was there stronger than ever and now there was no inhibitions, no ability to suppress it, no concept. 

    Mikey threw himself forward into Bobby’s arms, cuddling him so tight. Their stiff penises brushed up against one another. Pleasure coursed through Mikey and he began to grind, to thrust his pee-pee against Bobby’s warm, bare body. His new buddy did the same right back. They were a tangle of bare flesh, grunting, gasping until Mikey felt warm goo erupt onto his tummy as Bobby moaned and came.  It didn’t slow him down. He continued to grind his bare penis against Bobby’s tummy until he erupted himself, arching his back and shuddering with release, his squirts hitting his own chin and Bobby’s he came with such force.  

    Finally they were both done. They stepped back, looking down at bodies covered in shining cum.  

    “We done stickies,” Bobby said happily.  

    Mikey scooped some off his chest and tasted it. It wasn’t yummy but he still liked making them. 

    “I wike stickies,” he agreed.  

    Bobby reached his hand back out. “Lez go see Daddy,” he said. 

    “Who Daddy?” Mikey inquired, letting the other man take his hand. 

    “He takes care of me. Now he gonna take care a you too,” Bobby explained. 

    Mikey pointed at his piled clothes. “Dem mine,” he said, reminding Bobby as the man tried to lead him away. 

    “Dun need ‘em. You’s all bettah. All widdle now. Widdle boys needa go nakey.”

    Mikey nodded. Yes, he’d seen the pretty colours and now he was all little. It made perfect sense. It wasn’t upsetting. He didn’t really feel like he was losing anything, like there was any choice. It had happened. He’d looked in the special machine and it took the big boy things away. And that was okay, that was good. Because he just knew by instinct that it was so much better to be little. And Bobby said that meant he needed to be nakey. So that was okay too, that better, that was soo comfy. 

    They hurried back together, two naked young men, side by side, Bobby leading Mikey by the hand, back to see Daddy. Mikey was sure Daddy would be very happy to see him. Bobby assured him Daddy would love him too. Yes, Daddy would take care of everything. He was much too little, too silly to take care of things for himself. He was just a dumb little nakey jaybird after all, what did he know about taking care of anything.  


    “You almost ready to get going honey?” Jenna called downstairs. 

    “Yeah, just a second, I just need to finish these calculations,” Mike called back. 

    Jenna rolled her eyes. Her boyfriend Mike was always working, even on the weekends, even when they really needed to get to their costume party. At least all that distraction with work had meant he’d left it to her to organise his costume.  

    A minute later he finally arrived in the bedroom, looking tired as usual. He was only twenty-five but he was well on his way to an early grave with his workload. He did give her a look that said, wow that’s sexy, as he looked her over in her Wonder Woman costume.  

    “Now that’s a look that works for you babe!” he told her. “You should dress in that more often.” 

    She laughed. “I think I might get looks at the supermarket.” 

    “You’d get looks everywhere in that Jenna. But yeah, maybe save it just for the bedroom, y’know.” 

    “We’ll see. Now, you get your costume on or we’ll be late.” 

    Mike nodded and looked at the costume laid out on the bed. He frowned and asked, “What is that? I was supposed to be Superman.” 

    Jenna gave him a disappointed look. “And what do you think that symbol on the chest is for?” 

    Mike shook his head. “Honey, I was expecting something like you’ve got...”

    “I think you’d definitely get looks in a costume like mine honey,” Jenna joked. 

    “Yeah, yeah. But seriously, this isn’t an adult costume, it’s like a onesie a five year old would wear to bed,” he complained. 

    “Well I didn’t have much time to get a costume together for you. If you didn’t trust me, you should have done it yourself. Now get changed mister.” 

    Mike clearly didn’t like it but he did start taking off his shirt and shorts. As he went to grab the onesie though Jenna stopped him and said, seductively, “Lose the underwear too Mike.” 

    Mike raised his eyebrows. “Really? I mean, you actually want me naked under this?” 

    “No one would know but us. I think it’s kind of exciting, don’t you?” she enticed. 

    Mike smiled wickedly and yanked off his boxers, then stepped into the soft garment and put in on. Jenna even helped out by pulling up the zipper. 

    “There we go, snug as a bug in a rug,” she cooed to him, bopping his nose gently, playfully. 

    Mike smiled. It really was snug, and so soft. The material caressed his bare penis just perfectly. “Feels good?” Jenna cooed to him. 

    “Oh yeah,” Mike answered with a sigh. 

    “Great, let’s be going,” she said, grabbing his hand and leading him to the front door. 

    Mike thought it was a little odd to be led by the hand, but he couldn’t really think about it with the delightful sensations his penis was getting with every step, every twist and turn.  They stopped by the door and Jenna pulled on her boots to complete the outfit. Mike turned to put on his sneakers but Jenna lightly slapped his hand to stop him. 

    “You don’t really need those sweetie,” she cooed. 

    Mike was confused. “What am I supposed to wear then?” he asked. 

    “You should just go in bare feet honey, the outfit looks better that way.” 

    Mike shook his head. “I can’t go barefoot like some little kid.” 

    “You’re in costume honey, it’s part the look,” she assured. 

    “I’ll look like a little boy playing dress up,” Mike huffed, crossing his arms and pouting. 

    “Well I think it looks cute that way sweetie, and y’know what? I think you like it too.” 

    “Do not!” Mike snapped, his emotions getting out of control. He felt like he might need to stamp his feet, his bare feet, and cry and shout any second now. 

    But Jenna was still smiling. “I don’t know about that Mike. I think your doodle is telling a very different story.” 

    Mike barely noticed the childish term she’d used for his penis. No, he was more concerned with how it was clearly tenting out the front of his costume. Anyone could see he was achingly erect. He blushed deep red, but Jenna just moved forward and gently pressed her hand against the shaft. 

    “You see how happy that doodle is honey. I think you’re loving your new costume, being a big powerful superhero. I think you love being the handsome big man who’s going to save the scared girls.” 

    Mike felt his anger receding and he began to smile despite himself. It was awful cool to be a superhero of course. And silly little girls did often need saving by boys... er, men like him. He began to nod. “Yeah, I like bein’ Superman, he admitted.” 

    Jenna nodded and began to move her hand up and down on his stiffy, the lovely soft material stroking it just perfectly. Mike moaned and his eyes rolled back. 

    “And I think you want to go barefoot anyway, don’t you sweetie? Boys have nice tough feeties don’t they? Not like little girls in their pretty little shoes. You want to show everyone how tough you are, don’t you?” 

    Mike’s penis jerked with arousal and he found himself nodding again. Yeah, he was a boy, not a silly little girl. He could probably run over hot gravel without flinching. He could just picture himself running the cross country barefoot at his primary school. Yeah, he was a tough boy.  He didn’t need stupid shoes. 

    “I’m gonna go barefoot, cuz I’m tough,” he announced between grunts. 

    Jenna released his stiffy instantly. “Good boy,” she praised, taking his hand again. 

    Mike didn’t say a word as they walked down the footpath to where Jenna’s car was parked. He was focused on how nice the pavement felt, all warm and solid under his tough feet. Jenna was a silly weak girl in her boots. She’d need Superman to save her if anything bad happened. He didn’t really worry about the way his doodle bounced noticeably as it tented out the front of his costume. He just hoped Jenna would touch it again later. 

    The drive to the party was only about fifteen minutes, but the longer it went on the more confused he became about what was going on. Why was he sitting in the back seat while Jenna drove? He usually got to drive didn’t he? That was the man’s job. Right? And why was he so happy about being barefoot at a party? What would the people think of him?  

    By the time they arrived Mike really wasn’t sure he wanted to go in at all. Jenna had to come around the back to get him, but she acted like that was normal. She reached over and undid the seat belt for him even. 

    “Okay sweetie, let’s go,” she urged, taking his hand again. 

    “No, Jenna, somethin’s wrong,” he complained. 

    “The only thing that’s wrong is you making us late,” she replied. “Now come on, I know you want to show off your outfit to everyone.” 

    Mike was shaking his head, when he felt Jenna grip his erection through the material again. “Come one sweetie. I was right about being nakey under your jammies wasn’t I?” she cooed. 

    Arousal pulsed through him and his mind dimmed again. Mike had to nod, it did feel great. 

    “And I was right about bare feet being extra nice and comfy wasn’t I?” 

    Mike wiggled his toes against the floor of the car. It was comfy, much better than boots like Jenna wore, that was for sure. Another nod and a moan as she ran her fingers from the base to the tip of his doodle. 

    “That’s right, so be a good boy and come to the party with me.” 

    Mike didn’t fight it as she helped him out of the car. Again the ground was a delight under his soles and he felt so safe and secure with Jenna holding his hand. He let her lead him across the tickly soft grass around the side of the house. As they turned into the backyard he saw a small group of women, Jenna’s friends, sitting around the deck, sipping wine.  

    None of the men were with them. While the women sat around chatting in elegant and sexy costumes the men all seemed to be, well, playing. Each and every one of them was in a onesie like Mike’s. There was Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Spider Man and Batman. All wore onesies, all were in bare feet and all looked to be absolutely content to play around in the grass chasing each other and wrestling like the smallest of boys. They were all in their twenties or thirties but all had wild hair, grass stained bare soles and the most innocent, juvenile expressions on their faces.  

    Mike eyed them with concern as Jenna led him up onto the deck. “Sorry we’re so late,” she announced. 

    “Doesn’t matter, you’re here now,” one of the women answered, followed by a chorus of welcomes. 

    “And Mikey here looks just about ready to join the boys,” a red-headed woman pronounced, looking him over. 

    Mike didn’t like the use of the diminutive version of his name, nor her condescending tone but he wasn’t sure what to do about it. She looked so grown-up, and he was standing there dressed like a five year old. And he didn’t really feel like a grown-up either. 

    Just then the man in the Captain America onesie dashed up onto the deck on his nimble bare feet. He hurried right over to a blonde woman and lifted one of his dirty feet onto her knee, pointing to a little cut on his big toe with bubbling bright red blood coming from it. 

    “Goz an owie Mumma!” the thirty-something man announced. 

    The woman gave him a sad look and patted his knee. “Oh Bobby, how’d you get that boo-boo baby?” 

    “Twipped,” he answered. 

    “Poor baby, you fell down and went boom huh?” 

    Bobby nodded seriously, sucking on the tips of his fingers now. 

    The woman leaned over and kissed the bloody little toe. “That feel better baby? Mumma’s kisses working their magic?” 

    Bobby smiled around his fingers and nodded. “Mumma kiss magic,” he agreed. 

    “Good, now let’s go inside and put a plaster on that boo-boo so you can get back to playing.”  

    Bobby happily accepted her hand and let her lead him into the house while he babbled on about “Pwayin’.”  

    No sooner had they disappeared inside than two more of the men scurried onto the deck, holding hands no less. It was Batman and iron Man, with the latter a bit older and overweight but wearing the same slack, childish expression on his face as his buddy.  

    “Wan’ juithe!” Batman announced. 

    “App-awll!” Iron Man followed up, sucking his thumb now.  

    “Cindy will you get the superheros a couple juice boxes?” the red head woman directed another. 

    “No worries,” Cindy replied, leading two more superheros into the house, still hand in hand.  

    Spiderman and the Hulk continued to squeal and giggle and chase each other around the grass as the red head, who clearly was in charge, turned her attention back to Mike. 

    “They’re adorable aren’t they?” she asked. 

    “Was wrong with ‘em?” Mike asked, confused but now certain this was all very wrong. 

    “Nothing’s wrong at all. In fact all is right. They’re all perfectly happy just as they are now, and in a second you will be too.” 

    Mike shook his head. “I’m not a dumb little kid,” he insisted. 

    She nodded. “And neither were they when they arrived. When they got here they were confused too. But we took care of that. They had happy doodles, just like you. And then they had their lovely release, and after that it was play time.”  

    Mike looked down at the stiffy visible to all of them. He’d totally forgotten it somehow. And even now he wasn’t really feeling embarrassed about it, even though he knew he should.  

    Mike didn’t like the lady and he backed away when she moved towards him. But he backed right into Jenna. 

    “It’s okay baby, it feels lovely, they promised me. You’re going to love it,” she cooed, then reached down and gripped his pee-pee once again. This time though her stroking was faster, more intense. He could tell she wanted him to squirt, she wasn’t going to stop until he’d blown his load. 

    Mike could see Iron Man and Batman emerging from the house, sipping the little straws of their tiny juice boxes now, their faces so dumb and babyish.  And right behind them Captain America, Bobby, with a bright Ninja Turtles plaster on his cut toe, smiling and oblivious to his plight as he raced into the yard again.  Mike didn’t want to be like them, he didn’t want to be stupid. 

    The red head, the mean lady moved to his side, she rubbed his shoulder and whispered, “There’s no point trying to fight it. You’re going to be a lovely little four year old for us. Just think of it as a fresh start. Each of those boys filled their suits with creamies just like you’re about to. I watched them do it, I watched them smile and giggle afterwards. You’ll be glad it happened to, I promise.” 

    Mike wanted so badly to swear at her, to use bad words, but he couldn’t think of any. Maybe he should bite her. No, babies bit, not big boys. And besides the nice feeling in his doodle was just too good. He couldn’t keep focus. He couldn’t help it as he began to thrust forward into Jenna’s hand, helping increase the friction, he needed the release so badly.  

    He came with incredible force. He grunted very loudly, his whole body shuddering as he exploded into the special onesie.  All his thoughts, all his concerns disappeared in a moment of pure bliss. 

    “Is it really happening?” Jenna asked Lisa, the red-head, as they watched Mike grunting with his mouth wide open, eyes closed in clear bliss, his body jerking, toes clenched on the wooden deck.  

    Lisa nodded, holding Mike’s arm more tightly and reaching over to his crotch to feel the soft onesie material growing warm and wet, spreading outwards as he released spurt after spurt into them.  “He’s getting all his creamies out for us,” she assured Jenna. “He’s doing a very good job. He’s going to be a very happy boy soon.” 

    They both watched as Mike got out his last contractions, then he let out a long sigh and his body relaxed. A second passed and his eyes opened again. They were noticeably glassy and unfocused. Jenna could instantly see the lights were on, but Mike wasn’t home anymore. 

    Lisa gave him a generous smile and asked, “Do you know what just happened Mikey?” 

    Mikey shook his head, his eyes looking around as though just taking in the yard. 

    Lisa reached down and pressed her hand against Mikey’s crotch again, pressing the soaked, warm material against his softening doodle. “You made creamies Mikey,” she explained. “And that’s good sweetie, it’s good for you to make your creamies. Did it feel nice?” 

    Mikey smiled and nodded, letting out a little giggle. 

    “That’s right and both me and your Mummy,” she said, gesturing to Jenna, “Are very proud of you.” 

    Mikey looked over at Jenna with obvious love in his eyes. He made no complaint about her being called his Mummy.  

    Lisa changed tack then. She rubbed the front of Mikey’s onesie. “That’s a lovely outfit you have on. Who are you dressed as?” 

    Mikey blinked and looked down at his onesie. Then he pointed at the big S decal and announced, “Thew-pa-Man,” in the most juvenile diction. 

    “Oh wow!” Lisa declared. “And did Mummy get you that costume?” 

    Mikey nodded right away. “Mumma gotted dith!” he agreed.  

    “And what superpowers do you have sweetie?” 

    Mikey nibbled on his index finger a moment, then beamed and announced, “Thew-pa-man fwy!” and he took off running with his arms stretched out over his head, silly little cape flapping after him in the breeze and the women all sharing a good laugh. 


    Mikey had super powers. Mikey was Superman and he could fly. He ran all over the yard and made woosh sounds and held up his arms, like Superman. It was lots of fun. The other boys were Superheros too, but not as cool as his. He had the bestest one of all. Mummy watched him, he made sure she saw him do his cool tricks, like jumping really high in the air. He had the best Mummy too! He stood by the edge of the pool, so high up, but he wasn’t scared cuz he’s Superman ‘nd not a dumb girl. He had tough boy bare feet and a cape and costume and Mummy took photos of him about to fly away. It was a super fun day!   

    Chris had thought he’d experienced all the degradation it was possible to survive while pledging to join a fraternity. But just a few weeks after he’d made it through the whole ordeal, just when he thought it was all going to be smooth sailing and he’d be getting heaps of girls at all the parties the frat threw, things went horribly wrong. 

    An epidemic of ACDV hit campus. All their classes were cancelled and students were urged to remain confined to their dorms, or in Chris’s case the frat house. But two days into the shut-down Chris discovered the quarantine had come too late for him. 

    Chris awoke early that morning in a wet, clammy bed. It wasn’t comfortable at all, the sheets were soaked in urine and were already getting cold. He tried to figure out what had gone wrong but he couldn’t think straight. His mind was a fuzzy, foggy mess. He pulled back the covers and looked down at the giant U-shaped stain on his pajama bottoms. He’d wet the bed. 

    It was so icky, so yucky. Chris got up out of bed, feeling so lost, so confused. He was a business major who had scored over 2100 on his SATs and earned a full scholarship to college. But now he looked down at his ruined pajamas and felt totally lost. He wanted Mommy! He wanted Mr Specky, his teddy bear. He needed someone to clean up his mess and give him a cuddle.  All these feelings were so strong and even though he remembered being a big independent college kid, that just didn’t seem real anymore, it felt like pretend.

    Chris toddled over to the only other bed in the room and poked at his room-mate’s arm. After a couple rough pokes Sam woke up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. “Fuck Chris, what is it? It’s like four in the morning dude,” he muttered. 

    Chris poked at his pajamas. “Had an ack-ee-dent,” he answered sadly. 

    “You what?” Sam asked, looking confused. 

    “Done tinkles,” Chris explained. “Jammies all icky.” He wanted to explain the situation better, but the words just weren’t there. He felt like there were so many more, but maybe that was just make believe too. 

    Sam seemed to truly wake up for the first time, sitting up in bed and turning on the lights. His eyes went wide as he took in Chris standing there in ruined pajama bottoms and no shirt, practically crying, his face completely juvenile. He looked the young man up and down and understood what had happened. He also knew there was no point holding his breath or calling 9-1-1 now. Once ACDV victims began showing symptoms they were no longer contagious. 

    Sam seemed to think about what to do for a moment, then he smiled and took Chris’ arm. “Okay buddy, first thing we need to do is get you cleaned up,” he said. 

    Chris smiled. Finally a grown-up was taking charge. He was happy to let Sam lead him by the hand to the bathroom down the hall and begin cleaning him up. Sam stripped his ruined pajamas and boxers off him and began to clean his penis and balls with a wet washcloth.  For a second Chris realized he should feel embarrassed by this. But he couldn’t recall why. Sam was just cleaning him up after an accident, just like Daddy did at home.  Maybe Sam was his Daddy here, at college? 

    “Sam?” he asked. 

    “Yes Chris.” 

    “Is you Daddy?” he asked earnestly as the other college kid held his penis between two fingers and ran the wet cloth up and down the shaft, cleaning away the urine. 

    Sam stopped and chuckled. “Uh, no, not exactly Chris. I’m just helping take care of you for now.” 

    Chris twiddled his toes together on the floor and nibbled the tips of his fingers. “Baby-sitter?” he asked next. 

    “Yeah, sure, that’s right buddy,” Sam agreed. 

    Chris smiled at knowing the answer, he knew he was smart.  

    Once he was clean Sam took the young man’s hand and led him back down the hall to their room. Chris was naked now, his wet pajamas discarded in the waste basket.  

    “I don’t have any diapers for you here buddy, so I think we’ll just leave you naked until we can get some. We don’t want to ruin your other clothes,” Sam explained. 

    Chris just nodded. He didn’t mind being nakey at all, it was comfy. Sam looked at the wet bed and smiled to himself as he said, “Your bed’s all wet, so you better sleep with me.” 

    Chris nodded, that was a good idea. Even if Sam was his babysitter and not Daddy it would be nice to cuddle. As they went to get in bed Sam stopped and began taking off his pajamas too. 

    “What-choo doin’?” Chris asked, curious. 

    “Well in case you have another accident I don’t want you getting my clothes all wet and icky,” Sam explained. “You don’t mind if I get naked too, do you?” 

    Chris giggled. Of course he didn’t mind. Sam was a grown-up, he was in charge. “Nakey feew good,” Chris agreed.  

    Sam nodded. “It sure does.” 

    Chris climbed into bed with his former room-mate turned baby sitter. Things felt so much better now from when he’d woken up. His head was still all fuzzy but that felt more normal with each passing moment. And there was a grown-up in charge and he was dry and clean and nakey-bummed, which felt extra nice, and now he was going to have cuddles. 

    Sure enough as soon as the covers were over them Sam spooned his naked body against Chris’ and pulled the other man into a tight cuddle. “Mmmm, I’ve been dreaming about something like this since you moved in here last month Chris,” Sam whispered to him. “I didn’t see it happening exactly this way, I admit, but I’ll take it.” 

    Chris was confused but he enjoyed the cuddles. Physical contact was so comforting. And then he felt Sam’s warm hand close around his pee-pee. He giggled because it tickled at first. 

    “That’s right Chris, let me make you feel extra nice,” Sam whispered. 

    Chris felt the hand begin to stroke him up and down. It did feel nice, extra special nice. Chris may have lost his adult intellect, but his libido was intact, his manly needs still fully in place. And having Sam, who had so carefully cared for him and cleaned him up and cuddled him, do this for him, made it extra nice. He moaned and grunted as Sam’s hand worked its magic. 

    “Ugh, pee-pee big!” he announced, beginning to thrust into the helping hand. 

    “That’s right Chris, you need to make sticky squirts for me buddy,” Sam urged. 

    Chris had no clue what he meant, but he felt something good was coming soon. And after a couple more minutes of sweaty thrusting Chris’ body went rigid in Sam’s embrace and he exploded cum all over his stomach and the sheets. 

    “Good boy Chris! Such a good, good boy,” Sam praised. “Get all those stickies out for me.” 

    Chris eventually came down from his high and felt a little embarrassed that he’d wet the bed again. But Sam assured him it was okay, that he was meant to do it, needed to. And it felt so, so good. Better than tinkles by far. A flicker of something inside him tried to tell him he was meant to do these sticky squirts with girls, but that made no sense, girls were icky. In any case he didn’t worry about it long because soon both he and Sam were back to sleep, cuddled together under the covers. 


    When Chris awoke next the room was lit up by the late morning sun. The clock beside the bed announced it was 10:45 AM but even though it was digital Chris couldn’t read it. He understood that there were things called numbers, but not their order or how to recognize the symbols.  He knew he’d read the clock fine yesterday, but now the information was gone and that was just how things were, nothing to worry about.  

    At some point the covers had been kicked away, so Chris could see his whole naked form lying on the bed. And right next to him was Sam, who was equally nude and also already awake. The twenty-year old thin blonde man was lying on his back with his right foot held firmly in his hands, his big toe jammed between his lips. 

    Chris giggled at the silly man, listening to the soft sounds of suckling as Sam apparently explored his own toes. 

    “You siwwy!” Chris declared to his carer. 

    Sam looked over at Chris, letting the toes slip from his mouth, though still holding his foot inches from his face. Spittle dripped from the wet toes onto his neck and the bed and another thin line of saliva ran down his cheek from the corner of his mouth. Sam gaped at him with an open mouthed, vacant expression, his eyes completely glazed over. Then he declared, “Does ‘ummy!” before pursing his lips and blowing a big spit bubble. 

    And Chris somehow understood that Sam was gone. This was not a grown-up man next to him. This was Sammy, a silly baby boy like Chris. No, even littler than Chris.  He didn’t understand what had happened to him, why he’d stopped being big last night. But he did at least understand that whatever it was, it had happened to Sammy now too.  

    Sammy smiled before slipping his toes back into his mouth, his tongue probing between them, eyes scanning the ceiling.  Chris was glad to see that Sammy was happy with the change too. And he noticed that Sammy’s pee-pee was all big and pointy, like Chris’ got last night. And he knew what that meant! Chris was such a smart boy, he knew Sammy needed sticky squirts.  And he even knew how to help.  

    Chris got onto his hands and knees and took Sammy’s big pee-pee in his hand. “Sammy gotta sticky-skirt!” he told the man-baby, beginning to stroke. 

    Sammy’s glassy eyes went even wider and he began to suck harder on his big toe, squirming on the bed as Chris manipulated his stiffy.  “Good bay-bee!” Chris assured him, rubbing faster.  

    Sammy let his toes escape, grunting and staring at what was being done to his penis. His chin became coated in drool as he gaped at it.  A minute and half passed before Sammy gasped and they both watched as pearly white liquid launched in spurts across his tummy and chest, a little even landing right on his nose. Chris instinctively kept rubbing, kept the pressure on as Sammy’s body writhed in ecstasy. 

    When it was over and Sammy was spent, both he and Chris dipped their fingers curiously in the warm goo. 

    Even though just hours earlier Sam had seduced his long time crush and taken advantage of the poor man’s mental decline, Sammy was now in no position to take advantage of anyone. He had no idea he’d been exposed to the virus himself a week ago and as he slept it had gone to work crippling large sections of his brain, draining his adult maturity and intelligence even more thoroughly than it had Chris’.  He’d awoken with a completely empty head, not even a flicker of understanding of what had happened to him, just an intense curiosity with his tootsies, and a need to explore them with his mouth.  

    The two young men tasted Sammy’s release, then used it as finger paint on both their bare bodies. An hour later, bored of playing, they toddled downstairs together, hand in hand, naked and covered in dried cum. The rest of the frat brothers had a hell of a shock when the duo toddled into the living room like that.  


    A month later and things had settled down on campus. Classes were running again and the victims had, mostly, been sent home or to care centers. But not all of them. Chris and Sammy were still living at the frat house. They didn’t go to classes anymore of course, but the brothers considered them an important part of their community and decided not to send them away.  Instead they bought the boys lots of toys and cute outfits and redesigned their room into a giant nursery complete with a crib for them to share.  

    Chris could often be found creeping around the floor playing imaginary games that entertained his three-year old mentality. He’d hide under beds with his legs sticking out, push matchbox cars around the carpets, play doctor to his stuffed animals, all that cute stuff. He’d also developed a real oral fixation, probably as a result of all the time he spent with his best buddy, Sammy. 

    If Chris wasn’t lying on his back yanking off his socks and throwing them away to nibble on his tootsies, he was always jamming his thumb in his mouth or the pacifier that was permanently clipped to his outfit. Sure his lack of potty training and his constant explorations could make caring for him difficult and messy, but his oral fixation really made up for it. 

    Just today Brad, one of the brothers, found Chris creeping around the floor of his bedroom, sucking his thumb and gazing so innocently up at him.  

    “Well, look who we have here,” he cooed to the grown toddler. 

    “Chwis pwayin’,” the young man slurred around his thumb. 

    “I can see that. But I think now would be a good time to play lollipop with Brad, wouldn’t it?” he suggested. 

    Chris smiled, it was one of his favorite games and all the brothers seemed to love playing it too. Brad unzipped his fly and let his penis flop out, waiting for Chris to spit out his thumb and suck on his favorite soother of all. Yep, keeping the boys there at the frat house had definitely been the right decision. 


    Ben wasn’t pleased with the way his former best mate, Eric, was treated by his girlfriend turned caregiver. Before he contracted ACDV Eric had been a well groomed, metrosexual guy who was about to start law school. His parents had raised him with good manners, taught him the value of appearance. He was the kind of guy who spent an hour getting his hair just right in the morning. 

    But when he caught ACDV all that changed overnight. Eric’s dad had died a couple years earlier and his mum just wasn’t young and fit enough to want to take on a grown toddler. So it was agreed to let his girlfriend, Claire, take care of him.  Claire had a very different style of parenting though and it pained Ben to see the changes in Eric’s behaviour that he knew would have horrified his mate if he’d had his mental faculties.  

    Obviously the days of styling his hair for an hour and wearing flashy ties and designer jeans were going to be over, that was a given. But Claire took things much further. She let Eric wear whatever he felt comfy in, insisting children didn’t need to conform to societal norms yet and Eric was a child now. She even threw out every last pair of his shoes, even his jandals. “Boys are much more comfy in bare feet anyway,” she told Ben. 

    And of course Eric didn’t complain, he couldn’t. The poor young man had lost all his manners, all his grooming and dress sense. He was soon running around the main streets of the town in his bare feet, dropping to his hands and knees to look under tables, and cars or just to roll around on the filthy ground, giving everyone a good look at how tar black the soles of his feet had become.

    It wasn’t just his clothing either. Please and thank you left his vocabulary. Eric was a wild, feral little boy now. He would tear around the supermarket, screeching and giggling and knocking things off shelves, bumping into other shoppers and continuing on like they weren’t there. And Claire just smiled and said, “Boys will be boys.”  

    But certainly the worst part was his total loss of body modesty or awareness. Claire encouraged him to streak around the house and yard in his birthday suit all summer. She called it a perk of toddlerhood he needed to indulge in. But poor Eric, his adult sensibilities stripped from him, had no concept of boundaries, of public and private and he took to regularly stripping down in public. Usually his nudity was at least brief since Claire at least insisted he keep undies and shorts on and would chase him around and re-dress him. But if it was the park, or a public fountain, or a beach, she’d strip him naked herself right there in public view.  

    Now it wasn’t like he was the only grown-down virus victim playing in the buff in public. No he had good company in that. But it wasn’t like that was the norm either. On a beach with a dozen grown-downs Eric might have one or two bare naked compatriots, at the park, maybe one other big tot would be toddling about with free bouncing boobies or a pee-pee.  But the point was it wasn’t required and it marked poor Eric out as particularly juvenile, a very immature and wild little tyke.  

    But despite all that Ben didn’t say anything to Claire about her parenting. He wanted to remain close to his friend, help out when he could and he knew Claire didn’t take criticism of her parenting well.  So he kept his mouth shut. 

    But he kept it shut a bit too long. That’s how he ended up in a bad position one afternoon when his day long fever and sore throat suddenly escalated to serious mental fog and confusion. Lying in a hospital bed at A&E, his head a fuzzy mess, he at least knew that he was in big trouble.  It had been a relief when he’d seen his mum standing outside his room. But she was there with Claire and Eric. At first Ben had felt even better, seeing his friends there. But then he could see his mum was very upset, and in the end she left and it was Claire and Eric who came into the room. 

    “Hi there sweetie, look who’s come to visit,” Claire had greeted him. 

    Ben hadn’t liked the way she spoke to him in a juvenile way. But his head was so foggy, he knew what was happening, he understood he had the virus, that the feeling in his head was only going to get worse, much worse. And in how long? Did he even still know how to tell time? He’d looked at the clock on the wall and, though it took him a long time, he managed to read it and felt a bit better. 

    “I’m not little like him,” Ben had insisted, pointing to Eric, the twenty-four year old man who was standing there shirtless and barefoot in some neon green board shorts, a toddler leash on his wrist connecting him to his carer while he innocently picked at his nose.  

    Claire had seemed understanding. She hadn’t antagonised him, just took a seat on the bed at his side and let Eric drop down on his hands and knees to play with a toy car she’d brought to distract him. 

    “I know honey. But Ben, you know you’re going to be, very soon. And when that happens, you’ll need someone to take care of you.”

    “I got my mum,” Ben had told her. 

    But she’d frowned. “I’m sorry Ben, but your mum isn’t really up to caring for a boy your size. I had a talk with her about it just outside.”

    Ben felt apprehensive, more than usual. He knew it was his emotions getting harder to control. Soon his behaviour and maturity would devolve as well, joining his simplifying intellectual abilities. He was going to lose all his manners and grooming too. He didn’t want to be a dumb feral little boy like Eric! He needed his mummy, she’d make sure people didn’t point and laugh at him for being silly, make sure adults didn’t roll their eyes and mutter about him being a dirty little brat.  

    “Where’s mummy gone?” he’d demanded. 

    “She needed some time to absorb what’s happened sweetie. It’s tough on her too. But the good news is she was happy to take up my offer, to look after you and Eric, make sure you aren’t pulled apart. Won’t that be lovely dear? You get to be buddies and brothers now!” 

    While the thought of being brothers with his best mate was appealing, especially in his vulnerable state, the idea of being cared for by Claire was terrifying. He didn’t want to be wild and free, he liked wearing shoes, he certainly didn’t want anyone seeing his private parts! 

    “Claire, I don’ wanna be like Eric, okay?!” he snapped. 

    Claire frowned and nodded, brushing a hand through his hair. “I know baby, you don’t want to get all little. I know it’s scary, but I can’t stop that. What I can do is make it fun for you. You get to be little all over again, and that means everything will be an adventure for you. We’ll have lots of fun, I promise.” 

    Ben shook his head. No, she didn’t understand. He had to explain that he meant he didn’t want to run around in nothing but a pair of shorts, if that, in public. But when he tried to explain, when he opened his mouth, the words weren’t there anymore. In horror Ben realised his intellect was dropping again, dramatically. He opened and closed his mouth in terror, straining his muscles, needing to tell her, to explain, but totally incapable of doing so. 

    And then it was too late. The terror of the intellectual regression faded as his maturity, his behaviour regressed as well.  All at once his muscles relaxed and the feeling of Claire’s hand stroking his head became heavenly. It felt so good to have that physical contact. Benny wanted more. He opened his arms towards the pretty lady. Even though he knew her, she suddenly seemed so much bigger, so totally in control. She’d keep him safe, she’d love him. And sure enough she accepted his need for a hug and pulled him into a big, tight cuddle. Oh yes, and her hand was on the back of his neck and it felt so, sooo good. 

    The next morning, after the doctors finished their observation period on Benny and declared him stable, Claire was able to take him out of the hospital. Benny held her hand as they walked through the lobby. He didn’t want to get lost. He accepted that Claire was in charge of him now, he yearned for her guidance. She carried a bag filled with the clothing and possessions he’d entered with. It had his watch and his iPhone, his wallet and belt, the checked shirt and khakis pants he’d been wearing when admitted, his Adidas sneakers and socks. As they neared the sliding doors Claire stepped to the side and dropped the bag into the rubbish bin. Benny wouldn’t be needing any of those things again. All he wore for their trip home was what she’d brought him that morning, a simple pair of cotton underoos decorated with Goofy prints, covered by a baggy pair of blue board shorts with big red flames down the sides. Benny didn’t have a shirt or shoes to wear anymore and the twenty-four year old didn’t seem to miss them either.  


    It was a lovely warm day to go to the beach. Benny was having lots of fun. As soon as they arrived Mummy had set up a nice towel for them to lie on and broke out toys for him and his brother to play with. Grown-ups were just lying around on their towels, reading books and stuff. Boring! Benny couldn’t believe he used to be so boring like that. How could anyone just sit still when there was so much space to play!  

    But before they could go skipping away to dance in the waves and roll in the sand Mummy stopped Eric and slipped his shorts off him so he was nakey bummed. How wonderful! Benny hurried over to Mummy and yanked down his own shorts cuz he was big and knew how to undress himself. 

    “Benny get nakey Mumma!” he chirped, kicking the shorts away. 

    Mummy giggled and told him, “You sure are! Look at that silly pee-pee bouncing around.” 

    Benny hopped up and down to make pee-pee even more bouncy. He was a very silly boy! The grown-ups couldn’t go nakey-bum. They had to keep undies on. Benny felt a rush of happiness at knowing he was just a little boy and he didn’t have to wear clothes if he didn’t wanna. And just like that he took off, running helter-skelter all over the beach, screeching his glee.  

    Later he and Eric dug holes in the sand and were joined by a grown-up man who helped them dig. He asked them questions about being little but Benny found them confusing. He didn’t have enough words to understand big person questions now. The man seemed to see that and moved on after a bit. But not long afterwards Benny noticed Eric squatting down and feeling his pee-pee. He crept over and looked at his brother’s willy. It was getting big. He was having a good time. Boys like them got happy pee-pees when they had a lot of fun. 

    “Gots all happy,” Eric told him, gently fondling it.  

    Benny nodded and wanted to help brother, make him feel good. “Goza wub wike dis,” he instructed, reaching over and taking Eric’s big pee-pee and rubbing it harder, faster.  Brother liked this, breathing faster too, closing his eyes after a moment.  Grown-ups nearby looked away, clearly uncomfortable. Benny didn’t notice. He was just making his brother feel good, the same way they often helped each other during or after bathy time.  The fact they were in public meant nothing to him. His mind had been wonderfully unburdened of such concerns.  

    It took a minute or two before Eric make his stickies. Then the happy brothers held hands and toddled back across the sand to show Mummy the lovely mess Eric had made.     


    “Five, four, three, two and one.” 


    I couldn’t help but smile. Evan’s eyes were open, but no one was home. He looked quite peaceful this way though, all the anger, all the fight gone from him. 

    “Evan, are you listening now buddy?” I cooed to him. 

    The slack expression remained, his eyes totally vacant, but he nodded slightly. “Uh-huh,” he mumbled softly.  

    “Very good. Now you’re going to find you can’t help but answer all my questions with complete honesty. Understand?” 

    Another jerk of a nod, the empty eyes blinking, unfocused, gazing off into the distance. 

    “Are you hypnotised Evan?” 

    “Yes,” he whispered. 

    “And who hypnotised you mate?” 

    Evan’s eyes seemed to move towards me, but they still didn’t focus. “You did,” he answered. 

    “That’s right. You didn’t really think I could, did you?” 


    “And you didn’t think people under hypnosis could be made to do things against their will, did you?” 

    “No,” he repeated, no malice in his tone, just thoughtlessly answering the question with total honesty. 

    “And how does it feel to be so completely hypnotised Evan?” 

    He took a long breath and murmured, “Feels sooo good,” with clear enjoyment. 

    I suppressed a chuckle. “That’s right, it’s actually nice to be so deep in trance isn’t it? Feels lovely not having to think for yourself at all.” 

    A clear nod from the zonked hunk. “So deep. So fuzzy ‘nd nice,” he cooed. 

    He was all mine, to do with as I pleased. His days as my tight-ass neat-freak flat-mate were over. His time as my rambunctious, filthy, messy little toddler boy were about to begin. 

    “What are you wearing right now?” I asked him, savouring this. 

    Evan blinked. “Nothin’,” he slurred. “I’m naked.” 

    “That’s right. Does it feel nice? Being all nakey for me.” 

    Evan shrugged slightly. He didn’t seem to care one way or another right now. That was already a massive change from the norm. Evan insisted we remain fully clothed in the flat. He got pissed off if I just walked around shirtless on hot summer days. He required shoes off at the front door to protect the floors but was always wearing his socks or slippers even.  It was a shame, because as I could now see, he had a pretty nice body actually.  I’d stripped him nude as soon as he was deep enough in trance. I’d wondered what his reaction upon opening his eyes would be, and it seemed his trance was deep enough he wasn’t concerned about his nudity. But that wasn’t enough for me. 

    I didn’t want Evan unconcerned, I didn’t want him less anal about keeping the place neat, less caught up in his appearance. No, I wanted him the polar opposite. I wanted him to be a total nudist, a silly little tyke with an exhibitionist streak. I wanted him obsessed with getting filthy, making a total mess while playing. I wanted to be sure that not only would his cute feet never be covered by a pair of socks again, but he’d be eagerly pointing out his bare feet to anyone and everyone. I had this man in my power, and I was going to make the most of it. 

    “Okay Evan, I want you to listen very carefully to everything I say now. In fact you feel pleasure with every word I speak, it is wonderful to listen to me.”

    The nude man nodded and began to smile slightly, already feeling the pleasure I told him to feel. 

    “And you know, you absolutely know, that every thing I tell you is the truth. No matter how strange it sounds, no matter how much you might wish it were a lie, you know with all your heart and soul that it is the truth.” 

    A nod. 

    “Good. Now Evan you are noticing that as you listen to me speak the happy, pleasurable feelings are growing by the second and your penis is beginning to grow erect. And as you become more and more aroused, you can feel that something else is flowing into your penis. In fact all the things that make you who you are are flowing into that stiff penis as it stands straight up. 

    “That means all your education, all the memories you have of how to do your job, all your university education, all your high school and primary school and even kindy knowledge.  All of that is going in there. And not just education but your maturity, your emotional control, your impulse control, your patience, your reasoning skills.  

    “And all your personality quirks too. Your neatness, your organisation, your work before play attitude, just feel it drifting down through your body and filling up that cock, making it stiffer and bigger than ever before. It’s so arousing, so exciting, it just twitches and jerks against your tummy, it just feels soooo, so good.” 

    Evan was indeed moaning now, squirming a bit, pre-cum oozing down his shaft, toes wiggling against each other.  His eyes were wide but still glassy, still looking somewhere in the distance. He was right where I wanted him. I had a hell of an erection of my own. But that could wait. 

    “Everything that makes you Evan is in there now. If you lost it, if that stiffy got emptied, all that knowledge, all those abilities would be gone forever, wiped from your mind. Every memory of who you are, of what a mature adult behaves like, what is socially acceptable, gone, poof.”

    I paused, looking for his reaction. It was a little disappointing that his face remained slack, his body relaxed aside from the stiff pee-pee.  

    “And that is exactly what is going to happen now,” I continued, grinning. “In just a few seconds you’re going to squirt out all those big boy thoughts, all those memories and personality traits. And when they’re all gone, when they are nothing but sticky white goo sprayed across your tummy, across the floor, you’ll be left with the mind, the behaviour, the personality of the most rambunctious, giggly, dumb little two-year old toddler. You’ll find yourself delighted to be nude, determined to wear as little clothing as possible, driven to play and make yourself an absolute mess. And you will be head over heals in love with me, with Daddy.”

    I waited for a reaction again, but aside from a few blinks there was nothing. No matter, the best was still to come, literally. 

    “On the count of three you’re going to awaken from your trance, completely, totally alert and refreshed. But you will also be the horniest, the most aroused you have even been in your life. You will find you need to masturbate, you absolutely must jerk off, make a huge sticky squirt. And you know what will happen when you do squirt, you know it is inevitable, unstoppable.” 

    I shook with anticipation. I crossed my fingers and prayed this worked, or I’d be in huge trouble.  

    “One... two... three. Wide awake and refreshed.”  

    Evan blinked and his muscles instantly tensed. He sat up, his eyes focusing again, staring right at me. He was pissed off. He was enraged. He wanted to kill me. But then the eyes flicked down, to the stiff penis. He gasped. “Ugh,” he grunted. “Oh God! I need it...” he gasped, wringing his hands together, trying not to touch his pee-pee. 

    I put my hand on his soft bare foot. “You can’t fight it Evan, just go ahead, get it over with.” 

    He shook his head violently. “I can’t lose it all!” he snapped. 

    It was delicious. This was the reaction I’d been waiting for, poor neat freak Evan about to lose it all.  

    He focused on the stiffy, shaking with need, shivering head to toe. Then he reached down with both hands and began to vigorously, desperately stroke it.  I gave his big toe a wiggle. “That’s it Evan, good boy,” I cooed to him. 

    Evan wasn’t listening, he was too busy jerking off, eyes closed, head thrown back, breathing deeper and faster. And then it happened, white milky liquid launched in spurts through the air. 

    “Ohhh!” Evan cried as he erupted all over himself. 

    “There we go, that’s it, let it all out,” I urged him, rubbing his bare legs.  

    It was all over in half a minute. Evan opened his eyes again and the focus, the anger, had vanished. He looked relaxed, peaceful again. He put his hand into a pool of cum on his bare chest and began to smear it around his body, smiling. 

    I gave his bare soles a tickle. “How you feelin’ buddy?” I asked him in my brightest tone. 

    Evan grinned up at me. “Aww methy Daddy,” he replied, grabbing his foot away from me and beginning to play with his toes. 

    “That’s okay buddy, Daddy will clean it all up,” I assured him. 

    Evan shook his head. “Nuh-uh! Dun cwean. Eban pway!” he insisted, hopping up, his softening penis flopping about, before he raced to the front door, patting at it, incapable of using the door knob himself, pleading, “Wan’ out! Wan’ pway!” 

    I watched the silly nudist paw at the door and I knew my dream had come true. 


    I could hear the tell-tale noises from outside the room. The squeak of the bed springs and the crinkle of a diaper rubbing against something over and over, the deeper breathing, the little moans, all sounds that told me where Shaun had disappeared off to. 

    Slowly, quietly I opened the door to my bedroom, so as not to disturb him. Sure enough there was Shaun, humping away at my duvet with his thickly diapered crotch, grunting and panting.  I couldn’t help but smile. This was the kind of thing that made the tricky times worth it, the tantrums and the picky eating, the accidents on the carpet and crayon scribbled on the walls.  

    I’d gone through the process to be a caregiver for regressed criminals because of my, let’s say unusual, tastes. I don’t know what Shaun did to earn his sentence, I never wanted to know. They weren’t criminals to me, they were dangerous, angry young men. They were sweet little tots but with certain special needs, men’s needs. Shaun had arrived at my house just as he was now, a silly, smiley tyke with the abilities and thinking power of a two-year old. I wondered if it had felt good losing all his adult intelligence. I think it did.  

    I took a seat on the bed beside Shaun, feeling the back of his diaper. It was very wet, I knew that before I even came into the room. Shaun always got aroused like this after he soaked his diaper, filled it up with tinkles. The reminder that he’d been so mentally regressed, that he couldn’t even control his pee-pees and poopies, always made him grow a rock hard erection as soon as he got all his wees out.  

    I put my hand on his bare back, feeling the warm, smooth skin. “You did a big tinkles for daddy didn’t you sweetie?” I whispered to him. 

    Shaun looked back at me, his face slack but awash with bliss. He nodded. 

    “Doned pee-pee!” he announced, then jerked and grunted with pleasure at admitting this.  

    I rubbed his head soothingly. “What a silly baby boy you are,” I told him, watching his glassy, dumb eyes roll back with ecstasy.  I lay down beside him on the bed and opened my arms, letting his mostly naked body snuggle into my embrace. And then he began to grind, to thrust his diapered crotch into me, his breathing fast and warm on my neck. 

    “That’s it buddy, make your stickies,” I urged. “You know you need them. You’re such a silly little tot, not a big boy thought left in your head.” 

    “Ohhh-Mmmmm!” he grunted, gripping me in a tight embrace as he rubbed. It was only a few more seconds before he let out the shuddering gasp that told me he was making his stickies. I cuddled by big, handsome toddler and smiled as I thought about having him here in my care for the next three years, at least.  


    “That’s right sweetie, it’s called a diapee. Can you say that? Can you say diapee?” 


    “Aww, not quite sweetie, but very cute nonetheless. But I don’t think you mind Daddy putting you in your diapee anymore do you? You aren’t going to argue with Daddy and insist men don’t do that kind of thing are you?” 

    The naked man continued to gaze blankly up, content and totally uncomprehending of the words’ meaning.  

    “I didn’t think so. But first I think we need to make that big pee-pee of yours a little smaller so it fits. Yes, I know how exciting it is to be free of all those troublesome grown-up worries, but that pee-pee is going to poke right out of your diaper! It’s going to be playing peek-a-boo!” 

    “Pee-boo!” the man babbled, drool coating his chin.  

    “Yes, exactly! And we can’t have that. Baby’s pee-pee needs to be in his diapee to make lots of tinkles. So Daddy’s going to help you make a big creamy on that tummy of yours. Yes, that’s going to be nice isn’t it? What a big smile for Daddy, you see, I told you a little guided relaxation therapy would work wonders for you.” 


    Like many people Cam used to live in fear of contracting Acute Cognitive Decline Virus (ACDV). He wore a mask when out in public, washed his hands constantly and stayed away from big events like concerts and parties. But then one day while sitting in his cubical at work Cam had suddenly found he couldn’t read any of the words on his computer screen. He’d tried backing out of the page he was on, but seconds later he found himself staring down at his keyboard in total confusion, unable to recognise any of the symbols on it, unable to remember what it even was, what it did. As more seconds passed the whole world became a confusing and foreign place for Cam. It was so frightening it made him want to scream for help, but the words just weren’t there. He was drawing a total blank. Mercifully Cam’s emotional and social maturity regressed only a few moments after his intellect. His behavioural regression came as a huge relief and his co-workers found him sitting on the floor, happily chewing on his tie and scribbling on his dress with highlighter a few minutes later.

    Now Cam’s life was really quite relaxing and he no longer suffered from his crippling anxiety about contracting the virus. In many ways actually having it happen was a big relief.

    Cam could vaguely recall his earlier fears but he couldn’t comprehend them at all. His life was so simple now. He woke up in his comfy big boy bed, cuddled with Mr Bunny and his teddy bear, Snowball. He didn’t need to get dressed for work, he didn’t have to worry about clothes at all. He just pulled off his icky wet night diaper and left it lying on the floor while he toddled out to the living room and turned on the TV. He knew how to push the button that made the TV come on. Mummy knew how to use the remote and he liked to pretend like he was still big and push the buttons too, but he didn’t know what they did. He just played pretend. But Mummy always left the TV on the kids’ channel at night so he could watch TV in the morning. 

    Cam could just drop down with his legs folded under him, watching Elmo and Big Bird have their adventures, nibbling on his fingers and beginning to feel so happy and nice that he soon found his pee-pee was standing up all happy again. That was another lovely part of being so little, all those grown-up inhibitions were completely gone. Cam could just reach down and have a play with his pee-pee anytime he liked. Mummy might come in but Cam wouldn’t stop. He’d just smile and keep stroking, making little grunts and moans of pleasure while Mummy sat on the couch and sipped her tea. Eventually he’d do a nice big sticky squirt all over his tummy and then Mummy would get a warm washcloth and clean him up. Nobody minded Cam being nakey bummed or doing his stickies. He was just a little boy now, just a silly toddler with no shame. And knowing that didn’t scare him anymore, it just made his pee-pee get even bigger. Being silly was fun.